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Re: Gold and black dress. Christine Baranski was wearing tonight on Good Wife

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I would work on that show for free just to be able to wear those fabulous clothes. It is interesting that Alicia is the more conservative dresser usually seen in lawyer type suits while Diane is not afraid to really stretch the limits with her fabulous clothes and jewelry. Continue Reading


Re: Behind the times re: Cruise Ships

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Some cruise lines mostly the upscale lines are "all inclusive" and your fare includes liquor, wine etc, and shore excursions. these cruise lines usually have a no tipping required policy and there is no additional fee for the speciality restaurants. Once you pay your final cruise payment you can expect that is your total bill unless you spend money in the ship shops or spa or casino. Of course those are the more expensive luxury lines. on the more mainstream lines like RCCL, Carnival, Norwegian everything is extra cost. You can purchase various packages for drinks and wines which may save you... Continue Reading


Gold and black dress. Christine Baranski was wearing tonight on Good Wife

Last Reply by KathyPet 1416810574.827 | Started by KathyPet in Fashion Talk

OMG! simply stunning. the best dressed woman on a TV show IMHO. Continue Reading


State of Ct 114 page report on Adam Lanza

Last Reply by Margo Channing 1416761806.187 | Started by KathyPet in Viewpoints

Points out that the school,system continually allowed his mother's wishes to dictate the way in which he was dealt with. TThe school,system helped to accommodate and appease Nancy Lanza's desires when recommending treatment and course of care. He was categorized as intellectually gifted and much of his high,school,career catered to his needs when in fact testing indicated he had no more than average abilities. The only study that recommended against this accommodation based strategy was one by Yale University Child Study Center done when he was 14. They recommended extensive special education... Continue Reading


Re: Update on mom who left kids in hot car while "looking for work"

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Oh Please! She obviously had advisors like the Reverand who is quoted and private attorneys who were willing and able to help her. She obviously ignored all their advice and did what she wanted. There are no excuses for this behavior. Continue Reading


Re: This is a bit much "Dana" The rep for Dr. Perricone Products

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God put Dana on this earth to,schill overpriced skin care products to desperate woman??? Now there's a life goal,for you. Continue Reading


Re: Reruns of Cosby show are being cancelled

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I am sure he is following his attorney's advice. Nothing is to be gained with a interview. he says he is innocent. the woman involved say he is guilty. no proof either way that I have heard. The believers in his innocence will continue to believe. the believers in his guilt will continue to believe. giving a interview gains him absolutely nothing. Continue Reading


Re: Reruns of Cosby show are being cancelled

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It concerns me and it should concern any THINKING a American that a individual's guilt or innocence is now decided by the all knowing Court of Public Opinion rather than in a Court of Law. Continue Reading


Re: How would you answer this friend?

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I would send her a E Mail and say that her schedule must be a lot more crowded than yours is so perhaps she should find a date that works for her and then let you know when she can make it and then you will check your calender. Then drop it. Continue Reading


Re: Thjis does not seem right to me.

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Don't they get a dinner break while on duty? Continue Reading

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