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Re: Has anyone used a therapist (counselor) to help them lose weight?

In Health & Fitness 1411241602.143

I think a therapist that specializes in weight issues/body image would be most helpful. However, I don't think that this would be covered by insurance. I would call your insurance # and see what outpatient mental health services are covered. You could get lucky. Also, I would highly recommend a nutritionist. They often ARE covered by insurance. And often work in tandem in a group setting with an MD and even, in some cases, a therapist. Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite nude lipstick?

In Beauty Banter 1411241409.693

A true nude doesn't generally look great on me. However, a slight berry nude does and I think that Bare Minerals has a few that are really nice. Sorry I can't come up with a specific color name at the moment, but I do like their glosses and lipsticks in this color category. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use any Eucerin products?

In Beauty Banter 1411241350.843

My derm has recommended a few Eucerin products over the years. The one I do use fairly regularly is the Eucerin Body Lotion SPF 15. Unfortunately, I've read that they are no longer making this particular product. For my face (and my Rosacea), I strictly use a physical sunscreen of some sort. However, this Eucerin for the body (chemical sunscreen) has worked well for me. Continue Reading


Re: Spotted: Tassi @ TJMaxx

In Beauty Banter 1411241137.98

Good to know, thanks. :) I don't get to my TJs as often as I'd like to, but when I'm there I usually have a few specific things I'm looking for. I will now look for the Tassi! Continue Reading


Re: Flower Zoom-in Ultimate Mascara

In Beauty Banter 1411240861.603

Thanks, I will check it out. :) Continue Reading


Re: Bay leaves

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1411163997.23

Yes, of course!:) Bay adds a depth of flavor that really can't replicate. Just remember to take them out! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone try Lush products?

In Beauty Banter 1411046087.087

I've tried a bunch of LUSH stuff over the years, and while I'm always excited to try something new from their line, I have never re-purchased anything. I love the experience of the stores. The handmade quality of everything. The concept. However, when it comes to daily beauty items that I would continue to buy, no. And bath and body products are my HUGE weakness, too! I've found that their soaps smell wonderful and really DO moisturize the skin, but they literally seem to disappear before my eyes. Now, does this mean that next time I'm near a store I won't go in? Check things out? Of course ... Continue Reading


Re: Subway Commercial: CropFit!

In Health & Fitness 1411045503.117

I thought this was really funny, too. Continue Reading

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