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Re: Looking for a Medicare PPO Supplemental

In Health & Fitness 1422682306.56

On 1/30/2015 lizzief said: On 1/29/2015 Tyak said: We have had UnitedHealth for 15 years from our employer, and that also includes as a Medicare supplemental when we reached the age of 65. They have been wonderful, never had so much as one problem with them ever. Several people have mentioned UHC, and I actually was covered by them years ago, they in fact handled my breast cancer treatment with no problem. The issue with UHC is not so much patient service as providers. I have had several doctors say that they are slow to pay or don't pay as much as others. So I hesitate to choose them for tha... Continue Reading


Re: After Installing Norton Strange Sound From Computer?

In Electronics Talk 1422640492.88

If you have not forgotten the DVD. It could be Norton software being loaded. Continue Reading


Re: Older Men Pursuing Much Younger Women

In Viewpoints 1422630377.973

On 1/30/2015 annabella said: It is never going to stop! Men always look for a young woman. Any woman over 45 is pretty much a crone and to men that is not attractive.... they do not want anything shriveled and wrinkled. Men want youth to make them feel young. Men always want "IT" and want it from a young woman. Men even when old and shriveled always look to the young girls. It is a brain "man" thing. The word is Sugar Daddy. Look around the Web at all the May-December relationships in Hollywood. Continue Reading


Re: Who drives an old car?

In Viewpoints 1422628311.593

I have a 2003 Accord. It is running alright. I am going to keep my car a while longer. Continue Reading


Re: Would you ever sue your son or daughter?

In Viewpoints 1422627013.513

This is tough love. Sometimes a mom can not talk anymore. Continue Reading


Re: Gasoline quality and gas mileage

In For the Home Talk 1422626407.637

On 1/29/2015 Snowpuppy said: All gasoline sold in the US must meet minimum requirements for it's octane rating. It's posted on the pump, 87,89,91. I believe Shell offers 93 Octane which is pricey. If you car needs higher octane for performance your owner's manual will tell you. The ethanol blend E85 is only for flex fuel vehicles. Meaning the engine will run on either full octane gasoline or the ethanol blended E85. Many gasolines have some ethanol in them but not the high content of E85. Other gasolines have additives. Marathon used to add STP fuel treatment. You'll lose gas mileage in the ... Continue Reading


Re: A friend told me that Land's End was going to removed from Sears. Anyone know if this is true?

In Fashion Talk 1422625840.647

On 1/30/2015 ValuSkr said: I think Sears sold Land's End because it needed to raise cash and Land's End was one of the few parts of its business that still had value. Sounds like Land's End will be an independent publicly-held company. I don't know if they'll still be in Sears stores, but they'll probably revert to their former - and very successful - model, catalog and online sales. They're probably glad not to be associated with Sears any more, it's a failed business. This happen in March 2014. Continue Reading


Re: i damaged a cd by scraping some of the finish

In Electronics Talk 1422565663.657 Continue Reading


Re: Straight Talk, Net 10, Possible Refund

In Electronics Talk 1422560413.253

On 1/29/2015 mima said: Op, thanks for the info. I went to file a claim and they want to know aprox. when we started with Straighttalk. DH and I have both had it for a few years. I have no idea even what year we started with ST. I doubt DH will remember either. So I left the claim site for now. I don't know what date to put. How did you pay for your first cellphone with Straight Talk? How do you pay for service with a CC? Continue Reading

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