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4/25 Carole Hochman

Started by traveler in TSV Talk 1397755331.413

Is it a set? Continue Reading


Re: Shell Jewelry

In Jewelry Talk 1397686109.53

I have several Lee Sands items. I think he's retired from being on air but QVC has a lot of inventory. Continue Reading


Re: As a child, what did you think that turned out to be...

In Viewpoints 1397681570.797

That you worked hard in school because the best and brightest got the job/ career. Continue Reading


Joan Rivers jewelry today

Last Reply by Issiestorm 1397687876.907 | Started by traveler in Jewelry Talk

Just FYI. Many pieces are clearance or free S&H. Continue Reading


Re: For Whisper Knit Lovers

In Linea 1397660407.367

Wait, what? The WK bolero may not be ordered? If so I'll need to order one. Continue Reading


Re: Are any Linea ladies ordering Honora?

In Linea 1397659070.343

If I am going to wear dyed pearls I prefer simulated. I have many "pearl' necklaces from KJL and Joan Rivers. Continue Reading


Re: so what is the tsv?

In Quacker Factory 1397658364.44

Hope it's not 100% cotton Continue Reading


Re: And they wonder why the malls are dying

In Beauty Banter 1397657211.027

Don't need to be in a mall for poor service. Continue Reading

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