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Re: Goodbye to Gunther

In Pet Lovers 1414712058.01

What a wonderful tribute! I am so sorry for your loss. Continue Reading


Re: I fixed "the poncho"

In Fashion Talk 1414372181.097

On 10/26/2014 shoesnbags said: Just curious as to why you didn't just send it back and buy a poncho that you liked as is? My thoughts exactly! Continue Reading



In Q Did What? 1414261766.88

This is one of the most enjoyable posts I have seen in ages! Thanks Spurt! I am still laughing! Continue Reading


Re: Very sad about my cat and disgusted with the vet! sorry-long

In Pet Lovers 1414185296.897

This is so sad to read. I am so sorry for your loss. Continue Reading


Re: Increased Shipping and Handling Charges

In Q Did What? 1414184334.037

Just noticed another site I use......Eddie Bauer......30% off of EVERYTHING and free shipping on $99 or more. Birthday event for them. I am trying to remember the last time I got free shipping from the Q, and I honestly can't remember. Pitiful. Continue Reading


Re: Increased Shipping and Handling Charges

In Q Did What? 1414171410.49

You cannot tell me that the Q is not making a killing on shipping and handling fees at the expense of their customers. Not when Nordies, Lands End, Target*, etc offer free shipping and handling every day. (*Target has a holiday special going on now I see). Continue Reading


Increased Shipping and Handling Charges

Last Reply by moonchilde 1414337798.313 | Started by TexasMom1 in Q Did What?

With the holiday season fast approaching, I do a lot of online shopping. The Q's increase in shipping and handling is getting outrageous. Best standard shipping for one sweater, that will be thrown haphazardly into a bag, and will probably arrive with greasy tire tracks on the outer packaging has increased to $6.72. Other online stores I frequent I get free shipping most of the time, or if I order more than one item within a 24 hour period I get half off shipping on subsequent purchases. (something the Q would be wise to emulate, not just within one purchase order). I would not mind so much... Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone received the shetland boyfriend cardigan or poncho?

In Linea 1414112549.53 cashmere poncho by Chicos in rennaissance red........ Continue Reading


Re: Actress Elizabeth Pena Died at Age 55

In Viewpoints 1413505929.697

Ditto Violann! I loved "Batteries Not Included", a little gem of a movie! Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green Cardigan...what to wear

In Linea 1413505471.197

Shooties on the Q that match the hunter green? Item number? Thanks! Continue Reading

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