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Re: Another DULL weekend and I do mean DULL.........................

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On 4/24/2015 Justice4all said: That was Spurtilicious! Good one. I wish I'd thought of it! Continue Reading


Re: Imperial gold braclet

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Find a local independent jewelry. Maybe ask a couple. I have one who fixed one my IG bracelets and you'd never know it broke. Continue Reading


Re: Another DULL weekend and I do mean DULL.........................

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I love the movie Pillow Talk! I may watch it this weekend. Otherwise, another no-Q weekend for me. Thanks, Spurt! Continue Reading


Re: Premier Protein Drink??

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Premier's chocolate protein drink is the only protein drink I like. I've been drinking it for several years now. I haven't tried their protein bars but a friend said they are pretty good. Continue Reading


Re: O/T- What type of pet do you have and what's their breed and name?

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I have a 3 yr old dog. He is a terrier and mutt mix. He and 4 other dogs were rescued by the ARL at the age of 2 from a really bad home. They were kept in an outdoor kennel, even in blizzards and horrible heat. He was hit, yelled at, neglected, abused. My little guy couldn't even eat or drink out of a bowl when i got him. He was the smallest of the five dogs and got whatever fell onto the kennel floor. He had no idea what love was or what it was like to be groomed. He didn't know human touch. He is still wary of new people and places but has come such a long way. He is very needy but he's suc... Continue Reading


Re: If you have a large jewelry collection how do you keep it organized?

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I have one box that has 96 little squares in it that I put my earrings in. I sort them by gemstone and also by color of gold. I have 2 other chests for my chains, bracelets pendants and rings. I think it's difficult to find good jewelry chests anymore. They all have those dumb rolls or weird sizes squared that nothing fits in. Or they are just too small. And I hate hanging up my chains in a jewelry chest as the bunch up and tangle because there isn't enough length for them to hang. My favorite chests are from Lori Greiner and Q...bought them 10 years ago. I have 2. They have 2 levels w... Continue Reading


Re: Judy Crowell

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i'm not crazy about Judy's or Paul's jewelry. Continue Reading


Re: What were your "dinners through the decades"?

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I grew up in a very very poor family. We often had hamburger gravy, hot dog gravy, or creamed peas on toast. I still fix it once in a while but do it in a more lean way than when I was a kid. It's comfort food. I am really big into salads. I love a good salad...but don't give me plain lettuce and call it a salad. I want romaine, spinach, tomatoes, red pepper, and veggies on it. I love it with sunflower seed (nuts only) and parmesan cheese but go easy on those. I love to put albacore tuna or roasted chicken on it too. I eat seafood a couple of times a week. It might be salmon, ha... Continue Reading


Re: How many pieces of bacon do you eat and how do you cook it??

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Bacon should be its own food group. The best bacon is at work. It's crunchy crispy, the only way I'll eat it. And it's super cheap there. You should see people fix to-go containers of it on Friday for the weekends. I never cook it at home...or at least from raw. I do have some pre-cooked that I microwave when I put it on a burger or in a recipe. But that's it. Continue Reading

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