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Re: Pain Management

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It sounds as though your PCP did the right thing and sent you to a vascular surgeon to have the problem treated - pain clinics are for people who have incurable chronic and severe pain. They are not for people who have treatable conditions. Continue Reading


Re: Ugh some people!

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there is a list that is published a few times a year pa and then is sent to every licensed nurse telling everyone who lost their license and why -many are because of nurses who co sign things without actually doing them. I would never trust another nurse - no matter how good a friend who wanted me to sign that I counted narcs if I had not done it. I would also never sign as a witness on a chart unless I had actually witnessed what I was signing. IMO - there is a reason someone doesn't want to to actually do the count and instead just sign. Continue Reading


Does anyone still carry a pocket calender?

Last Reply by CardinalGirl_ 1397881980.843 | Started by happy housewife in Viewpoints

For years when I worked I carried a pocket calendar until they came out with palm pilots and I started using that. Now that I'm retired and so is the palm pilot I have reverted back to my pocket calendar. I have a daytimer type app on my tablet but I don't carry it everywhere I go and , honestly, it is a pain in the neck to have to get from start to the screen just to enter an appt - much easier to just scribble it on my calendar. So I wonder if I am the only one still in the dark ages before electronic everything using my old fashioned paper calendar and a pen. Continue Reading


Re: Texting Driver Who Slammed Cyclist: I, Like, 'Just Don't Care'

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While I agree this woman seems to be a real piece of trash - I wonder how she managed to hit him with the side of her car since cars don't go sideways only back and forward. Continue Reading


Re: Ugh some people!

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As well as 2 people counting narcs out - Nurses at the end of each shift have to have 2 nurses count the entire inventory of narcotics they have on the unit and both sign that this was done, every single pill or injectable must be accounted for.. I'm sure that pharmacies must do something similar as the state comes in regularly and reviews those counts. we even had the DEA come into our unit once when I was in charge in ICU and we had to do the count with one of the DEA agents observing and recounting every pill after us , because someone observed a nurse leaving the keys to the cupboard in a... Continue Reading


Re: Ugh some people!

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On 4/18/2014 gazelle77 said: It is even worse after having major double knee replacement. I would only get enough pain meds for 7 days. ( They were very strong)...then I would have to call my doctor, ask for more....husband would have to go pick up the paper with subscription written out from Doctor office and then drive to the pharmacy and wait quite a while to have it filled... Washington state law, they can not call prescription in....had to go through this circus for 8 weeks when I was able to stop them. I got to the point a couple times where I was so desperate not to run out, I would cu... Continue Reading


Re: Cemetary visits

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My parents are buried in a mausoleum(sp?) and we can't put flowers there for them - I used to plant flowers where my grandparents, great grandparents and great great are buried but we were told by the cemetery they are no longer allowed. Just allowed to place cut flowers and I'm sure they scoop them up immediately and toss them. Where my DH's family is and where he and I will be you are still allowed to plant flowers so I have a peony bush on each side of the big main monument that has the family name on it and in front of that we plant geraniums each year on Memorial day. In the fall before ... Continue Reading


Re: Vintage. What are your thoughts on that?

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On 4/18/2014 ShowMe said: On 4/18/2014 Sooner said: On 4/17/2014 ShowMe said: On 4/17/2014 happy housewife said: On 4/17/2014 ShowMe said: Remember one thing......if you have vintage furniture, it is wise to never ever do anything to the finish.....like sanding, restaining, or painting.....it would lose its value. That is if you care about the value. Be careful of what type of polish you use on it too. Vintage furniture is simply beautiful. I have refinished all my antiques to their original finish - I have no plans to sell any of them and I don't like the shabby finishes or peeling paint fi... Continue Reading


Re: Holiday Cooking...am I the only one who feels this way?

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When I have to make a huge Turkey dinner with all the sides it makes me absolutely exhausted - but for Easter a ham is really so easy. Then some sweet potatoes and a veggie and a dessert - which you can easily buy a cake already made. Of all the holidays I really don't mind cooking for Easter. Perhaps the OP should look at simplifying her menu. How much food can 4 people eat? Continue Reading


Re: What are your Easter plans?

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Invited to dinner at a friend's house - I am taking strawberry shortcake for dessert - angel food cake , vanilla ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream. Yum. I believe she is making a traditional ham dinner. Continue Reading

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