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Re: OT - Michigan Driver License Renewal

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On 7/24/2014 EdithEllenLily said: Hi Bird mama! While I am from Michigan, I now live in Illinois and this was the first year I was offered (as a "reward" for being a good driver) to renew my DL through the mail. I sent in my check and they mailed me back my license, with the expiration date four years out, using the same photo they had in the Illinois state computer from the last time I renewed. It was kind of neat and handy not to have to go in a "take a number" this year. If you don't mind your current photo, my guess is that Michigan will use it for your renewal. Good luck! I live in NJ. ... Continue Reading


Re: Need a Dress for a Wake and Funeral STAT

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On 7/24/2014 Cookie06 said: I am really surprised at the criticism of the dresses posted as suggestions for this funeral. I think they are all totally appropriate. Maybe out in Washington state in our small town, we are pretty liberal. Jeans are totally appropriate at funerals around here. Nobody cares what you wear to the funeral, the point is that you are at the funeral to honor the person that has passed. When I die if somebody wants to wear a purple flowered dress, I would be smiling from the grave. I would just be honored that anyone would show up and mourn my death. I live in a urban c... Continue Reading


Re: Children pretending to smoke. What are your feelings?

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The candy smokes were cute nice back in the day. Today, I would not want young child pretending to smoke. Continue Reading


Re: Severance Update

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You worked for a very nice boss. The new firm may have different exit packages, and not as generous. Continue Reading


Re: Need advice re gossipy mail carrier

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If you complain to the Post Office about your mail carrier. You will never get important mail when you are not home. MYOB. Continue Reading


Re: I finally got the phone call about my Windows computer

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On 7/24/2014 geezerette said: The ones that get me are the state police or sheriff's department calling to ask for donations to whatever charity. Those are the people that are always telling the public not to give money to people calling you on the phone!!! These guys are not your local police or sheriff's department. Just paid callers looking for a donation. The best thing to do is hangup. Continue Reading


Re: Wireless Router Question (AKA Help a Dummy?)

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On 7/23/2014 ritasNo1Fan said: You are correct. The modem has to be Cable company activated. Router you can do yourself. Comcast wouldn't help me with my router because it is one I bought, not from them. I know you will have to add new password to router and then change your computer p-word. Did a DVD come with new router? Your new router sounds good! I will probably have to change mine soon. Netflix buffers a lot in one room. There are some network problems with Netflix. I find out things at I have Hulu Plus and it runs fine. Comcast owns the content. Continue Reading


Re: Wireless Router Question (AKA Help a Dummy?)

In Electronics Talk 1406179387.973 How to install a wireless router for beginners. Your first question network switch on a WR or a ethernet port on a device. If you are still renting a cable modem, you may want to buy. Each cable company has an approved list of products on their site. Continue Reading


Re: What is your best piece of relationship advice?

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On 7/22/2014 just bee said: Separate bathrooms. Great idea. Continue Reading

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