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Re: Poncho YES vs Poncho NO

In Linea 1414219168.96

It is sad and very telling that this even needs to be suggested to keep posters who expressed a negative opinion on this poncho from being thrown to,the lions. I doubt you will ever see either of them stick their heads outside the closet again which is most probably what was wanted anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone hear Jane Treacy's Christmas gift suggestion with the Clark's shoes ?

In Clarks 1414204012.303

Jane babbles just to hear herself babble. I pay no,attention to her sales pitch of the moment. Continue Reading


Re: Honey boo boo has been cancelled!

In Viewpoints 1414181057.593

TLC=The Lunatic Channel Continue Reading


Re: Need to transition from tailored work wardrobe to retired casual....................

In Fashion Talk 1414180452.223

I am so with you. I had the hardest time giving up,all my Talbot's skirts and jackets when I retired and moved to a over 55 community. No one here dresses up. Not saying the woman aren't dressed nicely. They are not running around in pj's and sweats but it is docker style pants and tops all day everyday. I did keep a couple of jackets, skirts and dress pants for the few times I feel it is appropriate to wear them but it isn't often and I miss it. Continue Reading


Re: Serious question. How do I read this on a birth certificate?

In Viewpoints 1414161166.913

So you think that your mother is refusing to tell you the truth? have you asked her about the last name discrepancy on the certificate? Continue Reading


Re: Forget Ebola, it's soda that should terrify you

In Viewpoints 1414152612.277

If each can of soda is equivalent to 1.9 years of aging I should have been dead years ago. Continue Reading


Re: So excited-my first item I listed on EBAY has a offer

In Viewpoints 1414080242.77

The new mobile App from Apple makes it really easy. It has all the different areas you need to complete separated by category and you just work your way down the itemized list and fill in the different sections. Believe me if I can do it anyone can. Continue Reading


So excited-my first item I listed on EBAY has a offer

Last Reply by Lindsays Grandma 1414121071.217 | Started by KathyPet in Viewpoints

I know a lot of you sell on EBAY But I have been reluctant to try because it seemed so difficult and complex to create a listing. I could never figure out how to incorporate photos into a listing. There is now a mobile app for EBAY on the Apple Store so I downloaded it. A neighbor of mine sells regularly on EBAY so she came over and sat with me while I created my listing and helped me with some of the shipping, refund and selling details. I took photos with my IPAD and just put them in my listing. Easy Peasy! I had a offer within 3 hours of the listing going live. Now I am starting to look ar... Continue Reading


Re: Need Gift Help: Our GD Will Be 1 Year Old Very Soon

In Mom to Mom Forum 1414028791.75

I bought my grandson the Gund Peek A Boo Bear that QVC carries when he was three months old for Christmas. he pretty much ignored it then. he is now 14 months and has finally discovered it and just loves it. He gives it hugs, carries it around and knows how to press it on the foot to start it up. just search Gund Bear on QVCand watch the videos. So cute! Continue Reading

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