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Re: Who has purchased the New Scenterpiece by Yankee?

In Candles 1416674299.793

Sounds great. I think I will use my BBB coupon to try one out!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Weigh In On Lipgloss For Women Over 50 - 60

In Beauty Banter 1416674216.6

I do still use lipgloss,however I am more of a lipstick woman,always have been-but I still like and use gloss, I am very picky about my gloss though, nothing thick and goopy and super shiny where it feels like vaseline on your lips....My favorite gloss brands are Smashbox,Bobbi Brown and Chantecaille....I like BE glosses as well!Oh and Doris Dalton's....... Continue Reading


Re: Is there anyone here that has no drapes or curtains in their home?

In For the Home Talk 1416674061.22

I have blinds at all of my windows,except for my living room window, I have drapes up there, however they are not the old fashioned heavy drapes from past-they are very light, neutral color and I leave them open during the day and closed at night.......We too have a very nosey neighbor that sits at his window all day with one blind partially opened and looks out at everyone all the time-he knows about everyone on our block-its kind of creepy........ Continue Reading


Re: HTGAWM - "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me" (S1/Ep09) - 11.20.2014 Winter Finale!!!

In TV Talk 1416673717.7

The finale was so good, I kind of figured that something else would happen at the end, I wasn't expecting that though. Can't wait for it to come back on! This show is such a good thriller, and a lot of the unexpected happens which I love!!!!!!!I also loved Scandal's finale-another of my must see TV!!!! Continue Reading


What Contour is Everyone that Contours Using?

Last Reply by BlingQueen022 1416686156.65 | Started by JMFINLEY001 in Beauty Banter

I am torn between getting Smashbox's Contour Kit and Anastasia's kit....So just looking for opinions from those who use contour and what you are using!!!!!!!Thanks!I also see that Nars has one as well! Continue Reading


Re: I don't do Black Friday shopping, do you?

In Fashion Talk 1416516448.79

Not anymore. My sisters and I used to exceot we never got up super early, but we would make a day of it and go out to lunch and just have fun. I just can't handle the crowds any longer, and the rude people..I do most of my shopping online!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Bare Essentials TSV Monday

In Beauty Banter 1416508282.583

On 11/20/2014 bambi z said: Look over on the side of this page. Under the beauty heading, there are different brands. Click on bareminerals and that's their forum. Thaks Bambi-I was away for a while-just now seeing this request!!! Continue Reading


Re: Has Anyone purchased the New Yankee Scenterpiece?

In Viewpoints 1416504368.743

Thanks ladies, looks like I would love this as well as my Mom!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Bare Essentials TSV Monday

In Beauty Banter 1416496773.23

On the BE Forum there are pics and it looks gorgeous!!!!!!I think this is one TSV I will be ordering!!!!!!!I have recently rediscovered some of my BE and fell in love with it again!!!!This kit looks stunning! Continue Reading

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