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Re: Texas health care worker now has Ebola

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Of course this is not the end of ebola in the USA.they tell us there will be more...but can we control it.I think we are in for some difficult times. Continue Reading


Re: How about Jennifer Coffey to Host PM Style?

In Fashion Talk 1413310657.047

I would like to see Gabrielle as the host for PMS..I think she has great beauty and a warm personality.she has come a long way since she was hired and is one of my favs. Continue Reading


Re: Texas health care worker now has Ebola

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What is this going to cost the American people...the price of this infection will be staggering both financially and emotionally. Continue Reading


Re: Texas health care worker now has Ebola

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I am really afraid that we will have a terrible outbreak here too..I want them to stop travel from infected areas ...can't understand why that isn't happening. Continue Reading


Re: Texas health care worker now has Ebola

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This is very scary..I wish they would stop all travel from infected regions till they get this horrific sickness under control.I will pray for that nurse to be well and that no one else that she came in contact with gets sick. Continue Reading


Re: Ahhhhh....What Would You Serve???

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1412714094.807

Wow...I would not want to be in your shoes...all of those eating issues and living so far away from town.I would love to be updated on how this all went down.You are a very special person and brave too. Continue Reading


Re: About my wife

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Sorry to hear that Cindy is going through a tough medical procedure...I hope that she will be well soon.Take care of yourself and I will pray for a speedy healing. Continue Reading


Re: This morning I realized how much difference an ionic hair dryer works...on accident!

In WEN 1412432624.787

I have an ionic dryer but still get frizz so I went to Sally's and said look at my hair and tell me what to use.They gave me 180 in a spray can and told me to lightly mist after drying and before styling.My hair is soooo much better looking ...not Joy good but decent. Continue Reading


Re: Noisy Kids in public places?

In Mom to Mom Forum 1412137656.853

I always try to understand that the parents are probably emotionally exhausted and maybe they need to get out of the house even if the children are badly behaved.My son was very draining and not easy to control when he was little.I had to take him shopping etc because I had no other option.He was annoying in public and I always felt bad about it.Fast forward to the present ...he is a kind considerate,soft spoken adult. Continue Reading


Re: What keeps me shopping for beauty on QVC...

In Beauty Banter 1412029087.763

That does sound like a lot of pressure.I guess everyone is competing for our dollars and the upsell is probably required.I just hate to be pressured into additional purchases and I bet a lot of people just cave in so it works for the store.glad you got out of there with exactly what you intended. Continue Reading

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