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Things I've kept for sentimental value

Last Reply by kdgn 1406563489.623 | Started by happy housewife in Viewpoints

I find that the things I love that previously belonged to my parents and grandparents are not the valuable things as much as the things that they used every day in their lives and when I look at that object I can see that person in my memory with that object in their hand, because I actually did see it thousands of times when they were still with me. For instance I have a wooden handle big cooking fork that my Mom would use when ever she made spaghetti to stir the pasta so it did not stick together. Every time I use it for the same job I can see her doing it in my mind. I have my Dad's hamm... Continue Reading


Re: tsv sizing

In Viewpoints 1406561165.057

On 7/28/2014 brii said: Low hip measurement is 44. 1X size chart is 47-49. I know there has to be a fair amount of stretch in the pants. The bad thing with sets is if you are a different size on top and bottom, which many women are, it would be impossible for this to fit correctly. So would you really wear a pair of pants that had to be stretched 5" just to get them over your skin? Do you think they would be flattering? Continue Reading


Re: tsv sizing

In Viewpoints 1406561079.237

i am not a different size on top and bottom - I always wear the same size. This PRODUCT is sized way smaller (5") than QVC's size chart listed for a 1x and I bet they are similar in all sizes. They are cut way way skimpy in the pants. Continue Reading


Re: tsv sizing

In Viewpoints 1406549659.427

It went to page 3 within min. I liked it - which is unusual for me with WWC. But when I checked the sizing - no way would I wear pants that would be stretched over my butt as these would be. NO FORCE ON EARTH would make me wear that. And if you got the size for the pants to fit the rest would all be way too big. Continue Reading


Re: Poll: how long does it take u to get ready in the morning for work?

In Beauty Banter 1406549356.31

When i was in nursing school we used to have to wear these horrible bibs and aprons over our uniform and they were not allowed to have even one wrinkle in them, so when we sat down we had to very carefully fold them up over our front. It was beyond ridiculous. Anyway it was a church related hospital and we had chapel for a half hour at 6AM - we could not deal with the ups and downs and folding and unfolding the uniforms so we all stood all through chapel, then we could go to the cafeteria for breakfast but, we only had about 15 min to eat so we all stood to eat breakfast as well. I am certa... Continue Reading


Re: tsv sizing

In Viewpoints 1406548680.377

Yeah, QVC buried this one quickly. Continue Reading


Re: How about "whimsy" in home decor? Do you like it?

In For the Home Talk 1406548591.29

I think it is nice to have a mix of whimsy and more sophisticated decor for the holidays - for any decor actually. I would not like to have everything be very sophisticated all the time in my surroundings.We have very casual decor. Continue Reading


A ? about thank you cards

Last Reply by depglass 1406563094.68 | Started by happy housewife in Among Friends

My DH did something nice for a friend we only know casually from camp. It was a bit of work for him to do and took a few days to complete. (electrical work) As a TY they gave him a gift card to a steak house. Does he need to write a TY note for the TY? He is a very generous person and frequently does favors for people and many times they give him something like this - he says that he doesn't need to write a TY for the TY - I disagree and usually write it for him. Thoughts? Continue Reading


Re: Accumulating greeting cards

In Among Friends 1406548093.123

When my grandmother died my Mom went to clean out her house and found she had kept every card she had ever received in a huge box in her closet. Many of them had cash in them and when my Mom went through them the cash totalled up to over $16,000. Can you imagine? I throw away cards about a week after we get them.The Christmas cards are displayed on the mirror of our buffet while the Christmas decor is up then tossed out when I take the Christmas tree etc down. I always think I should save them to use for some decoration the next year but I never have as yet. Some of the ones that are family ... Continue Reading


tsv sizing

Last Reply by VanSleepy 1406563899.647 | Started by happy housewife in Viewpoints

On QVC's size charts the 1x has a hip measurement of 49" . The hip measurement for a 1x on the TSV pants is 44 " . Seriously?!?! 5" smaller than the person's actual hip measurement. You would certainly have no wiggle or jiggle - you also would not be able to breathe. Continue Reading

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