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Re: Any hints on January items yet?

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On 11/20/2014 CathyRD said: A223652 Lace Jacket with linen trim ... Reorders coming in Navy and also in Pale/Perfectly Pink if I recall right! YIPPEE, I was hoping that it wasn't my imagination -- I don't have the Lace Jacket but would like to get it in Navy ... and perfectly pink and black would be nice too. Hope I like the quilted jacket too Continue Reading


Re: Any hints on January items yet?

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On October 21, Louis answered a question with "...Someone else asked if there will be any more Mulberry sweaters….besides the swing tunic and poncho….no….There will be a sweater in Jan with just a touch of Mulberry on it, but it is mostly walnut." I suspect it will be similar to the stone top with Carmel blue ...or not. I'm looking forward to the navy quilted jacket and the navy lace jacket (I believe Louis noted it as a reorder ... or maybe it's wishful thinking on my part). Lots of new will be exciting! Continue Reading


Re: Any hints on January items yet?

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Grace, in Louis' s response to Cela on 14 November, he mentions a LBD: Louis Dell'Olio November 14, 2014 at 4:52 PM Hi Cela….when you say you saw the 1990 show, what do you mean…a video? I’ll have a LBD for the Jan. show. Continue Reading


Re: Any hints on January items yet?

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The Kate shirt will be in clay and stone (new colours) and a new LBD (little black dress) Continue Reading


Re: Any hints on January items yet?

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I hope someone has a more complete list but here is my understanding of what will be available in January: --A237402 WK swing cardigan in lapis blue and black (I believe these are new colours for this existing item). There is another WK swing cardigan (A233950) but it is about 1.25 shorter than A237402 --NEW crew neck WK top in stone and 2 other colours (don't remember the details) -- which may be NEW A257382 ENR jewel neck, short sleeved shell (as described by Happy Lady in another thread) -- NEW longer length Stone top with a band of caneel blue (colour is shown in another thread) -- A22365... Continue Reading


Re: How do you wear a pin on a sweater?

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I always use an earring stopper with pins and brooches before latching the pin closed -- this way, if the latch opens, the pin does not fall off. Insert the pin through the fabric and then slip on the clear earring stopper. Push the earring stopper up the pin and then latch the pin closed. The earring stopper prevents the pin from slipping out of the fabric and falling off -- this works really well unless the fabric is very loose weave. Continue Reading


Re: WK's are on 2 EP's ...

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I thank you for the heads up ... my wallet on the other hand is not as happy Continue Reading



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Jazzy, I just read about your health issues -- my prayers for a complete recovery in time for your travels. Hope you have a wonderful vacation in Germany! Continue Reading



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Just dropping in to say "hello" and apologize for not keeping up with everyone. Hope everyone is doing well! I haven't purchased any new watches lately but my ongoing objective is to WEAR what I have ... sadly I have several watches that I have YET to wear so I'll continue to live vicariously through YOUR purchases Continue Reading


Re: It's November - How are you styling your Linea today?

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On 11/14/2014 GraceCO said: On 11/11/2014 Merrylass said: I started buying Linea items in June this year and really like the quality and classic design. I rarely dress up since I work from home so I was delighted to dress up a bit to meet a friend for lunch yesterday. I was completely in navy whisper knits with the turtleneck, pants, and recent OTO cardigan with navy socks and navy leather flats. Combined with the Judith Ripka statement necklace with matching bracelet, and Ripka pearl and sapphire stud earrings, red leather Lancel bag and Ripka red watch, I felt rather sophisticated with... Continue Reading

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