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Re: ** Wish Me Luck And Send A Cyber Hug, Please **

In Health & Fitness 1397608561.11

Hi two peas-I care. And I'm happy to hear that the additional screening proved to be ok. Continue Reading


Re: OT walmart usa

In Beauty Banter 1397596125.837

I detest Walmart, and yet I fear saying that here will get me some backlash. It is the only big shopping destination for many in this country and yet most people don't know their politics. Continue Reading


Re: Benefit TSV on Thursday

In Beauty Banter 1397581893.363

Thanks for this thread, xena. :) And the heads-up, Karla. I need absolutely nothing at all. NOTHING. But a girl can look, right? Also, HSN is really good with their price points on MU and beauty TSs, I think. Way more affordable, IMO, than the Q. Continue Reading


Re: Would You Be This Vain

In Beauty Banter 1397581760.077

I seem to overhear this sort of refrain from many women, almost weekly. I would never walk away from someone b/c I didn't feel that I looked my best or wasn't wearing any MU. Although I'm a true Beauty addict, I think I know that the real important stuff is not right on our faces. Continue Reading


Re: If you could have any luxury - what would it be??

In Beauty Banter 1397581652.783

Perhaps a housecleaner. Like every day. Continue Reading


Re: Act of Kindness by a Vitamix employee at Costco

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397581114.53

Love hearing good stories. Thanks for sharing. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone here read Life after Life by Kate Atkinson?

In Book Club 1397581036.883

Thanks, bethdani and esmerelda. I will look into the book you mentioned, beth. And Esmerelda, you know, I've never gotten into the audio book thing. I've not listened to one, ever. But maybe it's time to change that. ??? Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1397474616.547

On 4/14/2014 10sluvr said: what do you think the grape will smell like? the guava is too strong for me. This is what I'm wondering, too. I'll have to watch a presentation and see how it's described. Continue Reading


Re: I am soooooooo beyond those step programs....

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397443334.213

Forrestwolf- if it's any comfort, I, too, am a cookbook addict. Read them like novels, compare recipes, use them for reference, drool over the pictures, and yes, cook from them! It's a problem. I bought two in the past 2 weeks.:-0 Continue Reading


Re: Anyone here read Life after Life by Kate Atkinson?

In Book Club 1397443112.747

Troop-TU.:) Your post makes me miss my now defunct book club like crazy!! :( I feel the EXACT same way--there are so many books out there that I want to read, that it's hard to start reading a book that I'm not excited about. I bought Life after Life when it came out in paperback a few months ago. And there it sits on my night stand. :-0 Hi Smoky--Reading is such a personal thing. It never ceases to amaze me how I can love a book and a friend could hate it and vice versa. So glad you loved it--and I might just crack it open later tonight b/ c go your post. :) Continue Reading

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