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Re: Kate Summerville's tight skirt

In Q Did What? 1398170578.087

Who is Kate Summerville? Continue Reading


Re: Have You Ever Bought Any Clothing From Blair Co.?

In Fashion Talk 1398169958.327

I've bought a number of things from Blair--all excellent! Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a Lightweight Hoodie That Doesn't Shrink

In Fashion Talk 1398169819.023

I think the key word in your post is "dryer." I usually put sweatshirts in the dryer for 10 minutes, then let them air dry. No shrinkage. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1398105232.39

It sounds as though she'll be doing a vendor's role. I'll be glad to see her again. Continue Reading


Re: Please Bring Back These Casual Crops

In Suggestion Box 1398062061.25

I agree that they look very promising. But I'll bet we're out of luck. Continue Reading


Re: What did you see - fashion wise - in church this AM?

In Fashion Talk 1398017515.31

One woman wore a bright orange tank top under a beautiful lightbrown shirt. She looked fabulous! Continue Reading


Re: It's crazy..why all of the long sleeves when summer is coming ??

In Fashion Talk 1397919005.127

I loathe long sleeves in summer. Most of the time, I'm NOT in air conditioning, so short sleeves work for me. Continue Reading


Re: Which of these Dooney Bags do you like??

In Viewpoints 1397918923.28

The like the blue one on the right, but I wouldn't pay more than $50 for it. Continue Reading


Re: Book Purchasing

In Book Club 1397873097.323

I buy most of my books from Alibris and Amazon. Continue Reading


Re: Shoe Shopping with Grandma, I mean Jayne~

In Fashion Talk 1397824129.96

When will people learn to spell either "Jane" or "Jayne" so that it refers to the correct person? They've both been on-air a very long time. Continue Reading

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