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Re: Need tarnish proof storage box for small earrings

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On 9/11/2014 expatgal said: On 9/11/2014 sciencegeek said: Beats me. I've been looking for one for years! It seems no one does both anti tarnish AND small compartments. I'll be interested to see what you find. I do like this one, I'm thinking about getting it and some of those anti-tarnish paper strips to use in it. HSN item # 113-9621, anti tarnish strips Firemountaingems website # H20-2091TL Why on earth don't they use anti-tarnish lining? This is a fantastic storage box!!! I just bought one like this in brown wood. love it! Continue Reading


Re: got a good letter today from the Q

In Q Did What? 1410822242.18

I'd love one of these letters! Continue Reading


Re: Major annoyance! Anyone share it?

In Q Did What? 1410822205.573

You can't control other people. You can only control yourself. It's a canned response and a canned conversation when talk isn't easy or natural with someone. Not a big deal to me. Besides, there are gentle ways to change the subject if you want. Continue Reading


Re: It's Carolyn...NOT Caroline!!

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Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Sorry, couldn't resist. I don't think it's a big know who they're talking about. And I know a couple of women whose name is spelled Caroline and it is pronounced CaroLYN. Continue Reading


Re: Who uses a very cheap facial cleanser BUT expensive serums/moisturizers, etc.

In Beauty Banter 1410821849.657

My dermatologist told me that Neutrogena and Cetaphil are the best cleansers to use. I quit using expensive cleansers and exfoliants about 3 years ago and my skin has never looked better. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone give their dog fish oil capsules?

In Pet Lovers 1410779041.743

On 9/13/2014 happygal said: I have given the capsules from the vet called Free Form Snip Tips (kinda expensive) and I also have given the Alaska Natural Wild Salmon Oil, in a squirt bottle (Amazon). It's difficult to say if it has helped my dog's itching or not, but it's definitely not hurting anything, and the Alaska Natural is affordable. As for dosage, follow the instructions on the container. You could ask your vet for a medicated shampoo and wash his feet at the end of the day or end of the time he's outside. I use Keratolux, but I'm sure there are many others. Why do you think it's a pr... Continue Reading


Re: lazy boy tsv

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I just bought a lazy boy recliner that is a couple of steps up from the tsv and it didn't cost as much as Q's. I also saw the style Q was selling and it was less expensive at the store. I would never buy furniture, appliances, or computers from a shopping channel. Continue Reading


Re: 16" thin rope chain

In Jewelry Talk 1410778642.48

If you paid $40, it won't have much gold weight and won't bring you a lot of money. Just take it to a reputable gold buyer in your area. It wouldn't be worth sending to an out of town gold buyer. Continue Reading


Re: Reverse Mortgages

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A reputable and honest financial advisor will tell you not to get a reverse mortgage. There are a lot of potential down sides. It's even an issue when a person wants to buy securities products (i.e.: mutual funds, variable annuities, and such). Continue Reading


Re: Ban the Mom Heel!

In Fashion Talk 1410693838.633

On 9/13/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: On 9/13/2014 curlywhitedog said: On 9/13/2014 sidsmom said:<br /> What can we do to ban the Mom Heel?! =:D Please tell me you're not serious. YOU don't like the "mom heel" so the industry has to ban it? Should the rest of us fashion conscious but no longer wearing 4" heel ladies just walk around barefoot? Do you even know how ridiculous you sound? Maria ITA, Maria ............. There's a LOT of beautiful ballet flats out there that have a heel the thickness of cardboard and offer nothing in the way of substance or cushioning. If you do a lot of walking. a ... Continue Reading

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