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Re: What is the easiest (least amount of stress) way to activate a Tracfone?

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On 8/25/2014 dgluvr said: I called the tracfone number on the card (from QVC) and set my dh up in 5 minutes- (transferred from older tracfone and the remaining minutes) no problem. BUT I waited to see if he liked it before trying to activate mine- When I went to activate mine- I got automated - NO human and was getting quite frustrated- tried different times, different days because the "options" didn't list transferring minutes and keeping the same number-- AND no tech option- finally DID get a tech option (at the same number BUT then to get the option I hit 0 like 30 times to get a human.---... Continue Reading


Re: WiFi, what is it and how do you get connected to it?????

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On 8/25/2014 Kathleen said: All I did was call my cable company and they installed a router on my cable modem. Most people buy their own wireless router, and even a cable modem. The setup is easy. Continue Reading


Re: how do u save a pic on an HP Chromebook?

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The HP Chromebook comes with a hard drive for local storage. Files saved locally are stored in the Downloads folder. You can also save to external storage media, such as an SD card or a USB flash drive. Chromebooks come with Google Drive, a built-in Google Cloud Storage service. You can save files directly to Google Drive, which allows you to: Access and transfer files stored on the Web using any Internet-connected device. Share files with others, and save files shared by other people. Sync files to local storage for offline access. To learn more, visit the Google Drive... Continue Reading


Re: Desktop vs. Laptop

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On 8/25/2014 jaxs mom said: To me it's a complete waste to have a docking station and an external keyboard when I can have a desktop. Docking stations are normally used in business setting with a laptop. It would be a waste of money for me to use one. I just use a cooling fan with my large laptop. I personally like using a desktop computer. I like being wired into the web with one computer in the house. I can get a solid connection. Many folks use tablets as their portable device. Some younger folks use smartphones. Continue Reading


Re: please do your job!

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On 8/23/2014 Luvmycats said: Please use commas, capitals and proper sentence structure! Many posters are using tablets to post on this site. This site does not recognize paragraphs. Continue Reading


Re: making qvc plus a 24 hour fashion channel

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QVC does have 24/7 fashion channel the video links on their site. You can buy anything at anytime. Continue Reading


Re: Help me get rid of this virus.

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On 8/24/2014 only shops online said: I picked up a similar piece of malware the other evening. I was downloading a software update from a reputable site, and this thing downloaded itself also. Now that it's gone, I can't recall the name. I'm using Windows 8.1...I went into "control panel", then "Programs", and then into "uninstall a program." Powered by Delta Toolbar" I found it there and deleted it. Then I ran my virus scan and all was clear. So, if you haven't checked your Programs list, it could still be lurking there. You can scan your computer with free Malwarebytes http://www.malwareby... Continue Reading


Re: XPCOM error in Firefox

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I would not install a PC Cleaner. Fire Fox has a suggested fix from their site. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/968348 Continue Reading


Re: Is this age discrimination or "just business?"

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On 8/23/2014 esmerelda said: Parents who strap themselves financially to make their (in some cases ungrateful) children rich. I'll never understand it. This is not a very kind thing to say. Continue Reading


Re: Laptop preloaded with office 2013, windows 8, IE 8

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Why don't you post a link to this laptop,so someone can tell yow how it will run. Continue Reading

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