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Re: Does everyone buy screen protector/covers ...

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On 4/23/2014 GemNBeautyMadness said: On 4/23/2014 Usedtobeoxox said: why would you go to Apple Care, that would be only if the screen is cracked, if you put the screen protector on there would be less chance you would get screen damage if the the phone was dropped I didn't explain that second question right. I also wondered in addition what insurance plan many use for a general insurance/warranty service for their cell.... I used my Apple Care plan once in all that time and got a new phone when there was an issue with the volume after a year or so...wasn't necessary speaking about just a scr... Continue Reading


Re: Do I Need An HDMI Cable For My DVD Player

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You need to check the back of the DVD player and see if it has a HDMI connector. I agree with ibb38. Don't spend major dollars on a cable. They all do the same job. Continue Reading


Re: help with laptop purchase please

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On 4/21/2014 lilypadfrog said: Gardenman, I have a Samsung tablet. Would that be safe ie virus free like you mentioned the chromebook is? This tablet is new and I do use it for my email and now to go on the q forums. I just never thought this was safe to pay bills from or to do my banking on. The computer man said he could fix my computer again but told me I shouldn't. He said it was throwing good money away, but he would fix it. He said that my computer is 8 years old, has had several updates so I just need to let it go. I don't even remember what the original operating system was on it. Any... Continue Reading


Re: Downloading free apps onto,IPAD AIR

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Someone mentioned here, you can use a gift card as a payment method with an iTunes account. I would sign in to my iTunes account from a computer to get things running alright. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Mom's Moving In

In Fashion Talk 1398179665.827

On 4/21/2014 nantucket shore said: Getting my mom out of the nursing home and having her move in my small house. Any tips? Her big house needs to be cleaned out and sold....anyone go through this and would like to share? I want to say bless you for being a loving, and caring daughter. Continue Reading


Re: Galaxy s4 Active.....

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Your phone may be dustproof, but not truly waterproof. You can find information about this online or a YouTube videos. Continue Reading


Re: Galaxy s4 Active.....

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I have the Otterbox Defender case on my S4. You should read reviews before buying either case. I brought my cases at Amazon. I wanted a little variety with the look of the phone. I was happy with the Google keyboard in my phone, but not my Android tablets. It has something to do with the version of Android. I found an app SwiftKey. It gives you a thirty day trial. You should do a online search for the popular keyboard apps that are available. There are many reviews. Continue Reading


Re: Tablet or Laptop

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On 4/20/2014 Goldenlocks said: Thanks to all for you help! If I understand correctly, I have Windows Vista Home Premium, purchased in 2009, so I'm still covered by Microsoft - right? Also, is Q's Kindle TSV worthwhile? I basically shop, pay bills, and do Facebook and emails on the computer. So, probably could get by with an inexpensive tablet if I want to replace my laptop - right? Thanks again for all your help! Your Vista OS is good until 2017. Please check Microsoft for the exact date. You would be best buying an iPad Air. You will not be happy with any cheap tablet. Continue Reading


Re: Tablet or Laptop

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On 4/20/2014 happy housewife said: On 4/20/2014 nutmeg3 said: You do need a computer that is running. It should have an OS that is not Window XP. I like tablets, and use mine for many tasks. You can view movies, TV shows, read Kindle books, play music etc. The list goes on. If you are going to buy a tablet, the Apple Air is the best choice. Last summer I was using my tablet for everything - even paying the bills with it - but I found out that not everything I thought was being sent was actually sent. Some of the bills were not paid even though I had sent them SO now I use our windows laptop ... Continue Reading


Re: Tablet or Laptop

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On 4/20/2014 nomless said: It's true that MSFT no longer provides security updatrs for XP. Some of the anti-virus companies will, but will they be savvy about all the scurity holes in XP. Time will tell. A PC might have the hardware needed to upgrade to Win 7 or 8.1. Mine didn't, so I bought a new comptuer, not having the trust that my anti-virus supplier will find issues before they happen. Before I bought the new computer, I assessed if a tablet could do everything I need to do, and I decided the answer was no. Others will find that it does. You didn't say what OS your desktop runs. If it's... Continue Reading

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