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Re: What is your best piece of relationship advice?

In Viewpoints 1406002189.89

you gotta know when to hold 'em know when to fold 'em know when to walk away know when to run Continue Reading


Re: TSV ornaments

In TSV Talk 1405910306.27

We no longer give gifts and DH's job no longer participates in anything. Continue Reading


Re: sourdough starter question

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405870378.903

I just fed it by adding flour and water. Now it's on counter warming up. Am I looking for bubbles again? So it can set on counter with no fridge? Continue Reading


sourdough starter question

Last Reply by cajun3mama 1405893046.333 | Started by traveler in Kitchen & Food Talk

I made sourdough starter and left it on counter covered with cheesecloth. It was bubbly and after 2 days I put it in fridge. Now the bubbles are gone. Did I just kill it? Continue Reading


Re: Do you prepare dishes that you won't eat?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405812641.433

can't stand chicken but I fix it for family. Actually I try to eat very little meat. Continue Reading


Re: Correcting Fellow Poster's Mistakes

In Viewpoints 1405718897.723

Is all this defensiveness a sign of insecurity? Continue Reading

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