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Re: If you could have any luxury - what would it be??

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I want to retire at 62 and not have to worry about how to pay for health insurance until age 65. Continue Reading



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On 4/19/2014 SPURT said: Here's more info and a quote from CEO, Mike George..... QVC, based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, took almost a decade off from expanding before debuting in Italy in October 2010. George now has the goal of opening a new market every two years. Possible locales include emerging economies such as Brazil, a regional station for the Middle East and even more economically troubled European nations like Spain. “We just don’t worry about economic cycles,” George said. “When we are thinking 20 years out, it doesn’t matter a whole lot.” ... Continue Reading


Re: Unbelieveable Review????

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On 4/16/2014 VegasBusinessWoman said: Clearly, to comment in any negative way on a JR piece is akin to blasphemy. kind of like Wen...... Continue Reading


Re: ToGather Poll

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On 4/9/2014 stevieb said: I'm not really surprised if it's not taking off. I mean really, how can it? It's just a reorganized version of the same QVC merchandise. I looked at it a few times and while it is a little interesting to see what has jumped out at other shoppers, the bottom line is that unlike a broader based social shopping medium, which frankly holds little interest for me anyway, it's just very limited in scope because QVC is limited in scope. It chuckled when I looked at it. I know how to shop and figure things out. I sure don't need Q's help learning how to shop, dress, ... Continue Reading


Re: Kim Novak did hear the cruel comments

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As if Trump has any room to talk! Continue Reading


Re: What makes YOU very different from most of the QVC viewers/purchasers ???

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On 4/10/2014 MarthaStewardess said: I've been shopping with QVC since 1991. I used to buy often from them. Back then, they really were quality, value and convenience. Even if I didn't want to buy, it was often on as background noise. The hosts were professional and easy to listen to. Not anymore. I find the hosts now are loud, pushy, annoying and more interested in promoting themselves than telling the viewers about the products. The same old tired products are shown over and over again and the value and quality is missing. I agree. I can count the times I've watched Q during the last ... Continue Reading



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My dermatologist told me it isn't necessary to use a clarisonic or other brand. She said to be sure to wash, moisturize and exfoliate and I'd be fine. That's all I've ever done. I don't buy all the latest and greatest...I use good products appropriate for my age and skin. I'm weeks shy of 60 and most people think I'm in my late 40s. Continue Reading


Re: Unbelieveable Review????

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On 4/16/2014 muttmom said: On 4/16/2014 Pagan said: I think it's the reviewer to whom you owe an apology. Holding her up for public ridicule like this because she has a different opinion is inexcusable. I agree with you. Continue Reading


Re: Ready to take the plunge and color my own hair !!!

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I would never pay a stylist for color. I used to do hair and once you find a color you like over the counter, most are just as good as what any salon uses. Go to a place like Sally's (don't know if they are nationwide) and they can help you pick a color. Or take a mirror and use the samples hanging in box stores. I used to go one shade lighter than I thought wanted because many ran dark. Keep an eye on the box for red and ash. If you want to tone down the red tones, use ash. If you want more red, use red. Continue Reading



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Hi Spurt! It's fun to read your posts. I was telling someone that my Q viewing has tanked. I watched on the gold day in January.....and before that, I watched the gold day last August. Their line up just bores me, same old, same old, same old. I do check the schedule and look at products online but just don't watch much anymore. Continue Reading

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