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Re: Pearl necklace J296988, Pictures.....

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On 7/31/2014 anisha said: Hi Merrylass,thank you. I took a chance on these pearls and they turned out to be gorgeous . The clad version is beautiful too - I own that as well, but this one is hypnotic . I am happy to help in the temptation dept !!! LOL ... perhaps we should be known as "Enablers R Us"!! Hmmm, since you have both necklaces, would it be too much to ask for a comparison picture of the 2 necklaces next to each other? TIA!! Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Peel....2 Uses or More?

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It seems possible but you may want to put the unused portion into a Ziploc bag to minimize contamination. Continue Reading


Re: Are SKINN products good quality/results? low price of TS makes me leery & I don't know how to evaluate ingredient decks

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Again, your mileage may vary (YMMV). Not all so-called irritants will irritate everyone -even those with highly sensitive skin. Hopefully the OP knows what irritates her skin ... or will start experimenting to learn what her skin likes and dislikes. It takes time to experiment but thankfully she will only be out the cost of shipping if she doesn't like the products. Continue Reading


Re: OT/do you see the glass half empty or half full?

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I'm grateful to have a glass and the opportunity to fill it. Some of the worst experiences in my life led to the greatest joys so now I am just grateful to be alive. Continue Reading


Re: Are SKINN products good quality/results? low price of TS makes me leery & I don't know how to evaluate ingredient decks

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YMMV ... I used to only use Isomers along with Retin-A but now I layer Skinn on top of Isomers. I don't like everything in either line but I have been impressed with many items in both lines. My skin is very sensitive and acne prone - I see my dermatologist monthly - but I have never had problems with Isomers and only 1 reaction to a Skinn product. Before switching to Isomers 10 years ago, I used (and had some problems with) La Mer, Jonka, Clarins, and just about every high end Spa or department store skincare line. My recommendation to the OP is to experiment and see whether Skinn will wo... Continue Reading


Re: White Cord - PICS!!!

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Drag, I KNEW I should have ordered these! Thanks for the pictures - enjoy in great health. Continue Reading


Re: Butterscotch cuff & ring review w/pics

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Very pretty! Enjoy in great health! Continue Reading


Re: Pearl necklace J296988, Pictures.....

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Wowee, that is gorgeous! I thought this necklace was the same as the clad necklace (J290384) so I didn't look too closely but it is stunning. Thanks for sharing the picture - I have put this on my wish list. My wallet is glaring at you for providing the temptation Continue Reading


Re: Oh

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I love pearls too and these are pretty but I am a little disappointed on the price of the earrings ($526) and necklace ($394.56) which seems a little high for 12mm pearls. The mabe pearl bypass ring is $187.92. Hopefully anyone who buys these items will share their reviews so I can live vicariously through their excitement Continue Reading


Re: Green Goddess Monaco Pictures

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Pamula, I DID order the Green Goddess Monaco -- I figure if I don't keep it, I'll give it to my mother as part of her Christmas present (yes, I am one of "those people" who buys gifts throughout the year). Mom and I wear the same ring size -- Mom loves emeralds and she loved the other green goddess ring I gave her for Mother's Day this year. Continue Reading

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