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Re: Does anyone else see PMS

In Viewpoints 1419308786.857

That's been the joke since the show first started. Continue Reading


Re: Where are turtleneck sweaters?

In Fashion Talk 1419278121.307

Lands' End, L.L. Bean, J.C. Penney. . .to name a few. Continue Reading


Re: Joe Cocker has died

In Viewpoints 1419277712.317

I always loved him. RIP, Joe. Continue Reading


Re: A little Kris Kardashian "dirt" Only if you are interested....

In Viewpoints 1419253686.067

On 12/22/2014 YorkieonmyPillow said: I don't think she knows what she is doing. She hasn't exercised the best judgement in the past in personal matters and she is messing up her life again. She is a fool to throw Bruce Jenner away, he is a good man as far as I have seen. She might rather be with a real man. Continue Reading


Re: Greek Potatoes

In Recipe Swap 1419242845.273

Check out the recipes on the allrecipes site. I like going there because people add comments concerning ingredients, cooking times, and the like. It's most helpful. Continue Reading


Re: Shopping at the Goodwill or St. Vincent de paul

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On 12/22/2014 Lindsays Grandma said: Would you be so kind as to tell us the category you moved it to. It's in Fashion. Continue Reading


Re: Drop PM Style - create a new show!

In Suggestion Box 1419152036.12

I wasn't obsessed with Lisa, so I won't think of her at all. Continue Reading


Re: Do you read the entire thread or just the OP?

In Viewpoints 1419124841.677

I rarely read an entire thread--too tedious. I especially dislike when a thread gets way off track. Forget it. Continue Reading


Re: What Books did you Read and do NOT Recommend in 2014?

In Book Club 1418946438.713

On 12/18/2014 sunala said: On 12/14/2014 insomniac said: I read Mary Beth Keane's Fever--and loved it. So maybe we're talking about two different books here. I'm not one to give up on a book, but this year I sure did! Beggar King: The Hangman's Daughter was unreadable. I also deserted Hilary Mantel's Bringing Up the Bodies (I could not abide her Wolf Hall either, though I did finish that one--I've loved most of her other books), and I know there's a couple more. (These were all book club choices.) Look again. I posted that it was Fever by Megan Abbott. Oh, I know your author was differe... Continue Reading

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