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Re: First weekend in Dec., we're decorating!

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We are putting our home on the market the early part of ' we decided not to decorate to repack......LOL. It was a hard decision....I love the Christmas season.....but, there is just too much to do to get things ready for next year. I purchased the Kringle Express swirl trees in red this past summer. I am going to put them on our DR buffet to give the house, even though boxes and bin everywhere.......a bit of Christmas magic with those trees......smiling. To one and all.......enjoy the weekend Christmas decorating.......!!! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone living in this blizzard?

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On 11/20/2014 Mustangshar said: On 11/20/2014 Desertdi said: I left Chicago after the blizzard of '67 I remember it well! I can't blame you, I'd leave if I could. The storm of '79 was a doozy, too. And, yes, I am still here......LOL. I truly hate snow and cold weather.....LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Nutcrackers, anyone?

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Shop HQ has some outstanding looking nutcrackers......don't know if they have your style.....but, they are very pretty. Continue Reading


Re: Started decorating(early I know) and WOW LR's decorations made such an impact!

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2muchshopping2......... Thank you much for all of your information. DH and I will check out the trees at Lowes. Since we are going to be putting our home on the market at the first of the year.....I am trying not to add any more boxes to our already burgeoning box count.....sigh. We have been in our home for 20 years......and believe you me......we have stuff.....LOL. We have a lovely 9' slender tree.....that we love......but, the bottom half of the tree went dark...and after almost 12 years......we are just going to pitch it. And, being that it's an older tee, it is only in three sectio... Continue Reading


Re: Started decorating(early I know) and WOW LR's decorations made such an impact!

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Your tree is did a lovely job. BTW......which BL tree is in the pic.......I like the placement of the lights and the way the branches look. I am kind of jealous.......we are getting our home ready for sale the early part of 2015 and we are not decorating this year.......sigh. I am a bit sad.......but, I can't wait to decorate next year in our new home. I can't wait. Continue Reading


Re: Sleigh reviews please!

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On 10/29/2014 lucymo said: Not a Lisa sleigh, but pretty for many uses. I saw this on I think it would be great to use for gift giving, filling it with tissue or some lacy or tulle fabric for bath products, jewelry, candy. 10" H x 12"W x 5"D. $8.05, Reg $24.33. Thanks so much for posting this pic. I fell in love with this sleigh. I have 5 women that report to me at work.......and I ordered one for each of them and a two for myself. They are already on their way, according to UPS. I will post my review of these when I get them. Again, many thanks. Solved my Christmas gif... Continue Reading


Re: Valerie Parr Hill

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We have a small foyer with a lovely antique table. For all of the holidays, I have a few things specific to that day and I do a lovely table scape for that holiday. It doesn't take forever......and it just makes me smile. The only holidays that I really go all out for is the fall/harvest season and the Christmas season. I have evened trimmed my decorating for those seasons down, as well. However, this year.......I am not doing any decorating, as we are getting our home ready for sale. So in place of decorations, I have assorted boxes, bins and other things around....big time LOL. ... Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Café.....a great place for friendly chat!

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A big "Queen Lizzie" wave to all my old friends.....LOL. Hope all is well!! Continue Reading


Re: Which would you prefer, and why?

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I am a crème and gold gal for my formal china and flatware......but, my everyday dinnerware is white with stainless flatware. It's truly all about what you prefer. Continue Reading


Re: Will There Be New Christmas Trees Offered?

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I have warm memories of two of my aunts always having a flocked tree at the holiday season. I would love a flocked tree, but I would prefer a table top size, 3'/4'.......I would love that tree for our bedroom......LOL. Maybe, one of these seasons, I will be lucky and find one......LOL. Continue Reading

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