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Re: Recommendations, please -- Linea summer wardrobe

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JustJazzmom, thanks for the feather jersey suggestion -- I'll look at the different options and hopefully can find colours for Winters (I do better in jewel tones, navy, black or white). Marilyn, thanks, I'll explore the denims, crepes, and georgette fabrics. Sheesh, pretty skirt -- I need to push myself out of my comfort zone since I don't wear that many prints -- but the summer time is the best time to try new things. I hope this print is 'slimming'! Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations, please -- Linea summer wardrobe

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Sheesh, thanks! I'll start looking at the moss crepe items. You know I always appreciate your recommendations ... although my wallet is still recovering from YOUR recommendation that I try whisper knits JustJazzmom, I generally do NOT go sleeveless and I tend to REALLY overheat in the summer. In the past, I wore silk and linen in Spring and Autumn and only 100% cotton during the warm summer months. Fabrics have changed so much AND my lifestyle is much less "dry clean only" these days (thankfully). I am interested in the Linea cotton blend t-shirt dresses but I actually look better in sep... Continue Reading


Re: Sneak peek-cardi with lace sleeves

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sigh, I want all 3 colours! Continue Reading


Recommendations, please -- Linea summer wardrobe

Last Reply by Sheesh 1424880197.83 | Started by Merrylass in Linea

Ladies, I started my Linea infatuation in June 2014 with the cotton blend mock neck elbow length sweater (A87423) and the drawstring ponte knit skirt (A233183) in several colours and then discovered whisper knits (oh boy, did I ever discover whisper knits) Other than whisper knits, ponte knits, and a few cotton blend items (shirts, sweaters), I have not explored the other Linea fabrics. What would you recommend for a Linea summer wardrobe (hey, I NEED to believe the snow will disappear soon). Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated!! Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone recieve A263783 Milano in Navy?

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I checked the Milano navy cardigan against both pairs of my navy whisper knit pants and they match (I checked in bright sunlight). The Milano navy cardigan also matches my navy ponte knit pants and skirt. Oddly my navy whisper knit skirt is a different navy shade which I never noticed before. Continue Reading


Re: Review of Milano Stitch Cardigan (A263783)

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On 2/12/2015 kze said: MerryLass, I am large in the mid section. Does it go in a lot at the waist? I'm wondering if I should size up. I'm generous in the bust but not really large. Thanks. Kze, the cardigan is NOT that fitted (it doesn't nip or taper into the waist ) - the seam from the underarm to the hip is fairly straight. Continue Reading


Re: All Day Chemist Reviews

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I have used them as well and used checks to pay. Continue Reading


Re: Review of Milano Stitch Cardigan (A263783)

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SHOPR and 2E, I think you will be pleased by the length - it provides enough coverage and skims the body nicely. Emerald and Seka, because it is a knit, we probably could have purchased our regular size and as a cotton knit, it would have stretched to accommodate our build. I admit that I was worried about shrinkage with a cotton blend so it factored in my decision to size up. I hope everyone receives their cardigans soon and like them as much as I like mine. Continue Reading


Re: Review of Milano Stitch Cardigan (A263783)

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On 2/12/2015 LuvitorLIT said: Thanks for your review and I should have placed my order as soon as it was available now sadly I am on waitlist for the tangerine; I am keeping my fingers crossd that my order is filled. Oh I hope you get the tangerine! I suspect that you will get the tangerine especially since new colours are expected in March (white and sunburst yellow). I really like the colour saturation on all 3 cardigans that I ordered. Continue Reading


Re: OT: Boston's "Break Up Letter" with Snow!

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Very cute -- thanks for the chuckle!! Continue Reading

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