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Re: Banana Pudding Poke Cake

In Recipe Swap 1414041249.637

Oh, this sounds scrumptious! Continue Reading


Re: HSN concierge microfleece sheets (348-711)

In For the Home Talk 1414040499.573

Regular fleece sheets aren't hot (they're perfect), so I would imagine microfleece would be okay as well. Continue Reading


need song title from first QVC Christmas album

Last Reply by KathyLFan 1414019523.407 | Started by insomniac in Viewpoints

If anyone has the first QVC Christmas album (I do, but I can't find it), would you please tell me the title of the song Lynn Tucker performed? It had something to do with the Internet. Continue Reading


Re: This sign

In Viewpoints 1414004113.567

What the sign is saying is to be accountable for what your kids are doing in the store. Pay attention to them--many people don't, and just let their kids loose. Continue Reading


Re: Opinion on this desk...

In For the Home Talk 1413964932.19

Find something that looks more masculine. He's going to be growing, not shrinking. Continue Reading


Re: HSN TS, Adrienne Landau Robe!

In Fashion Talk 1413877500.997

I don't like the faux fur collar at all. Continue Reading


Re: Shocked the QVC advertised Malden Mills Polar Fleece sheets when they're not!

In For the Home Talk 1413877311.43

You don't like the sheets, so you're sending them back, which makes sense. But why do you want a "replacement"? Just go to J.C. Penney and buy theirs. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa going?

In Fashion Talk 1413877079.753

I don't care what she does. Continue Reading


Re: If your husband or S.O said this to you would it upset you?

In Viewpoints 1413876911.187

Oh, it's happened to me repeatedly, but I'm a strong woman. Continue Reading

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