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Re: Increased Shipping and Handling Charges

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On 10/24/2014 MrsT said: One last note - we do all our shipping through my husband's employer. The employees get to ship via UPS and pay the corporate rate. It's amazing how inexpensive it is to ship UPS with the corporate rates. Without a doubt, QVC has great shipping rates with UPS and USPS and those low shipping prices are not passed onto their customers. My employer has a corporate rate with UPS and FedEx. Q is making a fortune on shipping. If I recall correctly, that was mentioned in financial reports as one reason for earnings increases. Continue Reading



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I lost all my eyelashes and eyebrows in 1972 after surgery. They never really came back. I have a few lashes and very few brow hairs. I haven't used mascara since then but use soft liner. I use the soft brown ultrafine eyebrow pencil by Clinique. It isn't as harsh as most I've tried and looks fairly natural. Continue Reading



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Loved it, Spurt, especially the OHNO tombstone! And some of the costumes made me laugh out loud and it's only 4:30am. Continue Reading


Re: QVC going out of the jewelry business?

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On 10/23/2014 newlook said: I don't think this Mike George has any idea what women want. His background is in computers. He seems to know how to eliminate the little vendor and go with the big inventory vendors which could be jewelry like Bronzo Italiano. Other than that there's probably no big money to be made in cheaper costume jewelry. David, the gold buyer, doesn't have a clue either. Continue Reading


Re: "Gifts for the Flashlight Enthusiast"

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The title of this thread cracked me up! Continue Reading



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On 10/18/2014 SPURT said: On 10/18/2014 CalmInTheHeart said: Good summary, Spurt! It reminded me about Q....heck, I don't think I've watched since the August gold day. But you reminded me that I need to find a simple fleece vest for my dog....one of your cats had a plain one on that I liked....I will have to see if it I can find something like it for my guy. Hey Calmin.....thanks for your continued support......my Q watching has been almost non existent too...I did watch VPH's show and did watch Lisa's Christmas Decor Show....we just don't want to waste our valuable time seeing the Q show... Continue Reading


Re: OK let's hear from the Mother-In-laws

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I loved my MIL. I have 1 DIL and I really don't think she likes me. We've had a very difficult time getting to know each other and it breaks my heart. She and my son have been together for 8 years, married for 3. She loves my son more than anything...and my son loves her more than anything....I've never seen a military wife handle things with more strength and courage. She's an incredible woman. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else get up really early and not because of a job?

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I'm always up early.....sleeping in is about 5 AM for me. Continue Reading


Re: QVC gems vs. other shopping channels

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If you watch ShopHQ, you can get some good deals on really nice gems set in gold. They carry quite a bit that never sees air time too, some of it pricey but good quality. Some additional thoughts. You have to carefully watch Chuck's jewelry. Sometimes his gold settings are so flimsy that they won't hold the stone or they are just poor quality. However, I've also found some very good pieces from him (I watch for them to go on clearance). I don't buy his silver and clad as it's mostly junk. I loved Michael's 14k line but he doesn't bring in much gold anymore. But keep and eye out as... Continue Reading


Re: QVC going out of the jewelry business?

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On 10/21/2014 ValuSkr said: That'll be the day that QVC goes out of the jewelry business. I haven't seen stats but wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of their sales were beauty products, jewelry, and women's clothing. Financial reports show Q is failing in jewelry sales. My business would fail, too, if I sold the cwap that Q offers. It's either high priced costume, Arte d'Oro, or cheap/flimsy gold. They'd see their sales surge if they offered mid-range priced quality gold jewelry. Instead they are into bronzo, resin, and high priced silver. Continue Reading

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