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Re: Poll: What's Your Beauty Obsession?

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I should clarify that I meant ALL kinds of bath and body products, not products exclusively from the store, BBW.:-0 Continue Reading


Re: Poll: What's Your Beauty Obsession?

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Bath & Body products, especially shower gels and moisturizers. I have more moisturizer than I could ever really use. Sad, but true.:-0 I also have a thing for eyeliners, face powders (like powder-type foundations), and lip gloss. Well, all lip products, but especially gloss and balm. Continue Reading


Re: Gel Mat

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413580586.487

Hi Wismiss-Although I don't have one, I'm interested to see your replies here. I've had my eye on a GelPro one for some time now. However, I don't know if other brands in other price ranges work the same. Thanks for this thread! Continue Reading


Re: Window cleaning

In For the Home Talk 1413547404.337

Thanks-I was just thinking about this same dilemma. We just had some work done on the outside of our house and our windows have become a bit dingy b/c of it. I will check out the Windex product above. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Good Article by Medical Daily re: Trader Joe's

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On 10/16/2014 FunkyHulaGirl said: On 10/16/2014 ical said: On 10/16/2014 Yahooey said: You don't like TJ, you prefer Whole Foods. Ok got it I like to know what is being fed to my family. Don't you? There are only a few items I will buy there because I know what the Brand is and what they package and from where the ingredients came. Trader Joe's earned almost 1.5 stars out of five at Consumer Affairs. http://www.consumeraffairs.com/supermarkets/trader_joe.html Actually, this post is quite deceptive. This is NOT a 1.5 star rating from Consumer Affairs, per se, it's ratings given by customers ... Continue Reading


Re: I think I need a steamer...

In Fashion Talk 1413489001.247

I have the Little Steamer from JM. And I do use it quite often. However, it is far from being heavy-duty and it takes a good long time (at least for me) to really unwrinkle certain items. I find it works best on thinner weight items like tees and certain blouses. My DH does not mind ironing but I really hate it so the steamer works for me. In fact, I had never had one until I purchased this little one. I may even considering a larger, more "serious" one at some point.:) Continue Reading


Re: Do you do Breakfast for Dinner?? What do you eat??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413488602.043

I would say we have breakfast for dinner about 2x/month. Typically pancakes and eggs and veggie sausage. On Friday I did gingerbread pancakes and eggs. Yum. My kids love it when breakfast is for dinner.:) Continue Reading


Re: If you love Vanilla Bean Noel......

In Beauty Banter 1413488467.743

Thanks, cine bee. I like very few true scents at BBW; however, I DO like to use VBN from my stash every once in a while. I'll have to check thus one out. Continue Reading

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