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Re: veggie burgers

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Yes, they do. I'll have to check my info--I keep tears and articles of health and food-related stuff and I think I tore something out about different non-soy brands. From the top of my head, I remember that at, say, Whole Foods, it is pretty clear on the packaging if a frozen veggie burger or other meat alternative is primarily soy-based. If I find what I'm looking for I'll reply again. Continue Reading


Re: Fiesta Ware

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I have all the colors, pretty much. It's a rainbow in my dish cabinet over here, and I like it that way. If I was choosing between 2 colors, I would probably choose two that were very different, say a cobalt and an orange. But that's just me and what I like. So many options. Have fun. :) Continue Reading


Re: veggie burgers

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I make my own black bean burgers, which I bake. The frozen, store-bought ones, I cook in a pan, on the stove top. I spray my pan lightly with evoo spray and then cook on each side, probably 5 minutes/side, if cooking from frozen. If I've remembered to take them out of the freezer for a few minutes before cooking, then they cook faster, of course. Could someone please remind me of the veggie burger brand you're discussing? TIA:) Continue Reading


Re: Reviews: Champneys, Oribe, Earth Therapeutics, Clinique, L'Oreal

In Beauty Banter 1406663344.607

Thanks for these reviews, Margo. :) I noticed immediately you reviewed Champneys and I remembered that I think it was Kelly Osbourne mentioned this brand in a mag as being one of her favorite scrubs. Not like I'm following her likes and dislikes closely, but I thought it was interesting as I had never heard of the brand. I'm pretty sure you can purchase at Target, correct? Thanks again.:) Continue Reading


Re: Need recommendations for a lightweight body sunscreen

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CeraVE recently came out with a few body sunscreens. Don't know how great the reviews are on these products, though. I used to use Eucerin SPF 15 on a daily basis, until it was discontinued. Also, I really, really want to find a good physical sunscreen for the body since I only use physical on my face. So other than the CeraVe, I don't know. But I'm chiming in with those AND to keep up with this thread and get more recommendations myself. Continue Reading


Re: Why can't you make a T-Shirt Bra without underwire?

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I have one of the Bali Comfort Revolution bras that Goodstuff posted above and I really like it. I purchased it with one of my 30% coupons on Kohl', just to check it out. It's not quite my HG bra of all time (still haven't found that one), but it's really comfy and worth checking out, IMO. :) Continue Reading


Re: Spin to win on HSN. I won $25 GIFT card!!

In Beauty Banter 1406662892.52

That's great. :) I'll have to check it out. Continue Reading


Re: Paula Deen's New Product...Yes, It's Real!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406662747.93

I'm really confused by this product. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone tried Whish Body Butters?

In Beauty Banter 1406662628.807

Hi Ladies, Thanks for this thread. :) Noticed a bunch of Whish things as Beauty Exclusives at Nordstrom right now for their Anniversary Sale. I had never heard of this line, but a few of the products get good reviews. I'm a bath and body junkie so better that I don't know much more. Continue Reading


Re: Tatcha Serum?

In Beauty Banter 1406662473.3

HI Mandy- Please post back when you've tried it, too. :) I use and love the Cleansing Oil. I haven't had to repurchase yet b/c I use a very small amount. This removes all trace of MU AND I love the way it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple. Continue Reading

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