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Re: Do you like Greek yogurt and if so what brand

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Across the board, Greek yogurt has FAR more protein than most "regular" yogurts. So if you're concerned about getting your protein in, either with a meal or after, Greek is great (Fage o% has 13 grams per 5.3 oz container). Continue Reading


Re: Do you like Greek yogurt and if so what brand

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On 7/22/2014 Blondelle said: The Brown Cow Greek yogurt is delicious. No bite or sourness at all and I've tried most of them. It's very creamy and yummy. It's also non GMO unlike the Chobani which I used to buy before. Love the Black Cherry in the BC. This is delicious, you're right.:) Continue Reading


Re: Any suggestions for a BB, or CC cream with spf ??

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Surprisingly, I love the Philosophy A to Z cream. I say surprisingly b/c I had given up on most Philosophy skin care and/or MU products. This is lightweight, provides light-medium coverage, and doesn't irritate my skin. Love the finish--not drying-which is one of the beefs I gave with lots of other creams of this type. Continue Reading



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My favorite, easy scone recipe that never fails is Alton Brown's. Search for it @ Food Network.com. Continue Reading


Re: OT Laundry pods

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Hi-I've had this happen, too. But generally I think it's been my own error. Sometimes my hands are damp from removing wash or whatever and grabbing them with sticky paws makes them stick together later. Continue Reading


Re: Do you like Laura Mercier Lip Glosses?

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Yes. I haven't purchased a new one in a looong time, but if you're referring to the Lip Glaces, I really like them. I went through a Lip Glace phase. Continue Reading


Has anyone here tried the Clarins Glow Drops?

Last Reply by glmama 1406078088.78 | Started by glmama in Beauty Banter

Hi Ladies, I've pretty much given up on any attempt to self-tan---however, I've been reading great reviews of these Clarins Drops. You add a few drops to your face moisturizer and you gradually get a "glow". Many users say that this works well on legs and arms, too. Anyone? I've read the reviews on Nordstrom, MUA, and Sephora. Generally, all good. But I always need to get the straight scoop from my Beauties here. TIA Continue Reading


Re: Can someone please walk me through wrapping a sandwich with wax paper and NO TAPE?

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I use wax for my kids' sandwiches and always have to secure with tape! Continue Reading

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