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Re: VE Day

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Today si the 70th anniversary and the youngest of the soldiers were supposed to be at least 18 so the youngest surviving soldier would be 88. Of those few who remain , many pass every day. The greatest generation is almost gone. They really were heroes. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Any paint pros out there?

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On 2/20/2015 Libbylady said: I wouldn't use semi-gloss on walls. It will show every ding, dent, or drywall tape & nail pop. nm Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else having trouble getting your income tax refund

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They tell you when you e file - which is the quickest way to file - that it will take 3 weeks. It has not been 3 weeks since Jan 30th yet - well today I guess is 3 weeks. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Any paint pros out there?

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I have always used semi gloss paint and have never had this issue. It sounds to me like the OP either used an incorrect roller cover or tried to stretch the paint too far and did not put enough on. Using semi gloss paint does not make the roller marks show. Continue Reading


Re: O/T - Friend Who Was Bullied

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As a nurse I was once assigned to a patient whose room mate was a girl I had known in high school. She was one of those top of the A list girls - dated the cutest boys, captain of the cheerleaders etc. However - there we were at around 35 years old - I had become a nurse - she was working in a bridal shop - I was married, widowed and married again , she had never married - I was thin and had a great figure and was very healthy and active - she was fat and led an inactive life. She was boring to talk to - and often through our conversations made reference to the glory days of high school. Now... Continue Reading


Re: After Abby

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Never heard of it - is it only in Pa? Continue Reading


Re: Downton Abbey question

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Sad to see DA end for the season but I'll be happy when Call the midwife returns, and Mr Selfrige is returning too. Continue Reading


Re: Cuba's cars

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Cuba has definitely stopped time at around late 1950's to 1960. It is kinda cool there - they have been under embargo for so long that they don't seem to be at all materialistic. Even if you have money - there is very little to buy with it. It will be interesting to see how things change now that they are going to open trade up considerably more there. I have a cousin who loves to travel and she can't wait to go there. Continue Reading


Re: I'd appreciate some suggestions- light bulb issue

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I have a friend who cleans windows - has all the tall ladders etc and he told us people call him to do this a lot. While they are there they could also wash any high windows. Continue Reading

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