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Re: Im stumped and need help!

In WEN 1397008401.817

I had the same problem with my new fig...this has never happened before to me and I have been using wen for a long time.I thought maybe I didn't rinse enough but not that you posted the same issue...well I have to wonder if some formula changes have occurred. Continue Reading


Re: Help with concerns about bad breath....

In Beauty Banter 1396378478.4

Hey there is a good product for Lori and her shark tank people Continue Reading


Re: Skechers TSV?

In TSV Talk 1394979196.02

I have foot problems and found that sketchers memory foam slip on with the criss cross stretch laces is incredibly comfortable.it has a wide toe box but a fitted heal and sooo much foamy gel inside that my feet are very happy to go walk.this shoe is not at the Q though...amazon Continue Reading


I saw the real lisa tonight

Last Reply by depglass 1395779094.7 | Started by dex in TSV Talk

She is in love with animals and makes those cooing baby talk sounds to Chaz's dogs....I always thought she would never get down on the floor to scratch the belly of a live furry thing.The she took out her extensions on air and she looked wonderful.It was like she finally got real. Continue Reading


Re: Found a Great Root Lift Product!

In Beauty Banter 1394941010.957

I wAs searching the net for a store to purchase this root lift and came across a class action lawsuit filed against the company...could this be the reason fot lack of product Continue Reading


Re: Rachel Ray

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1394233145.743

Wow RR is on speed style today...can't take it.She needs to calm down or she will implode.seems like David is struggling to survive it too Continue Reading


Re: High LDL and statins...

In Health & Fitness 1394160188.877

I was able to lower my husbands with a strict diet and plant sterols.We mostly followed dash but I made sure to cut out fatty foods and include lots of veggies and fruits.we eat organic non gmo when possible,no packaged products, lots of fiber(flax,chia,and hemp hearts).we have low sugar and try to be scrim gluten free.It worked...yeah oh and nuts and seeds as a snack daily Continue Reading


Re: Dash Diet - Any tips on working this diet with a live in boyfriend that won'l eat this food?

In Health & Fitness 1394054833.913

My husband is on dash diet and has list weight even though that wasn't the reason for this diet choice.We eat simple meals mostly chicken or fish and I BBQ the meat often.we have rice,oven roasted potato,salads and any veggie.We have oatmeal,yoghurt,or eggs(once a week) for breakfast.lunch is usually homemade chicken barley soup or salad and fat free cottage cheese.i make a lot of homemade muffins that are fat free and low to no sugar and I also make healthy nut and seed bars for snacking.my husband had high cholesterol and the doc wanted him on statins...I thought diet could fix the problem ... Continue Reading


Re: Gluten free fodmop bread or quick bread recipe

In Recipe Swap 1393536114.167

Thanks sfnative...that bread sounds good...do you know the calorie per slice.i was thinking that it uses a lot of oil for one loaf.have you ever used a little less oil to see if it still turns out ok Continue Reading


Re: Gluten free fodmop bread or quick bread recipe

In Recipe Swap 1393285258.077

I see that not many people know of the diet...still hoping someone with experience will have a great recipe to share.It is a bit of a tough one.Thanks for the web address and I will visit. Continue Reading

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