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Re: Word of Caution: Get Your Kindle Books Only At Amazon

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There is a vast segment of Kindle owners that download pirated eBooks from the internet. It is estimated that up to 20% of eBook downloads stem from bit-torrent or pirate sites. There is a new online threat that is targeting Kindle owners, that may hijack your entire Amazon account. Getting books from bit-torrent or pirate sites is stealing.We are not just talking about your Amazon account being at risk,but all of the data, passwords, etc on your computer. Continue Reading


Re: kindle fire hdx

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On 9/15/2014 bequeen said: how do you find that out if they do will they show it like qvc does more like they would have that during xmas time. Amazon offers the Kindle HDX tablets on a payment plan if you qualify. I like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_tab_3_8_0-5456.php ,and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4" http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_tab_pro_8_4-5946.php Continue Reading


Re: I Think I've Decided

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Can you read text well on a 13.3"display? Continue Reading


Re: Reverse Mortgages

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On 9/14/2014 happy housewife said: IMO this is not something you would do early in your retirement but much later when your savings has begun to dwindle and inflation is diminishing what you have left. The sales pitch is to someone 62 years and up. I know of a lady 66 yrs old not 85 who wanted to refinance her home. I heard her tell someone the lender mentioned reverse mortgage. Continue Reading


Re: Reverse Mortgages

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On 9/14/2014 Wild Rose said: Depending on the circumstances on why you are considering a reverse mortgage in the first place...you may want to research an Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit as an alternative. I am a retired banker and have recently been helping my MIL with her finances. She is house rich/cash poor and we found out recently that she has been paying her property taxes with credit card cash advances!! Yikes! I did a little hunting and found a product that worked very well for her (she's 85).. a home equity line that has interest only for 15 years before a P&I payment i... Continue Reading


Re: Reverse Mortgages

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On 9/14/2014 RedTop said: Elderly friends of ours found a reverse mortgage to be exactly what they needed, when they needed it. This couple lost both of their adult children and had no grandchildren, or siblings to leave anything to. Because of their health situation, they consulted their attorney, took a reverse mortgage, and started disposing of their personal things. Within a year, both took a turn for the worse, but were able to pay someone to live in and care for them until they died (within 3 months of each other). Their caregiver was handsomely paid for her services, and took care of d... Continue Reading


Re: Reverse Mortgages

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On 9/14/2014 Deanie said: I was thinking, while I am not a fan of reverse mortgages for all the reasons given, I wonder what type of impact that would have on a Nursing home. For instance, when my Mother went into a Nursing home, we were required to liquidate all of her assets including her home. In all, her entire estate (90% at least save for the bills she owed) was turned over for her care. If she had a reverse mortgage, what would the impact of that be? Hmmm, that is an interesting question. You could find this information on the internet. Continue Reading


Re: Reverse Mortgages

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On 9/14/2014 CalmInTheHeart said: A reputable and honest financial advisor will tell you not to get a reverse mortgage. There are a lot of potential down sides. It's even an issue when a person wants to buy securities products (i.e.: mutual funds, variable annuities, and such). It is a question finding an honest man. If you are having a problem keeping a large home sell and buy a rental. Reverse mortgage makes a lender a lot of money. Who would borrow $90K and pay back 138K in four or five years? This is something a bank called a reverse mortgage. I say, this is taking advantage of old pe... Continue Reading


Re: your favorite non-leather handbags, shoes?

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I have a nylon bag by Kenneth Cole Reaction, and a faux leather tote bag by Sorial. You need to do look online at major shopping sites. Continue Reading


Re: I today's Dell TSV a good deal? Is anyone buying?

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kittymomNC Please contact your CC company, and ask about this transaction. Continue Reading

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