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J278146...GILI Bronzo Italia Crystal Drop Necklace?

Last Reply by misschristy 1418496181.18 | Started by barb40 in Jewelry Talk

Hi...I just received this necklace...and I'm pleasantly surprised...this is the first time I have ordered any Bronzo Italia jewelry. I ordered this in white, it is very, very pretty, substantial, and has a nice weight to it. Wondering how these Bronzo Italia pieces hold up? Do they tarnish, fade, discolor? Do you like the colors of the gold and the rose? I guess I have never really paid any attention to this line when it has been presented on-air......I just really liked the design of this necklace. Thanks for any opinions! J319694...I'm also considering ordering this cross in the whit... Continue Reading


Re: Tarte TSV made in China

In Beauty Banter 1417032334.15

I love the kit...first time I have ordered Tarte in awhile...I love all the colors, smoothness of products, staying power, and price. Many beauty products are made in many places other than the USA...my lip products don't taste minty... Continue Reading


Re: Why isn't Antonella on her Jewelry Box Show?

In Jewelry Talk 1416855124.42

Maybe she's on Thanksgiving vacation...? Continue Reading


Re: Does This Happen With Anyone Else's Home Manicure?

In Beauty Banter 1416747033.15

Personally...I do my manicure after a shower/shampoo...I find water is hard on my manicure! Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Event Prices?

In Beauty Banter 1416622638.64

Type 'Beauty event price' in the search bar, and about 70 items come up... Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Event Prices?

In Beauty Banter 1416565548.75

Guess no one is buying! Continue Reading


Beauty Event Prices?

Last Reply by tucsongal 1416630699.307 | Started by barb40 in Beauty Banter

Anyone tempted by any of the items with event prices? I don't need a thing, but I am tempted! Continue Reading

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