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Re: Waitlisted Silvertone Fish Necklace Arrived Today!

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You're welcome. I took good care of her while she was here. Continue Reading


Re: My Korres TS White Grape set came

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Mine is supposed to arrive today too. Can't wait to smell it! Glad to hear it's a nice scent. Continue Reading


Re: Amy Morrison on Beauty Report

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I hear "ranting and raving" where I live all the time. I like Amy, but one word she says drives me nutty: shipping and 'HINNNNNNNdling". Continue Reading


Re: Marla Wynn fans, April 16th

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On 4/16/2014 katy keene said:I would venture to say these pics have been photo shopped to look so good. They looked terrible on the models and on Marla. And yet, they are selling in big numbers. Go figure. I think that's because this isn't a new item. These are probably repeat customers who already have these and like the way they look in them. Continue Reading


Re: Marla Wynn fans, April 16th

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I'm not a fan of the sheer things either. I bought the white stripe top which is on the sheer side, but I will wear a white tank under it. I'm willing to give the pants a try. I remember one time watching Iman with a TS pant. They looked like shiny plastic on tv, but I ordered anyway and ended up loving them. Must have been the studio lighting that made them look bad. The lights can't explain away the wrinkling on Marla's TS for today, but I'll take a chance and return them if I don't like the way they fit. Continue Reading


Re: Baby Grace

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Ever since I learned that Q was the only place that would be offering Baby Grace, I stopped ordering it. I love it, but I pictured old stock sitting around that they're just trying to get rid of. Hopefully that's not the case. Continue Reading


Re: Marla Wynn fans, April 16th

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On 4/16/2014 sunshine45 said: i am trying the flatter fit pants in the black. i have never tried them before. i also ordered the butterfly tee in black (but i really want more colors!), the lace infinity scarf in the neutrals, and the striped drop stitch box top in palm green. i MAY go back and get a few more items though.... the butterfly tee looks like a great basic and i may have to cave on more colors. Hi, Sunshine. I've only tried her flatterfit jeans (on clearance for $19 recently). I like them, but ordered 2 sizes and the larger size (my normal size) fits best. Like the other pos... Continue Reading


Re: 4/10/14 TSV: Clarks Bendable

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My navy boat shoes arrived today. LOVE them! They are so comfortable! I'm glad I didn't cancel my order. Continue Reading


Re: Dr Jonathan's Cranberry Oil Lip Balms now available.......

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Thanks, Lannie. I will check this out. I love lip balm and have tried (and loved) many of the products from this place. I'm so glad you found them for us way back when! Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1397488117.07

I ended up ordering 2 sets. Sounds like it may not be back for a while. I wonder if she has been to Santorini. She kept repeating last night how the island was "just" off the mainland. There are some islands that are "just" off the mainland, but Santorini isn't one of them. It's pretty far down there. Continue Reading

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