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Re: Heartfelt Thanks from Shawn Killinger and Joe

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Shawn and joe ..just wanted to say that I am so sorry that this happened to you.I have no words that can make you happy again but I really hope that time can heal your hearts.You have strength from your love of each other to share and get you through. Continue Reading


Re: 613 Fragrance - will it come in a rollerball?

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The 613 cream has arnica in it which according to Andrew Weil is not safe to apply on scratched or open cuts on the skin.I always have cuts or nicks from shaving,yard work you think that Chaz has such minute amounts in the cream that it will be safe on broken skin. Continue Reading


Re: I want to order the new fall scent.. Should i wait?

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I like Chaz and I use Wen and love it...but I wonder how people think he so generous.He is making a fortune with his fabulous product and he charges plenty...I don't find the prices generous. Continue Reading


biota herbal shampoo is a big wow

Last Reply by endlesssummer 1408082458.293 | Started by dex in Beauty Banter

I have dry, thinning.brittle,color treated hair and nothing was helping till I found this at Riteaid.My hair has volume and shine again and it looks a lot healthier.It works for me so if you have tried them all and nothing worked,give this little gem a shot.Love it!tested in Europe product of Turkey Continue Reading


Re: Shawn Killinger - A Personal Story

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Shawn...soo sad for you and Joe.I hope that you will both find some peace soon .Stay strong and know that all things are for a reasons and you will understand some day.?be well shawn and come back to the Q when you are ready. miss you and love to watch your presentations. Continue Reading


Re: Haircut

In Beauty Banter 1407689262.463

I guess you are going to be the test subject.I think that you will get good results because they want good reviews for their casino business. Continue Reading


Re: Love Carolyn Pollack's top on NOW with Lisa

In Fashion Talk 1407640021.367

It is a very cute top on her...ok great shoppers,where do I find one like it. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason's Request for Prayers

In Fashion Talk 1407628480.22

This does sound every bit like it was written by Lisa to me.I will pray for them and hope they find the right treatments to fight off that cancer.I will hope to see Lisa again on the q in the near future. Continue Reading


Re: Dry Hair

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Drop the protein treatments if you are using them and apply lots of moisture.I like coconut oil,wen oils,and avocado oil..try not to use heat on your hair and protect it from the sun too.Frizzy brittle porous hair grows with abandon on my head and I have never found a cure. Continue Reading


Re: Prayers for all those so inclined for my nephew

In Health & Fitness 1407455846.71

I am sending prayers for your nephew and I am also going to keep him in my thoughts until you tell us that he is recovering. Continue Reading

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