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Re: Legacy; Karen?

In Fashion Talk 1411444612.49

I thought Karen had become very ill. Continue Reading


Re: Your Dog is Welcome at Macy's

In Viewpoints 1411389584.797

If dogs are welcome at Macy's, then I am not. Continue Reading


Re: TSV Wrap

In Fashion Talk 1411385329.047

The deal on ebay is wonderful. That's the way I'd go. This would be a wonderful gift for the person who's always chilly. Continue Reading


Re: looking for a skirt

In Fashion Talk 1411361594.6

Actually, QVC has many skirts available that match your needs (only a couple are available in gray, though). Here's some possibilities: A257122, A235218, A213067, A235506, A254434. Hope something appeals! Continue Reading


Re: Question on eating out........

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1411271797.22

Love the Temptations remark! Continue Reading


Re: I am begging the forum police to take down the Fiestaware post, Please??

In For the Home Talk 1411269967.84

So many pet peeves--"ban the mom heel". . .stop the live audience shows. . .get rid of the Fiestaware thread. . . As so many have said: JUST SKIP THEM IF YOU'RE NOT INTERESTED. Continue Reading


Re: Is there hope that Leahs shoe show has shuffled off the lineup

In Fashion Talk 1411253185.417

I seriously doubt that the hosts get to choose everything they present. I like both Jane and Leah. Continue Reading


Re: Wha do you think the most comfortable shoe brand is for you?

In All About Shoes 1411199985.12

Years ago, when QVC sold Merrell shoes, I bought several pairs of suede ballerina flats. They still look and feel wonderful--it's a truly excellent brand. Continue Reading

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