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Re: JJ252627 a mole????!!! A Lisa Robertson disliker?

In The Q We Love 1414720495.79

I can understand your being upset, but I would not stop shopping here--just ignore the forums instead. Continue Reading


Re: Why can the moderator not just remove the political posts

In Suggestion Box 1414720380.317

I don't have an issue with removing inappropriate postings. But postings that are appropriate should remain. Continue Reading


Re: Why can the moderator not just remove the political posts

In Suggestion Box 1414709324.213

How often do you start reading a thread--because you're interested in it, and it gets taken way off base by a few people? I agree that those doing the act of sabotage should be poofed, and that the rest of the thread should be left intact. Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- October 2014

In Book Club 1414709141.053

I had received an advance copy of Jane Smiley's Some Luck. I adored it. In fact, I purchased a few copies to give as gifts this Christmas. Smiley brought us inside all her characters: each is unique and views life in a slightly different way. I think the trilogy is an amazing idea/challenge. I look forward to the next books! Continue Reading


Re: Clothing Designers please consider this

In Suggestion Box 1414632844.353

I agree with Tinkrbl44. I am also short-waisted--and it's a real challenge to find shirts that don't go on and on. This is an issue that's really never addressed. Continue Reading


Re: LOGO copies

In Fashion Talk 1414608123.313

The look has been around a while--long before LOGO crept into the picture. Continue Reading


Re: Ruana fan?

In Fashion Talk 1414605156.11

I'd never be able to carry off this look. Continue Reading


Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

In Fashion Talk 1414575305.183

I'm not a Facebook participant. Shopping forums are as far as I go. Continue Reading


Re: Came across this by accident So Cute Item A260008

In Viewpoints 1414575199.617

I don't know--I consider Advent to be a religious time. I wouldn't have a problem calling this make-up set as a Countdown to Christmas or something, but leave Advent out of it. Continue Reading

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