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Re: First Aid Beauty OTO.

In Beauty Banter 1419052172.353

Hi beach-mom-I've really fallen for it.:) And I've pretty much tried everything! Continue Reading


Re: First Aid Beauty OTO.

In Beauty Banter 1419051610.657

Hi naomi-I, too, bought a tiny set at Sephora recently and fell in love. I'm a bit of a lotion junkie,so I honestly did not expect to like it so much b/c I've tried so much. But I love it!:) Continue Reading


Re: First Aid Beauty OTO.

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Btw, tub I recieved is the 12oz and tube is 2 oz. I'm a AlMost considering getting this OTO and sending the other one back. Yea, I realize that there are much bigger issues in the world, but I just needed to whine.:/ Continue Reading


First Aid Beauty OTO.

Last Reply by susan25 1419078811.8 | Started by glmama in Beauty Banter

Hi Everyone, I'm so bummed. Never been known for my timing. JUST this week I purchased and received a 2-piece FAB set which included a tub and a travel size tube for $39+ S&H. Tonight's OTO is a MUCH better value.:( Anyone getting this one? :) Continue Reading


Re: What's your current favorite K-Cup?

In Coffee Talk 1419023664.403

Still love hearing all your faves! Continue Reading


Re: Sephora's 26 Days Of Meh

In Beauty Banter 1419001323.027

Hi Grammar & Ladies- Just had to say: a) Sephora has not tempted me in a looong time, esp now at holiday time. Thought maybe I had a fever, but I dont, so I'm comforted to know that y'all feel the same. And b) Grammar, "meh" is one of my favorite words.:) Continue Reading


Re: Depression

In Health & Fitness 1418956381.983

Oh, and one other shout-out about the other Depression thread. Started by MistriSquirrel and loads of replies and good discussion. I think I've only posted 1-2 times, but I do read it on occasion and the thread is still going strong. Continue Reading


Re: If you've had a Professional Spa Facial, was your experience like mine? A facial in the dark??

In Beauty Banter 1418956313.243

On 12/18/2014 bosmamaa said: Hi there! My facial that I got a few weeks ago sounds about like yours and I won't go back. She did not even know what rosacea is. I could not believe it!! I had to explain it. When I called for the appointment they said that she's very good and will apply cooling products,all natural. It didn't irritate my skin but it certainly didn't do much or even feel that good. And yes it was pretty dark in the room. Next time I will go back to dermatologist as it was about the same price and a much better facial!! Live and learn as the saying goes!! I have never had a facia... Continue Reading


Re: Sonia Kashuk- difficulty finding items?

In Beauty Banter 1418956163.787

Hi fidget-although I haven't looked for these items specifically, I do know that in my local Target the SK line is often down to the bare bones in certain products. For instance, if there's a mag that praises one of her products, it will be out. So I would imagine it happens with the tools, too. Continue Reading

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