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Re: "How Do You Take Your Coffee?" Keurig Sweepstakes!

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I like mine light and sweet! Sugar and flavored creamer. :) Continue Reading


Re: Jack With Picture Of BW Barbie On FB

In WEN 1389565212.357

There's our BWB looking stunningly beautiful as always!! Woot woot! Continue Reading


Re: Does any one remember the Hess department store in Allentown,PA. ?

In Fashion Talk 1389480304.597

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised to see this post as I am from the area. :) Right out of beauty school, my first salon job was at an Orrs in my town. Orrs was Hess' sister company and we went to advanced training sessions at Hess' in A-town. It was a beautiful store indeed and so was Orr's. Sadly both are gone now, but the memories live on!!! Great thread! Thanks for bringing back some good memories. ;) Oh my goodness, their restaurant made the BEST vanilla cokes!! Not the pre canned stuff of today, the real deal in store handmade kind!!! My Grammy used to take me to lunch there as a treat w... Continue Reading


Re: Keruig TSV

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I did the same thing 2 years ago, and I can tell you that it was in March or April (i can check my order history to be sure) that the TSV was duplicated. (Platinum Plus) I learned my lesson from that and reordered a second one this past November, just in case!!! HTH! I love my Keurig Platinum Plus! One of my very favorite Q purchases. Continue Reading


Re: My Pressure Cooker Met Its Maker

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Girl!!! What are you doing taking tumbles with a pressure cooker in your hands?? That is no way to be working out! ;) Seriously, I really hope you are ok. I have and love the Fagor 3-in-1 pressure cooker from Amazon. Have had mine for years now and it works fantastic!!! Continue Reading


Re: My first Temp-tations Order.....

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Thank you pudding, lacey and gkelley!!! I really do love it and can easily see myself wanting more and more pieces! I've liked the Facebook page as well to keep up there too. :) Continue Reading


Re: What do I do with a 7 lb pork loin?! I need recipes!

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Anniecamp I like your idea too! We were posting at the same time. Continue Reading


Re: What do I do with a 7 lb pork loin?! I need recipes!

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That recipe sounds great tigriss!! I just made pulled pork sandwiches with one, and it made a lot! I found the recipe online. After searing the loin on all sides I placed it in the crock pot and poured a can and a half of root beer over it. Cook on low until done. (several hours) Pull apart with forks until shredded. Dump off liquid and add Barbeque Sauce. (I use Sweet Baby Ray's) :) Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: My first Temp-tations Order.....

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Thanks for the warm welcome! :) I got those pieces in OW Blue, just like you started with mominohio!!! It's just beautiful. I was contemplating the confetti as well as the blue but I think the blue looks brighter. The confetti is lovely though and would match any other colors I'm sure. The floral lace (I believe?) is pretty as well. Does she retire patterns often? That's what would keep me from straying from the Old world design, as I've seen that one from the beginning. RickyRocky, that soup/sandwich set is so cute!! It definitely caught my eye. Continue Reading


My first Temp-tations Order.....

Last Reply by BEgal4life 1389139278.507 | Started by BEgal4life in Temp-tations

I have always LOVED the look of these pieces but have not ordered any in the past. This year I bit the bullet and just received the chicken salt and pepper set and the chicken measuring spoon set!!! LOL, I was playing it safe and starting small. Oh boy, I do think I am in trouble now though and knew this would be the place to come because you all would understand!!! A new love has been born. They are adorable and seem very well made. Now I am eyeing the 16 pc, oven to table set in Old World Blue. :) Continue Reading

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