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Re: Does Anyone Else Watch The Mindy Project?

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I think this show is pretty funny. Mindy has great comedic timing on this show. And yes, she is so sure of herself, makes me laugh at some of the things she says about herself. I hope the baby storyline doesn't ruin things. I read she will still be pregnant into next season, if the show is renewed. It wasn't announced yet whether it's picked up for next season. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- February 2015 (includes spoilers)

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I completely forgot about Maya's sister - she was only on for a few seconds before. She must know things about Maya that Maya doesn't want Rick to find out, otherwise why did she escort her to the door so quickly? Steffy is so smug. The rivalry over Liam is going to be a rehash of the Hope/Steffy storyline. It sounds to me like Steffy is saying to Ivy the exact same lines that Hope used to say to her. And Steffy is so smug and full of herself. I hope Ivy doesn't back down. Wonder if Liam will tell her what happened on the couch with Steffy? Continue Reading


Re: Glad The Voice Is Back

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I'm glad Pharrell is back again this season; I really like his critiques of the singers. Him singing with that young girl the other night was heartwarming. I was starting to feel sorry for Adam because no one was picking him, but it looks like he got a couple of good singers last night. I liked it when the one girl he picked said "he's cute!". lol I probably would pick Adam for that reason. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- February 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Eric is an idiot. After hearing the entire family and staff tell him how Rick has been treating everyone, he thinks Rick can change and be Mr. Nice Guy at the flip of a switch? Ali is falling for it because she wants her shoe line launched. I can't stand how Myra thinks she runs the company alongside Rick. She makes me sick. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- February 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Spoilers for the week of Feb 23: ~ Eric learns about what happened at Forrester in his absence from those wronged by Rick. ~ Steffy agrees to help Liam take over Forrester, but only if he agrees to her conditions. ~ Ivy confronts Steffy, who stands her ground and refuses to apologize for her recent actions. ~ Liam seeks Ridge's allegiance so he can move forward with his plans to oust Rick as Forrester CEO. ~ Maya is overjoyed when Rick gives her a token of his affection. ~ Steffy and Ridge consider the pros and cons of allying with the Spencers to overthrow Rick. ~ Wyatt speaks candidly ... Continue Reading


Re: Guilliana Ranscic - Live From Red Carpet (5:00PM EST)!

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Kelly is under contract with the E! channel to keep her lilac hair for two years. I think the contract runs out sometime in April this year. We'll see if she changes it. Continue Reading


Re: Questions for those who watch Blacklist

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Red opened the trunk of the car and removed a silver case. We didn't see what was in it. The car looks like an old presidential limo to me so maybe its classified information? Next, Red is calling the phone number he found in Fitch's safe. Red has no idea who he's calling. When the person answers they say "you found the safe" and Red replies "who the h ell is this?" Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- February 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Well, Eric was certainly a disappointment today. I can't believe he handed everything to Rick. Why is it that everyone is upset with Rick for firing the gun in the office but Eric and Brooke? Eric said everything was taken away from Rick as a child, so now he's giving him everything back. He'd be better off giving him a year of therapy, and going with him because they both obviously need it. I'm sure Maya is relieved she doesn't have to give up the good life! Continue Reading


Re: Spoiler Alert - Stalker

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I thought that maybe when Ray pulled Tracy out from the car she was hiding under that maybe he hurt her or did something to her so she couldn't get up. I agree, she should have tried to help Perry with Ray but maybe she couldn't. I read that last night's episode was the "winter finale". CBS still hasn’t set a date for the final three episodes of the season and it’s unclear whether they will ever air. I hope it gets renewed - I really like it. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- February 2015 (includes spoilers)

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Rick is CEO and didn't know that the quarterly results were out? And he wasn't aware of how well the company did? Not a very good CEO if you ask me...he should be on top of all the finances. Eric was a big disappointment today. Letting Rick get away with everything because he's doing such a great job as CEO. So he just poo poos the gun shooting, the unauthorized move into the mansion and his bedroom and the removal of Stephanie's portrait. And now Eric is moving into the guest house and letting the power couple stay in the mansion? Doesn't sound right to me. Maybe it is a dream. We can on... Continue Reading

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