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Re: Fashion night In

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Shawn seems a little stressed tonight.I wonder if these shows have been so hyped that the hosts feel pressured to excell.I am also wondering if the night of fashion might be a little too long and would be better split up over the week.How much can a person spend in a day and not feel a little guilty but spread over a few days it feels a little less indulgent. Continue Reading


Re: Amy's Inspired Style was a Dud... next!

In Fashion Talk 1425349021.95

I loved the show..it was so much more fun and interesting than what we have been watching. Continue Reading


Re: An update from Lisa Mason

In The Q We Love 1425334240.707

They are the perfect couple and I am so happy for their good news.They have been through so much and now they deserve only happy days ahead. Continue Reading


Re: What jeans to buy when you don't have a bum

In Fashion Talk 1425333411.21

Ok beanie ,...tell us how those wash up and can you feel the extra padding when you walk...also after sitting for a time do they flatten out?Sorry for all those questions but you probably have the answers Continue Reading


Re: Nurse Nina Pham suing Texas hospital

In Viewpoints 1425325763.71

I think she has a right to sue because she was put at risk and the result could have been her death.Nobody knows for sure what this will do to her future health.The hospital did not supply her with adequate protective gear in a highly infectious situation and she paid a price for that. Continue Reading


Re: What jeans to buy when you don't have a bum

In Fashion Talk 1425325104.73

Yes Romary has it with the built in bum...I would try those. Continue Reading


Re: Grandma's clothes

In Fashion Talk 1425324814.503

I don't care for too many of the fashions either but mostly because they use too much extra fabric...assuming we all have back fat,exta on the stomach and big thighs and rears.that extra fabric that drapes makes me look old,which by the way I am but still want to look a little more youthful. Continue Reading


Re: What jeans to buy when you don't have a bum

In Fashion Talk 1425250116.893

Canine I forgot to mention that I work out at a gym 5days a week and the joke is that I can't get a butt.I don't get offended so never worry how you respond to my posts.I like to hear all opinions even if I don't choose to use the advice.I like to think everyone that tries to help means it in a good way. Continue Reading


Re: What jeans to buy when you don't have a bum

In Fashion Talk 1425249073.433

Thanks everyone..I have been out and just got home.the panties with the built in bum are a worry because that could make them heavy and slide down..maybe get lumpy after laundry...maybe even look like a diaper.i haven't tried true religion but will look for those and D&C never works for me.People that have a full bum...this is your time! Continue Reading


Re: Any other Dumpster Divers out there?

In For the Home Talk 1425248563.403

Yes I have been in a dumpster or two way back when I was young.the hardware store I worked for threw out many customer returns and items that didn't sell.I just couldn't resist.Got a brand new Christmas tree once and many of those expensive stainless steel thermos and metal lunch boxes.When I was a teenager and on my own I would go to laundry mats and get clothes and socks from the lost and found?..yucky!Oh and my socks never matched so I started the misfit trend. Continue Reading

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