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Re: health condition for Lisa Mason or hubby?

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Thank you for the update. I have always liked Lisa and the way she obviously loves her husband. My friend's hubby is battling the same thing only they caught it way before it had a chance to spread. He went thru surgery, chemo and rads too. Now is going into hyperbaric treatment to heal the jawbone. All current tests give him a clear bill from the cancer zombies. And it all started with issues of swallowing. Thank god he checked it out. It's been a awful tough road for my friends. I wish Lisa and Gino all the best. Continue Reading


Re: Pink Stuff

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My recipe for "pink stuff" is called Cranberry Mousse. No fruits or nuts. Has 5 ingredients and can be used for a side or a dessert. Continue Reading


Re: Would like 2 Soup Recipes Please, Cabbage and Smoked Sausage & Lobster bisque

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I use Bob Wardens recipe for the cabbage soup in his first pressure cooker book that is very good. Don't know if that helps you if you don't have a pressure cooker. Not a fan of lobster so can't help with that one. Continue Reading


Re: $9.00 for a 3oz. crab cake?

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All I can remember are the horrid cr(a)p cakes from the past---and will NEVER buy again!! I don't care who makes them!!! I make better ones anyway!! And for a lot less $. Continue Reading


Re: Swiss Steak--Blast from the Past 1960s?

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OMG--Swiss steak sounds so wonderful!! I make it regularly with the tomato gravy and mashed spuds!!! Another thing I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE is salisbury steak!! Make them both is my Nesco oven----remember Nesco and sweet Virginia??? Continue Reading


Re: Using Up My Creams & Serums!!!!!

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I have so much ---too much ---too!! Got rid of the pre breast cancer stuff after all my treatments in 2012---thought I'd start over fresh---but have gathered way too much again---so will be ruthless and then try to use up what I have. Continue Reading


Re: Which Makeup Items Do You Splurge On?

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Skin care--especially for the eyes. Haven't found one I LOVE yet but I keep trying. Continue Reading


Re: I am so tempted to purchase a spin mop.... talk me out of it.

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On 10/19/2014 santorini said: Don't waste your money. It was a nice idea, but the product is cheaply made. The mop "stick" has a terrible design flaw. The handles are connected in a flimsy manner and when you press down to mop the floor, the handle breaks in the middle. If they had spent a dollar on a better connector, it would have been nice. You don't have to press down on the handle to use this mop. It's not a conventional mop! I read this all the time and people try to use it like the standard old fashion mop. You are to push the mop not drive it into the ground. I've had my spin mop for... Continue Reading


Re: I am so tempted to purchase a spin mop.... talk me out of it.

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I LOVE my spin mop!! So easy to use and before I clean my floors I use it on my mini blinds--does a great job on them. I got mine from ShopHQ when is was a once only price, free shipping and on 6 value pays!!! I think all that got it down to under $4 a month. There is a little bit of a learning curve to get the motion down pat, but it is fast and easy and throwing the mop heads in the washer after cleaning is great!! Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 10/18/2014 Lyn08 said: I have not posted anything in quite awhile. I go for my mammogram and blood tests (for CLL) in November. I'm always nervous before having these tests. My cousin (who has esophageal cancer) had his 3-month scan and met with his oncologist last week, and the tumor in his esophagus is slightly smaller again, and the scan doesn't show any spread of the cancer. All his blood tests are good. It's been over 2 years (in August) since he was first diagnosed as stage 4 (inoperable). He was given 1 year to live with chemo (2 months without chemo). He feels good, but he has abso... Continue Reading

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