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Re: Cancer survivors

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I have a few really outstanding drink recipes using turmeric, both hot and cold. Continue Reading


Re: World Market

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I shop there often. They have really decent prices on their herbs/spices as well as coconut oil too. Lots of seasonal foods and decor and tons of wines!! Would be worth it to go. Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 4/1/2015 embgm said: Thank you for all the warm wishes. Lotus tears came to me at unexpected times too. Run with it. It's an emotional release you needed. Mom and bird I appreciate your concerns and prayers. Jackie you r so right about the flu test. I didn't start barfing or having a terrible itchy blotchy rash on my legs till after I started the tamiflu so they suspect that is the allergic reaction culprit. Had my doc not just assumed I had the flu maybe I wouldn't have been barfing and itching for days. Unfortunately my fever returned last night so we will see what's next. The nebulizer ... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 3/31/2015 Lotus~ said: Hi guys.....I just had my 5th treatment today. I have to say how nice my techs are. It really helps to be surrounded by such nice people. I have a couple of questions. Today, while getting set up on the table, I felt so weepy all of a sudden. Boom! Out of nowhere, I wanted to just cry. I had tears streaming down my face. Is that normal? I guess everything finally got to me. I'm also noticing my skin is already getting a little pink. (the nurse and doctor took a look and thinks it looks ok..they agreed it was pink, but OK) Is it early to start seeing some color? I a... Continue Reading


Re: easy italian chicken bake---so good!!!

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housecat---it sounds delicious!!! OK for my tweaks---- First---I used boneless breasts. Then I cut them at an angle thru the thickest part so they weren't so thick---I find it takes longer to cook if you leave them whole. Also I will flatten them a bit next time so they will be level; that way the other ingredients won't slide off. Also make sure to pat them very dry--another way so the ingred stay put. I checked them at 25 minutes and they were done. Now I would normally make my own pesto but can't get enough basil without going into hock yet. I don't like store bought pesto--too salty and p... Continue Reading


easy italian chicken bake---so good!!!

Last Reply by wagirl 1427899563.997 | Started by wagirl in Recipe Swap

In my never ending quest for easy, fast , 5 ingredients or less, dinner entrees, I found this one on Pinterest (LOVE ) cooked it up and what a delicious piece of chickeny heaven!!! Kudos to The Planning Mama---- 3-4 skinless chic breast 4-6 tablespoons of prepared pesto or home made 1-2 Roma tomatoes 1 cup mozzarella cheese *************************************************** Lay chicken in a baking dish, Spread a good amount of the pesto on top. Place cut roma toms (I cut them into fairly thick slices) on top of the pesto. Sprinkle with the mozz cheese. Bake at 400* for 30-40 minutes or until... Continue Reading


Re: Bruchetta question

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Try ciabatta. Not sure if that is spelled right. I buy that instead and slice it thin, then toast it slightly. Continue Reading


Re: recipes for Tumeric

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I mostly put a tsp of powder turmeric in my smoothies or a hot milk tea similar to an above poster recipe. I try to eat at least 2 tsp a day as it really helps with the body/joint aches and pains I have as a result of chemo. Seems the powder form works better for me than the caps. I also always grind black pepper in, as those 2 are buddies. One thing I have to caution you of and that is, turmeric can stain your teeth so either brush right afterwards or swish you mouth, especially if you have any temporary dental work. Also, fresh turmeric is available for a few months now . I have a bunch st... Continue Reading


Re: Did Anyone Watch Jay Manuel On HSN Yesterday?

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I watched a little when Bobbi Rae was host--my gripe is ---where are the lovely models that are in their 40, 50 and 60's?? I'm 60 and WANT to see how it looks on gals my age, not some young thing!!!!! And I want to go somewhere, like Sephora, and get a sample to try. Am not into peeling off cash for something that I'll hate, even tho I can send it back--too much hassel. I am over that. I thought his prices were high for the tiny amounts you get. Just needed to vent------ Continue Reading


Re: facial oil collection, anyone?

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I mix my own facial serum/oils using a few different oils into a base oil and then mix that into my moisturizers. Right now I'm using Skinn products, which I love. Found a the recipes on Pinterest and by doing some research online. I have very dry, over 60 skin, with very few lines or wrinkles. Haven't tried the brands you mentioned as it's less expensive to mix it myself and then I have control over how much I make each time so, if it doesn't workI'm not throwing out a ton of $. Continue Reading

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