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Re: Potholders?

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I love the ones made by BuiltNY (available lots of places - Target, etc.). You can't feel any heat at all through them and they grip really well. They don't have my color listed on the website any longer, but here is an example: Continue Reading


Re: A easy butter cream frosting please, ty

In Recipe Swap 1418850375.487

I made it on Thanksgiving for the first time in my life using the Pioneer Woman's recipe. It was delicious and I plan to use that one from now on. Continue Reading


Re: For The Linea Bakers Jac's Ginger Cookies

In Linea 1418849317.64

Yummm. I love ginger cookies. Let us know how they taste, JJM! Continue Reading


Re: Patti Reilly

In Beauty Banter 1418849127.963

On 12/17/2014 Havarti said: On 12/17/2014 allaries said: I doubt they would hire her back as I think once you leave you are sent to the QVC cornfield never to return so to speak. I am thinking of a twilight zone episode. I agree, I don't think they would hire her back. But, Jane survived a trip to the cornfield and was resurrected for a return to QVC. When Jane left, she immediately got braces. I don't like where my mind takes me when I think of what might have happened to lead to the year-long absence. Continue Reading


Re: DIY Haircuts due to No Trust-

In Beauty Banter 1418840052.577

I'm sorry you had this experience. It happened to me years ago and it wasn't pleasant. After that, I learned to be very emphatic about my instructions - like, "only one inch. That's it. No more. Seriously. Are we good on that?" The last time I went, my regular girl was out for over a month, so I had to use someone else. I was explaining what I wanted and she mentioned layers. I said "NOOOOOOOO. I do NOT want layers." She said "well with curly hair, it helps with the bounce." I said "that may work for other people, but I do NOT want ANY layers in back. I just prefer it that way, s... Continue Reading


Re: B&BW!!!!!!!!!!

In For the Home Talk 1418438402.183

On 12/12/2014 nana59 said: My daughter just got back from BBW....she said the only candles they had in the entire store were the holiday ones...she wanted to purchase more of a variety-sounds like they're trying to unload their holiday candles. Very deceptive, though, offering $8.00 sale without saying holiday only. Wondering if any of your stores had more selection.... I went to a store that wasn't in a mall this evening. They had plenty of stock and lots of non-holiday candles available. I was able to get all the scents that I wanted (12). I had a coupon at home, but decided going home to ... Continue Reading


Re: B&BW!!!!!!!!!!

In For the Home Talk 1418407942.4

Wow. If there is no limit and people are buying 33 at a time, I guess there's no reason I should even try to go this evening. I would probably find bare shelves. Continue Reading


Re: New Marla Wynn items are up in HSN

In Fashion Talk 1418355780.243

On 12/11/2014 Mustangshar said: Yes, Colleen looked great in that! I'm telling you gals, that scarf really makes the whole outfit come together.:) So true. The poncho is great on its own, but with the scarf, it's definitely a wow. I wish there had been more colors in the scarves. Hopefully she will bring it back and add more colors. Continue Reading


Re: Josie, you're killing me! (just kidding, of course!)

In Beauty Banter 1418354015.62

On 12/11/2014 pickleslarue said: On 12/11/2014 santorini said: Mine should be arriving today, so I'll come back and post a review. Please describe the oil's shimmer level. It didn't look bad on the video but in person it can be quite different. They kept saying it was from crushed pearl but I don't see that in the ingredients which do list mica and that is what I suspect is the shimmer. That might be too much for me. One reviewer mentioned this. If it isn't too glittery this might be what I tell my husband to get me for Christmas. My set arrived. Pickleslarue, the oil was shimmery right w... Continue Reading


Re: New Marla Wynn items are up in HSN

In Fashion Talk 1418352490.147

I agree about the scarves. They're wonderful and so soft. I had 2 colors and ordered the pink today. The first gray one I ordered was defective (fringe strings were still sewn together), but I've already received a replacement that is perfect. Colleen looked fantastic in the gray! Continue Reading

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