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Re: Scenes from movies that make you cry

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Ditto for "The Best Years of Our Lives" the beginning of the movie when Frederick March enters his apartment and his son opens the door and he hushes him because he wants to surprise his wife, then Teresa Wright enters and her face is full of joy, and then down the hall Myrna Loy comes into view, saying who is it....the moment when she sees her husband is so amazing. When you think of how long soldiers had been gone, some four years or more away from their families...... Same movie: when the soldier (Dana Andrews) who can't get work goes to the airfield and the camera cuts away to hun... Continue Reading


Re: Lola, your pork roast was the best.....

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Thank you for reposting this recipe! Got it in my file and will do this one for sure! It looks delicious! Continue Reading


Re: Latest Talbots Catalog

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This is an amazing collection of clothing for the Fall. Talbot's is back! I just got my catalog today and everything is just gorgeous! I agree! Continue Reading


Re: Had to Put Down My Sweet Girl Yesterday...Prayers Please

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Just saw this post and I want to offer my condolences and a big cyber hug to you. Take care. Continue Reading


Re: Any current events

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It was Eva Gabor who was part of the Green Acres cast. Loved that show! Petticoat Junction and My Three Sons too! Continue Reading


Re: Delivered! Flame pieces, zip cardi, ponte leggings, funnel neck, shawls. Questions?

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Gardensla, do you think the flame stitch in the brick red goes with our aubergine pieces? Continue Reading


Re: Warner's Back to Smooth Bra (no back-fat, lol!)

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Warners bras are great! I have many styles of theirs and get them at Stein Mart. I wash on delicate and hang dry. They seem to wear forever! Love the no under wire and the back to smooth style is really a good one! Continue Reading


Re: Stunning Tarragon leather blazer BUT.....sigh.....

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I have stuffed Bounce dryer sheets in the sleeves of a jacket and while on the hanger, hung the dryer sheets inside the jacket as well and this eliminated any packing odors. Worked like a charm. It took about three days for the smell to dissipate. Continue Reading


Re: Jodi Arias will be defending herself..... what a side show that will be!

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Jumping in here, didn't Ted Bundy represent himself at one point in his trials? That evil man is long gone from this earth, thank heavens! So, is JA gets to quiz the prospective jurors, I wonder how much info she will have on them? I would not trust her with any of my personal information, for sure! Continue Reading

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