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Re: Some Family Drama...What Would You Do???

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If these cousins are so rude as to harass either your cousin or you about decisions you make about your health then I certainly would have no problem being rude right back and tell them to mind their own business. Continue Reading


Re: Walmart workers plan Black Friday protests over wages

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There are laws in place to protect workers who are attempting to organize a union. If the Wal-Mart workers wanted a union they could apply to organize one. it is obvious that this annual protest is not something supported by the run of the mill Wal-Mart employees. Continue Reading


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Does anyone remember years ago when the Parade was a big event and they actually showed the marching bands, floats and balloons.? Now it is nothing but one long ad for NBC shoes and stars with inserts of performances from Broadway shoes that have nothing to do with any holiday. I no longer watch. Continue Reading


Re: Walmart workers plan Black Friday protests over wages

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This "Wal-Mart workers" protest that has occurred for several years now is not organized or funded by actual Wal Mart workers. It is organized and funded by a Labor union that has been trying for years to,get its foot in the door at Wal-Mart with no,success. Any actual,Wal Mart workers who show up at these protests are simply "token" Disgrunteled Wal Mart workers bussed in for the occasion. The majority of these protestors don't even work at Wal Mart but are paid Union employees. What you see is not really what you get so don't fall for the hype. Continue Reading


Re: Alberti ?

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No that stupid goofy aren't I cute grin set my teeth on edge. same feeling I get when I ingest too much sugar. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone buying from Talbots this week?

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If your Talbot's card is silver then you are Platinum. my card is Black. They did have a horrible reinvention attempt a few years ago and I went about a year without buying anything. Hoever, they fired all those people and are returning to the original Talbott's concept. my only complaint is when I see something I love in the catalog or on line and then discover it does not come in PLUS sizes. However, I still find lots to spend on. Continue Reading


Re: Ruining Black Friday

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Not so sure how you can ruin something that was already pretty horrific to start with. Continue Reading


Re: Gifts on QVC you'd never buy for anyone

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Poo Poouri a and tooth whitener Continue Reading


Re: How to interview a Lawyer for possible work?

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Ask if they have handled cases concerning grandparents rights before and what the outcome was of the cases they handled. These are legitimate questions you should be asking. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone buying from Talbots this week?

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VaBelle, Go to,the Talbots web site and go to the bottom of the page. Click on Classic Awards. That page gives you a summary of the three types of Talbots cards. You do have to enroll your card in the rewards program. I have a black card so I get free shipping. in addition I earn a higher number of points for each dollar I,spend so I earn appreciation dividends faster cause I accumulate points faster with a black card. I have to spend $1000.00 per year to keep black card status. I am a Talbots fan so I have no problem meeting that requirement. if you have a red card you can apply to upgrade t... Continue Reading

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