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Re: Natural gas . . .

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From reading the title I thought this was about some of the responses on threads here. Continue Reading


Anyone read Mama June's big announcement?

Last Reply by pood 1430159424.01 | Started by traveler in Viewpoints

I'm surprised there isn't a thread here. Continue Reading


Re: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

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Another case of do what I say, not what I do. Continue Reading


Re: Geesh! Those Bob Mackie Animal Vests!

In Fashion Talk 1429832572.997

I am liking the A265047 2 piece cardigan and tank. Very resort looking. Continue Reading


Re: Divorce/Military

In Health & Fitness 1429623288.197

Are you talking military pension or disability? Continue Reading


Re: Poor Pat

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That LOGO top isn't doing her any favors across the bum. Continue Reading


Re: Real Estate Agents: Did Yours Give You a Small Gift Upon Selling Your House or When You Bought Thru Her?

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When we sold our Michigan house we were already out of state so just received a thank you card. Bought our place here in a few weeks and received gift cards for resturants-maybe5 of them. Continue Reading


Re: Obnoxious gift instructions from parents for their 1yr old's birthday.

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These controlling parents will be beyond helicopter parents. Continue Reading


Re: The teacher who got knocked out cold by an angry parent

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When I was a student if a teacher called my parents they would ask, "what did she do?" When I was a teacher and called home parents asked, "what did you do?" Continue Reading

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