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Re: far more important things......

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On 4/25/2015 Dusty1 said: If no one speaks up & says "do we have to use foul language so casually?". Or "Are we okay with people being mean to each other, just because 'it's done all of the time'?", then some people won't even stop & think about it. We are talking about it & finding out that it's not okay with all of us, so maybe a few of us will stop & think before we drop an f bomb (That would be me.) or jump at the chance to criticize someone else. And, maybe, slowly we will be a small change. When we write something, we are communicating to the world who we are. Our cho... Continue Reading


Re: New Ripka LOVE necklace is $164

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I see that the new price is a QVC price. Hopefully, before the next Ripka show, there will be a featured price. The price is still a bit high for silver and cz stones in my humble opinion. Continue Reading


Re: New Judith Ripka "LOVE" Necklace

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That absolutely has to be a mistake. Did anyone call CS? Continue Reading


Re: Jamie...

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I really like her a lot and enjoy her presentations. Continue Reading


Re: Jai croco station chain bracelet

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I really love mine. It seems to be strong and well made. This is just what I have been looking for to layer with my cuffs and bangles. Mine is a keeper. Continue Reading


Re: Pandora Event

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What is the March Spring event? Thanks in advance for the info. Continue Reading


Re: Scott Kay Line Premiering on QVC

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On 1/31/2015 Kachina624 said: On 1/26/2015 Sakuya said: I would think the brand would not want their name attached to an inferior product. Time will tell. I am hoping it will be a line that I like. You would have thought that about the John Hardy line too but they sure "dumbed it down" for QVC. Kachina, you must not own any JAI pieces. If you did, you would not have posted this. I own both original Hardy pieces and JAI pieces. The JAI items are my favorite. Continue Reading


Everyday dishes

Last Reply by froggy 1421506282.163 | Started by kcubed in Kitchen & Food Talk

I would love to replace my everyday dishes with a light weight set. I would like it to be a bit prettier than Corelle, but still light weight and durable. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Any thoughts on the "Renewed" Hope in a Jar Eye product?

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I didn't know that Philosophy had a new eye product. A couple of days ago, I noticed that QVC was carrying a new "Renewal Hope in a Jar" moisturizer. I too would love to hear from someone who has tried these products. Continue Reading


Re: Good cheese ball recipe?

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This one is a hit whenever I take it to a dinner, potluck, etc. Best of all, there are only 4 ingredients. 1 block of cream cheese 1 small envelope of ranch dressing mix 1 small can of chicken (drained) 1 small packages of chopped pecans (or another nut if desired.) Mix the cream cheese, ranch dressing mix and chicken together. Sometimes I just use 1/2 of the dressing envelope and that is plenty. Form into a ball. Roll the ball into the nuts to coat the outside. This is always a delicious treat! Continue Reading

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