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Re: Any trick for removing burned-on gunk from a SS pan?

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Fairiemoon--Just did it and it worked BEAUTIFULLY and quickly! I've been cooking forever, it seems, and I've never known to do this to pans that have stuff stuck to them! Of course, it makes perfect sense now. If you deglaze a pan to get all the goodness at the bottom into a sauce or something else, why wouldn't it work to clean a pan? This may be common knowledge, and I may just look terribly silly, but I am really thrilled that I know this now! Thanks again. It's the little things that make me very happy! Continue Reading


Re: Any trick for removing burned-on gunk from a SS pan?

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Thank you, adoreQVC. :) I will definitely check it out. :) Continue Reading


Re: How many layers can I put on my body ?

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Although I love the *idea* of layering, it never quite works how I imagine it AND I get too dang hot! Not pleasant for me. :) Continue Reading


Re: Any trick for removing burned-on gunk from a SS pan?

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On 3/3/2015 faeriemoon said: Put it back on the stove and deglaze it with some white vinegar. fairie-I will do this immediately! Thank you. :) And if it doesn't work, I'll take your recommendation, jpie, and use the toothbrush and cleaner method! Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: ceramic tile flooring

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We have tile in our kitchen and I don't love it. It was here when we moved in and we've never replaced it. They are large squares and a lovely color, but really never look clean even when I KNOW they are clean. The grout always looks dingy, IMO. Perhaps there are newer types out now that do not do this, though. I think it generally looks pretty, but I don't think it's conducive to a house of children and pets. It also gets very slippery when wet. Even unloading the d/w can be a little scary if a few drops of water get on tile. Of course, this is just my experience. And I've seen it and liked ... Continue Reading


Re: What are your top purchases from QVC of 2014?

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I love my polar fleece sheets. And I really love these storage/laundry bags with big wide handles. We have two and they are tough and durable and easy to lug around. I will find item# and post back. Continue Reading


Re: Do you use an Eyelash curler? If so, any good recommendations?

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I've been a lifelong MU and Beauty junkie and I've NEVER used any eyelash curler! I really can't believe it myself. Maybe one of these years I'll buy one and give it whirl! Thanks for the recommendations. :) Continue Reading


Any trick for removing burned-on gunk from a SS pan?

Last Reply by Poodlepet2 1425556213.433 | Started by glmama in Kitchen & Food Talk

Hi Ladies, I used a pan tonight that I rarely use. It's a plain, stainless pan (I think it's an oldie from the Wolfgang Puck line that I found at TJ Maxx). I made shrimp for quesedillas and they got a little stuck. Shrimp turned out great, but the pan has about a 1/4 of the bottom that is scorched. And I really don't understand how that happened b/c everything cooked beautifully. Anyhoo, besides letting it sit and soak for a while, are their any tricks for removing this? I've already scrubbed with Scrub Daddy sponge--which worked well. But it's not taking off everything. TIA Continue Reading


Re: What's your current favorite K-Cup?

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Hi Ladies- Still loving reading that you're drinking. :) Always gives me new ideas. Although I'm quite happy with my SB Blonde Christmas, I know there will be a scary, scary time soon that I will not be able to find it. Continue Reading

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