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Re: A prayer with or without candles for our friends who are in need of prayers right now. 9PM Daylight savings time.

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Although I have a work meeting at that time, I will pray before I leave at 5 p.m. to attend it -- great idea! Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Sunday report: Here's a wish and a prayer that you all have a good week. It was a beautiful day here, and DH and I got out for a bite to eat and later run a few errands. I had planned a nice supper for Palm Sunday but found out Friday I have a stress fracture in my wrist -- so lifting big pots with a rigid splint on my arm and hand is a no-go. A minor setback in the scheme of things. Looking over our furry family photos, I even today can't get over how blessed we've been with them, especially Schmoo. Yes, he required a lot of care when he got sick, but our contribution pales compared to how m... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Saturday report: We've received great news about Beauty Junkie's brother, who continues to fight the good fight toward recovery -- we pray for his strength and feel humbled by his fortitude. I thought of him and another fighter, pictured below, when I saw this picture again. In the words of one writer, in the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." Glory can be found in the treasures in front of us all along. So often when things got tough, I was able to open my eyes, shake off my weariness and gaze upon proof perfect of the extraordinary: Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Friday report: When a loved one's fight for life seems to enter periods of darkness, somehow, some way, light finds them. It is not for us to understand, this light, only to believe. We knew Schmoo did not have much time left by the time this photo below was taken -- this very week, by the way, two years ago -- and we didn't give up on providing him a good quality of life, but in recognition that the light meant to spirit him onward was coming soon, we also quietly tried to give him doses of everything he enjoyed so very much about being alive. Simple things. Our touch, stroking his fur. Our ... Continue Reading


Re: OT/Latest update on my brother/very critical

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Checking in to see how you're feeling today and how your dear brother is faring. Our hopes and prayers are alive and well for your brother's healing. Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Thursday report: This Schmoo Tale is about a leap of faith -- something, it seems, that many posters facing life challenges now could use some help taking. Six months into Schmoo's illness, he began to take more chances. Playing, running around a bit, jumping onto furniture, etc. Any one of those activities could have killed him, advanced as his heart disease was at the time. But DH and I had long agreed that we would let him roam freely -- let him be a cat -- even if it meant less time with us on this earth. To do otherwise would rob him of his true essence. One day, I spied him in a pla... Continue Reading


Re: OT/Latest update on my brother/very critical

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Checking in to see how you are doing -- and don't poo-poo the pain you are having. It is real and it is yours. Try to take good care of yourself, as much as you are able, so you can stay strong -- even on the phone -- for your brother and family. We continue to pray for you all, as well as Pal, that he finds his way back to you. Matty6 is right -- holiday seasons of renewal are upon us. You so generously did this for me a few years ago when my Schmoo was dying, and the prayer lifted him up and made him so good and stable on Easter Sunday. I'll never forget it or you or anyone here, for that m... Continue Reading


Re: Pet Emergency Clinic Reviews

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Ask your vet what he/she thinks about it . . . if you're happy with your vet, I'm sure that would be the first piece of information to set your mind at ease. Emergency clinics are just that -- dealing with emergencies -- and not all of them are created equal. They don't have your pet's chart, only your word and background of what's happening, and they have to act super quickly if indeed you do have an emergency. They don't have a good clinical history to work from (in most but not all cases). Not all of those go well, simply by the nature of the pets' condition who need them. A lot of the sit... Continue Reading


Re: Blue Cat

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It's a beauty - I love buying panther/cat jewelry too. Please post a review when you receive it! Continue Reading


Re: Evine TTV Sapphire Ring. Anyone interested in it? Buying?

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On 3/26/2015 BlingQueen022 said: On 3/26/2015 stevieb said: It's a pretty ring and I might have considered it in either blue or yellow, but I personally think they overdid it with the white sapphires... Had they left them off the shank I might have actually liked it better. Hi StevieB: I thought the same thing you did. I, too, thought it was overkill with the white sapphires. The halo around the ring makes the ring at least to me, look pretty cheap. Love the colored sapphire stones though, but this ring just didn't wow me in the least. I'm a bit leary of Chuck's rings anyway. By the way, MI... Continue Reading

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