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Re: Courtney, where is she?

In Fashion Talk 1422150912.993

Thanks DooBDoo sooo much I will have to take a peek Continue Reading


Re: The old plastic steps,that were popular ,in the late 80's.early 90's

In Health & Fitness 1422113277.257

I still do step class ...60 years it!I prefer aerobics to weights but my class is half step and half weights so we get the best of both Continue Reading


Re: Courtney, where is she?

In Fashion Talk 1422111633.837

We don't get plus it better than their regular programming?I would like to see it if it isn't all same old stuff. Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422037072.26

I don't think the post office wants your stinky crab cakes in their buildings or vehicles...doubt that the Q wants to smell them either!I bet you don't have to return foods that need refrigeration. Continue Reading


Re: The fat on your abdomen

In Health & Fitness 1422028809.01

I heard some bad news about what happens to cause your stomach to protrude you age your internal organs drop and your stomach becomes bigger holding in this mess.I think it is true because I have always had a flat stomach into my 50's even but at 60 well not so much.i go to the gym five days a week and I am slim otherwise. Continue Reading


Re: O/T One Bar Closer to Humanity

In Beauty Banter 1421682502.673

That is how I feel too but I think I have lost myself in the technology world without even recognizing it.I still don't have a cell phone though so I am not all in yet.that video was so beautifully done that it brought tears to my eyes...thanks for the link . Continue Reading


Re: Zucchini Boats and Cabbage Steaks - YUM!

In Recipe Swap, Health & Fitness, Hosts & Personalities 1421679386.05

Looks great...didn't know that you were into cooking Continue Reading


Re: The Making of a "Man Cave"

In For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends 1421677770.273

Luv it Dan!That is very well put together and for sure a woman could get comfy in there too! Continue Reading


Re: Watching a show on whales, got me to wondering how many here have seen a wild

In Viewpoints 1421635414.857

I have seen whales all of my life living in the Pacific Northwest.I see them all of the time when I take the ferry from Vancouver to Nanamo.They are always a joy to see no matter how mant times you see them Continue Reading


Re: Taylor swift ..shake it off utube video

In Viewpoints 1421634157.377

I watched but I still like the cop better cause he had no idea anyone would see it Continue Reading

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