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Re: Nurse who had Ebola asks bridal shop for refunds

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Most bridal shops I know have a "no refund" policy. I thought something was strange when this nurse hired a high profile attorney after her recovery. Did she think she was going to get sued or something? Something is not right here. It sure sounds like she is going to try to cash in as much as possible for her 15 minutes of fame. Sounds like she thinks she is "entitled" now. Sounds like the nurse in Maine, as well. Totally self absorbed. I feel for the bridal shop owner. Continue Reading


Re: Berets

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How do you know what size to order? 10.5 inch, is that considered average head size? I see Amazon has 10.5 and 11.5 inches available. Thanks for any advice. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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So glad to see this post and that you are hanging in there and doing okay. Hope you can get some much needed sleep. You are still in my thoughts and prayers down south here. Best wishes to all of you in the Buffalo area and western New York. Continue Reading


Re: Costco Pre Cooked Turkey Breast

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That is probably a better idea DiAnne! Thanks! I think I am going to get one of these precooked turkey breasts and try it too, for sandwiches. We are invited to a dinner, so I bet we won't have any take home bags! LOL! Continue Reading


Re: Costco Pre Cooked Turkey Breast

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This sounds like a great idea! I would warm it on very low.....200 degrees, or even put it in my crockpot on low. No more than 30 minutes total. You could even pour some chicken broth around it as a heat bath to keep it moist as well. Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: looking 4 a wonderful easy recipe for coffee cake

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Ditto on the Bisquick recipe as well as the Bisquick velvet crumb cake recipe.You can go to the Bisquick web site to get that one. For topping I blend cold butter, white sugar and more dry Bisquick (1/3C each) until it is crumbly and top the batter before baking. My Mom always used the velvet crumb cake recipe and did her topping the same way. No brown sugar or coconut or nuts. Very easy and delicious with a great cup of coffee or hot tea! Continue Reading


Re: Bark Box

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If you are looking for good chew toys that don't fall apart, I like the Tuffy brand. They usually have a grading of 6-10 on the tag with 10 being the most destruction resistant. I have a goldendoodle and he is a master at taking apart and tearing his toys if they are not sturdy. I buy these at my groomers, but you can find them online at Amazon and other places. It is pretty much all I buy now. They have a large variety of styles and sizes. Hope this helps you. They are not inexpensive, but I find they are worth it. is on some of his toys. Continue Reading


Re: Bare Minerals Holiday TSV "Candlelight Glow 8 Piece Holiday Collection With Clutch"

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I am a little late to the party on this. My daughters use BareMinerals, will this be the TSV on Nov. 24? Thank you for any info. Continue Reading


Re: Bark Box

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I received a bark box as a gift for our dog last year and honestly, I would never care to either receive one or order one. I was not impressed with the toys or the snacks. The toy I felt was not safe. My dog could shred it easily and I pitched it before he really go into it. My advice? Don't waste your money. Continue Reading


Re: Illness and deaths being reported from Purina Pet Foods

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I have used Purina Pro Plan for years for my cats. My Oscar passed away in September and he was 17 years old! Never a problem. My remaining cat eats Purina Pro Plan indoor formula as well as for sensitive systems formulas. I alternate them when buying. I just checked the latest bag I purchased and it is made in St. Louis Missouri. No problems here! Continue Reading

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