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Re: Oh-Oh... Overpriced

In Fashion Talk 1409135508.577

Oh, I love the drum major comparison! However, the drum major would draw more respect--Lisa's ensemble is comical. Continue Reading


Re: My Son March 9, 1965-August 26, 2014

In Viewpoints 1409122469.287

I am so sorry for your loss. Continue Reading


Re: Two new books to read

In Book Club 1409095185.417

Aren't both of these books for young readers? I have too many other books I want to read before I resort to YA.. Continue Reading


Re: Read yesterday, we're in for a repeat of last winter!! Oh NO!!

In Viewpoints 1409060879.73

Last winter was tortuous! To think of enduring another is not pleasant. That's why I'm not rushing to put up my fall décor! I want to savor summer weather as long as I can. Continue Reading


Re: It's still summer, enough of Christmas already

In Q Did What? 1409054176.907

As others have pointed out, it would almost be bearable if there were NEW products available. QVC has to CLEAN OUT THEIR WAREHOUSES and bring out fresh merchandise. Continue Reading


Re: Is Bradley Gone???

In Fashion Talk 1409017195.737

He's been gone for quite a while. . . Continue Reading


Re: Who started decorating for Fall & what are your decorating plans ?

In For the Home Talk 1409002393.7

I'll start decorating for fall when summer's over--so, in about a month. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver is out of control this sunday morning

In Fashion Talk 1408907089.84

Susan knows what she's talking about. She really doesn't need to work with a host. I've loved her styles for many years. She does not annoy me at all. Continue Reading


update on The Quick

Last Reply by lovescats 1408961568.54 | Started by insomniac in Book Club

Well, I finished The Quick, which so excited me at the start (it's exquisitely written). It took a turn I wasn't interested in--and not only stayed there, but went into way too much detail. In short, I do not recommend the book--unless someone likes that sort of thing. (I'm avoiding giving spoilers.) Continue Reading

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