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Re: Joan' s bee pins are going for up to 200!

In Fashion Talk 1411071709.78

Depends on the bee. Mine aren't. Have you noticed watches and keepsake boxes aren't moving? Continue Reading


old mortgage paperwork

Last Reply by Luv2Decorate 1411128460.18 | Started by traveler in Viewpoints

I have paperwork on a house we owned refinanced and sold from 1993-2000. And another from 2000-2013. How long do I keep all this paperwork? I'm trying to downsize. Continue Reading


Re: Can It Really Be 1 in 5?

In Viewpoints 1410995013.81

Wasn't Olympic diver Greg Louganis beaten by his partner and they were gay. Domestic violence is domestic violence. It says spouse or partner. Continue Reading


Re: All of this Cloche Talk

In For the Home Talk 1410883900.103

I found some mirrors at Micheals that will fit under my cloches. Continue Reading


Re: YC Scenterpiece Easy meltcup?

In For the Home Talk 1410882235.307

thanks for the suggestions. I went to youtube and saw the reviews. Didn't realize there were 3 different sizes. No YC stores in Alaska so will try Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Continue Reading


Re: Since Fall is around the corner-

In Viewpoints 1410881180.54

We have aspen and birch trees and their leaves are already turning yellow and dropping. Continue Reading


YC Scenterpiece Easy meltcup?

Last Reply by KJPA 1411101399.17 | Started by traveler in For the Home Talk

I've been looking at this online and am intrigued except that each meltcup is $5. Seems pricey. I don't like to burn candles and am currently using wax tarts/melts for the fragrance. But it gets bumped, hot wax spills so I keep moving it. Anyone use a Yankee candle scenterpiece? Continue Reading


Re: The Price of Joan Rivers Bees on eBay!!!

In Viewpoints 1410816105.537

I have some Joan Rivers jewelry for sale on ebay. I'm not forcing anyone to bid. Rather, I'm surprised a keepsake box and pin have no bids. Continue Reading


Re: Sneak Peek - New Knit Jacket & Tank!

In Linea 1410802727.31

Like the blue tank. Waiting for Sept. 29? Continue Reading


Re: looking for this cardigan

In Linea 1410802633.91

Tried that. Didn't recognize it in the choices. Geez. But thanks for the number. Continue Reading

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