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Re: A New Computer Scam Was Attempted

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The National Do Not Call Registry is a joke. Another government agency that accomplishes nothing. Only,legitimate companies abide by it. Rip off telemarketers just ignore it. The government can't even keep up with all of them much less enforce the law. Continue Reading


Re: What happened to Bradley Bayou?

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Deleted double post! Guess I really, really thought he was HOT! Continue Reading


Re: What happened to Bradley Bayou?

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On 4/24/2014 RitasDaughter said: Sorry he's gone. He IS one of a kind. Hubba hubba. ITA and I am old but not dead and that man was HOT! Continue Reading


Re: Doesn't this look like something Clinton Kelly would tell you not to wear?

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As a Plus size I won't wear any sort of geometric or floral print maxi dress. I think they make me look like a walking shower curtain. Continue Reading


Re: Angel Smedley and Quacker Factory

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Angel was chosen by Jeanne to rep the line when Jean could not be there. lee (Jean's daughter) did appear in Jean's place several times but to be honest she just did not have Jean's personality and After a while stopped showing up on air. Angel then was chosen. Continue Reading


Re: Why do they keep dressing the hosts in such tight clothing?

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I watched the video of MBR in the blue maxi and I thought it looked fine on her. Continue Reading


Re: Bra shopping-how frustrating!

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headed to a larger mall Friday. They have a Macy's and a L&T. Hopefully a larger selection. Continue Reading


Re: What happened to Bradley Bayou?

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One may also wonder how many leather jackets one person can reasonably expect to own. With a leather handbag you can carry it though multiple seasons but a leather jacket has a limited wearing time in most of the US and really no wearing time at all in some areas. I own probably a dozen or so good leather bags but I stopped buying after 3 of Bradley's jackets. They are lovely but how many can you really justify buying? Continue Reading


Re: GILI Special Occasion v-neck dress...coral is beautiful

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As a Plus size woman I would not wear this dress. Don't think it would flatter a Plus. Too much skirt. Continue Reading

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