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Re: More new items are listed in inventory

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On 1/29/2015 newjerseygirl said: The new wave cuff reminds me of an older bangle: Yes, that and the matching ring. Oh those days of pieces solid as a rock! Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Thursday report: Today as I continue to recover from pneumonia (as the doctor says, this takes long when you're in middle age. And here I thought I was still 35), I joked with DH I'm watching him like a hawk, too, as he's still coughing. Which leads to today's Schmoo Tale. When Schmoo was sick, I watched every little sliver of a movement or mood change or eating or litter box habits -- those of you with terminally or chronically ill pets in crisis know exactly what I mean. I'd even taken to assessing #2s by size, firmness, frequency...a scientist of poo, as it were. I tried to do this lik... Continue Reading


Re: Scott Kay Line Premiering on QVC

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Some new items do not have diamonique, but gemstones instead, thankfully. Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Wednesday report: Today is in tribute to Schmoo's canine brother from another mother -- Fergus. Jan. 28 was his birthday, and we were so blessed to have this fabulous, giant collie live among our cats...thinking he was one of them yet also protecting them with his love and strength, too. Oh how we cherish him and miss him still. Photo #1 is Fergus as a new baby pup @ 6 weeks old. His entire body in this picture was not much bigger than the size of his head and neck as an adult. Note the big back paw, though -- a sign that he was going to be one big dog! Photo #2 is Fergus is only 4 months ... Continue Reading


Re: Any body ever try Tycoon brand on Shop Hq ?

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I love the Tycoon cut. His pieces are well made and the sparkle is great. Continue Reading


Re: The power of brotherly love.....

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I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of both sets of your twin boy kitties -- no wonder your hearts are heavy tonight. Not only did they all have each other, they had you to nurture their friendship and provide them with a wonderful, caring, long life with you. I'd say that they were very lucky to have you, but I'm pretty sure that you're viewing it the other way around. There is nothing like a boy kitty and did you ever have a bonanza in that department. Somehow I think that Heaven in gaining four new boy cat angels is a boisterous, more loving place these past months and today. No matter ho... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Tuesday report: Shop, here's prayers that your Joey still can avoid surgery, and prayers, too, tonight for poster Have6cats, who on a separate thread mourns the loss of some dear boy kitties. I chose one of my favorite Schmoo photos for today's report, because it shows my gregarious, mischievous, spirited kitty in one of his more quiet moments...almost pensive. He had a barnburner of antics up his kitty sleeves, it's true, and yet the time I enjoyed most with him was this kind of up-close, quiet time. Even now, I can feel the tickle of those cream-colored whiskers, the downy softness of his... Continue Reading


Re: Gracie'sMom - Biopsy Results

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Glad to hear she's feeling pretty well and started her chemo. How is your foot? Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Monday report: Thank you NAES, for your kind compliments but also your posts from deep in your heart. For as long as Cream was with you, and in his soul always, he carries a love that knows no bounds...because he belongs to you. Tissyanne, thanks, too, for your encouragement in keeping the thread going. This thread was born out of love and continues out of it too: no matter what the Schmoo Family faces, it faces it together and with abiding friendship. In your honor tonight, then, and to kick up the lighter side a notch, I'm repeating the photo below of Schmoo -- I imagine the look on his fac... Continue Reading



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On 1/26/2015 BGDC said: I love my Ripka and always will. I think the world of Judith and her unmatchable talent. It is sad that some of us might just have to window shop when the shows are on instead of purchasing, but it is what it is. From what I have seen, Judith's next visit is going to be filled with outstanding pieces, but even ez pays will not justify some of these price tags. I will be watching and hoping that I don't see anything that I "have to have." Lol - how many years have we all been saying that and then caved anyway? Well, the way things are going, there might be a lot less ca... Continue Reading

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