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Re: Bobbi Brown collection

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Thanks. I think this collection looks great. Might treat myself to something from this one over the holidays. Continue Reading


Re: Wow. I think I'm in trouble. I love the Bamboo Green Tea.

In WEN 1416764643.137

I don't use the CC, but I really do LOVE the Mist in this scent. I have about 4 of these in different areas of my house. It's kinda a problem. Continue Reading


Re: Feminine Washes

In Health & Fitness 1416764498.147

While I am always intrigued by these products and their hopes of just "freshening" that area, I remind myself of what I've read forever AND what my GYN has always said: Nothing scented, etc., in that area. Some women can get away with it, but I think some of us with more sensitive areas, or those that have allergies in general, cannot. I remember years ago a friend saying that she loved the Summer's Eve washes. I bought one and felt irritated within a few days. I use Ivory soap, typically. And although I love and use gels and scrubs for the rest of my body in the shower, I only use this, or... Continue Reading


Re: LOVE my new Foundation

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On 11/23/2014 doglover3 said: Ladies, those that try this you have till January 31 st to return it if you don't like it or the color is dark for you which I am hoping it won't be, isn't for me. You can also use their return address label and get the return shipping credited to your account as spendable cash as long as you use your HSN card so, nothing to lose. I just hope you like it as much as I do and all the other rave reviews on HSN website for that product and is why I ordered, on a whim after reading reviews. those that order, just go easy when applying, doesn't take much and is so easy... Continue Reading


Re: LOVE my new Foundation

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On 11/22/2014 dionline said: glmama, I, too, am very fair and while I loved the consistency and coverage of the foundation, my face was definitely a shade darker than my neck and chest. Not a good look. I ended up sending it to my Mother (who is several shades darker than me) and she's loving it. So while it may be quite forgiving, it is just not for us pale faces.... Thanks, Dion. :)I actually purchased it last night--and I have been very happy with the speed and ease of HSN's returns. So if it doesn't work I will return it.:) They were running a 20% off deal up until midnight yesterday so... Continue Reading


Re: LOVE my new Foundation

In Beauty Banter 1416713760.723

Hi Doglover-Glad you found something you like.:) I've been curious about this product when I've seen it presented. I love the idea of a product that seems yo disappear into the skin--however, I am fair. Not Nicole Kidman fair, but fair. And I'm wondering if you think this would work for me??? TIA:) Continue Reading


Re: Is there anyone here that has no drapes or curtains in their home?

In For the Home Talk 1416682735.08

Me.:) I'm not a fan of drapes. We have blinds. I love bamboo blinds, and ither, interesting wood blinds. Continue Reading


Re: Recommendation for a Rose lipstick

In Beauty Banter 1416682607.237

MAC Twig, like a berry rose. Continue Reading

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