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Re: Lupita's Gown Has Been Found

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Well this is really good news. I,hardly slept at all last night worrying about the whereabouts of that dress. Continue Reading



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Why hasn't the OP returned to answer one basic question? "What does her doctor say is the reason for her having bald spots?" Surely if she is having something injected into her scalp it must be under a MD's supervision so what does the doctor say is the cause. Continue Reading



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I am assuming that before any doctor started giving you injections in your scalp they analyzed what the cause of the bald spots were? certainly they didn't start the injections without first determining the cause. What did the doctor say was causing the problem? Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the latest?

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On 2/26/2015 tucka said: I agree they are a low life immoral family,the one I can't stand the most is the mother,if you notice she is always in every frame, she loves the attention I feel sorry for Bruce,I sorta like Kendall and her sister, can't stand Kim or her sister who is so mean to her childrens father,yes he isn't so great either, but she seems to cause most of the problems between them. Sounds like I watch it all the time, well only when I am so bored and I am curious what disgusting thing they will do next,if they went off the air I would not miss them at all. But you watch it. even... Continue Reading


Re: Lupita Nyong'o's Oscar Dress Stolen From Hotel Room

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I find it abhorrent that someone would make or wear a dress worth $150,000 that Had 6000 pearls on it. that is a lot more money than a lot of FAMILIES Make in a year. it is things like this that show what is so out of whack in this country. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Return Labels...Never Again!

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KittyMom, same thing happened to me. I was returning a item using my own handwritten label and paying for the postage. Imtried to insure it and the PO clerk refused to allow me to get insurance saying it already had insurance. I argued with her but got absolutely nowhere. I called the Q later that day and indeed I was right and I should have been able to get insurance since it was not a pre-paid label. Obviously the PO clerks are in error. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Return Labels...Never Again!

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On 2/25/2015 kittymomNC said: I returned a number of things in late January, and I never have a problem. I just tell the clerk I need proof of mailing, they scan my packages, and give me a receipt. I did mail one package paying my own postage because it was cheaper. Normally I would have printed the label with the appropriate postage myself, but my printer was out of ink so I had the post office do it. Priority mail is supposed to carry $50.00 in insurance, and I wanted to insure it for $100.00 -- so I thought I only needed to pay for an extra $50.00 of insurance. They said that because of so... Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Police Future?

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Every thing Melissa has accomplished has been handed to her through her association with Joan. name one thing that she has accomplished professionally that was not related to Joan and Joan's influence in getting her these positions. Continue Reading


Re: THANK YOU ISAAC!!!!!!!!!! Longer Dress Listed

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No vertical,stripes allowed on this 1X body. Continue Reading

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