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Re: Windows 8 versus windows 7 , need help

In Electronics Talk 1422298914.867

Exactly what don't you like about Windows 8, and have you updated it to 8.1? Just about anything can be customized to your liking. What font do you want to change, and what do you want to change about it? Do you want to change the style, the size? Are you talking about the font in your browser? You OS doesn't necessarily have anything to do with your email. What email are you using? Are you accessing it through your browser or through an email client (software)? Continue Reading


Re: How was Joy Mangano on QVC?

In The Q We Love 1422138466.47

Here's a couple of her old commercials. Miracle Mop 1996 - Rolykit 1998 - Continue Reading


Re: new computer virus protection

In Electronics Talk 1421452046.813

I use the free Windows Defender that's included with Windows 8.1. Continue Reading


Re: Leaky Outdoor Faucet - Help!

In Viewpoints 1421344340.21

Go to Lowe's/Home Depot and get an adapter with a shut off valve you can just attach to the end of the faucet or hose. They're just a few dollars. Or if you have a hose and a spray nozzle, just attach the nozzle and leave it in the closed position.! Continue Reading


Re: are there any free genealogy websites? (not just free for a trial period)

In Viewpoints 1421246404.523

I can use for free through my local library. But I have to access it at one of their branches on their computer, and log on through my library account. If you're close to a library it's worth it. Continue Reading


Re: HSN PRAI Today's Special

In Beauty Banter 1420164970.773

I don't think 71-year-old Nancy ever had a turkey neck. Notice they never show any before pictures of her? Continue Reading


Re: zoom problems

In Electronics Talk 1419622519.213

The touch pad can work similar to a tablet or smart phone screen. You can open and close your thumb and index finger to zoom the screen in and out. Sounds like you're inadvertently touching the pad with more than one finger. If you don't want to use the feature, uncheck the Pinch Zoom box in the settings. You can highlight each setting and it'll show a video of what each one does. Continue Reading

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