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Re: Please Bring Back These Casual Crops

In Suggestion Box 1398062061.25

I agree that they look very promising. But I'll bet we're out of luck. Continue Reading


Re: What did you see - fashion wise - in church this AM?

In Fashion Talk 1398017515.31

One woman wore a bright orange tank top under a beautiful lightbrown shirt. She looked fabulous! Continue Reading


Re: It's crazy..why all of the long sleeves when summer is coming ??

In Fashion Talk 1397919005.127

I loathe long sleeves in summer. Most of the time, I'm NOT in air conditioning, so short sleeves work for me. Continue Reading


Re: Which of these Dooney Bags do you like??

In Viewpoints 1397918923.28

The like the blue one on the right, but I wouldn't pay more than $50 for it. Continue Reading


Re: Book Purchasing

In Book Club 1397873097.323

I buy most of my books from Alibris and Amazon. Continue Reading


Re: Shoe Shopping with Grandma, I mean Jayne~

In Fashion Talk 1397824129.96

When will people learn to spell either "Jane" or "Jayne" so that it refers to the correct person? They've both been on-air a very long time. Continue Reading


Re: KIm Novak personally hurt by comments about her appearance at the Oscars

In Viewpoints 1397824030.12

By now, Kim Novak should know people are cruel. On the other hand, she also must have realized how unusual she looked. So should she just have stayed away? Probably. Continue Reading


Re: Age Is Just A Number, Are You Happy With Your Number?

In Viewpoints 1397736104.73

Being as I almost died from a brain aneurysm a few years ago, I'm very grateful to be alive: the actual age (almost 66) doesn't matter. Continue Reading


Re: More Easy Pay

In Suggestion Box 1397722808.433

I really appreciate MyraK's comment. I am also on a very fixed income, and Easy Pays enable me to buy special items and pay for them over time. I get very tired of those who rudely assert that "if you can't afford to pay for something all at once, you shouldn't buy it." Well, I can't afford to pay all at once, but if I ultimately pay for it, why shouldn't I have it? Continue Reading


Re: Orange Tunic Sweatshirt in Promo

In Fashion Talk 1397680737.433

Most really nice sweatshirts cost more than that. It's a winner! Continue Reading

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