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Re: Newly Diagnosed Diabetics, I thought of a tool that might help us....

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Deal A Meal and the Meal Mover are basically the same thing...one uses cards, one uses windows. I've used both in the past to lose weight prior to being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. They are good for watching calorie count and learning portion size. For good diabetes control you also need to add in carb counting and you need to use your meter to discover how many carbs per meal your body can handle (This will vary from person to person.) and which foods spike your blood sugar. When I was first diagnosed and discovered that watching carbs was the key to control (No thanks to the educator... Continue Reading


Re: Roca Labs Non-Surgical Gastric Bypass Drink

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On 1/10/2015 tigriss said: I'll sit down with her at work next week and show her myfitnesspal.com and their app. I'll help her gather salad recipes (the few real veggies she will eat, but use fat free 1000 island, a compromise If she is a diabetic, fat free salad dressing is not a good idea as fat free products tend to have more sugar in them to compensate for the loss of fat. Continue Reading


Re: Smartphone advice... Samsung vs LG

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My last 4 phones have been LG. Everyone else in my family has an iPhone, and I spent over a month trying to decide between the iPhone 6 and the LG G3. I finally went with the G3 and I love it. I'm a light to moderate phone user, and the G3 is lasting me 1.5 to 2 days on a charge. I have no experience with Samsung, but no problems with the LG's. Continue Reading


Re: Robert Lee Morris

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On 11/24/2014 kachina624 said: He kept saying he'd be back and give an approximate time, but he never appeared. There seems to be some kind of problem. He supposedly sold his company; maybe there's some kind of legal problem? So many of our favorites have sold to the Chinese, only to have things change so severely that the product is no longer viable. He had a show in August where he premiered his white bronze pieces. Continue Reading


Re: RLM at 1:AM

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There will be new items in this show. If you look at the RLM section there are 4 new items currently listed, all in white bronze. Continue Reading


Re: Lost My Crown Eating a Cherry Sour Ball - My Dentist is Booked

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I've had a crown re-cemented a couple of times. I try not to chew with it now so it will stay in - it's toward the front of my mouth so a little easier to avoid while chewing. I found the Dentemp O.S. in my grocery store for about $1.99 and purchased it to have on hand and when I go on vacation. I haven't had to use it yet, but it seems a fairly easy temporary fix. Continue Reading


Re: Diabetics A1C goal??

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On 5/31/2014 violann said: I got a copy of my last testing yesterday, and my a1c was 5 and FBS was 80. These are my best scores in years and years. Very happy. Congratulations! I went for labs yesterday, as I have a DR appointment next week. My FBG when I got out of bed was 73, and when I got home from the lab, before I ate, I took it again and it was 81, so it will be interesting to see what number the lab gets. Continue Reading


Re: Diabetics A1C goal??

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On 5/30/2014 namealreadytaken said: Any of you who are not medical doctors, please quit giving out medical advice, like telling others their blood sugar is too high or too low, the HgbA1c is not right, that they should not take cholesterol medication, that they should quit taking their potassium. Lipid-lowering drugs can be the only protection some heart patients have. I think doctors know more about the patient's condition than forum members. That is what doctors are for, to treat the patients. Please quit giving out, what could be, life-threatening/life-or-death advice. Potassium is a neces... Continue Reading


Re: Diabetics A1C goal??

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emmiesmom, You need to ask about lite salt and other substitutes that include potassium if you are also taking a supplement, especially if your diet also includes potassium rich foods. It may not be a problem for you, but it's best to ask. Too much potassium can cause heart issues. Continue Reading

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