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Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- May 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Rick says that Ridge whines to Eric. What do you think you're doing, Rick? Then Ridge whines to Eric. Two grown men that act like immature children. Rick says Ridge gets away with everything. Um, Rick...you got away with shooting at two people in the office, bullying everyone, etc. And stop blaming Ridge for all of your problems. If you got some therapy, maybe you'd realize you have issues besides Ridge. I hope Eric appoints someone completely new as President or CEO or whatever Rick's title is right now. Maybe that's why they're looking for a new Thomas character. Maybe Thomas is going to be... Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- May 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Spoilers for week of May 25: ~ Rick urges Eric not to give in to Ridge's desire for a change in power at Forrester. ~ Bill defends his latest business decision to Liam, choosing to ignore his son's disapproval. ~ Rick gets a surprising visit from am unexpected supporter. ~ While Caroline supports Rick, Ridge makes a final effort to convince his father to assign someone new to run the company. ~ Eric makes a final decision about Forrester's leadership. ~ Steffy returns to Los Angeles at Ridge's urgent request and, out of loyalty to her father, agrees to help implement his plan for the fut... Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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On 5/24/2015 MIMA said: Can anyone make your echo understand the word "medicine"? Just try to have her spell it. She understand medicine as Madison. I reported it to them quite a while ago. I have to put prescription medicine on my shopping list quite often and that's how I noticed it. I've tried saying it over and over. Oh well, pretty easy to figure out what prescription Madison is on my list. LOL I just asked mine to spell "medicine" and also got "madison". I tried saying it several different ways, slower, etc. and still get "madison". I asked her to spell "medicinal" and she spelled it... Continue Reading


Re: Murder In The First Comes Back on June 8th 2015

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I forgot about this show! I thought you were referring to How To Get Away With Murder....and was wondering why that would be coming back on so soon. I enjoyed Murder In The First and look forward to the second season. Thanks for posting. Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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I see that Amazon Prime members can get the Echo for $149 now, not the original price of $99. And you still need the invitation. The $199 price for non-Prime members is the same. I'm glad I got mine for $99 and hope all of you that are waiting are getting that price too! Continue Reading


Re: Any thoughts on Good Wife finale?

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I just read today that Matthew Goode (Finn) is leaving the show and won't be back next season. Although he left the door open for guest appearances. Too bad, I liked him on the show. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- May 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Well, Rick is such a big, spoiled baby. He blames everything that happens to him on Ridge. He needs to own up to his actions and take responsibility. He keeps saying he treated people poorly and he's sorry for it, but did he stop treating them poorly? No. Him and Maya both enjoyed belittling people. He definitely has anger management issues and needs to get them addressed. He can't keep blaming Ridge. I hope Eric doesn't back down but he probably will after seeing his grown son pleading and crying. Boo hoo Rick. Grow up. Continue Reading


Re: Gardenman - Big Brother

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I hope this year is better than last! And I hope they don't bring Frankie back! I just read that Jeff and Jordan finally set a wedding date - October 1, 2016! They certainly have had a long courtship, since 2009! Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- May 2015 (includes spoilers)

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At least Rick had a more realistic reaction today. I'm sure learning about Maya is a shock and it will take time to sink in. So who's to blame for Rick's accident? Maya for running away? Bill for printing the story? Rick for going after Maya? Nicole for telling Wyatt? Wyatt for telling Bill? Who knows where this will lead. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- May 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Casting news: ~ Casting is underway for a new Thomas Forrestor. ~ Zende, adopted son of Kristen Forrestor and Antonio Dominguez will return to L.A. at the request of his uncle Ridge and great-Aunt Pam when they recruit him to learn the family business as a Forrester Creations intern. Ridge and Pam don't want the other interns to know Zende is a Forrester. Sparks fly when Nicole Avant and Zende meet. Zende will appear on the show in late June. ~ Steffy Forrestor's return airdate is May 26. Continue Reading

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