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Re: Received AG TS Today!

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I can't wait to read feedback on all of your goodies! Glor46, I'd love to know your opinion on the pop up cards. My items shipped on Thursday, too. (TS, metallic papers, Jolie kit.) I probably won't get them until Wednesday, so I'll have to live vicariously through you wonderful ladies until then. Continue Reading


Re: Jan.21Shows - What Did You Buy?

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Dear Qgirl, You are certainly not a downer! I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to let us know what happened. My heart goes out to you. I understand why your loss feels like it happened so suddenly. You and your husband were geared up for an even tougher battle when the rug was pulled out from under both of you. My deepest sympathies. Thank you for your kind words. I have really appreciated the ladies on this board, even though I haven't posted a lot recently. This craft attracts the nicest people. I lost my mother December 2013. Making all of my 2014 Christmas cards helped me get through t... Continue Reading


Re: Jan.21Shows - What Did You Buy?

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Dear Qgirl26, I was immensely saddened to read about your 51 year old husband's untimely death. Bad things shouldn't happen to good people. You've been such a great friend on this craft board for 10 years. Please know that you are in my prayers. I would make and send you a card if I could. Many hugs. Continue Reading


Re: OT: not getting the Flu vaccine put me into respiratory arrest and the ICU for seven days

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On 1/22/2015 RJL-DLL 75 said: On 1/22/2015 happy housewife said: I can't tell you how many patients I have had to care for in ICU on ventilators because of pneumonia after having the flu. Back before we could treat pneumonia effectively many people died from the flu. I cringe when I hear the people on this BB carry on about why they won't get a flu shot. Not to mention all the nuts who won't get their kids vaccinated for anything at all. The flu shot will NOT stop a person from getting the flu. There are many strains of the flu that the flu shot will not prevent. If people want to have poiso... Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen the show Create and Craft on TV?

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Great news, Luv2trvl. Thanks for the updates. American Express is fabulous to deal with, aren't they? Did you like what you ordered? Did you receive everything you were promised and in good condition? Yesterday's shows were wonderful. I thought Anna once again outdid herself with her offerings. Continue Reading


Re: Jan.21Shows - What Did You Buy?

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On 1/22/2015 Krimpette said: I just want to add that I'm so grateful to HSN for continuing these craft shows. They're doing an awesome job….having landed Anna Griffin!!!!! Several sell-outs, including the TS, I believe. I was like a kid in a candy store all day yesterday when the shows were on. AG's products just bring such an air of elegance to my cards. Great shows!!!! Agreed, Krimpette. I've been looking forward to yesterday's shows all month. I'm so grateful to HSN and glad the shows have been successful for them. I especially love all the Anna Griffin products they have offered, ... Continue Reading


Re: Jan.21Shows - What Did You Buy?

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memyselfandI, so sorry to hear about your experiences. If it helps any, all the popular items, including the autoship sets of folders, come back in sooner or later. Next time, check the day before the shows. If you know you want something, order the item them. The day before HSN as usually already adjusted for sale prices. This time I put what I wanted in my cart, waited for the TS at midnight, and then purchased it all. Also, if you need time to think and see the show, you can order and then cancel it before midnight, but not afterwards. I changed my mind on the metallic paper a few times,... Continue Reading


Re: Jan.21Shows - What Did You Buy?

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mewsmomtoo, I've used Mr. Rebates for years and never had a problem. LOVE them. Great advice! You ordered wonderful items. I loved the All About Her die cut set when I saw it presented, but couldn't order it before it sold out. I hope it comes back in stock. Besides myself, I only know, in person, one other person who is as girly as I am, and she is only 9 years old. I can make cards for her with that kit for the rest of her life! Continue Reading


Re: Jan.21Shows - What Did You Buy?

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Hi, ladies! I purchased the TS on autoship, though I think I only want 2 of the upcoming sets. I bought the Jolie kit. I've been watching it for a while, and it's $10 off today. I wasn't planning on that, so I told myself that had to be it. Then I caved and ordered the metallic papers, too. I used up all the golds in the Christmas kit. I'd love to find the brighter gold metallic paper in Michael's. So, that's it for me! I love the Juliette kit, but I don't have many people to make cards for or scrap for using that theme. I passed on the pop up kit. The price made me stop and think. It was nic... Continue Reading

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