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Re: Kathleen Kirkwood

In Fashion Talk 1427427253.51

I have never noticed that either...boy some people really don't miss a thing.i have a friend with that problem and she feels really bad about it but nothing seems to help stop the wetness. Continue Reading


Re: REALLY Lisa?!??

In Fashion Talk 1427426439.133

I don't think Los really puts much into her Facebook...just enough to keepeople following but nothing really personal.I find it too routine and I am sure that it isn't done as she would for real friends. Continue Reading


Re: Dan W. gets called out for!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427420105.32

Why is it not saintly to call out double dippers?that is a unsanitary thing to do and I sure wouldn't want to dig in to something after a double dip Continue Reading


Re: Dan W. gets called out for!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427413822.203

I agree with Perkup...the Q will have to stop hosting presentations because they just keep offending people and losing sales over it.How about a kind of product video with written descriptions because anything human has offensive potential. Continue Reading


Re: Dan W. gets called out for!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427413326.073

I bet she was kidding too...people are so sensitive these days you just can't say anything. Continue Reading


Re: recipes for Tumeric

In Recipe Swap 1427406641.327

I add. Tsp to rice prior to cooking and I also add it to vegetables to season before roasting. Continue Reading


Re: My new favorite Brand ...Honest! Fabulous!

In Beauty Banter 1427406091.353

Thanks will look on nordstroms site Continue Reading


Re: This is how I want to look at 81!

In Viewpoints 1427405802.13

I wonder what it takes to look that beautiful after all of those years.She looks natural but can it really be or does she have just the right tweaks that money can buy?but then there was Joan who had the money but didn't get the best tweaks and there is that woman who's name I can't remember that looks like a cat after her bad surgery. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use Josie Maran Argan Oil for scalp/hair use the same way as WEN oils?

In Beauty Banter 1427395554.643

I used the argon oil a lot in my hair until my stylist said it causes your color to fade quicker. Continue Reading


Re: Recently "WENNED" and Hair is SUPER FRIZZY ~ Any Suggestions?

In WEN 1427395420.557

My hair remains frizzy no matter which CC I use.So e people have bad hair that can't be fixed.I love the seasonals best though because they seem to be a little more hydrating to my hair.Fig isn't bad either but that smell! Continue Reading

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