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Re: If you eat fried chicken out, where do you go??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405121778.537

Ditto for Babe's Restaurants in North Texas! There are three that I am aware of: Arlington, Burleson, and Roanoke (the original). Fabulous fried chicken! Huge pieces! The sides are wonderful....creamed corn, mashed potatoes and salad. Comfort food deluxe! Not to forget the biscuits and honey! Continue Reading


Re: Need Help With Cats

In Pet Lovers 1405109458.507

I am not a cat expert, but I do have two cats and a dog in our household. Both of the cats were rescues (at different times). Might I suggest Feliway cat diffuser? It is a plug in diffuser that helps calm cats. I used it when we brought the second cat into our home. I don't know if you can keep the newer little guy separated from the others for a while until he gets better acclimated. Poor fellow must be frightened still, and like you said, he may be hungry or he is testing the waters that there WILL be food available for him. I would feed him in very small portions throughout the day. If it ... Continue Reading


Re: Break out the fireworks, it's July! What Linea outfit are you choosing to keep your cool?

In Linea 1405025979.817

Casual day here. Wearing A213615 the hydrangea 3/4 sleeve top in butter with Chicos cropped denim pants in exotic purple, with SAS Huarache sandals in a cognac leather shade. The "burple" shades in the butter colorway of the hydrangea top looks wonderful with dark purples. Even in our 97 degree heat today, I am comfortable and cool with the top. Continue Reading


Re: Why is A237404 In New Colors Still On Waitlist??

In Linea 1404908946.08

They are gone now. Maybe a posting error? Continue Reading


Re: Yay! My waitlist is shipping

In Linea 1404777560.287

My red necklace has been languishing on WL too. Maybe it will show up soon! I have big plans for this one. Continue Reading


Re: A255151 Raspberry Dress

In Linea 1404777220.64

My teal woodblock is at the tailor's getting hemmed and I ordered the Bob Mackie teal shrug (Thanks JJM!) yesterday. It shipped today! Oh my goodness! Shipped the next day! What a miracle of miracles! I love this dress! It will be perfect in our Texas summer heat! Continue Reading


Re: Just noticed something about the ridges on the TSV RangeMate

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1404498589.78

Just checked my pan. Yes, the ridges are flatter in the center of the ridge "stripe". I would guess this is for draining of any grease that accumulates while cooking. I got beautiful grill marks on the bratwurst and salmon that I cooked. Made poached eggs this morning and they came out perfect! Continue Reading


Salmon Recipe For Rangemate And Other Cooking Methods

Last Reply by ShadyOldLady 1404745680.74 | Started by TexasMom1 in Kitchen & Food Talk

Having just received my Rangemate, I made Salmon tonight. I brined the salmon first. I found the brine recipe in a Weight Watchers magazine and it is very good! In a 2C pyrex measuring cup, add 1/4C water. Add 1T plus 1/4 tsp kosher salt and 1T sugar. Heat in microwave on high for 1.5 minutes. Stir until dissolved. Then remove, and fill to the top with COLD water. Pour into plastic zip lock bag and add your salmon piece(s). Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. I put the bag in a bowl to prevent any leakage. Remove salmon and pat dry with paper towels. Season as desired. I used salt and peppe... Continue Reading


Re: A255151 Raspberry Dress

In Linea 1404169429.967

Maybe the raspberry lace jacket (A223652) from a couple of years ago is tonal to this dress? Continue Reading


Re: Why does QVC give Linea such Rotten hours?

In Linea 1403875324.017

I for one am thrilled when some of the Linea items don't sell out right away. It sure helps my budget for the month, when I can purchase other wanted items at a later time! I think that is a point that is a frustration for many of us. Usually, if you don't get what you want, the size, the color, etc at first showing or right after midnight before the show, you snooze, you lose. Maybe some get lucky with returns or cancelled orders for their sizes. More power to them! Unfortunately this is a way of life with the Q and its relationship with the Linea line. Continue Reading

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