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Re: $200 for a 5# prime rib roast----whhaaattt!!!!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418997876.08

Don't know if they sold many, straitgirl---but after looking more carefully at my grocery store, I saw a beef tenderloin for $17.99 a pound so maybe $20 a pound for the quality is not as outrageous at all. But not for this girl!!!!! And it is true that beef has sky rocketed the last few years due to the very severe weather we had during the summer and winters of a few years ago-----we're having lasagna for Xmax dinner!!!! Continue Reading


Re: $51.72 for sweatpants!!!!!

In Fashion Talk 1418916417.687

Her prices have shot up and up. She used to be the queen of the $40 item, now thats up to $50 or more. I've noticed the D & C is pricing around $40 too. Can find better deals at Macys without the s/h. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn looks so nice today!

In Fashion Talk 1418752141.677

I like her too, but just have to say that on my TV, in that sherpa vest, she looked very wide. I think things that are like that do tend to over emphasize. I thought the color was lovely on her tho. Continue Reading


$200 for a 5# prime rib roast----whhaaattt!!!!!!

Last Reply by Desertdi 1419078557.28 | Started by wagirl in Kitchen & Food Talk

turned the channel to HSN yesterday in time to see a 5-6 lb prime roast that was priced at $199.99-------really?/????? NOW that is what I want for my gift drawer!!!!!!! Maybe 2 ! Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1418568012.543

Patty--I had a port put in and so glad I did. Never had any problem with it at all. Got mine just before chemo started in June thru October and it came out in November. And it was flushed out at each chemo treatment. Jackie is right, do try to eat something and drinking as much as possible during chemo is a must. I drank a whole pitcher of herbal ice tea every day. Still do. I also fixed a super duper green smoothie every morning as well. I really think that was a huge part of why my chemo adventure wasn't as gnarly as some of our gals here. And as someone who sleeps cra(p)py, I take somethin... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ordering Skinn this visit?

In Beauty Banter 1418567883.223

No I am going to abstain again! I have alot that I need to go thru and start using. Not a fan of his make up either but love the skin care Continue Reading


Re: Have you tried Laura Mercier moisture surpreme foundation

In Beauty Banter 1418485583.87

I have switched over to the bb and cc reams lately but I LOVE LM tinted moisturizer--I may try this foundation. Continue Reading


Re: Homemade Ricotta

In Recipe Swap 1418485370.157

Yes I've made it and it is far superior to what you buy in the stores. Very easy too. IamMrsG recipe is the same one I use. And to start, just cut the recipe in half if 2 cups is too much. Thats perfect amount for a lasagna but I hate making a whole lot of anything and then not liking it or it doesn't turn out and throwing it out. I put mine on bagels and toast and crackers and even on pizzas. It's good in dips and sauces too. And follow the recipe-don't try subbing whole milk for 2% as you want it too be rich and flavorful. Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1418418017.157

rizzos--I'm sorry about your DX but glad you are here. First things first, like Jackie said. I don't know much about pancreatic cancer either, but as soon as you know what is what, maybe we can help with the chemo stuff. I had breast cancer and before my chemo started, I went to chemo school at the hospital and got a ton of info and what to expect generally. You don't really know what to ask after finding out you have cancer, but the PA was really good about covering most of it. Going to get a wig now is good. I loved my wigs and wore them all the time. And bless your kids for being there wi... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1418307301.943

Lyn---aw nuts about part of your cousins news but yahoo on the other part!!! He has such a great outlook. And there is more options for treatment for him so that is a good thing. As for possible side effects--you just can't get away from that no matter what. But I'm sure his team will help as much as they can. And you will be there supporting him too. He always has my good thoughts !! Continue Reading

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