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Re: How do you acquire your reading material?

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On 4/21/2015 Vamp said: I rarely do yard sales, so I would say all of the above except that one. I am trying to reduce the size of my library, as I don't often re-read books. I pass them along to friends or donate to the Friends of the Library, which conducts sales to assist in library funding. A lot of the books I buy are on kindle, which is generally cheaper than buying an actual book. And it saves trees. I do occasionally buy a physical book, for example when I am on vacation as I don't like to take my kindle to the beach where it is sandy. I also download books to my kindle from the libra... Continue Reading


Re: How do you acquire your reading material?

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On 4/22/2015 Apple Head said: Library. If I love the book, I may get it after reading it first. The library is such a wonderful place. Wish I could find a job there. I agree completely with this post. I often buy a book after reading a library copy. And yes, I don't know why I didn't pursue a career as a librarian (I taught instead). Continue Reading


What season is this?

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I really hadn't thought the falling snow last night would amount to much, but now the ground is coated with it. Forget the spring jacket! With the temperature at 32 degrees, winter clothes will be needed today. That's Michigan for you--land that I love! Continue Reading


Re: Poo-Pourri

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On 4/13/2015 Justice4all said: Why don't people just eat better? So that they don't "go" at all? Isn't that kind of unnatural? Continue Reading


Re: O/T Can you recommend a mattress?

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I have the mattress of my life: a Sealy. I cannot believe how perfect it is for me. (No insomnia now!) Continue Reading


Re: How do you acquire your reading material?

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I order most of my books from Alibris, and others from Amazon. I also read lots of library books. Continue Reading


Re: Love it or return it???? $13.00 to try something? ridiculous!!!!!

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On 4/22/2015 Tinkrbl44 said: OP ... Too bad you didn't put this thread in the QVC Suggestion box section, so they will read it. You really believe they read what we write? Continue Reading


Re: Models in Tight Pants

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It's to match their jackets which are too small to button. Continue Reading

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