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QVC will make more money if items need to be returned. Continue Reading


Re: According to Jill, "MANY" of us have Summer homes...

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I live in my apartment year-round. Do people with extra homes watch QVC? Continue Reading


Re: If Isaac Mizrahi sold his company to Excel Brands in 2011 who designs his clothes for QVC?

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Someone posted a while back that QVC's "designers" select items from a catalog (probably put together by unknown designers) and give permission to link their names to the products. Makes sense to me. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else uncomfortable with this term?

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I started hearing it a lot when I was teaching middle school in the mid-80s. It just sounds vulgar to me. Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Items presented on the PMS are not selling...

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It tells me that people don't want to waste their money. Continue Reading


Re: purses and handbags

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Here in Michigan, we still carry purses. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone catch Amy wearing torn jeans on Inspired Style?

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I think it's okay for Amy to wear stylish clothes. Continue Reading


Re: If you could retire anywhere in the USA

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I'd head for New England: it's beautiful year-round (and, being from Michigan, I'm used to snow). Continue Reading


Re: What's With All the Elastic Waists?

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You'll have to look elsewhere. Zippers and buttons limit the number of buyers. Myself, I'm all for elastic! Continue Reading

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