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Re: k41860 Nicer Dicer

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422400572.66

I got mine on ebay for under $20 and no tax or shipping. Otherwise, it would have been over $50 on the Q. I really like it and use it alot. Came with more accessories than the Q one. Continue Reading


Re: Need help with shingles scaring and nerve pain

In Beauty Banter 1422400434.947

I have nerve pain in my fingers from chemo. What I have been taking is B-12 and something called benfotamine which are more B vitamins that help heal the damaged nerves. Try researching these to see if they might help. So far for me, I don't see much of a change and after 2 years my dr thinks I prob won't. The drugs that help with nerve pain, Lyrica, has its own set of side effects. Continue Reading


Re: Jan. 27 Today is Chocolate Cake Day Here is my favorite recipe.....

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422378024.773

My fave is my grandmas version of the famous wacky cake. I never ate hers but I ate my aunt's cake at her restaurant in Erie PA when I was 20. Make it from memory now. Continue Reading


Re: Are they taking posts down about Lisa?

In Q Did What? 1422202213.96

Oh please let it be true!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Need Advice on Wrinkles!

In Beauty Banter 1422201405.193

On 1/23/2015 luvpoos said: Congrats on the weight loss, that's a huge accomplishment. I wish I had some suggestions, but have stopped wasting my money on products with great promises and they do nothing. I have found that a moisturizer will soften the line regardless of what you pay for it. We just have to accept the skin we were dealt with. AMEN!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: OT- Vitamix vs Food Processor

In Beauty Banter 1422201046.85

If I could buy only 1 item, it would be the food processor. I'm a Cuisinart girl so that's what I would buy--but this TSV looks to be a great deal. I agree with the first poster as well. I do have a Vitamix but a 30 year old one that still runs decently that I use every day. Not so much a daily thing with the food processor but when I need it, I'm glad I have it. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ditch their moisturizer for argan oil?

In Beauty Banter 1422116631.37

And one more thing that I've found works wonders---at night I put on a primer AFTER all my skincare to seal it all in; that way it doesn't come off on my pillow at night. You need to start a little sooner to allow everything to melt into your skin and for the primer to dry before bed. That's how I've been using up my many dips and daps of primer so as not to waste it. Heard that from Laura Gellar on the Q and read the same from her in a mag. I do like her spackle the best so far. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ditch their moisturizer for argan oil?

In Beauty Banter 1422116379.487

On 1/23/2015 myshell624 said: I'm not using Josie's Argan oil at night but I am using Cranberry Seed oil as my PM moisturizer and I love it. I use Marula oil in the AM. I definitely think you can use oil for your moisturizer. I use the cranberry and the marula oil together as kind of a cocktail with a drop or 2 of argan oil especially when I'm home all day. In fact my friend used cranberry seed oil on her radiation skin when she was going thru cancer treatment with great results. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ditch their moisturizer for argan oil?

In Beauty Banter 1422047700.12

I add argan to all my moisturizers, day and night creams and eye creams too. Just seems to make it all work better. I am very dry so my skin slurps it in. Continue Reading


Re: Need Advice on Wrinkles!

In Beauty Banter 1422047327.757

No there is no magic bullet---a magic scalpel maybe. I have fine wrinkles under the puffy bags under my eyes that I use a good eye cream on but it doesn't take them away. Don't have much looseness on my neck so not too concerned. I'm 60 and have good skin genes but am Mojave desert dry. I use alot of Skinn skincare on shophq. I know that line has things for the neck. Congrats on all the weight you lost!!! What an accomplishment!!!! Continue Reading

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