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Re: Jai John Hardy suggestion

In Jewelry Talk 1414122141.627

I agree. I would love to have a small croco head on a chord. I would also love to have a small version of the ring. Jai is not on nearly enough. Continue Reading


Re: Does Anyone Else Think There is Something Wrong with Barry Manilow's Voice on the Q Session?

In Q News 1413656099.88

On 10/18/2014 BOYINTX said: On 10/18/2014 chrystaltree said: He's just old..... His fans won't notice or care. I don't go to "oldie" concerts. Especially if it's an entertainer that I loved. If it's music that I love and still listen to. I prefer to enjoy them when they were at the top. well said. I refuse to look back. I try very hard to stay current. Some just do not retire,and can feed on adoration and the past and in someway it keeps them going. I think that is healthy. Well said? Are you kidding me? We were just having a conversation at work about how young people today have no respe... Continue Reading


Re: Antonella's Jewelry Box Special Show Sunday! 9/14

In Jewelry Talk 1410576372.627

I love her and can't wait till the show. I saw on his facebook page that Scott Grimes will join her. I love JAI. I'm glad she is including this line in her show. Continue Reading


Re: JAI Croco new pieces

In Jewelry Talk 1410576011.717

I really love these pieces. I can't believe that no one has replied to your post. I think many poster have not yet discovered the beauty of JAI. This jewelry line is what jewelry used to be years ago. The quality is wonderful. This line is definitely my favorite line on QVC. Did you buy these items? I bought both in the smoky quartz. I love the croco texturing. Continue Reading


Re: I today's Dell TSV a good deal? Is anyone buying?

In Electronics Talk 1410305786.673

On 9/9/2014 Lynnj said: KittymomNC - you are welcome. I am happy to hear that I didn't waste my time typing all of that, and someone took it to heart. I am happy to hear that you conducted further research on your own to validate. We can't always believe everything we read and see online. Just because I may say so, doesn't always mean I am right. But as you see, in this case I was right. What's a good computer brand? That's the million dollar question. Tons of threads in the forum always asking that same question. Everyone posts different opinions. I am a Mac gal now, had enough problems with... Continue Reading


Re: I today's Dell TSV a good deal? Is anyone buying?

In Electronics Talk 1410123937.487

Thank you all so much. I didn't realize that it was such old technology. I have found two possibilities locally. 1. Dell with 4th Generation Intel Core 13-3020u Processor. 2. HP AMD Quad-Core A4-6010 3. HP A-6-6310 I would so appreciate any thoughts on these. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: I today's Dell TSV a good deal? Is anyone buying?

In Electronics Talk 1410094077.297

I was planning on going out today to look for one. There are some that seem to be around the same price, but they do not have a DVD player, the 4 year virus protection or the 4 year help from Dell. The help from Dell may not be worth anything, but the other 2 items are. I would love Microsoft Office, but I don't want it for just a year. I want it for the life of the computer. I don't like the 365 thing at all. Thanks for all the replies. I am still confused. Continue Reading


I today's Dell TSV a good deal? Is anyone buying?

Last Reply by kittymomNC 1410631093.2 | Started by kcubed in Electronics Talk

I have been in the market for an inexpensive laptop for my own personal use. My desktop is running so slowly now. My daughters use it all the time for so many things. I want one for me that I can protect and count on. This seems like a perfect laptop for me. I have been comparing prices and this seems like a good price. I would love some opinions on this one. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: TSV 9/7

In TSV Talk 1410054874.5

Does anyone know any details about the computer? Price? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Who Uses Revlon Colorstay Automatic Eyeliner

In Beauty Banter 1409111528.297

I agree. This has been my favorite for years. I just bought a new one, and boy has it changed. It seems softer to me. And it sure smears! Continue Reading

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