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Re: Ladies, It Is With Great Sadness That I Share With You...

In Judith Ripka 1397790414.813

I am so sad and sorry to read this. Indy was a gracious, warm-hearted woman who was willing to share her life's experiences and her wonderful humour. In addition to her love of her family, her very dear husband, and her jewelry, Indy also had a passion for her dogs and I was lucky to have many conversations and emails with her about our dogs. She truly was a wonderful person and she will be missed. My prayers for Indy and her loved ones. Continue Reading


Re: Great Results for Collagen Pills Include Firmer Skin

In Beauty Banter 1397094755.583

On 4/6/2014 nunu4u said: We had a long thread about Neocell collagen years ago...Camp Collagen, it was titled. I am also taking the Beauty Burst chew form now, I like the Fruit Punch flavor. They are great in the afternoon to stave off hunger before dinner. I remember Camp Collagen I used to mix the Neocell collagen powder with Emergen-C vitamin C powder and water and drink it before bed. It helped with my insomnia ... hmmm, I need to get back into drinking it. The Beauty Burst chew helps on the rare occasion my sweet tooth acts up Continue Reading


Re: Gold Clad

In Judith Ripka 1395715421.07

My neighbour has an early clad piece which she had worn faithfully every day. The clad has worn off in many areas -- she said she never takes off the bracelet (not even when she showers). I hesitated to buy any clad pieces until I realized that I ALWAYS take off my jewelry -- every piece is 'gently' worn so I imagine the longevity of the clad depends on how much wear and tear you expect. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Getting J292240 The Amethyst and/or Blue Topaz Bracelet?

In Judith Ripka 1395713329.333

Congrats to everyone who purchased (or is receiving) this bracelet in either colour way! Wear it in great health! Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1395713208.04

Nice review and congrats on the cuff. I imagine it would look stunning against jewel tones too ... a blue outfit matching the blue topaz or a purple outfit matching the amethyst ... wonder how it would look against a soft lemon yellow outfit Enjoy coming up with the perfect outfits to set off the cuff!! Continue Reading


Re: HOLY COW!!!! The Confetti Cuff!

In Judith Ripka 1395712762.037

Wowee, that is a lovely piece. Congrats and enjoy it in great health!! Continue Reading


Re: Brown TSV watch arrived today....not happy at all

In Judith Ripka 1395712674.737

Oh, no! It's sad to look forward to receiving something wonderful and then being disappointed when you open the box -- and it's a pain in the tushy to repackage the item to send it back. Hopefully you'll find something better! Continue Reading


Re: Golden beryl ring - astonishing!

In Judith Ripka 1391874914.587

Wow, lovely review and yes, I think your husband truly is priceless for his thoughtfulness even in the midst of a family emergency. My prayers for the speedy recovery of your FIL and my condolences for the loss of your cat. Wear your lovely ring in great health. Continue Reading


Re: "Contessa" pearl necklace - so very regal (J290384 review with pics)

In Judith Ripka 1391874581.017

Ladies, thanks for your kind words -- the recent Ripka designs really amazed me. I admit I was stunned by some of the prices but I really could not resist the pearl pieces. I did order the pearl TSV in sterling and the pearls in the TSV are 'okay' but I purchased the TSV for the versatility and for the design (really like the engineering of the piece). The quality of the pearls in this necklace exceeds the quality of the pearls in the TSV. Me2Me, I hope to have the matching pearl cuff on Monday and I'll share pics and review once I receive it. Continue Reading


Re: Ripka Green Chalcedony necklace....Delicious!

In Judith Ripka 1391873818.89

Wow, congratulations! Thanks for sharing your review -- these pieces are now on my wishlist!! Continue Reading

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