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Re: Bob Mackie and Antonella have been delightful~!

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Bob and Antonella were sitting there talking so naturally it did not feel like they were on TV but just out shopping together. He was telling her what colors she should wear etc. Continue Reading


Re: Bob Mackie and Antonella have been delightful~!

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On 10/20/2014 Daysdee said: On 10/20/2014 Mariewis said: I totally agree! Loved the show and love Bob and Antonella together! Bought the fleece coat and the wide leg pants. Also bought one of his sweaters for my mother in law for Xmas. Also put several items on my wish list! I enjoyed the show with Antonella too. I may have to go online and look at the fleece coat. Don't need it, but it sure looked nice. I always enjoy what a gentleman Bob Mackie is. Antonella does a great job. When we lived in Pa I had that fleece coat in the forest green with leaves on it. Not only was it beautiful - it wa... Continue Reading


Re: Do you like to vary the style of your decor, or do you decorate...

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My decor is cottage style and eclectic. I have a lot of antique furniture - mostly inherited from DH's grandmother so everything that was hers is mission style - mostly from when she was first married in 1905. I do have some other styles as well - but the mission look dominates throughout the house. As for your question about decorating - color etc... I have a newer home and it is very much the modern popular open floorplan. It is painted one neutral beige throughout the house, with white trim. I have various colors in different rooms but some shots of the colors from adjoining rooms as the r... Continue Reading


Re: Swiss Steak--Blast from the Past 1960s?

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Swiss steak is one of my DH favorite foods - generally I make it in the crock pot. We have it with mashed potatoes and a green veggie. Continue Reading


Re: Opinions On Painting Project...Open Floor Plan

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Before we moved into our open floor plan home I would never have thought of painting an entire house all the same color BUT when we saw how this home looked when it was completed and all painted one very soft , pretty neutral color it totally won me over.You can literally see into every room in our house from the main living area when the bedroom doors are open so it does make it seem softer to the eye and more as it is intended to be for it to all be one color. Every wall in my house is painted Killian beige -the ceilings are all a soft oyster white and the trim is all pure white. When we we... Continue Reading


Re: Another Birthday Is Coming".......You Ever Utter Those Words

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Having had breast cancer at age 34 and kidney cancer at age 41 I am very very happy to say that I have achieved reaching age 65. Every morning when I wake up and the sun is shining ( and I live in Fl so it usually is shining ) is a happy day for me. Continue Reading


Re: Please do this before you shop for a tablet

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On 10/20/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: Since the subject says "TABLET" and not "iPad" I don't consider the topic limited to Apple products. What I would suggest is getting to Best Buy if you have one close to you. Their sales people are not on commission and will steer to the product that is best suited for you. I don't believe iPad is the best choice for everyone. There are other great tablets out there. One just needs to do research. I do believe for some people iPad is just a status symbol. They won't even consider anything else, even if there is something much better and far less expensiv... Continue Reading


Re: Antonella: Please get the name's of the models correct

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On 10/17/2014 ssssgirl said: sometimes I wonder if people watch only to find fault. I am always amazed at the ridiculous stuff the people here get offended at. Many of the posters here seriously need to turn off the TV and find something productive to do. Continue Reading


Re: TV "Fright Hosts." Do You Remember One From Your Childhood?

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On 10/20/2014 happy housewife said: On 10/20/2014 nunya said: Chiller Theatre with Chilly Billy Cardille When i was in HS we would turn on Chiller Theater at parties and we'd all make fun of it. The night before we left Pittsburgh my DH was watching Jack Bogut and Bill Cardille on WQED - being interviewed live. It is hard to believe they are both still above ground. Continue Reading


Re: How many have changed out their wedding set for a new one?

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On 10/20/2014 Moonlady said: I always loved my ring set and wouldn't think of replacing it with anything else. It's beautiful and it holds sentimental value. I am shocked that so many women are not sentimentally attached to their original wedding set. If I lost mine or it was stolen I think it would break my heart. I actually own a much larger wedding set that my grandfather made for me (he was a jewelry designer for a large jewelry store in Pitts). He made my grandmother a beautiful set for their 50th anni. and since she had passed away when I got married he made me a Tiffiany bridge ring f... Continue Reading

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