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Re: Paging F1wild

In Health & Fitness 1409583920.58

I am so sorry for your loss! I've been reading your posts and wanted to tell you to go to the cancer survivors board to find F1. I can't imagine how heartbroken you must be!! There are no words...... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone else miss turquoise with matrix?

In Jewelry Talk 1409583253.72

I personally love the turquoise with the matrix too. I also LOVE a more green turquoise, but not the lime green color I've seen. And would NEVER buy the purple--that LOOKS like it was dyed. Turquoise comes in all colors and I really like pieces of jewelry that incorporate all colors. And I do know that most turquoise is enhanced somehow.I don't have much in my wardrobe but what I have has the matrix. Continue Reading


Re: Using WEN after cancer treatments

In WEN 1409409748.32

JEWL-you should check out the cancer survivors board. It is really great and there are many, many going thru what you are right now. I have been there since my DX in 2012 and love it. You might be able to ease your rattled brain a little. We would love to help however we can. PAM Continue Reading


Re: Eyelash loss. Tried castor oil, coconut oil, almond oils, can anyone help?

In Beauty Banter 1409409464.477

OP said she doesn't use mascara on her top lashes everyone. I lost my lashes due to chemo; they have since grown back but are so sparse and fragile that I rarely wear mascara either. I have taken 10,000 mg of biotin everyday and that seems to help my nails and my hair too. It's not an over night thing tho, will take several months but it really makes a difference. I did use the rapid lash too, and maybe saw some improvement but not that much. I will prob try false lashes on special occasions but need to figure out how to put them on. They look so natural when applied right. Continue Reading


Re: Shows I Saw Renewed:

In TV Talk 1409344830.553

I agree about both the "Two....shows---just vulgar, garbage. I have watched each show once and never again. Glad they will be gone!!! Continue Reading


Re: Have you tried an Orange Watermelon?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409237948.077

I had a green grape at my local grocery store that was called cotton candy and it was amazing and tasted like cotton candy too. There are so many fun, different colored veg/fruits now. Love them all!! Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1409235923.87

Cocoa--hurray for the good numbers!!!!! We NEED some good news during all this, don't we! Now you kind of have a little more experience under your belt with this first round of treatment- maybe you can prepare more for the second round. F1- love me some James Taylor too, and need to play his music and check out that song. Today is cloudy and grey and cool. Had a couple of chipmunks fighting over the seed I leave them on the back deck and a doe munching blackberries in the front yard. My cat didn't know what to sit a watch altho with the back door, open and the slider closed, she sat nose t... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1409169026.813

Hey Goldie--I'm doing ok. Glad to hear from you more often. It's in the upper 70"s-low 80"s today (wa state) and of course, rain is in the forecast for the weekend. Jackie--I know what you mean about just plain functional stuff. Am tired of the junk I've had for the last 30 years too. Would love to move to a place with NO stairs. Husband has 5 garages full of car stuff--OMG----he can stay and I'll move!!!! How are the girl friends doing? Is your foot all better? Lannie--dear Lord--I haven't forgotten you. Will e you soon. Husband has been working from home all week---just kill me now!!!!! ... Continue Reading


Re: Need Kindle Advice

In Electronics Talk 1409146688.013

I have the Kindle Fire when it was the newest and wouldn't buy another one. Not a fan of how it operates but will use it until it dies. I will find another brand when the time comes. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Have A "Breath Test" to Detect Bacteria in the Small Intestine?

In Health & Fitness 1409085925.28

On 8/26/2014 ChynnaBlue said: Is this the test for H. Pylori? It definitely didn't take me 3-4 hours. It took maybe 20-30 minutes. You go in swallow something containing urea and radioactive isotopes. Mine was in crystals that reminded me of Pop Rocks. I waited about 15 minutes and then breathed into a bag and went home. They had the results about a week later. It was super easy. Years before I had to do a barium swallow and that was much less pleasant. You should call your doctor or the lab now and ask them about how you should prepare for the test. There are some medications you need to sto... Continue Reading

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