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Re: HUGE Early Rave for Benefit's Gimme Brow.

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Hi kjeana-wow! That's the true test, too!:) Continue Reading


Re: HUGE Early Rave for Benefit's Gimme Brow.

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Hi ladies- After playing around with this product a bit, I have a few tips. One, scrape off as much excess on brush as possible before applying. And two, use a light hand, sorta fluttering the brush against the brow. I applied too much this morning and I looked a bit like Morticia Addams.:-0 I had to remove. :) That is all.:) Continue Reading


Re: HUGE Early Rave for Benefit's Gimme Brow.

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Tinklr-Yes, sorry, Holy Grail. Continue Reading


Re: HUGE Early Rave for Benefit's Gimme Brow.

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On 4/23/2014 birkin baby said: On 4/23/2014 glmama said: Birkin-Keep in mind I only received mine yesterday-But mine seemed to be full of product. I didn't have this problem. ??? Thank you for the feedback.I will stop in at ulta soon.It definitely was not full and the brush was barely covered. It should be was just opened.But my brows do look Va-va-voom! Continue Reading


Re: anyone have skinnytees?

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They did not work for me. I think if you are skinny to average sized they might work well. I can absolutely see the appeal of them. But I am, ahem, a bit larger currently, so these did not work for my bod. Continue Reading


Re: New Chanel Summer 2014 Collection

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Please.Stop.Tempting.Me!!! Just gorgeous! Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone just hear MBR say...?

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D Oro and ladies--Like I said, I wasn't really posting this to nit pick about MBR or do the "host bash" thing, or analyze exactly what MBR said. It actually just struck me in that moment that this could be an issue for lots of consumers. I mean, they always say that the Q is in, what?, 80+ million homes. So maybe it speaks to a larger issue. If I can't make a point here, on the Beauty Boards, about something beauty related, where can I? Continue Reading


Re: I wish I had more of this in my life..

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I'm not a fan of the drop-in. However, I do regularly get together with girlfriends, it's just at appointed times. Growing up I had a neighbor who dropped in a few mornings/week for coffee and my mother and grandmother would do the same at her place. It's a nice memory. I think we all worry a bit more and a bit much, IMO, about how our houses look. I am one of these people. My house growing up was nothing special, not terribly clean and tidy, either, and yet my working mom and grandmother would happily have this neighbor over all the time. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone used both the JM Cleansing Balm and the Tatcha Camelia Cleanser?

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Thanks so much to all for your replies.:) Lyn & Ladies--I do know that they're completely different animals, but maybe within the same species? Like that "other" category that includes stuff other than a regular, classic cleanser. Does this make sense? Continue Reading


Re: Have you found & tried a new product? Post your reviews here!

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On 4/22/2014 Carmie said: I recently purchased chocolate mint toothpaste made by Crest at my local grocery store. Omg, I can't stop brushing my teeth. The taste is super wonderful and helps me not to indulge in eating candy every day. Even my husband said it tastes good enough to eat right from the tube, though he hasn't. This is my new food group. I didn't even KNOW there was such a thing! I will have to go investigate. Continue Reading

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