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Another great report, Spurt! i look forward to your updates. Did all those animals fall asleep watching Q? Well, Sunday is diamond day on Evine so I might watch a minute or two of that. But I don't see anything on shopping channels worth watching this weekend. Another weekend of anything except Q. Continue Reading


Re: Dan W. gets called out for!

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On 3/27/2015 di-mc said: Many people consider proper eating etiquette very important. I've become queasy seeing some folks at restaurants. If you are eating on camera, every effort should be made to do it fastidiously. I can tolerate most of the ways people eat as long as they aren't making too much noise. I was at an upscale diner last week and looked up to see a man in a tank top with his hands resting on his head. While the tank was out of place, what really bothered me was seeing his armpits while I was eating. I'm sure others who saw him were just as appalled. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Claims Overblown?

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All the products in the world won't stop us from aging, it's going to happen whether or not we like it. Taking care of our skin is important and can make a real difference. But we sure don't have to spend a fortune doing it. I'm a firm believer in keeping it simple. I use a gentle cleanser morning and night. I wear a moisturizer during the day. I put on an Isomers serum at night. I exfoliate once a week with a gentle scrub. I'm almost 61 but people think I'm 50. Continue Reading


Re: 8 Ways Gloria Steinem Improved Our Lives

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I had my picture taken with Gloria at a female agent event (insurance/securities) my company held about 18 years ago. She gave the keynote speech and was very good. Continue Reading


Re: Dear qvc.

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I guess I don't understand the angst about a post or thread being poofed. Continue Reading


Re: Only about four months till Christmas in July!

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I think Q's CIJ, CIA, CIS, CIO, CIN and CID are akin to cleaning out the basement. They sold them same junk last year that they've sold for many years and repeated it ad nauseam through December. Continue Reading


Re: Dan W. gets called out for!

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On 3/26/2015 Cas said: OMG, I'm sure she was kidding with him. I can't believe the things you people complain about! It's hysterical! I agree, people are just over the top. You can find fault anywhere if your eyes are open. I'd love to trade my real problems for some of the things people complain about on these forums. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else tired of all day program categories?

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I guess it all depends on what each person likes. I love all day 14k gold shows...with and without gems. But I will pass on the others. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn is a little disrespectful

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On 3/26/2015 Johnnyeager said: I am so tired of the self-appointed, self-anointed posting police telling others what they may or may not discuss. Amen! Continue Reading


Re: Diabetes Free

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If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Continue Reading

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