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Re: Rosary necklace "controversy"

In Jewelry Talk 1432263251.517

I did a search on qvc and came up with 4 rosary necklaces. But none had the crucifix, just a cross. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1432262140.643

I recently bought the Quacker Factory tsv skorts. They look like denim which is just my speed. Continue Reading


Re: I may have found the perfect travel purse.

In Fashion Talk 1432252225.537

try Travelon for those safety features. Continue Reading


Re: he is amazing!!!!

In Viewpoints 1432168730.677

Ever watch the Eurovision competition? Continue Reading


Re: My peacock tunic is here!

In Linea 1432079519.627

It's other posters on the boards who insist Linea doesn't sell like other vendors. When I wrote that I was being sarcastic. Continue Reading


Re: My peacock tunic is here!

In Linea 1432060542.527

As I was deciding on color this tunic sold out in my size. Seems like that happens a lot in Linea. But wait, I've been told on other threads that Linea doesn't sell. Continue Reading


Re: Does the clothing in your closet "spark joy"?

In Fashion Talk 1431987580.49

I am thinning out my closet and home décor items. Comfortable, retired living, easy for medical visits. Less housework. Continue Reading


Re: OT: What's Your Favorite Happy Song?

In Fashion Talk 1431978364.67

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life Never make a pretty woman your wife So for my personal point of view Get an ugly girl to marry you singer was Jimmy Soul Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1431959482.297

I wonder if the lack of Linea shows is political, much like the devil wears prada. Continue Reading

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