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Re: I need help with the lace jacket

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A224278 in natural color selection will go with every color of the lace jacket with gingham trim. It is tonal to the trim on the jacket. It is on clearance and there are limited sizes. There are other colors. This is the original tank that Louis presented with the lace jackets at their first showing. This is a great tank! Continue Reading


Re: Coordinating Old and New Linea Pieces

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Great suggestions! Thank you ladies! Continue Reading


What Is The Quality Of LOGO Jewelry?

Last Reply by ritah 1432661712.22 | Started by TexasMom1 in Lori Goldstein

Noticed several pretty necklaces on this afternoon's show. Is Lori's jewelry made well? Continue Reading


Re: Coordinating Old and New Linea Pieces

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Thanks JJM! I was hoping someone would see this! Going to check out that jewelry! Continue Reading


Re: Coordinating Old and New Linea Pieces

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Happy Lady, I also have both sets of the herringbone jackets and pants, and just yesterday, I pulled out the olive set, I wear the natural all the time, and need advice on how to accessorize the olive pant and jacket. I have the matching fleck tanks, so that is done. What jewelry are you wearing with the olive set? What color shoes? Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: How Many People Are Needed to Remove an Inappropriate Review?

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I always check reviews before purchasing some items, especially when it is from a designer (for clothes for instance) that I have never tried before. I like to read how it fits, and it is always helpful if the review posts their height and usual Q size or even some measurements, if they are kind (or brave, LOL!) to do so. It really helps in color selections as well. I have found some items in the past that had a Q description of a certain color, and in reality it may not have even been close. Just saying! If buyers are lucky enough to know their exact size in certain lines right off the bat,... Continue Reading


Re: How Many People Are Needed to Remove an Inappropriate Review?

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I first saw this review YESTERDAY and I was stunned! My first thought was there was no way in heck the reviewer had received this dress in time for a review to clear the Q and show up as posted. It usually takes a couple of days for reviews to post in my experience. Okay, maybe the reviewer received the dress an hour before the show aired. Who knows, but to get the review posted on the same day? Highly unlikely in my opinion. Now, the deal about the bottom of the dress showing dirt, I had to laugh about it. If it were floor length and a wedding gown, now there is a definite dirt catcher! LO... Continue Reading


Where Was The Q Recognition For Louis Dell Olio's 15th Anniversary Yesterday?

Last Reply by Culebra 1432652314.16 | Started by TexasMom1 in Linea

Yesterday it was noted by a poster on Louis' blog that May 15 was the 15th Anniversary of his first show here at the Q. I watched both appearances, on FEW and the afternoon show, and absolutely nothing was said by any of the hosts to commemerate the date. Not even a simple heartfelt "Congratulations". The Q dropped the ball big time on this one and I am very disappointed in the powers that be here at the Q. Am I surprised, no, unfortunately. Continue Reading


Where Was The Recognition for Louis Dell Olio's 15th Anniversary Here At The Q?

Last Reply by Culebra 1432518916.103 | Started by TexasMom1 in Q Did What?

I find it very disappointing that the Q did not mention on air that May 15 was the 15th Anniversary of Louis Dell Olio's first show yesterday. Nary a mention, nor an acknowledgment, or even a simple "Congratulations" during his appearances on FEW and his show in the afternoon. Mr. Dell Olio is an amazing designer and surely one of the hosts could have given him his due. I taped the afternoon show and there was absolutely nothing to mark the occasion. Continue Reading


Re: College student home....any Moms have this problem

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Excellent points, Goodstuff! If the OP cannot get support from the husband on the daughter issue, then I would say, she has an even worse problem than just the daughter. I wish her well. What a mess, in more ways than one! Continue Reading

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