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Craft Day came early!

Last Reply by mewsmomtoo 1426992640.337 | Started by upallnight1 in Scrapbooking

At least three of Anna's new items are up for order today! Pretty Paintings Card Making Kit, 405-524, $44.59 for 30 cards on two payments, Flower Pot Decoupage, 405521 $24.94 and 96 foil stamped cards for $24.95 405523. The 12" x 5.5" metallic papers are in, 405-537, $27.95 for 48 on two payments, and the All About Her die cuts are back in stock, $3 off at $19.95 395-641. Also, get $15 off a $75 order with the code 140035. No sign of the butterfly die cuts or the lace gatefold 12" folders. I would love to be playing with my items during the shows next week, but it usually takes a full 7 days ... Continue Reading


Re: 24 hr Craft Day news!

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Me, too, Kati. That would be great. It's already shaping up to be an expensive, and very fun, day! I want the foiled papers, the flower pot decoupage kit, and I'll probably want the card kit, too. Her kits are usually great values. And no one can match the quality and elegance of Anna's products. They are so easy to use, too. My biggest challenge, since I've started buying Anna's products, is storage space. I'm in the process of cleaning out and redoing what was once my office and turning it into a dedicated craft room, instead of a shared space. I can already see that I'll still want more ro... Continue Reading


Re: 24 hr Craft Day news!

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I can't wait. Anna had her first sneak peak on her blog yesterday. I already want two of the new items shown. Danger, danger!!!!! Continue Reading


Will Anna's golden bug fit 6" x 6" embossing folders?

Last Reply by Kati 1426294532.043 | Started by upallnight1 in Scrapbooking

Saw a set of 6"x6" folders I like on the southern network, but can't figure out how I'd use them! Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Craft Shows Today! (2/18)

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Thank you, mewstomom. The kit I wanted on sale is/was 411-474. I am surprised how fast it sold out! Thanks for your suggestion about "hearting" it. I did so in case it comes back in stock. I'm under the weather today, nothing serious, and I totally forgot about that handy tool! Mousiegirl, I'm sorry, I didn't understand your question! I'm glad it got answered. Qualitygal, I'm also wondering what the recorder kit is. I managed to refrain from ordering the Explore Air. I need to get my scrapbook room in shape before making any big investments. It's boxed up now while we do some work around ... Continue Reading


Re: Craft Shows Today! (2/18)

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Docraft (pronounced Do crafts) is one of the leading manufacturers of scrapbook items in Great Britain. They have several kits for sale on the southern network. Continue Reading


Re: Craft Shows Today! (2/18)

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Thank you, Kimbokreations! I'm so glad I was wrong! I don't know where I got the idea that the Explorer and Design Space was only compatible with Apple products! Continue Reading


Re: Craft Shows Today! (2/18)

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mewsmomtoo, I totally agree with you. I think the pieces in the kit can easily mix and match with Anna's products. I just ordered both colors. I'm sleep deprived, just saw a presentation where the vendor and the hostess told me to order both, and like a zombie, I did. LOL. It does seem like a good buy. I like the go with set, too, but I'm waiting until it goes on sale. I ordered a Docraft Art Deco kit 2 months ago, and I'm VERY pleased with the quality. I'm thinking about ordering this Hot Off The Press kit, because it looks like I can make layered tags like Anna's with it. What do you ladies... Continue Reading


Re: Craft Shows Today! (2/18)

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Disappointing, but my credit card is breathing a sigh of relief. I'm sure it will get a work out in March, for craft month. Do you need a Mac product to use the Explore? I'm a Kindle girl. I have a 7" HDX which I prefer for reading, and just invested in an 8.9" HDX (on a great Daily Deal) which I prefer for web browsing. Kindle which has better resolution than the ipad and is more lightweight. I don't want to need to buy another. Continue Reading

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