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Re: Hey Susan, it's NOT "lenth"

In Susan Graver 1425613135.033

I don't like to hear "lenth" either. Continue Reading


Re: I made some cookies, they turned out delicious!!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425179125.563

gulf coast girl, thank you for posting this recipe. I just made the cookies and they are delicious!! I will take them to a party tomorrow and I'm sure the guests will love them. I'm having a hard time not eating more. They're so good right out of the oven. Yummmm. Edited to say that I made a double batch and on the second batch, I rolled them in Demerara sugar instead of white sugar. Perfect!!! Continue Reading


Re: Only Venting In Hopes It Helps QVC

In Fashion Talk 1425066927.483

On 2/27/2015 nlwilliams said: This horse had beaten to death, resurrected and beaten again!! QVC could care less about how Susan Graver "interacts" with the host as long as she's bringing in the dough! The end!!! Step away from the TV!! couldn't. Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Auto Delivery Plans Going Up In Price?

In Beauty Banter 1425057685.813

On 2/27/2015 Liaah said: I just called them last month about the Laura Geller Hat Box TSV. They charged me $18 more than what I paid for it on the day of the TSV. I have one more AD left and it is actually now $21 more than it was the day of the TSV. If I get this one, I will have to call them again. When I did call, she had no idea why they were charging me so much for it and they did refund my money and gave me a free shipping coupon that I could use on my next order. I am just glad I caught it. Are you sure this was QVC? Unless I'm missing it, there isn't even a spot for a coupon code t... Continue Reading


Re: Arthritis in Finger

In Health & Fitness 1424926950.257

Good grief. Some people are so easily offended. I saw nothing wrong with hckynut's comment. He has been very open with his medical issues and knowing how kind this man has been over the years, I didn't read anything rude into his reply at all. Continue Reading


Re: I need winter boots for subzero weather

In All About Shoes 1424918071.73

I have these in brown and they are SO comfortable! (Sorel Joan of Arctic). I'm normally 8-1/2 and sized down to 8. They're perfect. I had never tried Sorel before, but I am definitely a fan now. Continue Reading


Re: MarlaWynne

In Fashion Talk 1424812515.42

With her brand, I ignore everything except the fit description. For tops, if the description says loose fitting or very loose fitting, I size down. If it says fitted, I order my normal size. Continue Reading


Re: Hydroshield is not at all like I expected!! Question for experienced Hydroshield users please.

In Beauty Banter 1424388979.943

On 2/19/2015 Crisso said: On 2/19/2015 bunnypink said: Sassenach1--You're scaring me! If it contains a lot of 'cones I'm now worried I'll start breaking out!! betteb--Yes, I exfoliate on a regular basis so unfortunately it's not that. I appreciate the help though :) As far as the amount I'm using, I'm just following the directions that came with it so I don't think that can be the issue either. SILICONES WILL NOT BREAK YOU OUT. THAT IS A MYTH. YES I AM SHOUTING! THEY BREAK ME OUT! AND YES, I'M SHOUTING BACK. Continue Reading


Re: Hydroshield is not at all like I expected!! Question for experienced Hydroshield users please.

In Beauty Banter 1424388797.017

I felt the same way, but I kept using it and got milia. I won't use it again. Continue Reading

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