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Re: Anyone else have enough of IT?

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yes, yes , yes!!! And I would love to see Jamie change up her hair style and her clothes too. She is so lovely and seems like a very nice person but she needs to add some pizazz to the presentation. I've seen photos of her with her hair down and in more colorful clothes and it is a pleasure to the eyes. IMHO, of course! Continue Reading


Re: Do you buy min for your tracfone or just get a new phone?

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On 5/24/2015 raining said: On 5/24/2015 Marp2 said: On 5/24/2015 jaxs mom said: When we used one of those type, we just bought more minutes. The phone still works so why would I get a new one? What are you going to do with the old phone? I donate my old phones to women's shelters which give them to clients for emergency purposes. As long as the battery in a cell phone is charged the phone can be used to call 911 even without minutes. I would be very nervous to give a phone that had access to my bank information via the internet and other personal and sensitive information to a woman's shelt... Continue Reading


Re: Haggen Markets?

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On 5/24/2015 RainGirl said: Haggen's has been around in the PNW for decades. A lot of the supermarkets they owned were under the Top Food name but recently they have been remodeling and rebranding the stores as Haggen. This happened to the Top Foods near me. I don't go there as much as I used to. I do sometimes because they carry items I can't get anywhere else. They are on the pricier side though. I like that they carry locally grown/made products. I like their baked goods and their deli stuff but its pricy. One odd thing...they pride themselves on local products yet often they have produce ... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 5/25/2015 Karen s w said: Hi I have never been on here I just saw this. Iris this still going on id like ton be a member of this group thanks Karen Hi Karen--Please tell us your story. You just have to be interested to be here. Someone is always around. Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 5/25/2015 crazered said: Hi everyone. I had triple negative breast cancer. They got it all.i have been out of treatment a year. My hair is coming back red with little gray. I'm 60 plus. I have never colored it. My hair is so soft and hard to manage but I am trying. Anyone have suggestions for hair re growth. Like to hear also from triple negative people. I know it is a bad cancer. Keep on fighting you all will beat it. When my hair grew back, it started out curly and I was totally loving it as my normal hair is stick straight and only bends with the help of curling irons. And as it grew, t... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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HI grc18--very sorry to hear your dx!! I am a 2 1/2 year breast cancer survivor--went thru surgery, chemo and rads. Usually you are given anti nausea meds before your chemo altho I took a pill once or twice before treatment. I went thru 8 weeks of adrmycin/cytoxen and then 12 weeks of taxol then 33 days of radiation. You should be given a script for anti nausea meds before you start any treatment to have for home. and I would take them when you come home from treatment and the next few days until you know what to expect. I had one case of very slight nausea thru out the entire 5 months of ch... Continue Reading


Re: What items you love from QVC kitchen?

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I bought the fasta pasta 2 pak years ago that I love to death and also the Slices Perfect for cutting bagels and breads that was on during the 50 in 50 tour in the 1990's. I still use the Techniques 4 qt pressure cooker from about 10 years ago too. Haven't bought much from the Q due to their ridiculous high s/h the last few years. I buy mostly from Amazon now and online sites that offer free shipping and free returns. Continue Reading


Re: grocery shopping in multiple stores to save?

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I used to do this every week--go to 3 different stores until my stores changed hands and now I'm not saving much money and not finding the things I used to buy. Tried to use the coupons but most of them are for the junk I never use. And it's alot of work to divide up stops and the items at each stop. I've noticed that there really isn't much to do to save anymore except for not buying the sirloin steak that is $9.99 a pound or the eggs that will be close or over $5 a dozen. My fam of 3 has cut down on alot of food we used to eat; and I never bought the processed stuff only fresh or frozen; a... Continue Reading


Re: Haggen Markets?

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No I don't like the new Haggens at all---they took away alot of the good stuff I bought and raised the prices. Had an Albertsons in town turn into a County Market and I won't shop there anymore either. The prices are way up and selection is way down. Only have a Safeway left and I use them for grocery delivery on occasion. QFC is still around but got closed in my town a few years ago. Continue Reading


Re: Do you buy min for your tracfone or just get a new phone?

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I have used Tracfone for the last 5 years or so. I usually keep my phones for at least 2 years or until I want to throw them against a brick wall. But this year, I bought the new Moto E smartphone from Amazon and LOVE it. Always had semi-dumb phones, which I hated. It was packaged in Tracphone packaging for Tractfone and got 600 minutes that went with it as well as as being tripled for life----and I bought it for at least $20 less than when HSN or maybe evine had as a TS a couple months ago or the $130 it was on the Tracphone website. And......I was able to do all the business of setting up a... Continue Reading

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