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Re: Louise Penny's New Book

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I love the Inspector Gamache series! Continue Reading


Re: Wanna see the bridesmaid's dresses....

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What a wonderful, true story! Continue Reading


Re: Used Shoes...Do you Ever Buy Them?

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I've bought used shoes often through ebay. I don't have a problem with this! Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- July 2014

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Judaline, I am also loving Maeve Binchy's Chestnut Street. I have a friend who calls Binchy's books romance novels. I don't consider myself a romance novel fan, but I sure do love Maeve Binchy's stories! Continue Reading


Re: Shirley Jackson fans--avoid new novel called Shirley

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Spiritoo, I felt that same joy when I found that big book of short stories. I have loved Shirley Jackson for decades. It was such a surprise to me that she also wrote light-hearted books about her family (along the lines of Jean Kerry's work). I also read her biography many years ago (dry though it was). One prime complaint I have about the book Shirley is that the main character, at the beginning, is thinking about story of The Haunting of Hill House. She's says that the main character didn't get along with her sister (which is revealed near the novel's start). Then she mentions Theodora, wh... Continue Reading


Re: Would like to see other bras besides Breezies on the Q

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They probably have a contract with Breezies that's as iron-clad as the way these bras feel. Continue Reading


Re: The clark's TSV

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I like the shoes! Continue Reading


Re: Would you announce if you were going through menopause?

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No. But now Jill doesn't have to worry about pregnancy rumors! Continue Reading

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