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Re: Latest on Teresa Giudice

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On 12/19/2014 brii said: I cannot feel sorry for her at all. me either. Continue Reading


Re: 2014 Federal Tax Refunds To Be Delayed Until October 2015

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On 12/21/2014 golfcartrider said: On 12/21/2014 madzonie said: On 12/21/2014 golfcartrider said: On 12/21/2014 madzonie said: On 12/21/2014 tansy said: Budget cuts have consequences. tansy - YES they do!! I never ceases to amaze me how many cry and scream for cuts, cuts, cuts - until those cuts impact their own lives. Then they scream that they are not getting the level of or quantity of the services they expect. Can't have it both ways! If we could make cuts where they are really needed we would be better off. But who decides "where they are really needed?" It's the powerful lobbies, the ... Continue Reading


Re: Check with your shipper directly! as QVC lies!

In Q Did What? 1419208527.257

Why do people wait until the last minute and then whine when something does not arrive when you want it? Rarely does something ship and arrive as quickly as stated anywhere during the last half of December. I don't care what any retailer says, UPS, FedEx, and USPS are buried to their eyeballs and everything slows down. It happens every year. Plan ahead or shop local. Continue Reading


Re: Be Courteous Please and Acknowledge responses to your posted questions

In Beauty Banter 1419208111.547

I read and appreciate responses to my posts but I don't acknowledge each one individually. OP and others are expecting a lot and will be sorely disappointed if they need an individualized response. Seems very needy to me. Continue Reading


Re: Total cereal and iron deficiency?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1419173118.933

On 12/21/2014 snickster said: Seriously?? How about following your doctor's advice, just try it, maybe it will work for you, maybe not, but IMO, it's your best bet. Following anonymous posters' medical advice in NOT in your best interest. Continue Reading


Re: Can't Eat Her Food

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1419165657.387

This sounds like conditional friendship to me. Instead, why not choose to be a really good friend and think of her instead of yourself? Be classy. Be gracious. Eat the salad, even put a bite of something else on your plate. Continue Reading


Re: So much for having the Q on in the background while I wrap gifts today.....

In Fashion Talk 1419162115.83

It's actually been national qrap day on Q for months and months. Continue Reading


Re: Depression

In Health & Fitness 1419162010.543

i'm so sorry you are going through this. I'd like to hug you and will say a prayer for you. I've struggled with depression for many years now. I've had extra problems this year. I had major surgery and was on pain medicine for 12 days and had horrible reactions to it....hallucinations, horrible depressive reaction, nightmares, hysterics, etc. My dr was very good and helped me a lot but it's like 5% of it is still with me. And it's rough. I feel like I have an anxiety attack looming just under the surface all the time and it's causing reactions I don't like...even some at work and th... Continue Reading


Re: Question About Total Knee Replacement

In Health & Fitness 1419161405.297

I had a total knee replacement on July 31, 2014. I used to be in constant pain and it had been 5+ years since I was able to straighten it. I walked with a horrible limp. Now I can bend it, straighten, and sleep all night. It has been many years since i was able to sleep more than an hour or two without waking up in pain. I can walk on a treadmill and ride an exercise bike. My focus right now is on muscle building since my muscles and ligaments were very warped and changed due to the previous lack of mobility. Physical therapy is a must for everyone having a knee replacement. It really helped... Continue Reading


Re: Perceiving a Bad Habit on the Q

In Fashion Talk 1419112317.937

On 12/20/2014 brewhaha said: You must be a habitual viewer. I used to watch a lot. I think I've watch 1-2 hours in the last 4 months. I will watch a chunk of the January gold day...and then probably little to none. Q is very very boring these days (puts it mildly). Continue Reading

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