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Super Saturday JAI Bracelet

Last Reply by jewel crazy 1406484334.573 | Started by kcubed in Jewelry Talk

I ordered this turquoise bracelet last night. I love the toggle clasp. I think it will go well with my croco cuff bracelet. I saw on the Super Saturday link that JAI is a gold level donator. Does that mean that they will offer more items today? I absolutely love JAI. The pieces are of such high quality. I am so happy that there will be 2 JAI shows in August. I can't wait to see the new designs. Do I have any sisters in the love of JAI???????? Continue Reading



In Mom to Mom Forum 1405986764.963

On 7/21/2014 jubilant said: You raise your children and you do the best you can. You never stop being concerned for them. It is normal to be concerned, especially when you expect there could be trouble ahead for them. If the opportunity arises again or you should hear her fiancé make another crack about her could just smile and say ...I'm very proud of her....she has worked hard to get where she is. We all would love to spare our children any pain but life doesn't work that way. It is very hard for parents to step back but we need to. If she expresses a concern or asks... Continue Reading


Re: Ugh! How long does Christmas in July last

In Beauty Banter 1405861983.857

On 7/19/2014 Kind1too said: They have some beauty products. You should have them used by Christmas, so you can return the empties and say it wasn't long lasting. I have had a very bad morning! I decided to relax a bit and come to the boards. This made me laugh!!!! Thanks so much! I needed that. This year, the CIJ events seem to be more prevalent than usual. I remember these things being just a couple of days in July, but Christmas is taking over the entire month. Even the Hallmark Channel is running Christmas movies all month long. I don't want to watch a Christmas movie in July. Yo... Continue Reading


Re: Yesterday's JAI Show --- Scott was missed!

In Jewelry Talk 1405569170.6

I think he is a person who really cares about presenting quality products. He also seems to be so helpful to the customers, so I am sure that he is seeing to it that this problems gets fixed. I really like that necklace, but it is really not in my price range. I am sure that the women who bought it expecting a 20 inch necklace feel disappointed, but honestly I would prefer an 18 inch on that one. A 20 inch necklace is hard for me to wear, because it is too long to fit with a scoop or a V neckline and too short to wear with a turtleneck. It just gets in the way of a neckline. Also, in my... Continue Reading


Re: Prescriptives Super Line Preventor OR When Hope Is Not Enough Serum

In Beauty Banter 1405567989.653

I used Prescriptives SLP for a long time. I recently tried the Philosophy Back to Nurture Gelee, and I think I like that a bit better. My skin is dry, and this gelee really helps the dryness. After the Gelee, I use Hope in a Jar for dry skin. I put a bit of turbo booster powder in the moisturizer. I am really happy with the results. Continue Reading


Yesterday's JAI Show --- Scott was missed!

Last Reply by depglass 1405604331.59 | Started by kcubed in Jewelry Talk

Yesterday, there was a JAI clearance show that was on at 5:00 am. I watched it on the QVC Plus Channel at 8:00. JAI is my favorite designer silver line on QVC. In my opinion, there are not nearly enough JAI shows. I was so excited to see this one, but without Scott, it just wasn't the same. There is another show listed for July 30, but it is in the middle of the night. There are no more shows listed for that day or the day before or after. I have a feeling that might be another one without Scott since when he visits, there are usually more than one show. I can't wait for the next sho... Continue Reading


Re: Melanoma that spread

In Health & Fitness 1405052621.28

I don't have any experience with this, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Continue Reading


If I never again hear the words Bronzo Italia

Last Reply by stevieb 1404989063.18 | Started by kcubed in Jewelry Talk

it will be too soon. The Bronzo pieces are taking over the Vicenza Style shows. Really it is taking over all jewelry shows. I wish the Q would get back to 14k pieces (or 18k for that matter) in the Vicenza shows. Continue Reading


Re: I have a hair dryer recommendation.

In Beauty Banter 1404619231.027

On 7/5/2014 rebel said: thanks for the review. sounds like a good dryer! Thanks for your nice comment. Continue Reading


Re: I have a hair dryer recommendation.

In Beauty Banter 1404619153.343

On 7/5/2014 Skylands said: My experience with Conair: 1) very heavy, wears your arm out 2) leaves your hair fried and frizzy No thank U. Alrighty then. Continue Reading

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