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Re: If you could have any luxury - what would it be??

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A new, state of the art, built to MY specs, home, in sunny, hot Arizona!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Fragrances no longer worn

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I think trying to sell old perfume would be more trouble than its worth. I'd pour out the stuff into something and let it evaporate. If you've had perfume for a long time it does turn and even tho your nose may not detect it, someones will. I had a bottle of White Shoulders from when I was 16 and just found it a few years ago, I'm 59 now, and altho it smelled ok to me then, after awhile it started smelling funny. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers Great Hair Day

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It works very well. Lost my hair to chemo and now that I take meds for 5 years my hair is very fine and thin and my parts are a little wider than before. It's easy to apply and stays until you wash your hair. Continue Reading


Re: Appliance Graveyard

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397404606.267

l"m done with the Rocket Grill and a T-Fal food processor, blender, juicer combo that is made out of plastic. Also have a electric frying pan from CE. Will be getting rid of my pots and pans that are non stick too. Also have a ricer from Williams Sonoma that is gorgeous but I can't get my hands around it. Continue Reading


Re: Coolio's household uses Temptations

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Thanks everyone for these posts----am laughing my braids off right now!!! Continue Reading


Re: Is there a yogurt lower in calories and not so sweet?

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You can make your own yogurt. It's very easy and so much better for you. I don't buy anything dairy anymore and especially if there is carrageenan in it which is a huge cause of inflammation. Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1397318812.42

Hi Kathy--- Sounds like what type of cancer I had. Mine was called invasive lobular cancer of the left breast. I was hormone positive and HER2 neg but I was staged at 3a as the lump was pretty big. My dr told me the same thing about lump vs mastectomy and the outcome of both. I also considered double mastectomy too, but didn't go there. I wish I had now as its kind of a pain to have only one breast hanging around. The reason I chose the mastectomy was I didn't want to have to back for another surgery if they didn't get all the cancer from the margins--then that would be another surgery and an... Continue Reading


Re: Sorry, but I just don't get it...

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On 4/11/2014 MomOf4 said: The only way I would pay $470 for that bag would be if it was filled with $400 in cash Love your response mom----I don't get it either---I'm not a purse girl so it amazes me when I hear people spending hundreds or thousands of $ on a purse. Good lord, that is my utilities for a month at least. Now my DD is a purse mavin. She LOVES purses. Continue Reading


Re: Do you ever feel like tossing all your older make-up and

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I've been clearing out my stash of make up and skincare and haircare too. After going thru chemo, I wanted a fresh clean start so I tossed a ton of stuff. Haven't replaced much except for the basics with things without the horrible chemicals in it. Feels good and I can't believe how much more space I have in my bathroom. Am determined to use things up before I buy anymore. Continue Reading

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