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Re: o/t Living in a community with HOA's??

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On 9/23/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: On 9/23/2014 colliegirls said: HOAs are great for those of us who do not relish living next door to a purple house with a yard full of cars and washing machines. Exactly! I don't want to look out my window or around the neighborhood and see junk and trash everywhere. I lived in a plan without an HOA for 28 years and ity was beautifully maintained - each home by it's owners who took care of their own property . Continue Reading


Re: o/t Living in a community with HOA's??

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IMO - people who run for these boards want to control others and this is a way for them to do so. The more they can control the happier they are. Our Board wanted to make everyone pay $800 to remove an oak tree that was planted in each home's front yard by the builder. At least My DH was able to find out that it is the law in sarasota county that a certain % of the plantings must be hard woods. Can't people understand that these trees will get tall and provide shade on your roof eventually. Continue Reading


Re: o/t Living in a community with HOA's??

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We moved to Florida to a plan where the HOA just took over 1 1/2 yr ago. Before that the homes were still being built. Our HOA definitely has some major growing pains going on and we are very very unhappy with it. We NEED to live in a plan where we get our landscaping done as a part of our HOA fee because we snowbird and are away for 5 months at a time.Otherwise we would move in a nanosecond, despite that we love our house and our neighbors. Some of our new HOAs ridiculous rules : no more than 2 decorations outside for any holiday - including Christmas. You are not allowed to wear sunscreen ... Continue Reading


Re: Why do they keep showing the same rug for an entire hour?

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On 9/23/2014 kachina624 said: These rugs are so boring, worse than mattresses or just as bad. There are so many gorgeous rugs to be had online, I don't know why anyone would get these. They are old-fashioned and stodgy. Don't think they'd do much for a room or its decor. Why do people post this? Obviously this rug is not your taste but that alone does not make it unattractive. I think it is very pretty in the garnet red color. Obviously, since some oif the colors/sizes are selling out many others disagree with you. Continue Reading


Re: Reconnected w old friend, how can I help her?

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Are you certain about this person? She apparently can afford a computer and internet service. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone used a therapist (counselor) to help them lose weight?

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I just got my Medicare and you book for 2015 - they will pay for 30 therapy sessions if deemed necessary by your PCP. I am confident he will approve it so I am planning to ask him when I see him next time. Whatever medicare pays for my Advantage Plan is also required to pay for so I am good for that. I imagine I will have to pay the specialists fee which is $50/visit. Continue Reading


Re: Painting a home interior, what would be a reasonible bid?

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I do practically everything myself, too! I tiled the entire patio, installed new electrical fixtures and fans, paint, outdoor work...you name it! When my DH was in college he worked summers for an electrician (he was going to be an electrical engineer) You should hear him talk about the botched up electrical jobs that were done by homeowners. Many things people do for themselves are best left to a pro. They were often in a home to replace a main electric after a fire had started there. Continue Reading


Re: What do you do to make your overnight guests feel welcome?

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On 9/23/2014 homedecor1 said: On 9/23/2014 happy housewife said: On 9/22/2014 homedecor1 said: clean sheets & bath linens and friendship! that's my combo nothing special just enjoy each other's company! enjoy! Same at our house and we can add the Florida warmth and sunshine, and view of the lake while you have your morning coffee. yup that's what my house guests too happy housewife but get to "duck" errant golf balls!!! live on golf course!!! I know what you mean by that - my closest friend lives on a golf course in Hilton Head. It is kinda fun to wave at the golfers as they ride by. the... Continue Reading


Re: Painting a home interior, what would be a reasonible bid?

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kittymom - not everyone can do their own painting. Some are not safe to be up on ladders. My DH can not paint without making a huge mess so I always did the painting but now, due to the side effects of a medicine my hands are too shaky, and I am not stable enough to get on a ladder to paint my house's 10 ft ceilings. My DH painted the garage floor when we moved into our house and somehow managed to spill paint all over the driveway. We had to remove about 12 pavers and turn them over to hide the paint.He just can't be allowed anywhere near paint.When we decide to paint our house I will most ... Continue Reading

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