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Re: How do you acquire your reading material?

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I have yet to take the plunge to an e-reader, so I still buy actual books. I like buying from Amazon and a local Barnes & Noble. I get my *fix* from going to a real, brick and mortar, bookstore. It's one of my happy places. That said, I also pick up books at my library, too. So, I pretty much love getting books anywhere I can get 'em! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen any benefits from taking fish oil supplements?

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On 4/25/2015 IControlMyHappiness said: I can't take big pills does anyone know of a small krill fish oil pill? Me, too, Happiness. I'd love to know from the posters here if they know of one that is super easy to swallow. Thanks again. :) Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen any benefits from taking fish oil supplements?

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I have been fickle when taking my fish oil over the years and for whatever reason fish oil slips out of my daily regimen. I do take D3 and a probiotic every single day. And for a while there I was taking Flax Seed oil--which, to my knowledge, has similar benefits to fish oil. Not trying to hijack this thread, but anyone here have any additional info about fish oil vs. Flax seed? TIA And thanks for this thread! Continue Reading


Jane Iredale Products & Rosacea.

Last Reply by poppinfresh 1430019327.443 | Started by glmama in Beauty Banter

Hi Ladies, I've never tried any JI products, but my derm highly recommends them. She says that they are great for those of us who have Rosacea. I understand that this is primarily due to the fact that the JI powder products are talc-free. I've been perusing various sites looking at reviews and prices, etc. Many items get rave reviews and I'd like to try the loose mineral powder. However, I'd love to hear your experience with this line. I don't want it *just* to be good for covering redness or for sensitive skin--I really want it to be high quality products that happen to work great for my sk... Continue Reading


Re: What's your current favorite K-Cup?

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Yammy & Ladies--Still love reading all your faves. :) Always gives me ideas of what to look for next. Anyone know of any great sales on K-cups right now? Just curious. Continue Reading


Re: What food are you currently addicted to, if any?

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Granola-I make my own and I look forward most mornings lately to a bowl with almond milk-delish! Continue Reading


Re: 30+ Years of Dieting On and Off

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Hi BonBon, First, ignore the haters. Second, please know that there are many of us out here who have struggled with our weight. And if one hasn't, it's easy to say, oh, just stop eating so much. There are myriad reasons why some may struggle with extra pounds so it's not as easy as others may think. I've struggled with my weight since having children (say, the past 12 years or so). I used to rely on Weight Watchers to help control my weight, but what has really helped me recently is seeing a nutritionist recommended by my doc. She has helped me wade through all the information that we are bo... Continue Reading


Re: Oatmeal: 3 weeks later five lb weight loss and meno-pot is gone.

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I love oatmeal, too. And I feel very full and can go happily until lunchtime without feeling snack. However, I have not lost any weight eating oatmeal. I know it's good for me and many feel that it can help with their #s, including cholesterol levels and others. Continue Reading


Re: Your favorite eye liner? I'm on the hunt!

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Love eyeliner threads b/c it's one of my "problem" areas. Meaning, I have a ton and still haven't found my HG. I really like the UD 24/7 ones, as well as the chubbier Tarte one with the smudge on the end. And my current fave is a MAC Kohl liner--kinda a classic. Continue Reading

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