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Re: 6/5/15 9:00 AM Super Size Beauty - What Chaz will bring to this show?

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613 body lotion in a gallon please and also would love a tube for my purse. Continue Reading


Re: After conversation with a relative...do you believe in miracles?

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I am always picking up pennies that I find for luck and everyone knows and jokes about it.While we were visiting relatives in Canada my son was in an accident that caused him to suffer a severe concussion and he was placed on life support.I left the hospital for a minute to try to calm down and looked up at the sky and asked God to please give me a sign that my son will be okay.There in front of me was a very shiny US penny and I just knew that was my sign. Continue Reading


Re: Any baby fabric experts out there? re: cleaning

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There are cleaners that use less harsh chemicals but the blanket was meant to be washed because it was made for a baby.I would hand wash it and air fluff a bit in the dryer then I would hand flatten and allow to dry on a towel.I would steam press it with a steamer to remove the wrinkles.I am not experienced with the fabric you are describing but I am assuming that it was made from a material that could be cleaned. Continue Reading


Re: Fork as a Weapon

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The woman that shot her husband of30years because he wouldn't help with housework?People are uncivilized. Continue Reading


Re: If you found a $100 bill today...what do you think you'd do with it?

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I would hand most of it to homeless people.I like to keep a few dollars in my pocket to give to the people who ask.It is really a great feeling when they say God bless you to me.I Walk a lot so if I have something to celebrate I will put extra money in my pocket to share and I say to those I gift it to a special thanks for helping me celebrate. Continue Reading



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When will people say enough.How did it become okay to be taking and not contributing?When will accountability,responsibility and respectability be restored. Continue Reading


Re: Your next clothing purchase will likely be...

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Lanikins must be nice to have the tiny waist.I like to buy lower rise pants because I have small hips and a meno waist.These could work for you too...check out the junior fits for this if Ya like. Continue Reading


Re: Unexplained freaky call

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Another good idea to check on but I think she would have probably thought of that one.Thanks Penny I will also ask her that question. Continue Reading


Re: Unexplained freaky call

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Thanks chickenbutt ...I will tell her to do that. Continue Reading


Re: Unexplained freaky call

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We are calling it a message from heaven because nothing else seems to add up.Her DH has been gone for more than two years but the last time she was in Germany was with him. Continue Reading

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