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Re: Albany looks good in her preppy look today!

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Yup we are still judging other woman based on their looks not how they do their job. Continue Reading


Re: Wedding reception suggestions

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IMHO,the champagne toast could be done away with completlely. The champagne that is served is usually cheap and just awful. next time you attend a wedding notice the large number of virtually full champagne glasses left on the tables. what a waste. lots and lots of people don't even like champagne and those who do like it won't drink the awful stuff they serve at weddings. most people will take one sip and leave the rest untouched. Continue Reading


Re: Did you see the Target fiasco on Today show this morning???

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I think they did themselves more harm than good. Lots of angry customers who arrived to find everything already sold. no people are angry with Target and vowing not to shop there again. If they wanted to attract people into the stores arriving to find everything you wanted to buy is already sold is not the way to make for return customers. Continue Reading


Re: Real Estate Agents: Did Yours Give You a Small Gift Upon Selling Your House or When You Bought Thru Her?

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We got a $150.00 gift card to Lowe's. very practical and much appreciated. Continue Reading


Re: What is the worst book you n(ever) read?

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'The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt. cannot believe I finished it and why I will never know. maybe I thought I would actually start to care about the main character. Didn't happen. Continue Reading


Kanye West concert halted by police in Armenia

Last Reply by pood 1429481532.46 | Started by KathyPet in Viewpoints

When he jumped into a lake during the concert and was mobbed by hundreds of fans who,followed him. No truth to the rumor that Kim was tossed in as a emergency flotation device. Continue Reading


Re: White sandals, anyone?

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I will,wear white sandals but with my size 10 feet they need to,show a lot of skin or else they look like I have these huge things stuck at the bottom of my legs. if I am wearing white jeans or crops a white wedge sandal looks cute. Continue Reading


Re: Obnoxious gift instructions from parents for their 1yr old's birthday.

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I would demand to know exactly where they were getting the birthday cake from and demand that they only get the kind I wanted from a bakery I had on the list thatmI,would supply them with. Continue Reading


Re: The teacher who got knocked out cold by an angry parent

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The video Imsaw on CNN said the HS graduation rate in this school district is only 37%. that can't be right can it? that is shockingly low for a suburban NY area. Continue Reading

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