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Re: Any current events

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It was Eva Gabor who was part of the Green Acres cast. Loved that show! Petticoat Junction and My Three Sons too! Continue Reading


Re: Delivered! Flame pieces, zip cardi, ponte leggings, funnel neck, shawls. Questions?

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Gardensla, do you think the flame stitch in the brick red goes with our aubergine pieces? Continue Reading


Re: Warner's Back to Smooth Bra (no back-fat, lol!)

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Warners bras are great! I have many styles of theirs and get them at Stein Mart. I wash on delicate and hang dry. They seem to wear forever! Love the no under wire and the back to smooth style is really a good one! Continue Reading


Re: Stunning Tarragon leather blazer BUT.....sigh.....

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I have stuffed Bounce dryer sheets in the sleeves of a jacket and while on the hanger, hung the dryer sheets inside the jacket as well and this eliminated any packing odors. Worked like a charm. It took about three days for the smell to dissipate. Continue Reading


Re: Jodi Arias will be defending herself..... what a side show that will be!

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Jumping in here, didn't Ted Bundy represent himself at one point in his trials? That evil man is long gone from this earth, thank heavens! So, is JA gets to quiz the prospective jurors, I wonder how much info she will have on them? I would not trust her with any of my personal information, for sure! Continue Reading


Re: Best celebrity perfume fragrance

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There are offerings of BOYFRIEND by Kate Walsh on ebay. Continue Reading


Re: It's the "Dog Days" of Summer--August--How Are You Styling Your Linea Today?

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Out to dinner with friends and the summer temps. are 98 degrees right now after 5 p.m. in North Texas! Keeping cool in the A223938 white cotton cropped pants from last year, and the A255179 tile print top in fuschia. Wearing Munro American sandals (Darien) in black, and my jewelry is a black/silver stretch bracelet from Black Market/White Market and my Anniversary diamond solitare drop necklace (40 years LAST year) and my watch of course, and some crystal/black drop earrings. Very low key, but cool and put together! One of these days I will learn how to post pictures without losing my repl... Continue Reading


Re: Any reviews of the OTO Whisper Knit Sweater and Tank?

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How close in color is the petrol blue to the dark mallard from year before last? Anybody know? Or the royal purple to the violet from last year (seamed blazer, for example)? Continue Reading

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