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Re: Spoiler alert! Walking Dead, so we are supposed

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I agree with straykatz--These folks need a break---I enjoy the indepth interviews at each of them cuzz you can see the change in them from the beginning to now. Carol cracked me up---when she said how she misses her man everyday!! I laughed out loud at that. And Rick is still a little physco; glad to see he is NOT letting down his defenses. Daryl is Daryl--with an opposum on the end of an arrow---don't have a clue what to think of Deanna---am more than suspicious of her motives. Continue Reading


Re: Enameled Cast Iron Set on Evine Live -Today's TTV

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On 3/3/2015 chickenbutt said: On 3/1/2015 lacey1 said: I saw little chips starting on the Martha Stewart line of enameled cast iron at Macy's. And they were on display! Rather than buying inferior enameled, I would get good cast iron products. Unfortunately for those trying to save on the price, that is one of the biggest problems with Chinese-made enameled cast iron. There has been a lot of documentation on them being way more easily chipped and, in some cases, recalls because of the enamel cracking in half and, in some cases, explosively removing itself from the cast iron. I hope the prod... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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Lannie--still working on my email to you--- Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 3/3/2015 Lotus~ said: Jackie...feel better. "Can't fix stupid".....ain't that the truth? ukseahawk...nice to meet you and Congrats on your 18 months in remission. Thanks for the Youtube heads up. wagirl and I have to be careful of lifting for the rest of my life? Yes --another little kick in the hinney from the cancer zombies for us--it's an always thing to remember. And also no shots or blood pressure or lifting weights; I can lift 5-8 pounds on that side. I was trying to do some strengthening exercises using hand weights.And some people are more susceptible than others ... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 3/3/2015 ukseahawk said: HI everyone. I don't have lymphedema but I do attend a Lebed method class that is for the lymph node system. Google Lebed method for classes by you. I'm in the Seattle area and Cancer lifeline around here puts on a lot of free classes. I hope every one is doing good. I just had my 18 month checkup, still in remission. Happy Triple Negative Breast Cancer day. UK Claudia-----good to hear from you and congrats on 18 months!! The lympho p/t I went to, also taught the Lebed method and its always at the hospital I go to. But I never joined in. How's your mom? And awe... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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On 3/3/2015 JackieHN said: I think it's a good idea to go to a lymphedema specialist to pick her brain. She can give you some helpful hints. Just be mindful of how heavy things are and try not to lift them. Like 24 bottles of poland spring water that weighs roughly 20 lbs. I never learn. UK I have to look up the Lebed method. Never hears of it before. Still sick. We're going around in circles here. I'm on antibiotics, he refuses to take them. This is ongoing. You can't fix stupid. Jxx oh Jackie----I laughed out loud at your comment and my husband came running to see what was going on---ma... Continue Reading


Re: Need suggestions for cooktop

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Now I love my glass top . It's my second one and it looks as good as it did brand new. Easy to clean, heats up fast., sleek look. Just need new cookware now. Continue Reading


Re: Would you wear this?

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I wouldn't wear the thing under the jacket or would wear one that style that was shorter but I'd wear it together with tweaks Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

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Lotus, you'll have to really watch what you do and what you lift using your arm on the surgery side. Glad you are going to a specialist for the lymphodema. Mostly what they do is very gentle massage. I've been a few times for my left arm as I way over did. Don't carry heavy grocery bags with that arm and your purse should go on the other shoulder too. You'll prob get fitted for a sleeve and maybe a glove and when you fly anywhere, you'll need to wear them. My ins picked up the cost of the compression stuff. Check out some you- tube vids on what a lympho p/t does. It is a good thing to know. ... Continue Reading


Re: Enameled Cast Iron Set on Evine Live -Today's TTV

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these pots/pans are so heavy----I bought a tiny 2.5 q one to try and that little thing weighs a ton. Also---one thing that no one that sells them ever tells you---they chip really easily, no matter how careful you treat them. and the enameled interior stains like crazy after awhile. and buying the La Creuest as opposed to a no name brand makes no difference in how they cook or wear. Just more cash out of your wallet. Continue Reading

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