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Re: Anyone ever manually install I.E.9 via a CD/DVD? Need help, please.

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Since you have a Toshiba computer go to the Community Support forum http://forums.toshiba.com/ If you can not find a fix, you computer needs a repair shop. Continue Reading


Re: Getting ready to buy a IPad or a tablet. which brands do you like and which would you prefer?

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If you are buying your first tablet, it should be an Apple. I brought my iPad from the Apple online. It came to my house in two days. The display is beautiful,and the battery last about 10 hours. Keyboard cases https://clamcase.com/ and http://www.zagg.com/ You can find a regular case at Amazon. The site has many cases and reviews. Continue Reading


Re: HP TSV Intel i5 on July 13

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On 7/28/2014 purplefrog1 said: We got ours today. Thinking we need to create recovery disks in case of crashes/failures, but so far did not get any prompts to create one. I attempted to call that free life time supp0rt, and cannot even get through to them...circuits are busy. I hope that improves...it might be US based, but that might be all. Hate to have to send it back if claims were deceptive. This is a video from HP creating Recovery Discs for Window 8. http://h20621.www2.hp.com/video-gallery/us/en/customer-care/2008493915001/creating-system-recovery-discs-in-windows-8-for-hp-computers... Continue Reading


Re: Shop HQ Audiovox Tablet help needed

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You have to go into the setting of the tablet and turn on the Bluetooth. The two devices will find each other and pair. This is the service manual for the tablet setting info is on pages 22,41 and Bluetooth 27 http://www.voxxintlcorp.com/docs/common/T852/T852_OM.pdf You need to find the service guide for the keyboard online, and how to make it pair. Continue Reading


Re: Want new laptop advice

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I have Window 8.1 in a new computer I brought a month ago. Setting up 8.1 was a little different. Here is a tutorial from Microsoft http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/tutorial I found a Kindle Windows 8.1 Field Guide http://www.amazon.com/Windows-8-1-Field-Guide-quickest-ebook/dp/B00KNAHEAG Continue Reading


Re: Wireless Router Question (AKA Help a Dummy?)

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On 7/27/2014 betteb said: On 7/25/2014 ritasNo1Fan said: I looked for a modem to buy everywhere. I have Comcast triple play and the modems available did not have the telephone landline port. Not one store carries this modem. One modem I found has 4 Ethernet ports. One clerk showed me a phone landline adapter for Ethernet but I don't know if this would work with Comcast. Finally I went to Comcast to rent the new modem. The guy told me only place that sold this modem was Costco. I don't have a membership. So renting it for now. I think you can buy from Costco, you just pay a little more I know ... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have a Chromebook?

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I brought a Nexus 7 2013(32Gb) tablet from Amazon Warehouse Deals, used like new, in January. This was an open box item with a 30 day return, and a one year warranty from the manufacturer. It is still working fine. Continue Reading


Re: Why won't QVC lower their shipping costs?

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On 7/18/2014 millieshops said: They will when they have to, but I hope they don't do free shipping and reduce their quality. That's what happens elsewhere. The reason I shop QVC is that what I buy is better quality than I can get elsewhere for the same total price - or the total price is less than I pay elsewhere. I like saving money as well as the next shopper, but I save most by buying fewer things than by buying cheaper things. I have purchased a few items from other channels, but it's been years. What I got was cheap, not inexpensive. I'd rather pay a few extra dollars for shipping than r... Continue Reading


Re: HP TSV Intel i5 on July 13

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On 7/26/2014 LasVegas Dot said: I bought it and got it yesterday, 07/25/14. So far, my concern is, does it have Bluetooth? I can't find it. You can find whether Bluetooth Radio is installed. Go the control panel and find the Device Manager. You will find the Bluetooth Radio listed. Continue Reading


Re: Would you announce if you were going through menopause?

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A person only needs to see a woman,and know whether or not. A girl does not need a sign. Continue Reading

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