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Re: Do you believe that extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth?

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On 10/31/2014 KathyPet said: Absolutely and they have all run for Congress and been elected! Excellent response!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: ot/ what does your family do for thanksgiving?

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On 10/30/2014 homedecor1 said: Since moving away from my family it's a very lonely day for me (not so much spouse never been big on holidays guess that's how their family was). As much as I wanted to have my kitchen remodel done I think I made a bad choice giving up my holiday traveling home -- but I plan to invite 2 of our widowed friends and make a small afternoon dinner -----then count the minutes til I skype with my beautiful granddaughter! Hoping to travel home for Christmas I miss my family & traditions too much! You said on another thread they are coming monday to tear your kitchen... Continue Reading



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This is why one should insure items that are expensive when sending them through the mail. Continue Reading


Re: Are You Wearing a Costume Today?

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I have a friend who owns a dog and a cat. a small dog. So she was invited by the animal shelter where she volunteers to bring her dog in costume to the halloween parade. However, her dog gets hyper in a crowd and the cat is very calm always so she is going to take the cat instead and tell everyone it is the dog in a really good cat costume. Continue Reading


Re: Do you like cabled sweaters?

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Love them - a classy, rich look. Continue Reading


Re: Just cleaned out my 2 pantries

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I too am jealous of the 2 pantries. I have one - would LOVE to have another. Continue Reading


Re: Now I'm confused -- Oils v. Moisturizers

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I can give you my experience. i have always had dry skin , even as a teen, and I have always used moisturizing cremes and lotions. They were somewhat effective but - to be honest , most of them are simply whipped up baby oil anyway. Last year a friend gave me some argon oil to try and it has been the very best for me. I wear it all the time, morning and night. You only need about 3 drops to moisturize your whole face, and it does absorb in - I put MU right over it. If you use too much it does not absorb in and you are wasting it. There is a reason it comes with a dropper! 3 drops max. My skin... Continue Reading


Re: ot/ what does your family do for thanksgiving?

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We have not gotten into a routine since we moved to Fl. Every year has been different. This year we are going to a good friend who moved here this year from Pitts. Her Mom and some other family are coming down from Pa so it should be a nice time. She is doing all the cooking - I am only making the pies - one pumpkin and one apple. There will be 8 of us who have all known each other since we were born so it as close to family as one can get. Continue Reading

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