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Re: Another downside of snowbirding...

In For the Home Talk 1414074026.26

Sorry but whenever I see this op's name I remember the golf cart story. LOL Continue Reading


Re: I am going to create my own version of this cloche

In For the Home Talk 1414072695.69

I think I'll go to Hobby shop (not HL) and look at the model train dept. for small houses. Continue Reading


Re: Ideas to help non-cook provide for a vegetarian weekend guest?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414024140.59

Not everyone can eat soy. It mimics estrogen so it's a no for some breast cancer survivors. Continue Reading


Re: Lawnmower Parents: Do You Know Any?

In Viewpoints 1413993486.597

My local school district is changing the requirements to be a substitute teacher since there is a shortage. No way would I return to classroom today. Continue Reading


Re: I am going to create my own version of this cloche

In For the Home Talk 1413987013.437

Where do you find such small houses? Found a village display at Michaels but they were brightly colored plastic. Continue Reading


Re: alaska...when is the best time of year to go? And what city-town

In Viewpoints 1413909853.7

Are you driving or cruising? What are your desired activities? Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the remark about Lisa from Dennis Basso last night??

In Fashion Talk 1413903996.883

She used to joke about being married to Barry Ort, KJL vendor. Continue Reading


Re: Junk Pushers this Time of Year

In Viewpoints 1413901162.003

I call it landfill products especially the cheap brittle plastic toys. Continue Reading


Re: Opinion on this desk...

In For the Home Talk 1413900331.32

You do know the desk top will never be that clear again. Continue Reading


Re: If your husband or S.O said this to you would it upset you?

In Viewpoints 1413898323.647

Since I've been through cancer twice I think my husband is just glad for me to be here. Continue Reading

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