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Re: Mr. and Mrs. Clooney

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Oh Please don't you remember how they kept running all those stories about how Brad Pitt regretted leaving Jennifer Anniston for Angela Jolie? those stories went on for years. You can't believe a single word those rags publish. Continue Reading


Re: For $1,055 these could be YOURS!

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you know when I First looked at this picture I just laughed but the more I,think about it the more I am disgusted that a woman would design something that could injure a woman's foot like that shoe could just to put $$ in their pocket. She should be ashamed. Continue Reading


Re: QVC home page for jewelry

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I have never heard that. Do the letters stand for words??? Continue Reading


QVC home page for jewelry

Last Reply by stevieb 1422673630.643 | Started by KathyPet in Jewelry Talk

has a photo of a necklace and under it it says Vicenza Style, NAB arrivals and Easy Pay Offers. What is a NAB arrival? Continue Reading


Re: Lots of fashion retail news this week.

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The only Jones New York stores that anywhere around here are the Jones NY outlet stores. Are those the ones that are closing??. Continue Reading


Just saw the Budweiser Super Bowl puppy,commercial on

Last Reply by Kalli 1422647802.26 | Started by KathyPet in Viewpoints

heard it will make you cry and Oh Yah it did Continue Reading


Re: Brahmin: Icy Pastels and Deep Coral

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That Vivian with the gold accents that Cindy posted the picture of is the one I must have. $395.00 and not available to order yet. Continue Reading


Re: Brahmin: Icy Pastels and Deep Coral

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Did you see the new Vivian dome satchel in the Gold Del Piña pattern. OMG! Gorgeous. I must have it. Continue Reading


Re: If you see a female with beautiful hair, do you tell them how pretty their hair is?

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No, there are too many strange people out and about. I would never go update to a perfect stranger for any reason. Continue Reading


Re: Realtors!! Really??

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You need to find a new realtor. This woman is totally unprofessional and gives those who take their profession seriously a bad name. Continue Reading

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