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Re: It's December!! How Are You Styling Linea Today?

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I went into the office for the Christmas party and I was thrilled to wear the Linea hunter green whisper knit cardigan, turtleneck, and pants with my black lizard leather Bruno Magli pumps. I wore my Judith Ripka 34" strand of Laguna pearls, 36" baroque pearls, and baroque pearl earrings edited to remove HUGE picture!! Continue Reading


Re: why wont jan insider come up?

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The online magazine is usually posted on the 15th of the month (give or take a day or two) - hopefully the January Insider will be online on Monday. The paper version seems to show up in my mailbox about a week later! Continue Reading


Re: Skinn or Isomers Products

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I have been using Isomers for about 10 years and it has changed my sensitive, highly reactive skin to much calmer skin. The challenge has been finding the right serums and creams for me since Isomers offers so many formulations -- and for a while I purchased almost every TSV! If you identify what skin issues you want to address, then contact Isomers and speak to Pat or Lori to help determine which items to purchase (or go to the Isomers website and click on "suggested routines" at the upper right). About 3 - 4 years ago I added several Skinn products to my cold weather skincare routine. Si... Continue Reading


Re: It's December!! How Are You Styling Linea Today?

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Wow. you ladies continue to inspire me! My Linea collection continues to grow rapidly (love, love whisper knits) but I'm still wearing sweats most days (work long, crazy hours from home). My 2015 resolution will be to go into the office at least once a week JUST to dress up in my nice Linea items PLEASE continue this thread -- it is full of inspiration and creativity! I hope to start contributing regularly soon Continue Reading


Re: Pamela McCoy items are up on ShopHQ

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I am disappointed with the current pieces shown in the Pamela McCoy Collection -- faux leather is NOT what I want (I have many of her lamb leather pieces and they still look like new). HOWEVER Pam has stated on her facebook page that real leather is coming to the collection. Although people have asked about Tissavel on her page, I did not see an answer on whether she will be bringing back her Tissavel faux furs. My wallet is safe ... for now Continue Reading


Re: happy earring backs

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Earring doctor has various products -- Le Disc Plus provide the larger, secure backs. The price is $4.50 for 6 pairs (1box). You can buy the large metal earring back as well. Continue Reading


Re: Pamela McCoy

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I have many of Pam McCoy's leather and suede jackets and skirts as well as many of her Tissavel faux fur coats (I lucked out on great sale prices when Shopnbc was eliminating the Pam McCoy collection). I have been very pleased with the quality of the pieces I own -- the lamb leather is still incredibly soft and the Tissavel coats are warm and feel like real fur (although I like the look of fur, I choose not to wear real fur). Most of my Pam McCoy leather, suede, and faux fur pieces still look new after years of wear (I do try to take good care of all my things). Hopefully the new collection w... Continue Reading


Re: Paging BGDC

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Ladies, thanks for the compliment -- I don't have many clad pieces but I do like the few that I own. Everyone has such lovely pieces and it's inspiring to look at the combinations of colour and style. I especially appreciate the pictures shared by Anisha, BGDC, and others Continue Reading


Re: How do you wear a pin on a sweater?

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Vegas, I'm sorry to read about your brooch. It's great that you were able to get it repaired but you must have felt sick when you damaged it! Continue Reading


Re: How do you wear a pin on a sweater?

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Glad to contribute a helpful hint. I love brooches and I hate the thought of losing any so this was my solution. For larger pins, I remove the eraser off a pencil and use it as a makeshift stopper if I cannot use the earring stopper. It's easy enough to cut the eraser smaller if it is too big. Continue Reading

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