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Re: Please...Jim Shore in primetime, not early a.m.!

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Jim Shore is not run-of-the-mill. That's what prime time is for. So they stick him in the wee hours. Continue Reading


NanaS, check out HSN today!

Started by insomniac in Suggestion Box 1412156427.55

The HSN Today's Special is an NFL clothing item. They should have other NFL pieces as well. Continue Reading


Re: My Fall Front Porch

In For the Home Talk 1412131919.09

Beautiful. . .but you must not care for your letter carrier! Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Book Set

In Book Club 1412131720.873

I love the Ladies' Detective Agency series by Alexander Smith McCall. I enjoy the laid-back style, and the quiet philosophies that are woven into the story lines. I treasure each book. Continue Reading


Re: Detroit according to Google street view

In Viewpoints 1412131465.937

I live less than two hours from Detroit, and have been there many times. The photos shown are not a fair depiction of that wonderful city. Very biased reporting. Continue Reading


Re: Adjust prices down instead of value pays

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I'm always on the lookout for easy pays: there aren't that many. Continue Reading


Re: "Stones From the River"

In Book Club 1411950311.487

I read Stones from the River many years ago. I liked it so much I eventually read three other books by the same author. Continue Reading

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