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Re: the real housewives of new york.....5/19/15.....with "news", spoilers, gossip

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I am not enjoying this show as much this season, it seems it is too much about Bethanny!!!!!Carole is acting like a teeny bopper with her young boyfriend, and Sonja is weird as always, I am just not enjoying it as much...Anyone else??? Continue Reading


Re: Is there a mascara that doesn't make your lashes all stiff and clumpy?

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On 5/22/2015 Jolexi said: On 5/22/2015 sam96 said: I use Better Than S-ex by Too Faced. Get it at Sephora...love it! One coat for daytime, two coats for evenings/special occasions when I want a more dramatic look. My absolute favorite mascara and it delivers without much effort. I second that recommendation! Love love this mascara and am wearing it right now!!!! It gives you such long lush lashes and does not clump or get real stiff..I love that it looks like nice long lashes and not that spidery look as well... Continue Reading


Re: Kids or no kids invited to the wedding?

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On 5/19/2015 sunshine45 said: On 5/19/2015 Ranchergal said: On 5/17/2015 BornAgain said: No kids at weddings. They run amuck all over the place. ITA! Kids of today can ruin a wedding and other events as well. I've attended no-fragrance and no-kids weddings and they were so pleasant . no-fragrance weddings.......i have not heard of that before! me either. No flowers? Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone going to watch the new Series Whispers???

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I do not know any of the actors, but it looks like these kids all have imaginary playmates, and only they can hear them! Continue Reading


Re: Well...I DO like that GILI TSV in black...

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I love love love the Gray, and I do not have a handbag in gray!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Watched the new FOX show Wayward Pines with Matt Dillon

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You have my curiosity peaked. May have to give it a try! Continue Reading


Re: Maggie Gyllenhaal: Told She Was Too Old to Play 55-Year-Old Man's Love Interest

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I loved Maggie in that movie with Jeff Bridges where he played an alcoholic country singer, can't remember the name but she played his love interest in that and she was nominated for an Oscar for her role. I think she is a great actress and has a interesting look! Continue Reading


Re: Best. Candle. Ever.

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I agree and they have the best Vanilla Scent that I have ever smelled. It is pure vanilla, not artificial smelling at all-they burn so nice as well-love them!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Is anyone going to watch the new Series Whispers???

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It looks kind of spooky-not sure if I will watch or not!! Continue Reading

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