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Re: Fabulous Body Wash at a fabulous price

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Love the Almond & Honey scent which I have in the body scrub. Wish I could buy the body wash, but I've pledged to the ComPact not to buy any until I need more which will be a looong time from now. If it's not still around when I'm ready, something just as good or better will be! Continue Reading


Re: Computer Delay

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On 4/12/2014 autumnsunset said: We went to Office Depot to look last night talked to the man that repairs computers to ask him some question on Intel or AMD A8 he said Intel was a little faster but not by much he said the only time you need a fast processor is for gaming and he said HP puts better graphic cards in there computers. My husband went to HP's website to customize a laptop the best price he got was $833 and that was with a AMD A6 Intel was more. I see a HP laptop is coming up tonight as a TSV there price is sure better then what we found in office depot. We will check that out. We ... Continue Reading


Re: Best flat iron that won't "break the bank" & what to look for when purchasing

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I use the Remington Frizz Therapy 1" flat iron. It has solid ceramic floating plates, adjustable digital temperature, and a swivel cord. Works great and out of 176 reviews on walmart.com, 145 are 5-star. $38.18 today, but sometimes their prices fluctuate a little. Continue Reading


Re: How to send videos from phone -- android -- via email or to another phone.

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www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/photo-video/3457201/how-send-videos www.techradar.com/us/news/internet/cloud-services/send-large-files-10-of-the-best-services-for-sharing-big-files-1181486 Continue Reading


Re: 4/8/14 XP PANIC-Can still use? No new one yet!

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On 4/6/2014 Mindy D said: There are a number of great anti malware companies that will run support for XP. Top of the line Kaspersky and Bitdefender software are going to keep working with XP and Norton might. Look on the website AV test and see. You can also upgrade to windows 7. Check if your computer is compatible at Microsoft. Although some products will continue to "support" XP doesn't mean they'll be issuing security patches to the XP OS once Microsoft stops doing it. It only mean the programs will continue to run on an XP computer. It doesn't matter how many people you ask, no one kno... Continue Reading


Re: Any recommendations for free anti-virus protection?

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If you have Windows 8 you already have free antivirus, Windows Defender, built in. Continue Reading


Re: Need help with adjusting brightness & Contrast for Acer Monitor?

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community.acer.com/t5/Monitors/bd-p/projectors us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers Continue Reading


Re: social security question

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On 3/30/2014 esmerelda said: I thought SS benefits were based on what a person earned during their working life. If that's the case, I don't know how there can be a "limit" on the monthly benefit. There's a limit on the SS tax withholding each year. A person earning $200K will pay the same SS tax as a person earning $200M. Benefits are figured using only SS taxable earnings. ssa.gov/planners/maxtax.htm Continue Reading


Re: Ever have someone post a picture of yourself on Facebook you do not like?

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Yes. But it's not in my profile because I didn't approve the tag. Continue Reading


Re: Has Anyone Bought a New Computer in the Last Three Months and Loves It?

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On 3/29/2014 Mindy D said: Caffina, I just checked Walmart and they are out of stock in my area. I know you bought on clearance, but I checked, anyway. Mine had 8.1 and there was information on the Microsoft Website that said you can use older versions of Office with 8.1. Maybe you want to switch over to it, but check at Microsoft for all the older software it will support. I went to Amazon and there were similar computers. BTW, Most Walmart raters are praising your model, but there are a few with out of box defectives, too. I hate worrying if mine will be a lemon or not. I didn't buy in the... Continue Reading

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