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Start date for alleged Boston Marathon bomber trial?

Last Reply by MomTo2Dogs 1414704418.13 | Started by KathyPet in Viewpoints

I read a article in USA Today last month that said the trial was scheduled to,start 11/3 but the accused's attorney was trying to get it postponed Again. Anyone have any updated information??? Continue Reading


Re: 613 does not work for my hair. I've tried it over and over.

In WEN 1414694928.933

It didn't work for you and yet you kept buying and trying it???? Continue Reading


Re: Researchers Have Found That Plants Know They Are Being Eaten

In Viewpoints 1414620235.657

next time I am in the vegetable aisle I will tell the plants I am going to get some milk and will be back in a short while. You know, give Them a few minutes to say farewell to their friends. Continue Reading


Re: I love the models. How many of them can you name?

In Fashion Talk 1414611339.827

isn't there a Kayta who does a lot of SG shows? Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's Exit

In Fashion Talk 1414611030.337

Those of you who don't think Kathy and Lisa are friends obviously did not see the recent photo on Lisa's FB page of them having lunch together. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's Exit

In Fashion Talk 1414608447.813

that article on Kathy Levine was very interesting. I didn't realize she had only been on QVC for 13 Years. I bet that Some of Lisa's reason's for leaving are the same as Kathy's. Lisa has been at QVC substantially longer than Kathy was and I will bet that the job has certainly not gotten any easier over the years with the advent of on-line shopping and the pressure to keep sales high. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's Exit

In Fashion Talk 1414589957.217

Kathy Levine had a huge send off party. not here today-gone tomorrow. Continue Reading


Re: let's talk inflatable Christmas decorations!

In Viewpoints 1414542826.09

Nothing says Christmas like a blow up Nativity scene. Continue Reading


let's talk inflatable Christmas decorations!

Last Reply by VCamp2748 1414614859.06 | Started by KathyPet in Viewpoints

I saw the winner of all times yesterday on EBAY? A 6 foot Santa peeking out of a out house! can you imagine planting this on your front lawn?? The scary thing is that I checked today and it is sold!!! Continue Reading


Re: How QVC ruined my Weekend.

In Q Did What? 1414540213.303

Actually I believe the OP because about a year ago some woman posted about the same problem. She was a new Q customer and ordered something large like a TV or something. QVC actually cancelled her order because someone who lived at her address before her had not paid for something so they had a "kill switch" on all orders to that address. this is the second poster who has related the same problem more than a year later. Two posters relating the same problem more than a year apart?? I think the Q does do this. Continue Reading

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