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Re: Kindle Users: Did you at one point think you could never read on an E-reader? And preferred a 'real' book?

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On 8/26/2014 shamalamadingdong4 said: I bought my Kindle about a year ago and ordered the very cheapest one because I wasn't sure if I would like it. Now it's about all I use. Like other posters said, I can carry around a whole library in a small device. It's light, portable and easy to use. I've been thinking about getting a Paperwhite. I know it's backlit, but are there other advantages to it? Thank you, shama (btw, love your username:) I hope someone else will chime in about the Paperwhite. Continue Reading


Re: August 2014...Please share what scent you are enjoying this month

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BBW tonight-Salt Water Taffy. Sweet and nice on a late summer, humid night.:) Continue Reading


Re: Two new books to read

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While I'm not a huge YA reader, I did read and enjoy The Fault in Our Stars. I think this was one of those YA books that crossed its genre line well. I only know If I Stay b/c I've seen the movie trailers lately and a friend read it prior to her 12-yo reading it--just to see if it was appropriate. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Who Uses Revlon Colorstay Automatic Eyeliner

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Hi leogrl--This is a bummer to hear b/c this is one of my favorites from the DS. My fave part of this liner is (was?) it's staying power. Thanks for the heads up. I think I have a few in my stash, so I will gather them up & use them! Continue Reading


Re: Juliana Marguiles, dare I say it?

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On 8/26/2014 SoftRaindrops said: On 8/26/2014 glmama said: On 8/26/2014 SoftRaindrops said: Obesity is a real problem in this country. It's so bad that a normal, healthy looking thin person now is labeled anorexic. Sad really. Julianna looks lovely. Hi Raindrops-While I agree that obesity is a REAL problem, I do not agree that healthy, thin-looking people are always labeled anorexic. I think much like everything else, there has been a bit of backlash to the obesity thing from those that are thin or of a healthy weight. There are many here in this community that have commented nastily about a ... Continue Reading


Re: Juliana Marguiles, dare I say it?

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I agree, wackers. Anorexia is a medical condition. It's so easy to throw around these words, for all of us. For those that have suffered with an eating disorder or those that have known someone who has had anorexia, I bet it's hard to hear this term bounced around. Continue Reading


Re: Trish McEvoy TS

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orange-Thanks for posting those pics. :) I think for those that have never used TM's MU, it's confusing when callers or others comment on the palette sleeves being customizable. I think that they're great--but it's not what the customer is getting in this TS. And it's not HSN's fault--it's just that the viewer might be comparing to other things that they've seen or heard about. Continue Reading


Re: Reviews on JM's Tinted SPF 47???

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On 8/26/2014 Katluvr58 said: I am fair with pink tones and I have to mix the regular SPF with the tinted to tone it down. When I put it on alone I looked reddish brown, not a good look for me. Mixing the two is perfect. Thanks, kat. This is helpful to know. And Wackers, thank you! Great info, too, for those making a decision. Continue Reading


Re: Kindle Users: Did you at one point think you could never read on an E-reader? And preferred a 'real' book?

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Chrystaltree-Thanks so much for your reply and opinion. Ok. This is the year, ladies! Perhaps for Christmas? Or I'll start talking to the DH early about it. While I love a magazine (my DH might say that I'm addicted to some), I do agree that online it is a tough one. I like the old-school magazine, with real pages. And content that you're ready for and want to read. I always say to my DH that the internet is like a "rabbit hole"--you can easily get s*cked down and be somewhere else other than where you intended. I'm not talking about racy content, I'm just talking about other content. Stuff ... Continue Reading


Re: New Atkins Made Easy

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Although I've never officially been on Atkins or anything like it, I currently aim to eat 25 grams of protein at each meal. This is a tough one, but BOY does it help with weight loss and feeling good. I don't eat high-fat or other stuff that's recommended on Atkins, but the focus on protein (for me fish, beans, eggs, meat alternatives, etc) has been great and has helped me to lose weight. I hope it works for all of you that are trying it. Continue Reading

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