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Re: 15% off at ShopHQ

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On 11/27/2014 insomniac said: Why is this posted under "Q Did What?" Perhaps OP was trying to give Q a hint? Continue Reading



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You know the old story about how the angel got on the top of the Christmas tree, right? I wonder if that's how the cat ended up there too. LOL. Spurt, thanks for the weekly entertainment. I love your posts. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. Continue Reading's the info you requested re: weight loss

Last Reply by jk9 1417149734.597 | Started by CalmInTheHeart in Beauty Banter

Hi. I posted your request below. I lost 65 pounds. It was difficult but I do feel so much better. I'm still 50 pounds overweight but, man, that 65 made a huge difference for me. I started working out in the wellness center at work. I observed people taking various kinds of classes with professional trainers who were contracted there. There are sign-ups every 13 weeks so I signed up. The trainer taught me how to exercise for the most benefit....weight/resistance training as well as the kinds of cardio needed. We also tracked everything that went into our mouths and she reviewed it o... Continue Reading


Re: Clarks Un.loop- 25% off

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Shoebuy is one of my favorite retailers! They have lots of discount codes all year long. They also award points so you can get $$ off your next shoe purchase. And they are on mrrebatesdotcom so you can get a little back that way too. Online Shoes is another good one with lots of discounts. The snag is that they charge you for the return label unless you buy something else when getting the label. But if you know you'll keep the shoes, they are a good place to shop too. Continue Reading


Re: Ok - I'm going to say it...Please QVC...

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On 11/26/2014 NJ4Jays said: its so embarrasing to hear they are so poorly spoken and some sound drunk why qvc The poorly spoken callers do not embarrass me....not everyone has the opportunities others have. I worry more about how callers are exploited on air, especially the elderly callers. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Lost 60 lbs and now have TURKEY NECK

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I lost 65 pounds and know what you mean. For me, I've chosen to live with it. It could be something worse and I'm happy to be healthier and happy. Continue Reading


Re: Rating Hosts

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I can't imagine anonymous posts being used to rate hosts. I sure wouldn't want nameless people impacting my performance reviews. I can't imagine the OP would either. Continue Reading


Re: Do you keep a "Soup Bucket" in your freezer??

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That's a good idea. I don't have a soup bucket but I periodically make large batches of soups and freeze them in single serve containers. They're great all winter long....and an easy dinner when you don't feel like cooking. I also take them to work for lunch. Continue Reading


Re: Diamond Day at Shop HQ-

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You have to be very careful with Chuck's diamonds. The quality is seriously lacking in a lot of them. However, I have picked up a piece or two in 14k over the years with good quality diamonds. I haven't watched much today because I do not wear or buy silver and have become bored to tears with Chuck going to almost all silver. Paul comes across too slick for my taste. I love Beverly Hills Gold and Sonia. BHG has a cross I'd love to have. Sonia has a tricolor ring that looks great too. I have the BHG angel wing pendant sold for the last couple of years and it's stunning. I love it. Continue Reading


Re: Do you put raw eggs in your cornbread dressing???

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We mix butter and honey to put on cornbread. I've never heard of any other dressing or topping for it. Continue Reading

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