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Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1411259442.693

katie---good you are doing well and taking it easy. Glad that nasty thing is gone and hope all will be fine. waiting is so maddening !! you take it easy and report back when you have news. PAM Continue Reading


Re: Is SKINN all it's cracked up to be?

In Beauty Banter 1411224157.05

Deb--I'm a recent convert, maybe a year now and if you want to try his line, start with the cleansers and moisturizers. I happen to love the skin care but not so much the make up, except for the mascara and maybe that is because its the first mascara that has the tiny little short bristles on the wand that help my chemo lashes look longer. I'm sure there are mascaras out there with that type of brush. Figure out what type of skin you have and pick accordingly. My skin is dry and sensitive so I love the 24 hour moisturizer and I use the softening essences that rock my world. I've used serious... Continue Reading


Re: Fleece coat/jacket advice? I need a knock-about one!

In Fashion Talk 1411146315.343

On 9/19/2014 LipstickDiva said: Own this and love it. It's D&C A209332. I have this one in brown and got it several years ago--had to repair the lining as it ripped and the one I got for my daughter ripped out and shredded so badly that I just gave it away. Also if you have pets, fleece is awful for attracting the pet hair. I am in the process of getting rid of everything fleece. I have one cat and you would think I have 20 the way this coat is covered in fur. Yuck!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Algenist TSV anyone?

In Beauty Banter 1411135620.907

No I pass-I finally am happy with the Skinn brand and my clairsonic, which I totally believe is the reason this brand works so well. Continue Reading


Re: Help me wear my wide waist ponte knit skirt (A231138) - walnut

In Linea 1411053632.897

Sounds like you've decided what you don't like about it already--I'd send it back. If you don't love it why keep it? Or have it hemmed and wear dark colored hose or tights with you flats. Boots would be great too. Add a blouse or turtleneck and vest or jacket or sweater or even a pretty tank with something long sleeved. It's been 100 years since I even had a skirt on myself but it is very attractive. Continue Reading


Re: ANOTHER Clarks TSV....

In Fashion Talk 1411053164.71

I just bought a pair of Clarks from Zulily that were $39.99 and $50 with shipping and taxes. Lots of cute styles but not many boots. Sale is on for another 2 days but remember, you can't return them and colors, styles and sizes sell out fast. Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1411049277.313

Is it me or is this website doing whacky stuff again? I tried to post and then it was gone and then back again and-----FIX IT QVC IT!!!!! anyway-squamous cell cancer was what my friends hubby had in his throat. Went thru chemo and rads and now because the bone is dying from the rads he must go in for hyperbaric treatments to see if that bone can be regenerated or they will have to cut it out and replace it. He has gone thru such horrible pain since all this stated the beginning of this year. And I complain about my aches and pains---nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to his issues. ... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1411049090.473

On 9/17/2014 Cocoablue said: . I wanted to see how long it would take the procrit to work and I went to their website. It was right there. I wasn't looking for stuff all over the internet. Procrit can be harmful and you have to sign a release. But I know the dr would never give him something that was harmful. I am calm in front of Dennis. In fact I am cheery and believe we will get through this successfully. When I do have my moments of panic I show it here, never to Dennis. Thanks:) Cocoa--I re-read the above post and it sounds like I am scolding you---I am so sorry!!! I know you are doing ... Continue Reading


Re: Cancer survivors

In Health & Fitness 1410969709.677

Cocoa--I agree with Jackie--stop reading so much. It is driving you crazy. It's good to be informed but not so much that everything is a threat to your thought process. You need some peace of mind. That is what Dennis needs most of all--you with a calm presence. Continue Reading


Re: Ceramic top stove Cookware

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1410969416.793

I have a glass top stove top that I love and use whatever cookware I have on it with no problem. Just have to remember not to drop anything on it. I use cast iron , stainless steel, even corning ware and hard anodized very successfully. Continue Reading

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