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Re: What in the world is the host wearing??? (12:00 Eastern time show)

In Fashion Talk 1427734719.067

I thought the same thing. Very odd combination. Continue Reading


Re: Vionic sandals with bumpy plastic footbed

In All About Shoes 1427597602.367

I actually prefer that bumpy footbed. I have several pairs (thongs) and I love that if I happen to get mud or something on them, they can be washed off without ruining the shoes. Continue Reading


Re: Considering bringing a new pet into my home.

In For the Home Talk 1427310650.2

I feel that you should. I have a male and a female and they get along great. The older one would probably love having a companion. Continue Reading


Re: "As I live and breathe..."

In The Q We Love 1427308971.857

I really like her. She is classy, kind and beautiful. This is good news. Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix, Ninja, and Immersion Blender

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427304421.837

On 3/25/2015 lacey1 said: I gave my Ninja away when I got my VM, I've never owned an immersion blender. I do use my food processor and stand mixer. I use the VM dry container to grind some grains, but I use the mixer and dough hook to mix the bread dough. We were just talking on another thread-I never use the VM to grind meat-as you can't take it apart to clean it. Why is that even necessary? Soap and hot water whirled around in there on high speed will remove all the "stuff", then follow that with a little Clorox with hot water, then another blend cycle with hot water and soap to get rid ... Continue Reading


Re: Need garage sale help and advice!

In For the Home Talk 1426696212.88

On 3/18/2015 ID2 said: We have a garage sale yearly. Our tiny city has a city-wide garage sale over Memorial Weekend. I never used to ever have garage sales. But several years ago we started and now I can't stop! I've gotten rid of a lot of things. I've met so many nice people in our community. I'm looking forward to this years sale. Just keep in mind people come to garage sales to get a deal...usually a super deal. You really have to let things go for pennies on the dollar. I price everything pretty much under $5. Trust me they won't buy unless its a couple bucks. If you are selling furnitur... Continue Reading


Re: Need garage sale help and advice!

In For the Home Talk 1426625724.94

On 3/17/2015 Cardamom said: Honestly, I will never have a garage sale ever again. People want your stuff for nothing. They will be rude to you and act like your stuff is junk. I think it's because they want it for nothing because they are selling it at flea markets. People came around in pick up trucks full of stuff. If you have nice dishes you would do better selling them to You would do better on ebay. Or you could donate it all and get a tax write off. I feel the same way. Never again. I spent hours pricing everything and applying price stickers. Someone went through... Continue Reading


Re: Dolce and Gabbana vs. Elton John

In Viewpoints 1426516855.517

So true, TaxyLady. Well I don't own anything from Dolce & Gabbana, but I'm about to become a big customer! Continue Reading


Re: Little Fashion Annoyances.

In Fashion Talk 1426443337.38

On 3/14/2015 lovesrecess said: I can't stand heavy ,thick, clunky-looking shoes or sandals, Athletic shoes with anything other than shorts or jeans or athletic pants White purses/shoes; leggings on anyone over 25 Bootcut pants (I don't think they flatter anyone) Pants worn so long only the toes of your shoes show scarves wrapped multiple times around the neck with a tank top or sundress....I don't get it at all! baggy crop or capris....just about the least flattering thing you can wear logo-style/bag lady tops You mean like this? That's the way these are supposed to look. If the whole shoe... Continue Reading


Re: Are you wearing white shoes now?

In All About Shoes 1426438905.75

Outdated thinking or not, I will never wear white pants (don't really wear white shoes) before Easter or after Labor Day. It's how I was raised and anything else just feels wrong. Continue Reading

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