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Re: Is QVC doing away with sleepwear?

In Suggestion Box 1409688279.227

Switch your allegiance to Lands' End. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- September 2014

In Book Club 1409688174.63

I've already posted this a couple times, but I ADORED The Orchardist. Continue Reading


Re: Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress!

In Fashion Talk 1409656903.42

No one is suggesting that everyone copy this idea. If you don't like it--it doesn't matter! I think it's quite wonderful. Continue Reading


Quackler Factory TSV

Last Reply by scarlett811 1409673564.083 | Started by insomniac in Fashion Talk

I was expecting an Irish special value today. But instead--this truly hideous jacket! The whole shoulder area looks as though it's sprinkled with massive dandruff. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Birthday Post Card, Tote Bag...UGH!

In Viewpoints 1409538449.323

I wouldn't complain about getting a tote bag--I love them! But I am not among the chosen people. Continue Reading


Re: What is Susan's obsession with turtlenecks ?

In Fashion Talk 1409523087.187

I know dickeys are tremendously passé, but they do the trick for me. Continue Reading


Re: Get some sincerity into the hosts

In Suggestion Box 1409467661.877

Of course, the obvious answer is--don't watch. Continue Reading


Re: Shake It Off - Viewpoints Theme Song!!! :-)

In Viewpoints 1409455549.317

I really dislike her piping, thin voice. To call her "talented" would really be a stretch. Continue Reading


Re: Easy Pay on Demand

In Suggestion Box 1409453772.187

As the previous poster noted, they do this really nice thing for some shoppers, but not for the rest of us. Continue Reading

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