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Re: Watching a DVD on my HP laptop?

In Electronics Talk 1406333129.93

While the movie is playing or in pause mode, right click on the screen. A menu will come up. Click Full Screen/Restore to toggle in and out of full screen mode. Continue Reading


Re: Watching a DVD on my HP laptop?

In Electronics Talk 1406314939.303

At the bottom of the player to the left of the arrows is a thing that looks like a hammer and some other tool. Click that, then choose player in the menu on the left. Check the box that says "run full screen." Does that help? I'm just guessing. I have the player but never used it. If you click the question mark in the upper right it'll open Help. Continue Reading


Re: Watching a DVD on my HP laptop?

In Electronics Talk 1406311338.717

What media player are you using? Continue Reading


Re: OK to disable automatic maintenance in Windows 8.1?

In Electronics Talk 1406290629.35

I'd leave it alone, unless you're going to remember to run it manually on a regular basis. It defrags, check for errors, and a number of other things. You shouldn't be noticing any performance issues when it runs. msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/hh848037%28v=vs.85%29.aspx Continue Reading


Re: Wireless Router Question (AKA Help a Dummy?)

In Electronics Talk 1406166180.567

The new router will be fine. It just has extra speed capability. Continue Reading


Re: Virus!

In Electronics Talk 1406128102.233

Open your list of installed programs and sort them by date. Check to see if anything questionable was installed recently. Also check your browser tools for any questionable add-ons. That'll give you a name to help find a remedy. Continue Reading


Re: No forum categories to left of screen

In Electronics Talk 1405700739.123

I have two Windows 8.1 computers, and don't have that problem with either. Works fine with IE 11 and Firefox 30. Continue Reading


Re: Very OT --- Mattress recommendations

In Beauty Banter 1405434860.817

I've bought nothing but Serta over the years, and have been very happy with them. The best way to pick out your mattress is to decide on a brand, and try out several mattresses for at least 15 minutes each to decide which feels most comfortable to you. Some you will know immediately that you don't like them. I hate mattress stores, they're like going to car dealers. I bought my last one at Boscov's, a department store. Their prices are competitive, and sometimes they have a 20% off all mattresses sale. Continue Reading



In TSV Talk 1405269466.92

When you buy a new computer, there's almost always unnecessary software that can be uninstalled or disabled to make things run better. With Windows 8/8.1, you don't have to sign in to a Microsoft account. You're given the option when you're first setting up. You can also set up additional users with or without it. Continue Reading


Re: WiFi On/Off Key

In TSV Talk 1405267688.513

I'm going to guess and say yes, the f12 key will turn the WiFi on and off. Continue Reading

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