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Re: Desktop icons stay highlighted in Windows 8.1???

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Not happening on mine. When I did a search for the problem, this post was the only one I found describing it. Continue Reading


Re: Camera on TracPhone - Afraid to Lose Pictures

In Electronics Talk 1410736055.387

Try connecting it to your computer and transfer the pictures with Windows Explorer. Continue Reading


Re: Virus Removal - Please Help! Need Website Recommendations For Removal

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On 9/7/2014 CaliKat said: Thank you all for your suggestions, they are appreciated. I have malwarebytes. It's been fine for quite awhile, but it didn't prevent me from getting this virus. I was thinking I would purchase the Norton 360 for protection, but I first need to get the virus removed. Do either of you Norton users have a customer service phone number for them? If you have the free Malwarebytes, it doesn't prevent viruses. Try running it, but make sure it's updated first. Continue Reading


Re: OT---Does anyone have the new Keurig with carafe?

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On 9/1/2014 Iwantcoffee said: Kate, I do not have the Keurig 2.0 but I have read online that you cannot even use the old k-cups with the Keurig 2.0. People have figured out how to use any K-Cup in the 2.0. Continue Reading


Re: Keurig 2.0

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Here's a simple hack to use any K-Cup in the 2.0. Looks like all you need to do is tape part of the lid from a licensed cup onto an unlicensed one. There's several other videos on You Tube, but this looks the easiest so far. Continue Reading


Re: Password Question

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Look to the right, underneath where it says how many members and guests are online. Continue Reading


Re: Lenova laptop help with pictures on desktop

In Electronics Talk 1409526028.47

Make sure to make a copy of the photo before editing it, so if you mess up you'll still have a good copy. Continue Reading


Re: How do you manage your rain gutters and downspouts?

In For the Home Talk 1409435492.303

We once had gutter guards but never will again. They kept the leaves out, but anything small enough to fit through the openings got through and we still had clogged gutters. The guards were a pain to remove and replace when we needed to unclog. Also, wasps liked making nests under them, and we had lots. Now we have 6" gutters, which we've been cleaning ourselves. Earlier this year, we got an iRobot Looj (made by the same company that makes the Roomba vacuum). It's this remote controlled contraption that rides through the gutter and whips out all the debris. Now I can clean the gutters myself ... Continue Reading

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