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Last Reply by Shogirl 1406555211.013 | Started by wagirl in Beauty Banter

Just wondering if anyone is a little disappointed with the so called anniversary prices of Skinn this weekend. Sure, there is the 6 value pays and reduced shipping but was kind of hoping for a better sale. Seems like most everything is the same price as before. Is it just me? Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1406471631.393

Newmarlig--ahh yes I remember now!! And again congrats on your excellent report!! I have my 6 month mammo and dr appt coming in early August, so gearing up for that altho I must say that these 2x a year checks are very reassuring for me, not nerve wracking. Jackie--I would tolerate two purple, men from the moon in my house, if they were going to paint. And I have finally healed from the knife incident. My hubs brought home these funny little finger con(d)oms and they worked so well at keeping things away from my owwie. Was able to wash my hair and cook without making it hurt worse. Your poor ... Continue Reading


Re: Women judge each other by their handbags???????

In Fashion Talk 1406469781.51

Really??? Another ridiculous statement from the hosts/vendors----I wouldn't know a $5000 bag from a $25 one. I am not a handbag fanatic. The only thing that is hard for me to fathom is paying hundreds of dollars for a purse---but if you can--bravo!!!! Continue Reading


Re: SKINN (Sunday) TTV- thoughts?

In Beauty Banter 1406469413.193

I agree Angell, but I did buy the color infusion color corrector sticks and finally, the orchid gel set. And bought the 5 piece set that was under $25. That set has a few things I love and a few others I haven't tried. OP I haven't tried any of the creme reverse yet. Love the dermappeal and softening essences are really nice too. Continue Reading


Re: Dishcloth help please

In Among Friends 1406388143.347

Put the dish cloth into a bowl of hot water with some bleach in it. I do this every night and add my dish brush and veggie brush as well. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone ever order Joy Mangano fragrant sticks ?

In For the Home Talk 1406387493.62

They were garbage and I sent them back. Set them up in a room and shut the door and when I went into the room hours later, there was NO smell. Packed them up and sent them back. Just a vase with a bunch of colored straws! Worthless!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Are SKINN products good quality/results? low price of TS makes me leery & I don't know how to evaluate ingredient decks

In Beauty Banter 1406386059.343

I LOVE the dermapeal!!! I use it only once a week tho as I have dry, sensitive skin too. The peppermint doesn't bother me at all. I am wondering if you girls are scrubbing too hard when you use it. It has a very rough texture and I know when I used it at first, that was my problem--too vigorous. Maybe that is why the peppermint stung your skin. But I LOVE the way my skin feels afterwards. I also love the softening waters that he has--use them everyday before any serums. For the most part I think Skinn is a very good line and for me, it's easy to replenish as he has such good sales and easy p... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1406385644.543

On 7/26/2014 newmarlig1 said: Great doctor report yesterday. He said I am exactly where I should be. I see him in three months for blood work and get another scan in six months. Whew! Awesome!! Can you refresh our memory about what you are going thru------only if you feel comfortable, of course! But great news !!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1406211262.963

Hi Sue---so sorry about your DX. I had breast cancer and was dx in 2012. Went thru the surgery, chemo and radiation. And I was stunned when I got the C word too. Natural response---it'll be a few weeks until you can really figure things out and get over the initial shock. Hope you have family and good friends nearby. Ask lots of questions about everything until you understand. Get as much info as you can. Don't keep your emotions bottled up--let it all out. Continue Reading


Re: Greek Yogurt make at home recipe

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406210885.61

OK---I made my first batch of yogurt yesterday and it is now yogurt cheese---I started the process way too late in the day and ended the process an hour before it was ready, drained it into the strainer and went to bed. It's only supposed to strain for a couple hours but I left it over night. I used 2% milk. But it is delicious!!! Not tangy or sour; will need to be jazzed up with herbs and such, but yummy. Continue Reading

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