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Re: Why isn't Antonella on her Jewelry Box Show?

In Jewelry Talk 1416855124.42

Maybe she's on Thanksgiving vacation...? Continue Reading


Re: Does This Happen With Anyone Else's Home Manicure?

In Beauty Banter 1416747033.15

Personally...I do my manicure after a shower/shampoo...I find water is hard on my manicure! Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Event Prices?

In Beauty Banter 1416622638.64

Type 'Beauty event price' in the search bar, and about 70 items come up... Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Event Prices?

In Beauty Banter 1416565548.75

Guess no one is buying! Continue Reading


Beauty Event Prices?

Last Reply by tucsongal 1416630699.307 | Started by barb40 in Beauty Banter

Anyone tempted by any of the items with event prices? I don't need a thing, but I am tempted! Continue Reading


Re: Ripka-Bixby mix

In Jewelry Talk 1415296560.313

That sounds like a gorgeous combination! Thanks for sharing! Continue Reading


Re: Mad Hippies new Retinol serum is now available

In Beauty Banter 1414787955.563

On 10/31/2014 brewhaha said: I need something for my mad hips. Nice! Continue Reading

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