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Re: Noisy Kids in public places?

In Mom to Mom Forum 1412137656.853

I always try to understand that the parents are probably emotionally exhausted and maybe they need to get out of the house even if the children are badly behaved.My son was very draining and not easy to control when he was little.I had to take him shopping etc because I had no other option.He was annoying in public and I always felt bad about it.Fast forward to the present ...he is a kind considerate,soft spoken adult. Continue Reading


Re: What keeps me shopping for beauty on QVC...

In Beauty Banter 1412029087.763

That does sound like a lot of pressure.I guess everyone is competing for our dollars and the upsell is probably required.I just hate to be pressured into additional purchases and I bet a lot of people just cave in so it works for the store.glad you got out of there with exactly what you intended. Continue Reading


Re: Chaz This visit

In WEN 1411915721.413

I saw the presentation with Sandra and that is the one I am referring to....maybe the one with Mary Beth was more relaxed.I hope he gets a vacation sometime soon. Continue Reading


Re: Chaz This visit

In WEN 1411915459.237

He did a great job as usual but he looked frazzled....imo ....and he was talking fast which is not his personality.He definitely needs a break. Continue Reading


Chaz This visit

Last Reply by geezerette 1412023861.98 | Started by dex in WEN

He did not seem calm and peaceful .He talked fast and looked tired to me.All that travel,work and product development is taking a toll on him.i usually find him zen like but not this time. Continue Reading


Re: aloe drink

In Beauty Banter 1411859274.243

My husband drinks that all the time for his stomach.We buy at Asian grocery sores for 249.Best price we have found Continue Reading


Re: Apple Bread

In Recipe Swap 1411785574.303

Could the sugar be cut in half?my husband needs to restrict sugar in his diet Continue Reading


Re: Chaz gave Sandra a short cut

In WEN 1411777377.543

Well Sandra is a beautiful woman with great hair and maybe she just wanted it short but I thought Chaz seemed a little grumpy with her about the styling of her hair with hot tools. Continue Reading


Chaz gave Sandra a short cut

Last Reply by missyw1 1411826350.69 | Started by dex in WEN

He made it seam that she was not caring for her hair properly so it had to be cut shorter every time....I felt like it was a chaztising. Continue Reading


Re: What Was The Last Kind Gesture Someone Did For You...

In Viewpoints 1411675236.85

People had a 60 th birthday surprise party for me at the gym.They had food,cake presents but the best gift was their caring and wonderful gesture.I can't believe that they went to all that for me but I feel special and loved.It really was the best birthday and I will always feel blessed to have them in my life. Continue Reading

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