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Re: O/T: Do You Stand In Line oe On Line?

In Among Friends 1422652695.83

IN line when I'm waiting behind others. ONline when I'm using the computer. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver Thursday morning show

In Fashion Talk 1422558400.917

And so is Susan. Different strokes. . . Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone else bothered by how much food gets wasted during demos?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422377853.223

After food has been setting out a while (under hot lights), it's probably safer just to get rid of it. Continue Reading


Re: Too many 24-Hour Events

In Q Did What? 1422377718.453

Good thing it's not mandatory that we watch! Continue Reading


Re: Please put Shipping and Handling on the "Items Recently on Air" page

In Suggestion Box 1422365971.667

On 1/25/2015 brewhaha said: On 1/25/2015 insomniac said: Wouldn't it vary, depending on the destination? Only if you don't live in the lower 48. If a person is shipping at a parcel post rate, the destination absolutely does matter! If I'm sending packages from Michigan, it will cost a whole lot more to send something to California than to Indiana. Continue Reading


Re: A dress for SUPERHEROES?

In Fashion Talk 1422316537.127

I think subject title says it all! Continue Reading


Re: Collectibles that are totally worthless

In Viewpoints 1422309589.72

I'm hoping only a small minority of people have bought stuff like this as an "investment." Pathetic. Continue Reading


Re: Half-hour One Product Shows

In Suggestion Box 1422283388.32

They're trying to catch channel-surfers. They're not expecting anyone to have QVC on 24/7. Continue Reading

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