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Re: Help! One oven, two items to bake, different temperatures.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413847048.497

Take care of the tomatoes first. Set them aside for a while. Raise the oven temperature and make the chicken. Microwave the tomato dish before serving. Continue Reading


Re: Fashionably early this morning.

In Fashion Talk 1413839704.17

From what you've described, I'm very happy to have missed it. Continue Reading


Re: What % do the vendors make?

In Fashion Talk 1413839644.3

I don't have an "in" with any vendor, so I couldn't tell you. Continue Reading


Re: TV "Fright Hosts." Do You Remember One From Your Childhood?

In Viewpoints 1413839590.823

Christopher Coffin (in mid-Michigan). I LOVED HIM. Continue Reading


Re: host please wear your correct size

In Suggestion Box 1413823584.47

The OP is correct. Hosts and models tend to wear jackets that are too small: the impression they give is that they're uncomfortable. There's no grace in that look. Continue Reading


Re: Rachael Ray, please stop talking over Jill!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413796171.153

Again, who's more important? I say the vendor. Continue Reading


Re: Harry London chocolates... offer a CHOICE

In Suggestion Box 1413744558.853

Then there are those of us who will eat any quality chocolate! Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- October 2014

In Book Club 1413721891.937

I'm reading Jean Kwok's Mambo in Chinatown and it's SPECTACULAR. I adored her previous book (Girl in Translation), but I'm so impressed that this Mambo book is on a completely different level. The new book has more depth, and the characters are so unique, so memorable. (The narrator, for instance, is an average-looking young woman whose hair poufs out unattractively. Her mother was a dancer, but she's not. The narrator is insecure and needy. I'm enraptured!) I'm only about a hundred pages in, but I just had to report that it's a valuable read. Continue Reading


Re: Did I imagine a post about Tana French's new book?

In Book Club 1413719558.803

I have an answer: yes, there was a post with spoilers--back in September. Okay, case solved! Continue Reading


Re: Velour, Velvet

In Fashion Talk 1413671075.77

If I like something, I wear it! Continue Reading

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