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Re: Ripkanista dog/animal lovers O/T - my Yorkie Paris II

In Judith Ripka 1413590634.83

I had hoped and prayed for his recovery and I'm sorry for your loss. My prayers for you and your family. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Lucky Peach re: Pootie

In Judith Ripka 1413136918.707

Another trick is to use a food processor to puree cooked chicken, beef, or liver and mix it with the DogSure (or unflavoured Pediasure) to the consistency of a thin apple sauce and feed it via a puppy nursing bottle (cut a larger hole in the nipple). I've found that feeding the Nutri-Cal every couple of hours (easiest to apply to your clean finger and have the puppy lick it off or if he isn't interested, 'wipe' it onto his tongue), followed by DogSure (either "straight" or pureed with Pootie's favourite protein) in a bottle every 2 hours helps. Every teaspoon of Nutri-Cal and tablespoon of ... Continue Reading


O/T Lucky Peach re: Pootie

Last Reply by Pepper22 1413349207.73 | Started by Merrylass in Judith Ripka

I read that you are force feeding your little yorkie and I have 2 suggestions to help. Dogsure is similar to Ensure and Pediasure - if your little one is drinking fluids on his own, then you can serve it in a dish or bottle feed him. The other is Nuti-Cal for Puppies which will help stimulate his appetite. Both items can be purchased at Amazon. In a pinch you can purchase unflavoured Pediasure and add chicken or beef broth to it. Make sure the broth is low sodium. I've used these products when my Westie was recovering from cancer and more recently for my Silky with the approval of our veterin... Continue Reading


Re: New Magnetic Enhancers Question

In Judith Ripka 1412991163.133

I would imagine that the new magnetic pieces would work with the old pieces -- it would encourage those of us who already have the "old" pieces to buy the new enhancers ... of course, I may be over-thinking it Continue Reading


Re: New Blue Doublet Ring - Pics

In Judith Ripka 1412976213.083

WOWZA!!! BGDC, what a perfect addition to your blue collection!! I was really tempted but I'm trying to be good (hard to believe!) Enjoy that beauty in great health! Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green -- can a "winter" wear it?

In Linea 1412975983.343

Ladies, thank you so much! I received my first hunter green item (recent OTO WK cardigan) and it is great! I didn't realize the color was so dark -- when I first opened the package, I thought it was black! As a "deep" winter, I can wear the dark (shade) colours. The only down side to this ... I must get the hunter green pants, skirt, and other tops Sheesh, I bet you look stunning in the hunter green whisper knit outfit with red leather blazer -- very stylish!! I confess that I purchased almost every whisper knit and ponte knit item in Navy (THE core colour of my wardrobe) -- and lots of b... Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green -- can a "winter" wear it?

In Linea 1412688389.377

ivey and happy housewife, thanks! I look great in "British Racing Green" (another blue-based dark green) but I couldn't tell about Linea's Hunter Green from pictures and TV and I hate doing returns. Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green -- can a "winter" wear it?

In Linea 1412688103.883

Cookie, thank you for your feedback (my wallet isn't so thrilled) -- it helps my decision about several Linea tops. PilatesLover, I had my colours done way back in the 80's after Carole Jackson's book, "Color Me Beautiful", was published. There are several websites that offer information but I like Pretty Your World since it provides a lot of information. The Pretty Your World website expands on the seasons (Cool, Deep, Clear) and I'm a Deep Winter. FavoriteSon, thanks for sharing Louis's explanation. Continue Reading


Hunter Green -- can a "winter" wear it?

Last Reply by lavendar 1413253537.903 | Started by Merrylass in Linea

I'm still fairly new to Linea (started purchasing this summer) and I've purchased several basics in navy, black, and charcoal grey which are good colours for me. As a "winter", I look best in primary colours (black, white, navy, red, etc) and in jewel tones (emerald, sapphire blue, ruby) but horrible in muted shades. I know that I cannot wear anything olive but I'm wondering about Hunter Green. Can I wear hunter green against my face? Your input is appreciated! Continue Reading


Re: The New Titanic

In Judith Ripka 1410476433.88

Dare I say it ... where are the pictures? Continue Reading

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