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Re: Opinions please on Gold Clad jewelry?

In Judith Ripka 1407792973.91

motherinlaw...thanks for taking the time to reply! newjerseygirl...very pretty items! Thanks for all the pics and info! I appreciate your response! Continue Reading


Re: Is Ann King no longer making jewelry for QVC?

In Jewelry Talk 1407792310.717

She has a Facebook page called Realm, and a website called Explore Realm... Continue Reading


Re: Opinions please on Gold Clad jewelry?

In Judith Ripka 1407751537.293

Pepper22...thanks for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it! Great reviews on your items! Nice to hear you are enjoying your clad jewelry! I bet the rose clad is so pretty! Thanks again! Take care! Continue Reading


Opinions please on Gold Clad jewelry?

Last Reply by barb40 1407792973.91 | Started by barb40 in Judith Ripka

I have not yet purchased any of Judith's yellow gold clad items...but 2 or 3 clearance items have caught my eye... for those of you that own and wear Judith's gold clad items...do you love them and wear them often? Pleased with the color and quality? Do you think they look like gold, or brassy or fake? I have never seen any of Judith's clad items in person, so thanks for any descriptions/reviews you can give! Continue Reading



In Health & Fitness 1406950090.097

Thanks for the info.! Do you like the sliders? I assume they are used on wooden floors? Continue Reading



In Health & Fitness 1406935380.327

How are y'all already doing the workouts? I thought they weren't available yet? Which would be best to order...the Base Kit or the Deluxe Kit? Thanks for your input! Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- August

In Beauty Banter 1406929146.59

just bee...love all the posts! Continue Reading


Re: Fitbit Flex...and jewelry?

In Judith Ripka 1405971875.9

I like the idea of bangles...sounds cute! I have tried other "clip-on" devices, but struggled with them coming off my waistband or bra. That's why I really do like wearing the Fitbit on my wrist...it stays put. But I am struggling 'just a little'... I must be able to accessorize properly!! LOL!! Continue Reading


Fitbit Flex...and jewelry?

Last Reply by Alexa6352 1406386103.507 | Started by barb40 in Judith Ripka

Hi...wondering if anyone is using a Fitbit Flex (or other device worn on the wrist)... and stacking it with Judith Ripka cuffs or other bling...? I have been wearing mine on my right wrist (didn't care for it on my left wrist, stacked with my watch). I have a very casual lifestyle, and I do stack bead/wrap/leather bracelets with the Fitbit... I know Tory Burch came out with some products for the Fitbit...they look ok, but some are too pricey for me. If I'm going out at night, or really dressing up, I don't wear the Fitbit. looking for your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas...Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: WOW, Sterling Ecclissi Turquoise Watch!!

In Jewelry Talk 1405356302.543

Hi...wondering if anyone else has received this watch, and can please give reviews? Thanks! It is so pretty, and I am very tempted to purchase! I see it is back in stock, and on 4 easy pays... Continue Reading

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