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Re: What do you put in your pasta salad?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1429564180.8

Ophelia, that salad looks delicious!! Continue Reading


Re: A269469 philosophy 3pc mega-size body essentials collection offered on Easy pay!

In philosophy 1429562994.737

On 4/20/2015 cal-gal said: Okay, I'm getting concerned here. My order apparently shipped on the 15th (last Wednesday), but yet according to UPS tracking, they've not received the box yet, and today is already Monday. I called customer service to see if I could get a clarification, but after looking around, they don't know for sure what happened to my package. They can't resend another one until so many days have passed, but by then, with my luck, they will have run out of the Lemon Custard! Ugghhh. Exactly my situation too, cal-gal. I also ordered a ring that says it shipped just a few hou... Continue Reading


Re: A269469 philosophy 3pc mega-size body essentials collection offered on Easy pay!

In philosophy 1429128455.787

Thanks, cal-gal. I'll look up that tube. And yes, I did order and it shipped today. Continue Reading


Re: A269469 philosophy 3pc mega-size body essentials collection offered on Easy pay!

In philosophy 1429125437.86

I had sworn off Philosophy shower gels, but I ordered the lemon custard. No one has mentioned it yet, but I'm thinking way back to the "Handmade" days. Anyone else remember that Philosophy scent? I'm hoping that's what this is. That scent was just perfect - creamy lemony. Continue Reading


Re: The Body Blade actually works...

In Health & Fitness 1428525384.833

On 4/4/2015 tiamaria said: On 3/27/2015 Pook said: I have been using the body blade and cardio blades for over 15 years when it was recommended to me by my chiropractor since I have nerve damage in my arms and could not use heavier weights like I had all my life. A trainer I worked with put together a 45 minute routine using both body blades and cardio blades for me that I still do every other day. I am far more toned then when I worked out before using them. It has done wonders for core toning and strengthening while not having to work as hard as I previously had for core work. I have the B... Continue Reading


Re: Maybe they should lower the host's salary instead of..

In The Q We Love 1428525070.99

I understand what the OP is saying. She probably didn't really mean Q should cut the hosts' salaries. Their new rules are hitting me the wrong way also. I know businesses are in business to make a profit, but to me, the new rules and the games they are playing are making me look elsewhere. My first ever job was with a fast food place. They sold small hamburgers for 50 cents each, but on certain days, they were 3 for $1. You could look at it like the company was losing money by selling a 50 cent hamburger for 33 cents, but on those special days, we sold WAYYYY more small hamburgers than we no... Continue Reading


Re: The List For April Shows So Far...

In Linea 1428518934.597

Thank you, JJM! This is so very considerate of you. Continue Reading


Re: korres ts?

In Beauty Banter 1428518722.313

I've been seeing the commercials talking about new Korres hair care, so maybe it's that. I didn't realize there was a TS tonight from Korres. I love that brand. I'll have to tune in and see. Continue Reading


Re: Returning shoes question

In Fashion Talk 1428463004.46

Seriously? I think we're expected to send them back the way they were sent to us - in the brand name shoe box tucked inside a bigger box. Even if they can't re-sell the shoes, they probably need the box to get a credit from the shoe company. I wouldn't even think to throw away the box before sending shoes back. Continue Reading


Re: MarlaWynne TS-April 7th!

In Fashion Talk 1428376812.72

I hate when they show models like this with wayyyy too short pants for those heels. Continue Reading

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