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Re: 20 minutes later . . . too late to cancel an order

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I think it's wonderful that orders can get processed so quickly! People who'd been complaining about that can stop. The lesson here is--no impulse buying. Continue Reading


Re: Niki Is a Terrible Actress!!

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I always thought she was a terrible actress--from the word go. Continue Reading


Re: Handsome face on the royal baby!!

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I cannot believe that some of you are so petty as to comment on a baby's socks! Continue Reading


Re: What Good Books (or not so good) Have You Read Lately (or not so lately)?

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I also recommend that you check out the book forum under Entertainment. You'll find hundreds of suggestions! Continue Reading


Re: Where do you put keys, in a purse?

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Outside zipped pocket--really dislike purses that don't have that feature! Continue Reading


Re: Serena Williams & IMAN

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I've bought items from both lines. Serena's are of much better quality. I had to return Iman's because they were a bit cheesy. Continue Reading


Re: Living Alone

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I live alone and I love it! I'm very involved with OLLI (a senior citizen group), teaching and taking classes. I'm also a volunteer at a local library. Additionally, I'm very much into reading. Not enough hours in the day! Continue Reading



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I'll try to be more clear. You cannot win jewelry because there are never three images of the same piece. It's just filler. I was being snide when I suggested that complainers compare HSN games to ones at QVC because, of course, QVC doesn't have any. (In other words, stop whining!) Continue Reading

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