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Re: Ban the Mom Heel!

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What is wrong with looking like a mom?i am grandma age so if I can pass for mom with my clothing choices that is anti aging for me. Continue Reading


Re: Your best cookie recipe for children under 5

In Recipe Swap 1410703854.527

Well thanks again everyone for all of your great ideas.I will be very busy baking and the little ones should be happy eating soon.I love my neighbors and they are really sweet young people,so they deserve a treat. Continue Reading


Re: what to do when your children make more money than you :(

In Mom to Mom Forum 1410701477.65

I think your son will greatly need the love that you can give to your grandchildren,and that is something so special that money can't buy.It is true that they don't need your help financially,but that is a good thing.You will never have to worry that your little grand babies are going without food or shelter or clothing and you can be a big part of their emotional needs.It is the love that you show when they come to visit that keeps them coming back for more. Continue Reading


Re: Your best cookie recipe for children under 5

In Recipe Swap 1410662121.57

Well thanks everyone ..I will try your ideas and I really appreciate your help.I forgot about rice crispy squares and I used to make those often when my son was little.I notice that people seem to purchase those ready Made these days and they can't be as good. Continue Reading


Re: Your best cookie recipe for children under 5

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Thanks dusty1..I will look up that recipe. Continue Reading


Your best cookie recipe for children under 5

Last Reply by Nightowlz 1410714691.2 | Started by dex in Recipe Swap

My neighbors have been so nice to share some of their garden goodies and I would like to bake something for their children.They both work and I know they don't bake cookies.Please help me choose a great recipe for the little ones...thanks Continue Reading


Re: JOAN ....

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Joan I will miss your visits to the Q.I loved to watch your humor and learned a lot of style tips from your presentations.I will really miss watching you cut in front of the camera bent over pretending that no one could see you.you always made me laugh and I thank you.RIP Continue Reading


Re: My Son March 9, 1965-August 26, 2014

In Viewpoints 1409629754.26

Oh Mama Mia the death of your son is the saddest news...I have no words that can help but I want you to know that I am sending hugs.Please post often and maybe the support of all the caring people on this board will console youa little during this very sad time . Continue Reading


Re: Heartfelt Thanks from Shawn Killinger and Joe

In Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1409411060.733

Shawn and joe ..just wanted to say that I am so sorry that this happened to you.I have no words that can make you happy again but I really hope that time can heal your hearts.You have strength from your love of each other to share and get you through. Continue Reading


Re: 613 Fragrance - will it come in a rollerball?

In WEN 1409374705.053

The 613 cream has arnica in it which according to Andrew Weil is not safe to apply on scratched or open cuts on the skin.I always have cuts or nicks from shaving,yard work etc....do you think that Chaz has such minute amounts in the cream that it will be safe on broken skin. Continue Reading

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