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Re: 70 bucks for logo top....

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So sooner - if someone lives in their car they must not be homeless then , eh? Because if you live in it then you call it a home?????? Continue Reading


Re: The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns Premieres November 25 on Lifetime Channel

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I am not catholic but I watched about 15min of this show and I thought as a reality show it was done very nicely, and was respectful. That said, I have always thought that the Catholic church could solve a lot of it's current problems if nuns and priests were allowed to marry. I never understood the need for celibacy in order to be a religious leader. Continue Reading


Re: Bra Straps

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On 11/26/2014 Glittergal said: Try Lane Bryant Cacique bras, particularly the cotton plunge. So soft and the most comfortable bra I have ever tried. I love love love these bras. They are so soft and comfortable, but still give me support. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Lost 60 lbs and now have TURKEY NECK

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I don't think there is much you can do about this when you lose a lot of weight. The skin has been stretched. You could consult with a surgeon to see what he will charge you to remove it, maybe he will give you a break if you honestly discuss that this is going to be a financial hardship but it is also a self confidence issue. Continue Reading


Re: We chose laminate instead of vinyl wood plank for my hallway flooring.

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WE were fortunate to find a color that almost perfectly matches our kitchen and BR cabinets, as this hallway runs past the guest bath and the open kitchen so it should look very nice. Continue Reading


Re: 70 bucks for logo top....

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On 11/26/2014 morning gloy said: I say if you can afford to buy a 70 dollar Logo top go for it if it makes you happy. Don't pay attention to the critics of how you spend your money. It's none of their business. The same people who say it is none of my business how they spend their money certainly seem to be overly interested - to the point of remembering every thing I buy - on how I spend mine. How weird id that????? Continue Reading


Re: Bra Straps

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If you want to wear a bra with the currently fashionable very low cut , open tops that show cleavage this is an issue you will have to deal with. You might try some type of 2 sided tape to hold your bra straps to your tops. Otherwise, as you move through the day the tops do shift and things show. Ladies who have a large bust , as the OP does, can not wear elastic strap bras. Continue Reading


Re: 70 bucks for logo top....

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More to the point is why do you feel you have to throw it up to others that you feel you can afford to be wasteful of your money? I think many of the posters who get so defensive about being told others are mindful of their money are really feeling guilty about their money habits. Continue Reading


Re: What is your Favorite Cookie and recipe

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My mom invented this recipe , first make a recipe of tollhouse cookies , like if you were making choclate chip cookies , then instead of adding choc chips she would add coconut and crushed wheaties. Then drop on a cookie sheet and bake per the choc chip recipe. They are so chewy and delicious. Continue Reading


Re: Making butter: a question

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Lehmans has become a tourist trap and everything there is overpriced now. Too bad. When I was little we lived on a farm and my Mom made butter in the electric mixer. She would let the milk sit until the cream rose to the top, then scoop the cream to make butter.she did not let it sit until it soured, that would have ruined the milk. After the butter got somewhat solid she would wrap it in cheesecloth and knead the salt through it in the sink as a lot more liquid would come out then. The liquid is buttermilk. Continue Reading

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