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Re: Vitamix / Peanut Butter / Dry Container

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I believe the dry container is used when you make flour out of the whole grains so I would use the wet container. I am still using a 34 year old Vitamix from my mom, that has a stainless steel container and I have used it for peanut butter and for grinding flour. It still works great.I don't know if there is a difference really. Someone will answer your questions. So great about your good results!! I made super green smoothies for the last 5 years and am convinced it help me go thru chemo easier. Continue Reading


Re: Suave Volume - Luxe Style Infusion

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On 4/14/2015 LipstickDiva said: On 4/14/2015 molly47 said: On 4/14/2015 LipstickDiva said: I haven't tried this blow dry spray yet but I have used the Sea Salt and the hairspray and they are both winners. I love, love, love the hairspray. Now I will need to try both of those too. Do you mind saying which particular hairspray you use? I usually use a firm hold spray. I will have to add I love finding products that work and even better when the price is great. Thank you all again. Molly I use the Luxe Style Infusion Plump Hold Hairspray. It's in the luxe style volumizing line. Gold can wi... Continue Reading


Re: Coconut Oil For Face

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You need to do some research first. I don't use coconut oil on my face but I would mix it in with some other beneficial oils. If you have pore issues, I'm not sure coconut oil is the best--it might clog those pores. I buy my coconut oil at Trader Joes for about $6 a jar or at World Market/Cost Plus , for the same price. It is non gmo and organic too. I'm sure someone will give you more info. And there you go--just what you needed to hear from ChynnaBlue!! Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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Lotus----my oncology appt went very well altho she still wants to see me in 4 months--no biggie. I am having issues with the neuropathy still and dr says she wants me to go see a neurologist for tests---and I prob will. But blood work was stellar, mammo scans, stellar. Dr thinks I need a mental boost so she wants me to try some Cymbalta. It also can help with the neuropathy . And maybe she is right--I still have a touch of blueness about the brain regionThanks for asking. Jackie--there is nothing like a wonderful plateful of pasta!!!!! Good advice for Jenn too, altho I think we may have lost... Continue Reading


Re: Can anyone help with me with a measurement?

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Love this kind of thread---love the good ideas that are usually so simple and easy. Brilliant idea!!! Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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Emb---your news is really great!!! More figuring out what your plan will be but all sounds good. Lotus--I was just trying to remember where your are with your rads. Half way thru---that is awesome!! How is your skin holding up? So today is my 4 month onc dr visit. Will get my lab reports and mammo reports ( got those in Feb--all stellar and no more every 6 months scans) Have a few issues to discuss and hopefully, she will want me back in 6 months instead of 4. We'll see. Jackie---and the birthday continues!!!! Love me some pasta altho I haven't been eating many carbs lately. Have been making... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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jenn--we have had some not so nice "trolls" on this board before, that have done some damage to alot of our group, so altho , we welcome everybody, sometimes we wonder if some of these posts are the legit. I'm sorry if you are offended and I will take you at your word that your situation with your mom is going on. We really can help but most of us marvel at how someone with a cancer can wait so long for treatment. I think we all just shook our heads in wonder. Anyhow, it's up to your mom and it's up to you to come back here. I will admit that it is hard to express our opinions (not that we s... Continue Reading


Re: Lambeth browshaper

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And these little suckers are SHARP!!! I use mine for the peach fuzz and tried to do my brows but ended up cutting myself. Haven't tried that again. Continue Reading


Re: Todd English Cookware

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On 4/13/2015 4uthebest said: On 4/13/2015 wagirl said: homedecor---Yes ceramic nonstick is the soup du jour. No harmful fumes if the pans get really hot and more non stick than the previous dark non stick. I am doing research on which ones I want as I have all of the dark stuff that is wearing off now and need to replace it all. I'm deciding on ceramic or stainless, nothing with the teflon junk in it and lightweight too. I read a good article about how to choose cookware that is very informative. Was thinking of buying one piece from Todd, to try first. Interestingly enough, even the manufac... Continue Reading

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