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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Tuesday report: SLH, prayers going up for your dear father...we are pulling for him! My sister is in town for a visit, and today for a treat we went to a local winery for a wine tasting. To our delight (my sister's a cat lover, too), the winery has its own cat, appropriately named "Corky." Miss Corky ran the show, obviously, and was admired by all as though she were royalty. Which brings me to today's Schmoo Tale. I was looking through some of his photos to accompany a particular story I'm writing in his book, and I came across one that reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. Remember the scene wher... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Monday report: Today we're preparing for a visit over the next few days from my younger sister, whose heart is breaking during a painful divorce. She's been married 25 years, her entire adult life, and has never gone away on a little trip on her own. So we were getting the spare room ready (the Kitty Sitter's domain when she visits), and I got another sign from Schmoo: a wonderful cream, soft big tuft of his fur underneath a blanket. What a boon for the soul! Which takes us to today's Schmoo Tale. Between our cleaning breaks in preparation for our visitor, we talked about how the big, burly S... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Sunday report: We humbly thank you for your support and kind responses, especially yesterday. Even though my plan was to do 7 words describing Schmoo up to yesterday, the first anniversary of his passing, I couldn't let the holiest of weeks and days go by with just one more: Miracle. Nothing more need be said; his life said it all. Enjoy the pics of the beginnings of his memorial garden, complete with St. Francis water fountain and new memorial stone -- plus two miracle photos of Easter Sunday last year. On Easter then, he was taking the last medicine that could help him, and it lowered hi... Continue Reading


Re: Please I need advice - stomach issue

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Before you try all sorts of probiotics, vinegar tests, etc., diet changes, etc., see a gastroenterologist. I had absolutely no heartburn, but intermittent nausea, crazy belching and occasional stomach discomfort in the evening. Well-meaning friends and family said: "It can't be reflux - you don't have heartburn. It's got to be gallbladder!" Diagnosis by gastro: acid reflux and 2 large stomach ulcers. Continue Reading


Re: Jose Hess

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His pieces are still substantial, many even more so than his Q days - most rings have undergalleries and he doesn't skimp on the metal. Continue Reading


Re: Worried about cat

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On 4/19/2014 hyacinth003 said: Wow, great input! I asked the vet about it being a side effect of Felimazole, and she said she doesn't see that. But, it all happened about the same time. Great thoughts about kitten food. It may be higher in protein, which is not good for kidney failure. She is a PICKY eater. She was probably overweight, but only with her favorite food. I have tried three brands of kidney diet from the vet - Royal Canin, Hill's Prescription k/d, and Purina. When we adopted her from the shelter, they told us that she was picky. She will NOT eat canned food. Although I would be h... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Saturday report: First, join me in prayer for a friend whose heart is hurting as much as ours today, our beloved poster Streetangel, who lost her Queen Veddy, her soul, two years ago today. We are tied, two friends who live 1 hours' ride from another who have never met, by a somber anniversary, and hope you envelop her in your embrace today. "Friends," I wrote here a year ago today, "our hearts are shattered." So on this first anniversary of our anguish, you might be surprised that the word I chose to describe the characteristic of Schmoo, above all others, is: blessing. Oh, there have been t... Continue Reading


Re: Worried about cat

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I've had a cat with hyperT, kidney failure and heart failure. Treatment for hyperT masks the true nature of how seriously the kidneys are failing. I'd ask your vet about potassium supplements (tumil-K). Potassium can look average to low-average in blood work, but because it is stored cellularly, as the kidneys fail, they go into those cellular reserves, and they make the potassium reading look better than in truth it is. This supplementation made a world of difference for our cat and beat back the kidney decline many times. It also improved his appetite, his digestive system and just made... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Friday report: Prayers to those of you, like QsZoo and Beauty Junkie, struggling with health setbacks. And a huge hug and prayer to Streetangel; I know tomorrow will be as hard for you as it will be for us. As we near tomorrow's difficult anniversary, I warble between tears and a deep, physical ache in missing him -- a hollowness, almost ... and smiles at how much he gave to us. But more than this, I still stand in amazement at how he opened his heart to us. So today's word that captures a characteristic of Schmoo, in tribute to him, is: trust. If ever a being had the right never to trust ano... Continue Reading


Re: I am thrilled I found a Pet lovers forum

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Welcome! They are ADORABLE and look utterly spoiled. What are their names? Continue Reading

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