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Re: Irritating Cigar Smoke & Neighbors

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The guy is smoking outside.I do t think the health risk to others is greater than any other outdoor pollution.Cigars do stink but there is no law saying he can't neighbor has an outdoor fire pit that smokes up my home a lot in the summer if I leave my windows open so I don't. Continue Reading


Re: Running My First 10K Race Today

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Congratulations...Ya did good girl Continue Reading


Re: Wow, what a difference a workout can make...

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Where did you sign up for the squat challenge Continue Reading


Re: Running My First 10K Race Today

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Want to hear how ig went when you are back home and rested up a bit.Hope the day is perfect for it Continue Reading


Re: Gifts on QVC you'd never buy for anyone

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I have bought most of the items Ya mentioned...guess I am Q brainwashed.I have to wonder what my recipients say after they are out of my hearing range...good grief! Continue Reading


Re: Beautiful Gloss 2.99

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Thanks for the info on the gloss..the price seems really fair and you say the color is beautiful and not sticky...will have to take a look Continue Reading


Re: Will you be boycotting Black Friday?

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Preds and I have the same take on the Black Friday shopping...I went once and never again. Continue Reading


Re: Ruining Black Friday

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Thanksgiving is a family day at our shopping but for others I guess they enjoy shopping and as long as the stores can find staff willing to work,each to his own.Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone gets to spend some time with family and friends Continue Reading


Re: Irritating Cigar Smoke & Neighbors

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Smokers are people is an addiction and It is legal.I think they have been limited to the outdoors or their own homes.We tolerate much more pollution in the air and our homes because it benefits us..we all drive cars and I have to say that the smell of exhaust makes me feel sick.we burn fireplaces and smoke up the environment to save money on heating costs never really wondering if that bothers our neighbors .I think we have a lot of tolerence but for some reason smokers don't get any. Continue Reading


Re: Nurse who had Ebola asks bridal shop for refunds

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I feel sorry for the shop owner because I am sure her business has suffered.I hope that Amber Has a beautiful wedding and is happy ever after but she should forget about the deposit.I am sure that she has received many blessings since she has been through so much and this could be a nice act of kindness to the shop owner. Continue Reading

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