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Re: The 'List' For January Shows (1/30 11AM ET/6 PM ET)

In Linea 1422297271.503

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us! Continue Reading


Re: Can Tara talk any faster??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422288990.927

On 1/25/2015 StuffyBug said: I find her incessant use of "beautiful" very off-putting; hence, I don't watch. Also "and again..." Continue Reading


Re: So...they would rather you return an item instead of a price adjustment???

In Jewelry Talk 1421956804.593

Kahootz, I understand how you feel. It happened to me too, so I returned it. Continue Reading


Re: New Linea Leisure Cardigan

In Linea 1421950121.083

It's very pretty, but I'm not a fan of "signature" buttons or logos on my clothing. This one has both. I hope both of these features won't be appearing on all of the new clothing items. Continue Reading


Re: Should I purchase Baby Grace EDT or EDP?

In Beauty Banter 1421868507.1

I used to think I was safe by staying on AD for one of the TSV sets, but I received an email last week informing me I had to switch scents because Baby Grace was no longer available. Edited: Just looked and it appears the 4-pc set is now the only way to get Baby Grace. I can't understand why they would discontinue this fragrance. It was my favorite. Oh well, once I finish my 32 oz. Purity, I'm done with Philosophy completely. Continue Reading


Re: How much square footage to live comfortably

In For the Home Talk 1421859888.803

I've seen those "tiny homes" and sometimes I think that would be nice, as long as it overlooked an ocean or some other gorgeous scenery. But, having a new grandbaby, I try to imagine her looking forward to coming to my house and staying, and I don't think that would happen in a small place. I need room for guests, so I'll probably always at least be in a 2100 sf house. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Moving from MA to Houston, TX

In Beauty Banter 1421789442.46

Love the Bush family. No desire to ignore them here. I'm a little pleased to see the negativity. There are too many people flocking here anyway. Spread the word. Our freeways are crowded enough. Continue Reading


Re: Where To Buy Prescription Glasses

In Fashion Talk 1421779857.003

On 1/20/2015 jordan2 said: Thanks to everyone for their advice. I read an article where it said glasses can have a 1000% markup! I also see that you can order glasses on line. I don't see how that would be a good idea, if you didn't like them you'd be stuck with them.I just don't want to spend $300-$400 on a pair of glasses. You aren't stuck with them. With Zenni, you can get a partial refund or an exchange. Continue Reading


Re: Question about holiday returns

In For the Home Talk 1421777175.433

On 1/20/2015 Sooner said: I sent back something purchased late in the day on the 19th of Sept and had thought I heard the host say it was ok for holiday shipping! WELL, NOT! They shipped it BACK to me! LOL!! SO be sure about your date and time zone or you'll get kick back too! Wow, that's surprising, Sooner. I had read here that they will take late returns, but you just won't get the shipping reimbursed. I've never done it, though. I had several returns recently and I sent them all in one box via FedEx Ground. It was cheaper than doing individual returns, and I didn't want to risk using ... Continue Reading


Re: Where To Buy Prescription Glasses

In Fashion Talk 1421775121.29

It's not for everyone, but I have had good luck with I have $900 glasses from the store in my eye doctor's office, and have also ordered others (progressives, reading glasses and prescription progressive sunglasses) from Zenni. I can see well with all of them, so I'll certainly keep ordering online for future needs. Continue Reading

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