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Re: It's official-Downton Abbey will end after Season 6

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It's on the CNN webpage under Entertainment and yes it is a official announcement. Take out your lace hankies and prepare to sob with decorum. Continue Reading


Re: Recommendation for sheets

In For the Home Talk 1427400354.137

Target Threshold sheets are the best I have ever had in 40 years of buying sheets. Continue Reading


Re: Venting....The Q Customer and Host

In Viewpoints 1427366644.99

These forums have been the main catalyst for turning QVC into a version of "Days of Our Lives". The threads that are started here about the hosts, their dress, their hair, their make-up, selling techniques,, on air antics, personal lives etc. simply amaze me. I would never spend that much time thinking or posting about a host on a shopping channel. Some people spend way too much time watching IMHO. they need to get out more. Continue Reading


Re: Rude comments.

In Beauty Banter 1427336129.213

I have been posting since 2006. I see no difference in these forums now whether for better or worse since I started posting. Continue Reading



In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1427304185.637

I don't get this. Dennis is married to a male. I remember when the wedding occurred. So why would he be pawing the female QVC host? Continue Reading


Re: My Credit card number was stolen, have you experienced this?

In Viewpoints 1427303392.11

If they ordered the card on line what address was it supposed to be delivered to? Continue Reading


Re: Bra sizing

In Fashion Talk 1427258383.033

There are videos on YouTube which will show you how to,determine your correct size but I find consistent sizing within bra manufacturers is a joke. One manufacturers 36c will not be the same as another manufacturers 36c. It's a little game they play with us and it is very frustrating. Most woman wear bras that are too big for them in the band width. You should not be able to get more than one finger up in between the bra and your body. If you can get more than that between you and the bra it is not tight enough and will not support you properly. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone buy jacket last night baker by Walter Baker?

In Fashion Talk 1427242272.43

There are several reviews on this jacket and several.of the reviews discuss sizing. Continue Reading

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