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Please add mm size of gemstones to descriptions

Last Reply by bigsister 1406149486.27 | Started by CalmInTheHeart in Suggestion Box

Hi all. Would you add the mm measurements of gemstones in your online descriptions? I'd love to know the sizes. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Why don't they ever mention where a gemstone falls on the hardness scale???

In Jewelry Talk 1406111825.423

I would like to know the mm size of gems but they never include that either. Continue Reading


Re: Why has 'resin' or Oro Nuovo been removed from titles of jewelry items?

In Jewelry Talk 1406111744.137

On 7/22/2014 Favorite Son said: On 1/24/2014 ennui1 said: On 1/24/2014 CaneCorsoMom said: I know - I was actually interested in the bold knife edge earrings but read in the details that they were resin filled - and it said they were only gold electroplated - whish is cheap costume jewelry IMO - come on - they are just PLATED with gold - they are not really "gold" earrings. Not electroplated, electroform. There's a difference. The Oro Nuovo items are made in Italy. There is another line of gold that is filled with diamond-resin, that is made elsewhere (the vendor comes out and steps on the ea... Continue Reading


Re: Need root lifter that makes hair feel coarse

In Beauty Banter 1406108266.457

On 7/22/2014 KatCat1 said: I love aquage thickening spray gel. This product really performs. Can't be without it. Gives my medium hair a thickness that I did not know I could achieve with a product. The spray gel comes out very fine & misty. Its not thick or gooey. A friend recommended this too. I just ordered a bottle and will check around town to see if anyone carries it. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: How about an "Offensive Poster" button, QVC?

In The Q We Love 1406069461.047

On 7/22/2014 sugarflake said: Bad idea as it sounds like you have been offended. Someone is always offended by something. I like the nasty posts as well as the non offensive. We all have to grow up sometime. Continue Reading


Re: Tablet Question.....Need Help

In Electronics Talk 1406025722.71

My iPad connects to cellular service, just like a phone (but you can't call on it). I go through Verizon for the iPad (only) and they offer several options. It works based on cell phone towers just like your cell phone. Continue Reading


Re: Root Lifter for short hair - help!

In Beauty Banter 1406025337.507

I'm so upset. I just bought a new bottle of Nioxin Thickening spray and they changed the formula. It used to be great as a root lifter and made my hair feel coarse. Now it makes my hair feel soft and it loses its hold within a couple of hours. I'm sick that they changed it. I want my hair to feel coarse, not soft. So what can I use now? Help! Continue Reading


Need root lifter that makes hair feel coarse

Last Reply by deb5555 1406117170.547 | Started by CalmInTheHeart in Beauty Banter

I'm so upset. Nioxin changed my favorite thickening spray/root lifter and it doesn't work for me anymore. I have baby fine, thin hair and this product was a miracle for me. I'm sick that they changed it. I want my hair to feel coarse, not soft. Nioxin used to do that. So what can I use now? Help! Continue Reading


Re: A question for grey haired ladies that transitioned from coloring to natural.

In Beauty Banter 1406019879.387

I stopped coloring at about age 50 and never looked back. I love my gray. It's a nice white gray. I wear my hair short so it was pretty easy to grow out. If your hair is longer, you may want to consult a colorist for help....they can help. Continue Reading

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