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Re: This is gross......

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Dupe, n/m. Continue Reading


Re: Need help With Malwarebytes

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I'd try the Malwarebytes forum. Continue Reading


Re: Need Answer to Question About Smart Phone Apps!

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This could be done with a counterfeit or photocopied check. "ACH Point-of-Purchase (POP) Check Conversion Consumers continue to write checks at the time of purchase and processing these checks costs you time and money. With ACH Point-of-Purchase (POP) Check Conversion Service, eligible consumer checks are converted to ACH transactions at the time of the sale, so you can significantly reduce back-office labor costs, check deposit preparation and handling costs and check clearing fees. A customer writes a check for a purchase at your business, where it is scanned using a magnetic ink characte... Continue Reading


Re: Need Answer to Question About Smart Phone Apps!

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All someone needs is the routing number, account number, and the right printer, and they can make counterfeit checks. Continue Reading


Re: Bell's Palsy

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I had it about 8 years ago. Woke up to get ready for work, and didn't notice anything until I brushed my teeth. When I tried to spit out the toothpaste was when I realized something wasn't right. Went to work anyway, but left early to see the doctor after calling him. Can't remember when I went back to work. Probably stayed off a day or two. I was also given a steroid and anti-viral med. I used GenTeal eye gel for severe dry eyes through the day. I prefer gel over drops, it's easier to use. At bedtime, I used a piece of micropore paper tape to keep my eye closed. It's a thin, lightweight tap... Continue Reading


Re: OT/Happy Jewish New Year!

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On 9/25/2014 Ms X said: Happy Jewish New Year! Does anyone want to tell us about the traditional customs and food ingredients of this celebration? Friends have described the Seder to me and it was interesting. I believe that's around Easter. The Gentiles in this video describe the food perfectly! Continue Reading


Re: Pressure Cooker at Aldi

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1411677647.65

If I didn't already have a pressure cooker I'd definitely try it. I have several other appliances from Aldi, and they've all been great. My favorite is a handheld wet/dry vac. Continue Reading


Re: OT - Office 2010 vs. 2013 - I keep emails, Do I Really Need Outlook...How to transfer files old-new computer?

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I use Mozilla Thunderbird rather than Outlook, and Open Office, a free alternative to MS Office. When I replaced my XP, I transferred my pictures and documents to the new 8.1 using Windows Explorer. They were both connected to my router, and I was able to transfer wirelessly. You can check if an old program is compatible with 8.1 at Continue Reading


Re: Flash Device Stopped Working - Help!

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On 9/20/2014 focksie said: On 9/20/2014 Caffeina said: Maybe this? These sound like good instructions Caffeina but I got stuck on this part: "You should be able to determine which one is the drive you’re trying to access by its size and format type. Here we’re trying to find a 4GB thumb drive. Right-click on the drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths." I have no idea from the illustration how they identified the 4GB thumb drive. I don't see any indication of that. My device is a 1GB thumb drive... Continue Reading


Re: Flash Device Stopped Working - Help!

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Maybe this? Continue Reading

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