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Re: tracfone customer service OY

In Electronics Talk 1409687270.207

Wow, my reply did not post - anyway it took many calls and 2 1/2 hours but I was finally able to do this transaction. Continue Reading


Re: This is really out there, but with proper training, would you want to go into space?

In Among Friends 1409687083.18

I would absolutely want to go - but only for a short time - not the long periods they put people up there for now. I am thinking a day or two would be sufficient for me. Continue Reading


Re: It must be Fall...flu shots

In Viewpoints 1409686710.37

On 9/2/2014 Usedtobeoxox said: How often are you supposed to take a pneunomia shot? Every 5 years. I only know because DH just had his 70th birthday and got an e mail from the ins. co reminding him to renew his pneumonia shot. Continue Reading


Re: Melissa Rivers announced . . .

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You don't just stop a medically induced coma - it is weaned off slowly - then once the person eventually awakens you do not just remove the life support - it too must be weaned off slowly.The process requires a great deal of patience, and a lot of time. I am a retired ICU RN - so I know this - I am not just giving an opinion. You are unlikely to hear any info of any value for a while yet. Continue Reading


tracfone customer service OY

Last Reply by HappyAndIKnowIt From NY 1409692347.26 | Started by happy housewife in Electronics Talk

I want to buy some data time only - no airtime - which is supposed to be an option if you have an android tracfone. However, they keep insisting I give them my airtime card PIN # which, of course, I don't have because I have not purchased an airtime card. the online system just won't let me move to checkout without that PIN. So - i decide to try to just do it over the phone.Well, that went fairly smoothly - except - they are supposed to triple any time I purchase and they did not - they simply added the 300 I purchased without tripling it so now I am again awaiting a call back from them. This... Continue Reading


Re: School age kids on vacation during school time

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On 9/2/2014 sunshine45 said: i was never taken out of school nor did i take my kids out of school for anything other than sickness or a doctors/dentist appointment. it doesnt matter to me what other parents are doing, but i have seen kids taken out for vacations, birthdays, and other special occasions. i know that school systems and private schools all operate on different schedules, even within a state, so i would assume that some are not even in school yet. i do know though that the first week there is generally not a lot going on. When we were kids , if we had all A report card we were al... Continue Reading


Re: School age kids on vacation during school time

In Viewpoints 1409674020.77

I think it sets an example that school ( and later, a job) are not a priority. IMO - that is a bad example to set. Continue Reading


Re: The "average" woman's handbag weighs 12 to 14 pounds?????

In All About Handbags 1409658072.677

It would not surprize me if that person is carrying a computer and one of those very large heavy i phones. Some ladies do carry EVERYTHING they own. I carry very light bags to start with and then only the necessities. My purses are very very lightweight as i have neck issues and I'm cautious about aggravating it with a heavy purse. Continue Reading


Re: Already Sept. 1st...

In Viewpoints 1409624875.043

On 9/1/2014 september said: HH...November 2. For the past few years, always the first weekend in November, and I'll always remember that because my son got married that weekend. It was very nice that we all gained an hour on Sunday morning, after the wedding later in the day on Saturday. Thank you. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone become ill after using a BBQ grill mat? Caution, don't read if squeamish.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409609901.35

We have the grill mats and use them almost every day - thus far no illnesses here at our place and we have been using them since May - almost every day. I wash them after each use with dish soap and a scrubber pad. Continue Reading

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