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Re: Buying skin care from ebay??

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yes--email the seller with your questions. I do this all the time and I buy alot from ebay. the sellers appreciate it too. Continue Reading


Re: I accidentally left my Kerry Gold butter that I just bought from the store out for 24 hours. Is it ok?

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I grew up with the butter being left out on the counter---never got sick then. I'd be fine with using it. Continue Reading


Re: KA 6qt Pro Lift Style Mixer (white) - Want to sell- Suggestions

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I had several bundt pans that I wanted to sell and went to Craiglist. Sold them all and met the buyers at the parking lot at my local grocery store. No problem at all. Take someone with you and make sure they pay in cash. Be prepared to more dickering on the price too, and decide if you are firm with the asking price or not before hand. Then if its not enough, you walk away. You won't get what you paid for it tho, I think $250 is fair, maybe add a little more so you can be talked down. Good luck!!! Continue Reading


Re: Thanksgiving From The Grocery Store

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Just plain AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! Won't ever do it again. Things were too salty and processed tasting. Went to my local grocery store for it. My few experiences out at restaurants were great, but nothing beats homemade for the leftovers anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Mammogram - Update

In Health & Fitness 1414764832.143

kivah---such a great news!!!! Yesterday was my 2nd year anniversary of my last chemo treatment. Don't know how any of us manage thru but when I hear 9, 10, 15 years of being clear, I have even more hope for myself and others. Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 10/30/2014 CelticAngel said: My OVA1 test results came back abnormal. I will have surgery in the next couple of weeks. Gyn oncologist now says he will likely have to do open surgery because of the location of the fibroid on my bladder. I am absolutely petrified of the whole process, but there isn't much to be done other than go through it. Luckily dr is being very good and indulging me a bit. I will meet with the anesthesiologist well beforehand to go over my concerns. My main worries are my v low blood pressure, panic disorder and propensity to be sensitive/allergic to many things. Don't ... Continue Reading


Re: Natural Nails

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yes--biotin and the nailtiques 2. also rub the Tips protein stuff on my nails at night. Continue Reading


Re: Rennee Zellweger

In Beauty Banter 1414682698.873

Sorry--but if she were the only person in a room and someone were to introduce her as RZ, I would still be looking around!! I see none of her former self and I don't really care if she did have a face lift--she needs to own up to it and put a stop all this stupid so- called news about her. But....... we are not stupid and know she did something. Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 10/30/2014 Cocoablue said: He's gone. Thank you for all your prayers. Diana Diana---I am so sorry for you!! You have been a rock thru all this and now you need a rock yourself. I'm sitting here crying for you and your loss and now how difficult things will be for awhile. You will get thru this, I know, but it may not seem like it now. Dennis went thru such agony with all this; I'm glad he isn't suffering anymore. And you have to know how much he loved you and how grateful he was for all your help. Please let your friends and family help when they offer. Remember the good times!! PAM Continue Reading

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