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Re: Looking for a Medicare PPO Supplemental

In Health & Fitness 1422497259.467

There are 2 kinds of insurance you can get with medicare. One is a supplement (also called medigap ) that pays what medicare doesn't. With this you will usually need to also get a Rx drug plan. As far as I know with a supplement you can use any doctor who takes medicare. The other choice is a medicare advantage plan - in this option you essentially opt out of medicare and chose a private insurance - though it is overseen by medicare - and is required to offer everything that medicare does. These plans are commonly HMO - PPO - or POS plans. They also generally include the Rx drug coverage. It... Continue Reading


Re: Tracfone minutes WILL NOT transfer over if you don't own an android phone

In TSV Talk 1422491570.6

I also transferred min from my LG 840G to my android LG android smartphone and so did my DH. Continue Reading


Re: waiting for mammogram results-worried...

In Health & Fitness 1422477206.7

On 1/28/2015 brii said: On 1/28/2015 LipstickDiva said: IMO ALL imaging should be able to be read immediately. I had to have an ultrasound done a couple weeks ago on my liver because while having an ultrasound on another part of my body, they noticed what they were calling a very large cyst on my liver. I had the ultrasound done at the hospital and was told they'd be sent to the in-house radiologists who would read them and send my doc a report in no more than 48 hours. I made myself physically ill waiting for the results. After 4 days of hearing nothing I called my doctor's office and the gi... Continue Reading


Re: Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl, or Kitty Bowl? :-)

In Viewpoints 1422469756.057

We enjoy football - DH played for Penn State - he loves football.We will be watching the super bowl with some friends.I have been rooting for Seattle ever since the Steelers lost in the first round of the playoffs. Continue Reading


Striped sweater on LC show this morning

Last Reply by luvpoos 1422488016.34 | Started by happy housewife in Fashion Talk

I was planning to buy it - I thought the black one was so pretty - but with S&H & tax it was $76 +change. I just don't get $76 worth of use out of a cardigan, so I cancelled it. Continue Reading


Re: Collectibles that are totally worthless

In Viewpoints 1422456330.087

On 1/28/2015 ncascade said: I had a relative that collected Garden Gnomes. I think they are adorable and would love to have had them. Just because I like them. And speaking of Hummels I had a relative that thought her Hummels were worth a lot of money and someone lied to her about their value. Also told her they were worth a lot. Have lost touch w/her and do not know what happened. So what's my point: if you think something is of value get several appraisals and always do your own homework. For a long time Hummels were very valuable. They are currently much lower , but as collectibles go the... Continue Reading


Re: Another Tragic Craigslist Story...........

In Viewpoints 1422455968.11

My DH tried to sell our old camper a few years ago and among other things listed it on Craiglist. Some very questionable characters came to view it - some things were even stolen. really stupid things like chauckies, and a compass. Why would anyone take that stuff. It did not sell and we removed it from Craigslist. The next spring we put a sign in the window and within an hour it was sold. After the characters we experienced I would stay away from craigslist in the future. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Question to those that shower/shampoo in the evening

In Beauty Banter 1422451431.14

My DH was just in the hospital for 3 days and in all that time not once did any nurse or aide offer him a towel & washcloth so he could shower - he was on a monitor so he didn't know what to do about that either, so he went to the sink in his room and washed his armpits with his hands and air dried. By the time he came home he could not wait to get in the shower. This is a guy who showers twice a day ! Things have certainly gone downhill since i I retired from nursing 8 years ago. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Question to those that shower/shampoo in the evening

In Beauty Banter 1422451118.187

When i was working I had to shower in the AM to wash my hair so i could style it -I was a nurse so there was no way on this God's earth I would not have come home from my job and not showered before I even came into my home. We had a shower in the basement and I showered there every day I worked when I got home. Back in high school when we slept in rollers I bathed and washed my hair at night then set it. I would not bathe again in the mornings - I couldn't take a chance on ruining my hair! However, after hot curlers and blow dryers came into play that all changed. Certainly it is a personal ... Continue Reading

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