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Re: Quacker Skort

In Quacker Factory 1398294414.62

I don't wear skirts or dresses because they aren't comfortable to me. But shorts aren't always appropriate so I like the skort with the skirt look. Ordered the indigo one. Continue Reading


Re: Quacker TSV

In Quacker Factory 1398279797.47

Hey, I'm in Alaska and there isn't a flamingo for miles but I like them. So I bought that set just for fun. Going by some of the comments here I should only be wearing motifs with bears, moose, wolves, caribous or puffins. Continue Reading


Re: Quacker Factory TSV

In TSV Talk 1398279556.197

26,000 sold as of 3pm edt. Someone must like them. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers proves once again she will say anything

In Viewpoints 1398259670.017

I just took it as a joke that went over like a lead balloon. Let it run off my shoulders. Nothing to fixate on. Continue Reading


Re: The NY World's Fair - 50 Years Ago Today!

In Viewpoints 1398209693.563

I thought I read recently NY was debating tearing it down or putting work into it. Continue Reading


Re: Ways to wear Long Pearls

In Linea 1398138437.397

Joan Rivers had a 75" simulated pearl necklace on her show today. Continue Reading


Re: Quacker TSV

In Quacker Factory 1398100172.237

ROFL toddler embroidery?! So tell us what you think. I bought the flamingo even though I'm not a fan of those color choices. Trying something new. Continue Reading


Re: The 10 Commandments Is On!

In Fashion Talk 1398099868.897

Did you know this story will be a new movie called The Exodus this summer? Starring Christian Bale as Moses. Continue Reading

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