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Re: Cleaning tub

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This is the best I've found. Under $2 from Walmart. Continue Reading


Re: "you smell good! What is that?'

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Last year I was grocery shopping in Walmart. An older employee passed me in the aisle, and I caught a whiff of something really nice. When I was in the next aisle, I saw her again and purposely moved near to try to make sure I really liked what I was smelling. I had to ask her what it was, and was shocked to find out it was White Diamonds. I had a still sealed bottle that was a Christmas gift from at least five years before, I thought I wouldn't like it. That evening I finally opened it and started using it. That's the only time I remember stopping a stranger and asking. Continue Reading


Re: Want to add to request for help with flash player

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Firefox has its own plugin for Flash. Go to In the table of contents, click on Updating Flash and follow the instructions. Continue Reading


Re: Java Auto Updater?

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On 12/17/2014 shaggygirl said: Caffeina Thank You. And no doubt this is a dumb question but.....I looked at that Java site and where it says Version 8 Update 25 then Free Java Download, I just click on that and it does it? Are any other prompts or questions going to come up? And same questions if I opt to click on the permission on the notification to do it? And how do I know when it's done? I just came back to edit this post. I just noticed that little orange notification thingy isn't on the bottom of my screen anymore, I suspect it'll be back though sooner or later. When you click on it, t... Continue Reading


Re: Java Auto Updater?

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Updating Java is important. Not just for security reasons, but there's a lot of things you can't do without it. If you don't want to click on the notification, just go directly to their site to download the update. Continue Reading


Re: Simmering Pot Recommendations

In Candles 1418588811.757

What brand warmer and cubes are you using? Mine are from Walmart and I've never had a problem. Continue Reading


Re: Windows 8.1 versus Windows 7

In Electronics Talk 1418588652.043

With Windows 8.1 you have a choice of using the regular desktop you're used to, or the new Start screen. I use the desktop, and don't even bother with the Start screen or apps. I have no complaints. There's a number of things I like better than my old XP and Vista computers. There's help here and online so you shouldn't have a problem. Continue Reading


Re: I need help backing up my pics from my phone, please!

In Electronics Talk 1417988715.217

Why not just move or copy the pictures on your phone to your computer? I don't use clouds, so I can't help with that. Continue Reading


Re: emjoi micro pedi

In Beauty Banter 1417308027.827

They both spin at 30 times per second, so they're both the same power. I like the handle on the regular. The head of the regular can also be rinsed off, the Nano cannot be rinsed. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Lesson learned at the Post Office today

In Beauty Banter 1416610157.147

On 11/21/2014 Campion said: And using some online services (though you have to subscribe) is cheaper for delivery confirmation, and they have better insurance and cheaper, too. If you ship a lot of ebay, it's well worth it to use it. You can do everything directly on USPS's site, don't need a service. You can arrange for packages to be picked up at your home too. Continue Reading

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