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Re: Has anyone had experience with Social Security Disability attorneys?

In Health & Fitness 1419097551.49

If she has worked over 30 years, could she possibly retire? What profession was she in before her illness? Will she draw a pension when she retires? If so, that may be more money than she will get from SS. Continue Reading


Re: Croco Christmas

In Jewelry Talk 1418437593.35

Thanks so much for posting that the enhancer is up. It looks absolutely beautiful. I just bought it and the leather chord. I have been waiting so long hoping that an enhancer would be a reality! Now I want a leather bracelet. I have become croco crazy!!!!! Which color of the bracelet is everyone ordering? All are so pretty. How does a girl decide? Continue Reading


Re: Croco Christmas

In Jewelry Talk 1417915154.547

Thank you both. It seems to be sold out with no waitlist, but I am glad to know that it looks nice. Hopefully it will come back in stock. Texas, I am sorry to take over your thread. I can't wait to hear about your lovely bracelet. Continue Reading


Re: Croco Christmas

In Jewelry Talk 1417906429.07

I just saw it, and it is spectacular! I have been waiting for the croco enhancer. I just saw on facebook that it was available earlier in the week?????? I can't find an item number. I guess I just missed it. I hope you love your new cuff. Please post back when you receive it and tell us how you like it. I have become a JAI addict. It is great to see a fellow JAI lover. I don't think this lines gets nearly enough buzz on these boards. The pieces are such high quality items. I just can't seem to get enough. Continue Reading


Re: calista hot rollers

In Beauty Banter 1416678504.86

I have the older set with the large rollers, but my base only holds 6 curlers at a time. That is a big pain to deal with. They get very hot, but I love that. That is why the curl is so good and long lasting. I can handle hot for beauty!!!!! I just wish she would make a roller with a 1 1/2 inch diameter, or even a 1 3/4 inch. The 2 inch just seems to big. The 1 1nd 1 1/4 is too small for shoulder length hair if loose curls is desired. I have a set of Conair rollers with a mixture of 1 1/2 and 1 3/4, and it is absolutely perfect. If this set were duplicated in the Calista, I would be ... Continue Reading


Re: TSV vs other Calista sets?

In Beauty Banter 1416678138.553

I would not care about the heat control. Yes, the older ones do get hot, but that is what makes the great curl. I would never use the lower setting anyway. Boy, the price on amazon is good. The clips for the longer ones are not the big clips, however. I have the long ones, but my base only holds 6 at a time. That is such a pain. I can't believe that the amazon ones offer the 12 curler base for that price. Just wish the clips were larger. Continue Reading


Question about Fresh Cream Body Lotion

Last Reply by candlekid 1416879841.293 | Started by kcubed in philosophy

I have two tubes of this. They are not old. The both are yellow. The first one was yellow when I received it. The second was white but has turned yellow. Both smell fine. Do you think they are OK to use? Has anyone else had trouble with this lotion turning yellow? Continue Reading


Re: JAI John Hardy

In Jewelry Talk 1416166733.113

I sure hope the line is not discontinued. I am a huge JAI fan. The quality of the pieces is much higher than any of the other designer lines on QVC. I think this line has not been advertised enough. The shows are too infrequent and are usually on in the middle of the night. There needs to be more shows in prime time slots. Once a customer orders a piece, she will be hooked. QVC just needs to get the word out about how great this line is. Continue Reading


Re: JAI John Hardy chain lunchtime special....check your order price

In Jewelry Talk 1415752063.207

I saw that it was a LTS, while at work. I was in the middle of something, and planned to go back and order it. I got caught up in something and forgot to order for several hours. By the time I ordered, the necklace was on waitlist. I sure hope I get it. It is a beauty. I love JAI!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use oysters for any holiday meal?

In Recipe Swap 1415751364.74

On 11/11/2014 ECBG said: On 11/11/2014 tigriss said: We steam them when we clean out the boiler after making cane syrup in the barn. We harvest sugar cane and make syrup every fall just before the first hard freeze. That is often around Thanksgiving. We roast a half a hog and fresh deer sausage plus have soups and stew on the wood burning stove and bake biscuits for the syrup. We also have cakes and sweets to follow. I just shuck them because I don't eat them. I have texture issues with them, but I like mussels and clams, but not oysters. That is absolute amazing!!! Thank you SO much for ble... Continue Reading

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