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Re: What things have you repurposed to use around your home?

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I can't think of many off the top of my head at the moment, but I do use empty wipes containers (the cylindrical ones) for empty plastic grocery bags. I can then pull them out as needed. Really just wanted to thank you all for this thread. I LOVE stuff like this. Even though I can't seem to come up with many of my OWN ideas (), I do use many that I come across. Continue Reading


Re: Where/What is 'home' to you?

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I have to say that I am in the first part of your group--I feel "at home" where ever my children and husband are. I feel very fortunate to feel this way. Continue Reading


Re: Yesterday I sat on a snake...what fun did you have?

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Snicks, I have to say I love the title of your thread. Made me smile! Glad to read and find out that you just a little scared and not passed out in your garden! Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite (healthy, non/low toxic) moisturizing sunscreen for the face to wear under makeup?

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My fave USED to be the Josie Maran SPF 40. Tried to love the newer, SPF 47 version, but I didn't. It was just different and not to my liking. I've been meaning to write a review of the new TarteGuard SPF. I really like it! Lightweight, sinks right in, and thus far, no negative reactions whatsoever on my finicky skin. Another one I like is SkinCeuticals Sheer Fusion SPF 50 (or the tinted version). Continue Reading


Re: vitamix dry blade container and cookbook. k43107 $50

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On 5/27/2015 baileysue said: The dry container is for DRY grinding---like flour, almond flour, grains, etc. It isn't for nut butters. You do that in the regular container. Thanks, baileysue. This, of course, makes sense now! I've made almond butter in my machine on a few occasions and I always thought that there must be a better container or way to make it. Mine was hard to get out of the blades, etc. So my first thought was dry container. Now, I know better! Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Your Dog Riding in the Car

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Front passenger, usually. But he is rarely in the car, except for vet and grooming trips. If he was in it more regularly I would put him in his crate. Continue Reading


Re: vitamix dry blade container and cookbook. k43107 $50

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That sounds like a good deal. I've been curious about the dry container. What do you ladies use yours for? I would imagine that I'd make nut butters. What else? TIA:) Continue Reading


Re: Trader Joe's Potstickers

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I bought them at my last visit to TJ, shrimp and veggie versions. They are in my freezer, ready to go, but I've yet to try them. Can't wait! Continue Reading


Re: Those massage chairs they have at nail salons

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The place where I get my pedis has wonderful, huge massage chairs that I adore. Continue Reading


Re: What's your current favorite K-Cup?

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Love that this thread is still alive and kicking. :) Continue Reading

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