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Re: And So It Goes

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It was just OK. not as good as the very similar plot line in "As Good AS It Gets" with Jack Nicholson Continue Reading


Re: How many states have you visited? What about foreign countries?

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Umm, St. Thomas,, St. John and St. Croix are US territories not foreign countries. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney Getting Married

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Some of you might recall that these "Help us plan the wedding" thing originated with the Today show several years ago. As a promotion to increase viewers the Today show allowed viewers to select a couple from hundreds of applicants who would be married live on air at 8 AM outside the studio in Rock Center. Over a period of several months the viewers got to vote on all aspects,of the wedding from dresses to.rings and reception venue. The lucky couple had to,go,with the viewers choices. They did this,promo for several years and then stopped it thank goodness. Continue Reading


Re: Jane looks fantastic today!

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her hair looks lovely. A little too heavy with the false eyelashes and heavy mascara. Continue Reading


Re: If someone trashes a rental house on purpose....

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In order to,use them you have to serve them with notification that They are being sued either personally serve them, hire a process server to do it (at your expense) . if the OP doesn't know where they are how can they be served? If you don't know where they are employed how can you garnish their wages?. If you don't know in which bank they have a account how can you attach the money? You have to do,these activities on your own. The courts do nothing to,help you collect. Continue Reading


Re: If someone trashes a rental house on purpose....

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Going to court and getting a judgement is a total,waste of time. Once you have the judgement it is up to you to,collect it. The courts do nothing for you. You have to find the assets to seize them if they have any. that means finding the financial.institution where they have their money and then hoping they have enough the account to cover the amount owed. Do you know that something like 85% of the judgements awarded against individuals NEVER get collected. Continue Reading


Re: HELP! Need a Dress to wear to daughter's bridal showers

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I think you need to state your price range and if the dress has to come from QVC before people can make suggestions. Continue Reading


Re: Kudos to QVC for doing this every year!

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On 7/27/2014 Ford1224 said: On 7/27/2014 KathyPet said: On 7/27/2014 terrier3 said: On 7/27/2014 KathyPet said: So let me follow this. The vendor donates the items so QVC pays nothing to the vendor. QVC then sells the item at 50% off suggested retail so a $100.00 item sells for $50.00. QVC then donates 80% of the $50.00 or $40.00 to the charity keeping $10.00 as profit since they paid nothing for it. Not sure why this is so wonderful! Wonderful would be if they donated the entire $50.00 to charity. I don't know if they ever clarified who gets the 20% - whether it is QVC or the vendor or a com... Continue Reading


Re: I Am Being Invaded by Raccoons and Very Afraid

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How can anyone not own a flashlight??? Continue Reading


Re: Cruise Line Refuses Refund

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people who go to,the media to attempt to get "special,benefits" by attempting to embarrass companies publicly just annoy me. This is a sad situation no doubt but I am sure there are a lot of sad situations that cause people to cancel vacation plans last minute. They rolled yhe dice and chose not to buy insurance and now they want to be made whole for their bad decision. Norwegian should not have caved. Continue Reading

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