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Re: Does Anyone Collect Christmas Village Pieces?

In Viewpoints 1418938011.677

Started collecting the Lenox Miseltoe Village pieces a few years ago. Had so many I didn't have room to display them all at once. This year I decided to change up some holiday decor and use the sofa table I had been displaying them on for something else. So, I listed them on EBAY and sold almost every one. There are 3 that did not sell so I will resist them next fall and see if I can get rid of them. Continue Reading


Re: Beware: Shopping at Pottery Barn

In Beauty Banter 1418937189.893

Not quite sure why a thread about Pottery Barn would be in the Beauty Forum of all places. That's products I know they don't sell. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa R?

In Viewpoints 1418933912.56

Didn't you hear? She is the new QVC webmaster which is why posts are disappearing right and left. She is very heavy on the delete button. Continue Reading


Re: The color brown

In Fashion Talk 1418926888.727

Turquoise Blue, pale sky blue, orange sherbet, raspberry are all good colors to WEAR with brown. Continue Reading


Re: Old host resurfacing

In Fashion Talk 1418911959.01

Yes, the personal knowledge that posters have about Lisa's contract terms, salary and bonus and reasons for leaving are quite incredible to say the least. let's see what I can make up. Continue Reading


Re: DIY Haircuts due to No Trust-

In Beauty Banter 1418911362.977

Personally I think that making the leap,from one bad haircut to,deciding to cut your own hair is really extreme. Continue Reading


Re: Who is a fan of the Talbots Audrey cashmere sweater?

In Fashion Talk 1418861755.997

ME! I have it in black and a beautiful Fuschia color from last season. I have some dividend certificates that will be good on 12/21 so I will be on line early on the 26th to try and get two more. Just not sure of what colors but I have to see what is left in my size. Continue Reading


Re: The Bears stink

In Viewpoints 1418843422.683

Redskins stink worse. All that money for a quarterback who can't play professional football. Continue Reading


Re: Downton Abbey-Season 5 starts Jan 4th. let the speculation begin!

In Viewpoints 1418753208.697

On 12/16/2014 Suzy Snowflake said: Does anyone know if it will be back on? No, I was just making it all up about Season 5 Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn looks so nice today!

In Fashion Talk 1418748301.2

I like Carolyn. The only thing I find annoying are her constant proclamations that she or someone she knows owns every product she is selling and loves it. Continue Reading

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