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Re: New to Bare Minerals

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On 11/25/2014 Nascardiva said: Did the TSV sell out, or is it another day? I don't see any BE TSV listed on the home page, just slippers and electronics. No it did not sell out and is still available for $5.00 more than the TSV price. It is no longer on easy pay though if that matters to you! Its 54.95 plus shipping and tax. Continue Reading


Re: Irritating Cigar Smoke & Neighbors

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I think trying to ban someone from smoking on their own property would be very difficult to do, the best thing in this case is to try to speak with him.We did not speak with our neighbor, my husband said he is doing nothing illegal and he is on his own propertyso if he chooses to smoke in his garage and the smoke blows over by us, we close our windows and doors until he is finished-which is usually about 5 minutes-it doesn't take that long to smoke a cigarette.....YOU would be better off looking for a Smoke free condo/townhome....We live in a house, but there is not that much distance between... Continue Reading


Re: New to Bare Minerals

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I love BE. I have been rediscovering all of my BE Stash and loving it..I will say a little goes a long way with thisline, especially with the loose minerals..It is easy to overdo the blush and eye shadows if not used sparingly and blend, blend and blend some more. I find most of the colors very easy to use and look good on most skin tones....It is also reasonably priced compared to a lot of other makeup brands...Their brushes are very nice as well,especially the eye shadow brushes......Play and have fun!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa & The No More Wiggle/Jiggle Dance - PM Style

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I didn't see the show, but I can say I will definitely miss Lisa on PM Style as well as the Beauty Shows-she just made them fun and entertaining. She is very good a twhat she does for sure and I wish her nothing but the best in the future!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Who has purchased the New Scenterpiece by Yankee?

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wOW! I didn't realize that some come with a timer feature! That sounds great! Continue Reading


Re: Irritating Cigar Smoke & Neighbors

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Unfortunately if he isn't breaking the law and you have spoken to him there is nothing you can do, being in that type of setting makes it very difficult. When our neighbor goes outside to sit in his garage to smoke, my husband usually closes our windows on that side of the house until he is finished. Continue Reading


Re: DWTS 11/24 possible spoilers

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I could see any of the remaining 3 winning for different reasons. Alfonso is probably the crowd favorite and he is fantastic, but he does have dance background. Sadie is the most improved with virtually no dance background and she is fantastic as well. Janel is so graceful and just beautiful to watch. It will be an interesting night for sure!!!!!!I think this has been a great season filled with some great dancers-hate to see it end!!!!!!!Oh well next season! Continue Reading


Re: Spoiler - who was eliminated tonite from DWTS?

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I think any of the top 3 could win it, I thin Alfonso may be the Crowd favorite, but Sadie has come such a long way and has no dance experience and Val and his partner are just so elegant, and beautiful to watch-so it will beinteresting to see. I would not be diasspointed at any of the 3 left winning......I think its been a great season, some really good dancers!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Anymore Bobbi Brown shows?

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I don't know but she is offering some awesome deals on her website!!!!!!! Continue Reading

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