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Re: Kitchen shows lacking

In Q Did What? 1418887907.833

I agree completely with stevieb. Continue Reading


Re: Malden Mills sheets

In For the Home Talk 1418807350.68

I have a couple sets of MM sheets (and a couple more from J.C. Penney)--I LOVE them all. Thickness doesn't matter. I marvel at how soft they are. Continue Reading


Re: Drop PM Style - create a new show!

In Suggestion Box 1418792804.37

Instead of a new show, how about some new merchandise? Continue Reading


Re: What Books did you Read and do NOT Recommend in 2014?

In Book Club 1418623067.267

I read Mary Beth Keane's Fever--and loved it. So maybe we're talking about two different books here. I'm not one to give up on a book, but this year I sure did! Beggar King: The Hangman's Daughter was unreadable. I also deserted Hilary Mantel's Bringing Up the Bodies (I could not abide her Wolf Hall either, though I did finish that one--I've loved most of her other books), and I know there's a couple more. (These were all book club choices.) Continue Reading


Re: Diana Perkovic

In Fashion Talk 1418604691.34

I've always enjoyed Diana as a host. I hope she does get to QVC at some point. Continue Reading


Re: Who Will Host PMS?

In Fashion Talk 1418559091.71

The show has been extremely boring for a very long time: nothing exciting to buy. So it really doesn't matter who the host is. Continue Reading


Re: Want a really ugly Christmas sweater or Tee?

In Fashion Talk 1418523915.087

I have a lot of beautiful Christmas sweatshirts. Continue Reading


Re: Missing From Lisa's Show

In Viewpoints 1418471906.99

On 12/13/2014 moonchilde said: Not everyone thinks Lisa was the be all and end all of QVC, that she alone has kept the business afloat all these years, or that she represents Womankind on a shopping channel by her very presence. Not all viewers, and I'm sure not all (or any?) QVC execs. There is the Real World and then there is Lisaworld. Oh, I like that word combo: "Lisaworld." That's where many people are stuck. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone wear skirts anymore?

In Fashion Talk 1418427889.08

I wear skirts several times a week: I definitely prefer them! Continue Reading

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