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Re: Actress Elizabeth Pena Died at Age 55

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Ditto Violann! I loved "Batteries Not Included", a little gem of a movie! Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green Cardigan...what to wear

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Shooties on the Q that match the hunter green? Item number? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green Cardigan...what to wear

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Crisp white blouse belted over the WK hunter green pants with the hunter green cardigan. Brown "shooties" and 36 inch silver knot Linea necklace and silver hoop earrings. That's my plan! Continue Reading


Re: This is Hilarious !

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It is a little dog in a spider costume. Almost thought it was a robot at first glance! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen this new luminary at B&BW?

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20% off code for online shopping.....BBW20. Hope this helps someone get this! I use flameless (battery operated) candles inside of my haunted houses and love them all! Continue Reading


Re: Help with locating an old number??

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I have this jacket and it is Dry Clean Only. Continue Reading


Re: Scenes from movies that make you cry

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Ditto for "The Best Years of Our Lives".....at the beginning of the movie when Frederick March enters his apartment and his son opens the door and he hushes him because he wants to surprise his wife, then Teresa Wright enters and her face is full of joy, and then down the hall Myrna Loy comes into view, saying who is it....the moment when she sees her husband is so amazing. When you think of how long soldiers had been gone, some four years or more away from their families...... Same movie: when the soldier (Dana Andrews) who can't get work goes to the airfield and the camera cuts away to hun... Continue Reading


Re: Lola, your pork roast was the best.....

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Thank you for reposting this recipe! Got it in my file and will do this one for sure! It looks delicious! Continue Reading

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