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Re: I am starting to hate my iPad!

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On 10/10/2014 gardenman said: On 10/10/2014 nutmeg3 said: On 10/10/2014 Mindy D said: THIS IS THE IDENTICAL PROBLEM I AM GETTING ON MY IPHONE 4S. I THINK THAT APPLE WANTS US TO 'NEED' TO BUY NEW PRODUCTS. SUDDENLY, WITH UPDATES, DEVICES ARE NOT WORKING THE SAME WAY THEY DID. I HAVE SUSPICIONS THAT THIS IS NO ACCIDENT, BUT AN ATTEMPT TO MAKE THESE DEVICES OBSOLETE, TO DRIVE NEW SALES. How long should Apple support the iPhone 4S with software updates? Most folks want to move on to new devices and updated technology. The 4S was announced and released in October 2011 and it's still being sold n... Continue Reading


Re: IPad TSV

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On 10/21/2014 Still Raining said: It is very deceptive that they do not appear to give the model of the product on the TSV description. Very sneaky. Would you buy this iPad knowing it came to market November 2012? Continue Reading


Re: IPad TSV

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It is an iPad 4. It came to market November 2012. Continue Reading


Re: Please Do Your Research First

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On 10/20/2014 caspie said: I'm tempted, but also went online and saw the $299 price at Best Buy. The Bluetooth keyboard/cover is on sale for $70.99, and the other stuff you can always pick up here and there if you feel you need them. You can't beat the easy pay, though, and for some that is the deciding factor. I'm still on the fence, especially since QVC gives until the end of January for returns...hmmmm... A 16GB tablet from QVC for $569, or a 16GB tablet from Apple $399. Continue Reading


Re: Asus Laptop

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CBS New Access App and a Fee

Last Reply by gardenman 1413923411.357 | Started by nutmeg3 in TV Talk

This maybe OT. CBS is now charging a monthly fee to view any new program on a tablet or a smartphone. It will only be a matter of time before the other networks are doing the same. Continue Reading



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Amazon offered Kindle's on a payment plan last weekend . The company repeats this deal often. Continue Reading


Re: Please do this before you shop for a tablet

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If you are new to tablets, Apple gives customers the best bang for the buck. The company has the best tech support, and ease of use. This might seem silly, but Apple gets many apps first. Amazon video app came to apple first this year. Amazon just introduced the video app for the Android cell phone. There is not an app for Android tablet. Then there is the question of hardware. Continue Reading


Re: Question for Those Having Pergo or Other Top of the Line Laminate

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On 10/19/2014 patticakes said: Is it more durable than wood? I don't agree. This may have been the case years ago, but not today. You should check Armstrong's website and look at the many flooring options. I would then find a flooring dealer. Continue Reading


Re: Any Furnace Experts Out There???

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On 10/20/2014 ID2 said: Wow OP how long have you lived there? This would NEVER pass inspection! You need to get this fixed pronto! This passes code. A better solution would have cost a builder additional construction costs. it would have increased the price of the homes. Please check with your HOA. Continue Reading

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