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Re: Dr. Denese recommendations?

In Beauty Banter 1422130172.913

Thank you all so much for your replies and reviews! Now, off to see if I can find TSV info! It may be what I am looking for! Thanks! Continue Reading


Dr. Denese recommendations?

Last Reply by jump4joy 1422150156.55 | Started by barb40 in Beauty Banter

Hello Beauties! Looking for some dry skin is bugging me! Thinking about the micro dermabrasion machine she has...any thoughts? Thanks for your opinions on any of her skin care you may use and love! Continue Reading


Re: Adopt an olive tree from Italy

In Beauty Banter 1421268900.44

I've never heard of this~sounds interesting! How do you buy an olive tree? Do you have a website? Thanks for any info you may have! Continue Reading


Re: Dooney and Duck Dynasty Wives?

In Dooney & Bourke 1421189537.11 Continue Reading


Dooney and Duck Dynasty Wives?

Last Reply by stevieb 1422031907.827 | Started by barb40 in Dooney & Bourke

I saw something about a collaboration between the two...(on the Dooney Page?) what are your thoughts and opinions? Has this been done before? With a celebrity, or model? Continue Reading


Re: Suze and Shawn seem to have the same hairdresser

In Beauty Banter 1420998001.233

Maybe...Shawn Likes her hair!!! the Only opinion that matters is...Her Own!!! Continue Reading


Re: Can I put the fitbit on an ipad and a sansung galaxy phone.

In Health & Fitness 1419906715.28

The fitbit website will tell you what devices are compatible with your fitbit. Continue Reading


Re: Can I put the fitbit on an ipad and a sansung galaxy phone.

In Health & Fitness 1419898928.31

Go to the fitbit website...there are step by step instructions on how to get started...good luck! Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- December

In Beauty Banter 1419885393.87

I love the closet pictures! But I don't believe anyone really has a closet like that...ok, maybe Martha Stewart...! Continue Reading


Re: so....what are your plans now that the Holidays are over?.....

In Beauty Banter 1419640134.02

I know what you mean, Mary Bailey! Thanks for starting this thread! It inspired me today to start making some lists of things I want to accomplish in I will be ready on New Year's Day! Yes, will continue to enjoy family and friends while my kids are home from school...but, already back to work and off on New Year's day...gotta put decorations away when time allows! And, yes, plans to improve diet and add more exercise...and dreaming of sunny, warmer weather~~lol!! Continue Reading

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