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Re: Employee secrets from Sephora

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Well, at least you know when you go in, you will get some help and attention. At my local Ulta, it is impossible to even find a sales associate. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Rinna...good news/bad news

In Fashion Talk 1431821654.73

On 5/15/2015 doodles76 said: No go for me ; agree about quality vs price lately. Disappointing / Since watching her on "housewives" no class, dignity whatsoever in her personal life. You know, I have always loved Lisa Rinna. I was happy to see that she joined the RHOBH cast because she seemed to be so much fun. She seemed to be the type of girl that most would love to have as a girl friend. Unfortunately, her foul mouth ruined my image of her. I have no girl friends that use that kind of language in general conversation. Continue Reading


Re: Started in About Her Daughter's...

In Linea 1431785446.647

On 5/16/2015 Kayce said: I've always liked Jane but getting tired of this: 'Shoe shopping with Jane', 'Jamming with Jane'. Jane this, Jane that. She loves to say her name! I'm sure the hosts are not the ones who come up with the titles of the shows. Jane is one of my favorite hosts. She knows her stuff and is very professional but very pleasant to listen to. I know you can't please everyone, but I really don't understand the negative opinions some have about her. Continue Reading


Re: Liz TSV (Maxi Dress)

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On 5/15/2015 Jackielee said: For those who say that they never see a maxi dress anywhere-where the heck do you live?!! I counted at least 12 of them at church last week. See them at the grocery store, at the mall, at school when moms are picking up their kids, when I dine in restaurants, etc. And to those who say that they've never seen a maxi dress look good on anyone? So disagree!! I recently went to a wedding and I will say that many women of a certain age (I'm 63) they would have done much better wearing a maxi dress than some of the short dresses that they had on. Personally, my legs don... Continue Reading


Re: Chipotle Is Now Non-GMO

In Health & Fitness 1431182132.34

The responses on this thread just goes to show that you can't please everyone. For those of us who love Chipotle, this is great news. I just wish there was one closer to my house. I have to drive across town to enjoy the delicious food. Continue Reading


Re: Question about a family member misspelling my name

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On 4/29/2015 Nancy Drew said: I have a SIL who married a man named Drinkwater and her mother doesn't like him so for 10 ears she addresses it as Stinkwater! This has been a long, hard day for me. I decided to come to the boards for a minute before going to bed. This made me laugh so hard!!!!!! I really needed that today!!!!! Thanks for posting this. Continue Reading


Re: far more important things......

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On 4/25/2015 Dusty1 said: If no one speaks up & says "do we have to use foul language so casually?". Or "Are we okay with people being mean to each other, just because 'it's done all of the time'?", then some people won't even stop & think about it. We are talking about it & finding out that it's not okay with all of us, so maybe a few of us will stop & think before we drop an f bomb (That would be me.) or jump at the chance to criticize someone else. And, maybe, slowly we will be a small change. When we write something, we are communicating to the world who we are. Our cho... Continue Reading


Re: New Ripka LOVE necklace is $164

In Judith Ripka 1428513222.693

I see that the new price is a QVC price. Hopefully, before the next Ripka show, there will be a featured price. The price is still a bit high for silver and cz stones in my humble opinion. Continue Reading


Re: New Judith Ripka "LOVE" Necklace

In Judith Ripka 1428192523.757

That absolutely has to be a mistake. Did anyone call CS? Continue Reading


Re: Jamie...

In Beauty Banter 1428191938.43

I really like her a lot and enjoy her presentations. Continue Reading

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