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Re: What's your current favorite K-Cup?

In Coffee Talk 1414198020.987

I have not been in a Big Lots in years. What are the prices like for K-Cups? Continue Reading


Re: What's your current favorite K-Cup?

In Coffee Talk 1414197984.357

On 10/24/2014 HonnyBrown said: I went crazy in Big Lots today: Moon Pie (that's right!) K-Cups in Vanilla and Chocolate Green Mountain English Toffee K-Cups Entenmann's Vanilla K-Cups I will be bouncing off the walls tomorrow! Stop. :-0 Whoopie Pie???????? Continue Reading


Re: Your Favorite Drugstore Mascara?

In Beauty Banter 1414186317.83

Hi Christine-I will check out that site, thank you.:) Continue Reading


Re: An AWESOME new lighted mirror!!!

In Beauty Banter 1414186256.507

This looks great and I've been scoping out lighted mirrors lately. I need one-thanks! Continue Reading


Re: I LOVE my new haircut

In Beauty Banter 1414186167.51

It looks adorable-I love it on Finola-and I think it would be very flattering.:) Continue Reading



In WEN 1414185956.423

Although I don't use the WEN lotion (I'd love to try it, tho ), I do have and use the oils. And I've added them to my Kiehl's Creme de Corps (unscented). Gives it a great scent. Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran Apple Crisp Body Butter

In Beauty Banter 1414103293.893

Just realized it's the Be Comforted scent, correct? I always have to look at the description and remembering really wanting it a while back. Continue Reading


Re: Suggestions for Christmas Tree Decorations

In For the Home Talk 1414103206.797

While I've not done a total nature-themed tree, I have added birds and such to my tree and I think it always looks lovely. My MIL has done this with primarily white ornaments and touches and it looks very ethereal and pretty. Continue Reading


Re: Quick, Silly Question about Kohl's Returns.

In Fashion Talk 1414103115.673

ibb & egw-Thank you both for replies. :) Continue Reading

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