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Re: Backpack Brand Recommendations

In Health & Fitness 1414275504

http://www.everki.com/products1/backpacks You should around at major sites for great prices. Continue Reading


Re: Went to a town hall meeting about medicare advantage plans

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On 10/25/2014 terrier3 said: On 10/24/2014 smokymtngal said: On 10/24/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: I've seen the commercials for these companies and have a question ...... some advertise $0 monthly premium and $0 deductible ...... so HOW do they collect any payment for their policies? Doesn't make sense to me ........ Just to be clear, our Medicare charge is currently $104.90/mo whether you are on Social Security or not. My husband is on Medicare (he just turned 65) but has not yet applied for Social Security. We pay the $104 directly to Medicare and they pay the Advantage plan that he has selected... Continue Reading


Re: Mini I pad

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I would go into a toy department of a big box store or a Toy's R US. You want a case with nice handles for little hands. http://www.uzbl.com/apple-ipad-cases/chubby-cubby.html Continue Reading


Re: HP Tablet on HSN

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On 10/25/2014 ThinkOutsideTheBox said: Most people who bought that HP tablet will only be happy with it if it is their very first tablet. 16 GB of storage with no ability to install and run apps from the SD card is just not enough room for apps...especially if any games are installed. I feel bad for the people who bought this based on the presentation from HSN which failed to mention how little storage for installing and running apps was really available. Most Android tablet or cellphones have 16 GB of storage and an SD card slot. I have an Samsung tablet with 70 apps on it and 11GB of storag... Continue Reading


Re: Removal of hidden modules

In Electronics Talk 1414266824.243

http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/officeversion_other-office_install/compile-error-in-hidden-module-az-wizard-module/d13afc18-bd53-4227-baeb-e4208fb0db18 Continue Reading


Re: New tracfones ???

In Electronics Talk 1414209667.227

On 10/24/2014 DARING GREATLY said: I have the LG 840 (a TSV a long time ago). I like the phone, but I cannot send pictures to my e-mail. It all goes well when I try to do it, I attach, I e-mail and then the phone reboots itself every time and I have no e-mails in my Google account from my phone. Am I doing something wrong? I have some pictures on my phone I would like to send. Can anyone walk me through the steps? Thank you! I have an Android smartphone and use a Google Drive to store my photos. I found the app in Google Play Store. This is an interactive menu that might help. http://tracfo... Continue Reading


Re: Asus Laptop Processor?

In Electronics Talk 1414180616.923

If you do many tasks at once, you may want a faster processor. Continue Reading


Re: Asus Laptop Processor?

In Electronics Talk 1414140539.177

This processor is good as long as you don't want to play heavy games. http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Celeron-N2930-Notebook-Processor.112088.0.html Performance Thanks to the improved performance per clock and the 4 cores, the Celeron N2930 is significantly faster than previous Intel Atoms, e.g. the N2800. Depending on the benchmark, the N2930 competes with AMD Kabini APUs like the A4-5000. For most everyday tasks such as Internet or Office the performance is adequate, but not for complex software or modern games. Continue Reading


Re: New tracfones ???

In Electronics Talk 1414022492.277

On 10/22/2014 Irishpat1944 said: On 10/21/2014 nutmeg3 said: http://tracfonereviewer.blogspot.com/2014/06/samsung-galaxy-ace-style-s765c-coming.html This phone has a higher level of the Android OS. You want to check online for reviews. This article is from back in June and the phone was released for Net10 only. I'm still checking every day for a good tracfone bundle here and hsn. This blog has more current entries. I hope you are getting email alerts from the shopping channels. Continue Reading


Re: Handbag Lovers/Addicts, how often do you rotate your bags??

In All About Handbags 1414016560.65

It depends where I am going. A bag for all seasons. Continue Reading

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