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Downton Abbey Season 5 starts Jan 4th 2015

Last Reply by Pqfan 1406293745.92 | Started by KathyPet in Viewpoints

The action starts 6 months after the Christmas show. Mary is supposedly back to her old self and she and Edith resume their rivalry. Things still not looking good for poor Edith who seems to have the worst luck.. This will be Michelle Dockery's (Mary's) last season supposedly. Continue Reading


Re: finally made it to the boards!

In Beauty Banter 1406292146.947

It appears that QVC no longer carries it but if you Google it looks like you can get it on Amazon or directly from the Vanessa Williams web site. Continue Reading


Re: Talbots!

In Fashion Talk 1406291816.17

There is nothing on QVC that compares with the fabric quality of Talbots clothes. their range of sizes is incredible. I can get my pants and skirts in a woman's petite and my jackets and tops in a regular woman's. So nice to be able to buy something beyond polyester, rayon and nylon. I always wait for their sales. Continue Reading


Re: Need advice re gossipy mail carrier

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On 7/24/2014 kdgn said: I have no pre-conceived notions at all. I am making no assumptions. I don't care if the neighbor is nosey or not. What I do care about is the original poster was having her mail held and signed for that to be done. She left a phone number as requested. The mail carrier did something that is not legal and wasn't part of the agreement. She needs to be reported for this and nothing else. She took mail that was being held and delivered it to someone who was not the recipient. Not allowed. ITA. It does not matter whether the mail carrier gave it to the neighbor because she... Continue Reading


Re: A poll for fun/had fillers or botox,surgery or done nothing at all

In Beauty Banter 1406248611.297

On 7/24/2014 KayinMN said: Twins Mom, where can I get a Care Card??? It is a credit card called Care Credit. The web site is The card is issued by GE Capitol Credit. it is a speciality credit card for use at medical providers such as physicians, dentists and even vets. my plastic surgeon and dental,provider accept it. It allows you to,finance your treatment over a extended period at no interest. The amount of time you get to,pay the amount you charge off depends on your amount charged. If you don't pay the balance of within the interest free period the interest rate is like 2... Continue Reading


Re: Actress/singer Kristin Bell signed to play Peter Pan on NBC

In Viewpoints 1406230832.007

Yes she was the voice in Frozen. I was listening to the Braodway Channel on my Sirrus radio and the host announced that she had been signed. Continue Reading


Re: Will you be going to see "Fifty Shades of Grey"?

In Viewpoints 1406225858.27

From the responses posted here this does not seem like a big box office hit! Continue Reading


Re: Actress/singer Kristin Bell signed to play Peter Pan on NBC

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Don't know why they always have a female play Peter but it has been that way sine Mary Martin played him in her mid 40's. Cathy Rigby played him and I think Sandy Dennis too. Continue Reading


Actress/singer Kristin Bell signed to play Peter Pan on NBC

Last Reply by chessylady 1406234699.977 | Started by KathyPet in Viewpoints

She is 34 years old and has done several Broadway shows as well as TV series. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1406210240.63

So I have never heard of or used this product line so I googled it and started looking at it.. Went to the section that discusses the order in which you are to,apply these products. There are 8 different products to use in the AM and 12 in the PM. seriously??? 8 things to put on your face in the morning??? Who has time for this??? I am retired and still don't have time for 8 different products on my face! Continue Reading

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