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Re: Shawl worn by Liz Claiborne rep on the Friday am show 4-24

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In the video for the scarf it is really sheer. Looks cute, and I would have never thought of putting that with a maxi dress! Enjoy yours if you decide to get it! Continue Reading



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There is no $6.47 UPS ground to select now. I just ordered something and I could choose the $3 shipping or bumping up to the UPS select/ for over $11. Continue Reading


Re: Josh Hamilton (MLB): Divorcing Katie (involved w/ Real Housewives Orange County

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He certainly burned his bridges here in Texas with the Rangers. Continue Reading


Re: Brain Tumor - Astrocytoma

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Prayers going up to God for your son and family as well as to St. Peregrine, the patron saint of cancers. Hopefully those biopsies will give your son's doctors a better line of attack to address the tumor. Stay strong. Continue Reading


Re: Brain Tumor - Astrocytoma

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Just want you to know that prayers are continuing for your son and your family. Continue Reading


Re: Boston Bomber found guilty on all counts!!!

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I honestly think lethal injection is too easy for him if he should get the death penalty. Just saying...If not the death penalty, play the victim impact statements in his cell, 23 hours a day. Let him listen to what he did for the rest of his life. No peace, no silence, nothing. Continue Reading


Re: A237099 Lace Tunic

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Thanks JJM and breee, but I don't think the slate nor the midnight blue would go with the teal tunic. It is confusing, because in the video for the lace tunic, he clearly states there are matching pants in all of the colors. Continue Reading


Re: Return on your own: Beware

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Thanks Sunshine for the return addresses! Continue Reading

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