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Re: Ordered early on 7/28, WK Pants Still "In Process"....

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Mine just shipped today. I had hoped to receive them before the show, but it will probably be Wednesday before mine arrive. Continue Reading


Re: MarlaWynne Butterfly Top - Help with sizing

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I just received the latest version of the butterfly top. It's a marled fabric and it's very soft and silky. After trying on the first color, I was coming here to say that it's more oversized than my last butterfly (the aqua from last season), but then I tried on the second top in the same size and it fits much smaller (better). I'll be keeping the blush/black returning the white/black. If anyone needs to know sizing on the tank (337-696) that matches the new flatterfit bootcut, it runs smaller than normal. I ordered the larger of my two sizes and it's still a little snug. My last comment is o... Continue Reading


Re: Lessman Jasmine Green Tea

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On 7/31/2014 soonersis said: Thank you for posting this code. I tried to use it to order online but it did not have a place where they asked for the code. I called customer service and they were having a problem with it, but she gladly did my order over the phone giving me the 50% discount. I see what you mean, soonersis. I just put something in a cart and tried to find the spot for the code and it's missing. Strange. I'm glad they were able to help you on the phone. Continue Reading


Re: UPS red expedited wk petite pants review

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Glad you're happy, nanacher. Did you size down or stay with your normal Q size? Continue Reading


Re: MarlaWynne Butterfly Top - Help with sizing

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I have 2 sizes with her. It's worked every time for me if I look at the description of the fit. If it says semi-fitted, I go with my larger size. If it says loose fit, I go with the smaller size. Continue Reading


Re: "I want you to . . . "

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I think they just look for ways to throw in more syllables to fill the time. Bobbi Ray Carter cracks me up with her repetitive "and now, ladies and gentlemen, you have the opportunity to be able to buy ....". There ya go. 10 seconds eaten up. Continue Reading


Re: Lessman Jasmine Green Tea

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On 7/30/2014 Topaz Gem said: Well thanks again for sharing the code; I'm glad you kept it! I placed my order for the largest size today. It was perfect timing, as my green tea supply is running low. You're welcome. The code expires today if anyone else wants to use it. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone bought prescription progressive eye wear online?

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Just to report back ... I received my glasses from Zenni and I am very pleased with the quality. I received sunglasses, reading glasses and progressives. The only thing I would say to be cautious of is the color of the nose pieces. Sometimes they don't match the glasses, so make sure you zoom in on the product page to see if you like the complete look before ordering. Continue Reading


Re: I saw coconut flower at Costco the other day...does anyone use this?

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I bought some at Sam's but haven't used it yet. Hopefully someone will post some recipes here. Continue Reading

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