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Re: Has anyone received the shetland boyfriend cardigan or poncho?

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On 10/31/2014 enjay said: I'm so glad! What color did you get? I ordered the olive. I started another thread so I wouldn't hijack this topic and responded to you there. And yes, I do still love my beautiful Linea ponchos too! Continue Reading


Anthropologie poncho

Last Reply by californiamomofthree 1414813251.643 | Started by santorini in Fashion Talk

Enjay provided this link earlier in the week. I loved the look of the poncho, so I ordered the maize. It shipped the same day I ordered it and I received it this evening. I just love it. I wish I could get every color. Thanks, enjay. Harvest Moon Poncho Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone received the shetland boyfriend cardigan or poncho?

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On 10/27/2014 enjay said: Here are two ponchos from Anthropologie that I love - I will probably buy one of these: Westwind Poncho Harvest Moon Poncho For those of you who can wear the Linea poncho - enjoy it! The colors are wonderful and the Shetland knitted fabric is a new favorite of miine. Enjay, just wanted to report back that I received the poncho from your second link above and it's perfect. Continue Reading


Re: nm

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On 10/30/2014 imaclotheshog said: Now you will have everyone wondering santorini. lol Sorry. I tried to delete the whole thing, but it wouldn't let me. I was flipping channels and saw Colleen on HS wearing a solid tan poncho. As I looked at her, words appeared on her chest. I could make out "Cool" and thought maybe it was embedded in the poncho. I was wondering who would want to buy a poncho that had a not-so-subtle message front and center. They finished selling the poncho and then showed a "still available" Twiggy item - shirts with words on them. Colleen was wearing one of the wo... Continue Reading


Re: nm

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You're right, gazelle. I saw the Twiggy shirt with words, so that must have been it. Thanks. Continue Reading



Last Reply by santorini 1414723536.547 | Started by santorini in Fashion Talk

never mind. mystery solved. Continue Reading


Re: Review of Linea by Louis Dell'Olio Faux Fur Reversible Coat

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I was standing strong, but after all the great reviews, I caved in and just ordered the black. The stone is beautiful, but it's not a good color for me. I'll probably always wear the faux fur on the inside. Seems so plush and warm that way. Can't wait to get it. Continue Reading


Re: Li-NAY-ya - do your homework!

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On 10/28/2014 LipstickDiva said: I guess I'm having a Jessica Simpson moment because I always thought the line was pronounced Lynn E (long "e") Uh Is the OP saying it's supposed to be Lynn A (long "a") uh? I believe she meant that Courtney said it wrong. So with all caps meaning that's where the emphasis is (you say that syllable "stronger"), here's what I think happened: Courtney must have said Lin-AY-uh, when it's pronounced LIN-ee-uh. Continue Reading


Re: Swing Sweater A259620

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Has this been presented yet tonight? Continue Reading


Re: OHHHH!! I just ordered this cape!!!!! LOVE, LOVE

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I ordered something earlier today and found Anthropologie on for 3% rebate. Continue Reading

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