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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Friday report: Glad to hear from SLH -- we've missed you and send prayers for your beloved father's health. We hope Beauty Junkie's feeling better, too. The Kitty Sitter picks up Kiki-Girl's ashes tonight, and she said she'll need a friend this weekend because it will be another blow -- although she's happier to have Kiki back at home. We've had each other's backs on this Schmoo forum, brought together by a highly spirited fighter kitty. Through good and bad, thick and thin, tough and tougher, friends stick. The Clan of Schmoo sticks. Just like a couple of my favorite felines not so long ... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Thursday report: Normally we have a host of bunnies chomping the grass in our backyard, as we live near a wooded area. Recently we've noticed the bunnies (and birds, Schmoo's arch-nemesis species) have been joined by some squirrels. Early this morning I opened the blinds over our sliding door to the back deck and surveyed the backyard. It looked the United Nations of the animal kingdom: a half dozen bunnies, birds and squirrels chomping on their morning snicky-snacks with a big woodchuck wandering along the border of the far woods -- all peacefully sharing the yard. A few minutes later as I a... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Wednesday report: Thanks to Tissyanne and Beauty Junkie for wonderful reports on what your kitties have taught you over the years....I wish they were my kitties, too! Today's report is a simple dedication to Beauty Junkie, who is having a rough time after an Orencia injection. We know you love all parts of the Schmoo, but let's face it, you love those Schmoo Man Hands the this photo is a little pick-me-up for you. Get a load of these mitts . . . no one would say he had "petite" paws: Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Tuesday report: Prayers and good wishes to everyone hurting (furbabies included) that matters look up soon. In talking with the Kitty Sitter as she negotiates the grief-storm of losing Kiki (it's 1 week, today), I said to her that all of our pets are true gifts in the sense that they become our teachers. The show us how to master all the little details that go into taking care of a loved furry one -- whether that's as simple as providing them with a proper diet or as complex as administering injectable medications into the muscle. As I said to her, her first kitty, Koko-Girl, taught her how t... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Monday report: Matty 6 (Anna) and Shop Till You Drop, I've passed your posts in sympathy to the Kitty Sitter over the loss of her Kiki-Girl to her...I know she will appreciate you taking the time to post when you're both going through emotionally trying times yourselves. She's struggling and it helps her to know that others are thinking of her and her kitty -- and that you've been there, too. There's a lot of global strife going on in the news lately, which leads me to today's Schmoo Tale. Many times I sneaked up on Schmoo and snapped photos because he seemed so mesmerized with something o... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Sunday report: I organized all of your final prayers and condolences on Kiki-Girl for the Kitty Sitter. She has read and re-read them, and will print them out for Kiki's memory book. She's still exhausted and in shock, grieving for her baby girl, as she called Kiki. But she's also so very thankful that she's in no more pain, that she was able to avoid suffering for Kiki and that she had wonderful people like you praying for her beloved kitty. She's also thankful for all the time modern veterinary science gave her to share with Kiki this last year -- and a good quality of life that Kiki enj... Continue Reading


Re: Can a Dog Take Tylenol

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Never give a dog tylenol or NSAID like ibuprofen, etc. -- They can be toxic even at low doses. The best is a coated baby aspirin -- no more than 5 mg per 1 lb. of body weight. A typical baby aspirin is 81 mg. Even this should not be given to a young dog or one who is nursing. Always give a coated pill and with food to avoid stomach problems. All this being said, as few as 2 regular strength aspirins can kill a dog. The best thing you can do is keep your dog calm and restrict its movement until you can get it to the vet to be sure what you're seeing is a pulled muscle...and not something e... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Saturday report: Thanks for your stories! I so enjoyed reading about your kitties -- past and present -- and how they are special and what they mean to you. From the tales of Buddy and Miss Kitty and Pooh Bear, Meeko, Abu and Shy-Annie, you've given voice to many of the aspects of Schmoo's life, and the others I've loved, too. As I pour over Schmoo's photos and earlier journal entries of my experience caring for him, I realize that love drove every camera angle, every captured pose of mischief and mayhem. Just as often I've wondered, especially as I help the Kitty Sitter ease her pain ove... Continue Reading


Re: Paging KittyMomNC about Baby Cat - possible solution

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On 7/19/2014 kittymomNC said: Thanks, sammycat. I will definitely ask my vet about that. She's been on the blood pressure med now for at least a month, so I think I will ask them to check her pressure again maybe next week and see if it's down to an acceptable level. If not, then maybe the 5mg cut into quarters would be better. The other possibility would be cutting the 2.5 just in half (if that could even be done accurately)- either way, it would double her dose. If I could at least get the 5mg cut more accurately, I could always chip off a little bit if we thought that would be too high a d... Continue Reading

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