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Re: Yankee Candle

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Is the Scenterpiece the same as the Easy Meltcup System on their site? Continue Reading


Re: Can somebody give me some insight, please? Re:Marie Antoinette

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Not an answer to your question but did you know Marie Antoinette's daughter survived, married? Marie Thérèse of France Continue Reading


Re: Christmas in a lantern

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Thank you. It wasn't the lantern I was looking for but it is the thread. I thought there was one that had clear ornaments with peppermints in it. I saw clear ornaments at Michaels. I like the micro lights, though. Continue Reading


Christmas in a lantern

Last Reply by traveler 1408713449.193 | Started by traveler in For the Home Talk

Someone had photos of Christmas décor, I think in lantern. now I can't remember title of thread. Help Continue Reading


Re: Doc who had EBOLA to be released today

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Here it is. There was a lot of controversy at the time. couldn't post link. it was Feb. 2009 Continue Reading


Re: Doc who had EBOLA to be released today

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I remember a few years when SP was governor. A native village was suffering and needed fuel and food. They appealed to the state. The governor brought Franklin there to preach. I think they received help from other people's donations. Continue Reading


Re: Yankee Candle

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No Yankee Candle stores here or BBW in Alaska. I know YCs are at Target, Fred Meyers, Bed,Bath and Beyond. Maybe Walmart but the selection is hit or miss. I like the Brillant Leaves glass but haven't seen it in stores. Same for the new Easy Meltcup System on their site. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone buying spring bulbs yet?

In In the Garden 1408629207.383

Wish I could find some. Seems like I'm always just missing them. Continue Reading


Re: Military families, and those who know them, please comment

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yes, we received housing and food allowances but they ere not enough to offset rent, utilities, etc for a family of 4. BTW, amusing anecdote. When stationed in Bitburg, W. Germany 1984-87we had a ration card in the commissary for meat, cheese, coffee. It was strongly encouraged to leave them as donations for E-4 and below. There was a cooler in front of commissary. Continue Reading

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