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Re: Will There Be New Christmas Trees Offered?

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I have warm memories of two of my aunts always having a flocked tree at the holiday season. I would love a flocked tree, but I would prefer a table top size, 3'/4'.......I would love that tree for our bedroom......LOL. Maybe, one of these seasons, I will be lucky and find one......LOL. Continue Reading


Re: What's new in back splashes?

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On 8/15/2014 terrier3 said: On 8/15/2014 decolvr said: We have a white subway tile backsplash. Our kitchen is black and white, simplicity at its best. You can't go wrong with subway tile......LOL. I love subway tile too. My 1916 bathrooms have their original subway tile. I have seen it now in shelter magazines in pastels, like icy blue and minty green. Our home is a little younger than yours.....maybe early 20's....LOL. I didn't know subway tiles came in colors......smiling. We are going to be putting our home on the market the early part of 2015. Good to know the colors.....just in case,... Continue Reading


Re: What's new in back splashes?

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We have a white subway tile backsplash. Our kitchen is black and white, simplicity at its best. You can't go wrong with subway tile......LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Harvest Eye Candy

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OMG......love all of your pumpkins. I am so jealous.....we are getting our home ready for market and DH and I are not doing any decorating this year. But, I can't wait until next year....LOL.....new home, new things....even bigger LOL. Like, you, I love the fall season......but, I am equally in love with the Christmas season, as well. Thanks for sharing the pics. Continue Reading


Re: Deep Purple Is A Designer Favorite For Front Doors?

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I do love the deep jewel tones of the purples/aubergines......but for a front door, I lean towards the rich deep wood tones, dark aged oak or mahogany. Continue Reading



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A few years back.....Shop HQ featured Sur La Table products for about a year or so. They had a TSV of an 8 qt, French dutch oven. OMG......this is the best pot. I bought it in red......and it's stunning.....LOL. I make stew, pot roast, chili and hearty meals along those lines. For me.....it's a fall/winter piece of cookware. Continue Reading


Re: LR Sequinced Icicle Trees (Pictures)

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These photos just pushed me off the fence. They are so pretty. I promised myself that I would not be ordering any Christmas decor until after we move next year......but, these sequined beauties.......I just can't resist. Thanks for posting nice close-ups of these trees. Continue Reading


Re: Sheets for Sleep Number split-king adjustable bed

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On 7/21/2014 NChgOfMyAttitude said: Decolvr - you will love the bed! We do. We have our TV in our bedroom so we spend a lot of time in it. Best money we ever spent. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Our current Select comfort bed is over 20 years old. It was a great investment. We definitely will be considering the adjustable model....LOL. And, knowing that we can get good sheets......is good to know. . Continue Reading


Re: More Christmas Decorating Shows Like Lisa's

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On 7/21/2014 RedHeadedWench said: I agree. Frankly other than Valerie Parr Hill's shows, Lisa's show was the only show worth watching this weekend. People want decorating ideas and how-to's...not constant "buy this because it lights up and is cute" shoved down their throats. You are so right. I love shows like Lisa's and VPH......sometimes, I purchase, sometimes I do not......but, Lisa's show last night, was a true delight. My holiday style is more traditional, I am a red girl.......but, last night's show.......eye candy for holiday lovers......LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's CIJ - are we loving her, YES!

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Lisa's show last nite was absolutely beautiful. I loved watching and enjoyed all of the tips she gave for decorating for the holiday. My decorating style is much more simple than Lisa's but the whole show was definite eye candy for holiday lovers, like me, for sure. Those two hours just flew by......LOL. Continue Reading

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