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Re: Sheets for Sleep Number split-king adjustable bed

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On 7/21/2014 NChgOfMyAttitude said: Decolvr - you will love the bed! We do. We have our TV in our bedroom so we spend a lot of time in it. Best money we ever spent. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Our current Select comfort bed is over 20 years old. It was a great investment. We definitely will be considering the adjustable model....LOL. And, knowing that we can get good sheets......is good to know. . Continue Reading


Re: More Christmas Decorating Shows Like Lisa's

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On 7/21/2014 RedHeadedWench said: I agree. Frankly other than Valerie Parr Hill's shows, Lisa's show was the only show worth watching this weekend. People want decorating ideas and how-to's...not constant "buy this because it lights up and is cute" shoved down their throats. You are so right. I love shows like Lisa's and VPH......sometimes, I purchase, sometimes I do not......but, Lisa's show last night, was a true delight. My holiday style is more traditional, I am a red girl.......but, last night's show.......eye candy for holiday lovers......LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's CIJ - are we loving her, YES!

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Lisa's show last nite was absolutely beautiful. I loved watching and enjoyed all of the tips she gave for decorating for the holiday. My decorating style is much more simple than Lisa's but the whole show was definite eye candy for holiday lovers, like me, for sure. Those two hours just flew by......LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Sheets for Sleep Number split-king adjustable bed

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We are seriously thinking about purchasing the split-king adjustable Select Comfort bed after we move, next year. So funny, I was just thinking about what type of sheets to use on this type of bed......LOL. I guess I will have to do some research. BTW....we own a Select Comfort bed, now....not the adjustable one......and we love it. So....I am sure we will love the split king that is adjustable....LOL. I hope we can find sheets, though....big time LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Valerie has her sneak-peak up on facebook

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Some very pretty things...... Why is it when I say, I am not buying anything until we move into our new home.......and now.......all of these pretty holiday things. It's just not fair....LOL. Continue Reading


Re: remember VPH sugared fruit ornaments?

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Love those sugared fruit ornies.....I put them out in the fall. I am surprised, VPH doesn't bring them back.....they were so popular. Remember, how Linda Mason and Valerie used to go on and on about the sugared fruit......I really enjoyed the two of them together, as well as the product selection. Oh well.....fond memories..... Continue Reading



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I love the fall/holiday decorating season.....and I usually start with the fall items the middle to the end of September. However, this year, we are putting our home on the market.....and I will not be decorating. But.....I have big plans for our next house......wherever it is.....big time LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone getting/have the KitchenAid TSV 9 cup Food Processor?

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I am another fan of the Cuisinart FP.....I have the 14C model and also the smaller chopper size, it's the 3C size. I also own a Kenwood 700W stand mixer that we received as a wedding gift when DH and I married in 1994. The only complaint that I have with it.....the bowl does not have a handle......and it's cumbersome using it......but, it's not enough to make me want to give the Kenwood away to buy a KA. If you decided to purchase the KA 9C/FP......enjoy. Continue Reading


Re: I would really like the cherry pie dish BUT ....

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This pie dish has really caught my eye......LOL. I just may order it. because it is just so cute.....LOL. I am not a pie baker......but, it could be the cutest serveware type item, as well, or as the OP mentioned a great cobbler type piece. Decisions, decisions......LOL. Continue Reading


Re: Sleep Number Beds

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We have had our Sleep Number bed for over 20 years......and we love it. Now......we are going to be putting our home on the market......and after we move.......we are going to be buying the adjustable sleep number bed.....the split king. It's a pricey purchase....but, we are 20 years older.......and want and need the adjustable feature. When we bought ours 20+ years.....we ordered it direct from the factory.....got a very good price........if my memory serves me right. IMHO.....it is well worth every penny spent. Continue Reading

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