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Re: Ouch - Shipping Costs on the Q are Crazy

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I agree, the shippingn rates are ridiculous. Seeing the total of my shipping yesterday made me sick. I would have canceled my order if it were anything but Linea. Even with Linea, I am ordering, less than I would otherwise due to the high shipping and handling charges. Last edited on 4/3/2013 Continue Reading


Re: Two Faced

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? Joan didn't say Adele should walk around naked until she loses weight. I'm sure Joan would be VERY happy if Adele was seen wearing Joan Rivers plus size clothing. Continue Reading


Re: We need easy pay for the new sweaters

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Another vote for 2 easy pays on the spring whisper knit collection. We will all want to wear them sooner, rather than later, so I'd really like to buy what I want as soon as they become available, not worry about my size/color selling out, and break the payments over two months. My favs are the v-neck short sleeve, the vneck tank and the classic cardi, which is also a vneck. Vnecks are not as common as they should be, despite the fact that so many books and articles state it is the most flattering cut for most women. I own so many pieces in beautiful prints as well as solids to pair with thes... Continue Reading


Re: What could be digging up my blubs?

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Deer are also notorious for eating bulbs. I believe I read they do NOT like daffodil bulbs, however. Last edited on 3/11/2013 Continue Reading


Re: Did I miss the presentation on this SG top?

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I happened to catch when they flashed a picture of this on the screen and said, "Due to limited quantity, we will not be presenting this shirt." And that was that. I was disappointed, too. Continue Reading


Re: A224278 scoop neck shell up for order

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That being said, I love the coloration of the original tank, but it was too short for me. :-( I hope the tanks in the new wk collection are the same length as the original wk tanks. Those few inches were quite elongating for my figure. Continue Reading


Re: A224278 scoop neck shell up for order

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That's why Louis posts it on his blog for us. I'm sure as soon as he realizes that it's available for sale, he'll do the same for this piece. It's amazing, he not only designs, works with the manufacturer, styles for the shows, and presents, but he also does his own in-house marketing via blogs and does personalized customer service for his collection at the Q. What other designer does this? Particularly one who's already been established in the field for many, many years? Where does he get his energy and do they take credit cards? Last edited on 3/6/2013 Continue Reading


Re: Today's Denim & Co Maxi dress TSV - Can anyone say dowdy!!

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On 3/5/2013 SchoolPsych said: I'm not sure. I think this dress could look appropriate and professional in the workplace. There are too many summer dresses that are too revealing or short to wear professionally or in a school setting. I like knowing I can wear a dress, work with children all day and not worry about what's showing. I'm trying the navy and the green in the petite length. Perhaps if you taught in the our time, I don't think maxidresses are appropriate or practical for teachers who are often anywhere from sitting on the floor to climbing up ladders in storerooms. Continue Reading


Re: Discussion Thread for the 1:00 p.m. show

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Maria looks great in this presentation, too. (TSV blazer)in sea green with the matching Kate shirt. Continue Reading


Re: Discussion Thread for the 1:00 p.m. show

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I now have this in every color. I don't like to do so many duplicates, but it's silly not to order brown and chili pepper when they're two of the best colors on me and I have all the others. Will go great with my bohos... Oh, there's the drawstring skirt. I forgot about that. Continue Reading

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