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Re: Ombre hair, purple hair, striped hair..... Is it just me?

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People show their individuality in many ways. I don't really care if someone's hair is a crazy color combo or if their clothes are way out there. I care what the person is like on the inside. I've met some wonderful and very interesting people who have a strange style (strange to me). Continue Reading


Re: Please delete threads that consist of bashing hosts and vendors. Thank you.

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On 5/29/2015 SPURT said: On 5/28/2015 gardensla said: Rather than put decisions about what constitutes "bashing" into the hands of QVC's forum moderators (who I think actually do a bang-up job of finding a middle ground), I prefer to simply scroll by posts that, by their title alone, signify that this isn't a topic in which I want to participate. Works for me and by not clicking nor participating, I help to ensure the post falls off the main page. GARDENSLA---Yours would be the easiest solution and would make the Q Forums a lot happier for lots of people...imagine....an easy common sense s... Continue Reading


Re: Evine Jewelry Shows

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On 5/28/2015 Kitty987 said: What is the quality like? IMO, you can't beat Michael V's 14k pieces and Beverly Hills Gold. You do have to watch Chuck's gold jewelry as there sometimes isn't enough gold to hold the stone...I'm a jewelry snob. I have a couple of Michael's GEV pieces but some of his is just way too big even for me...and I love big and bold. Otherwise, I rarely watch Chuck anymore. He's a hoot to watch but I just don't like his silver and clad jewelry lines. I rarely wear white gold/silver so it's not of interest to me. I've tried a couple of his clad pieces and they're ... Continue Reading


Re: Evine Jewelry Shows

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I bought something from BHG last time so don't need anything this time around. I'm not impressed with most of their line up either. I was hoping some of Michael's 14k pieces would be on sale but they aren't as of now. Continue Reading


Evine Jewelry Shows

Last Reply by surfk 1432957679.887 | Started by CalmInTheHeart in Jewelry Talk

Evine is having a lot of jewelry shows tonight and all day tomorrow. Continue Reading


Re: Blood Pressure

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I bought a Walgreens brand bp and it works a lot better than a fancy brand I had before. Continue Reading


Re: Punish everyone because a few people weren't adult enough to ignore the spam

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On 5/26/2015 SarahW said: On 5/23/2015 blankette said: Look no further than this thread for the people that can not leave anything alone. Bingo. You posted here too. Continue Reading


Re: Yesterday's fashions with Susan Graver

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I refuse to watch when Susan is on. I can't handle her manic way. She can also be quite rude to other hosts during her shows. If she's like this on air, I'd hate to see how she behaves off air. Continue Reading


Re: Is This Shirt Worth the Cost???

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Whether or not it's worth it is really up to OP. I wouldn't pay $43 for it. You can find similar items for less at LLBean and Lands End. Lands End has a 30% off everything promo going right now too (info on their website). Continue Reading

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