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Re: Pat James Dementri is Such a Class Act!

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I thought I remember hearing that Pat modeled in her younger days......I could absolutely see that... Continue Reading


Re: The Q in 2015

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I would like to see upscale home designs, not necessarily real expensive but nice designs, definitely more real candle shows, even though I love my flameless candles I still burn regular candles too.Nice bedroom comforters and throws and pillows.Nice dishes and drinking glasses-more geared towards entertaining would be nice. Also Please work on offering better shipping prices... Continue Reading


Re: Pat James Dementri is Such a Class Act!

In The Q We Love 1418668918.587

I really like Pat as well. She is one of my favorites. She is very personable, polite to all of the callers and really gives pertinent information. She also makes the show about the products-not herself!!!!!!!!I would love to see her do more evening shows and certainly more Beauty Shows as she is just stunning in my opinion and very blessed with a beautiful head of hair!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Clear or colored?

In For the Home Talk 1418664417.903

I prefer white lights, although I love Multi as well......We did multi when our girls were little, as that is what they preferred though! Now I do white lights! Continue Reading


Re: Has Anyone tried Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation?

In Beauty Banter 1418660678.467

On 12/14/2014 dionline said: I wear the lightest shade in the IT Celebration foundation so I got the lightest shade in the Cocoa powder. The shade was fine. It provided no coverage but was fine for a finishing powder. The scent was a bit overpowering, though. That said, I was a greasy mess in just a few hours. I sent the powder to my Mom who has a drier complexion but I kept the brush for's pretty awesome. Good luck with it. I hope it works well for you!! I am leaning towards the Tan color, but I do have a very oily tzone, so not sure this will work for me, but will give it a try... Continue Reading


Has Anyone tried Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation?

Last Reply by JMFINLEY001 1418660677.973 | Started by JMFINLEY001 in Beauty Banter

If so what color did you get and do you like it? I am reading really great reviews on both HSN and Sephora on this powder-very interested. Thanks!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Now That the Excitement is Over...

In Beauty Banter 1418569088.88

Shophq is getting ready for their endless Invicta Shows too! I for one will be glad when they all get back to regular programming....The Endless hours of one or two products is waay too boring, I haven't watched a full show on QVC in a long time....Even their 4 hour gift shows are repeats items over and over....... Continue Reading


Re: Nashville Winter Finale

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On 12/13/2014 Shelbelle said: On 12/13/2014 brandiwine said: On 12/12/2014 Shawnie said: It was great!!! I am going to watch it again. I love the Avery/Juliet scenes! Will is such a hypocrite. Hope Layla makes it, divorces him and speaks out about the sham marriage. Wonder if Gunner will try to gain guardianship?? I see Rayna and Deacon together now until he dies from the liver damage. Don't like these long winter breaks either. A little food for thought. Perhaps Maddie will be able to donate a piece of her healthy liver to save her dad's life. Oooh, I love that idea, works for me!!! Me t... Continue Reading


Anyone ordering Skinn this visit?

Last Reply by wenfen 1418581618.74 | Started by JMFINLEY001 in Beauty Banter

I am not, due to the fact that during ASDM 30% off I purchased several skin items, so I am set for a while!!!!!!!I don't care for his makeup all that much,except for his eyeshadows which are good(no talc) so I am not excited for todays TSV!!!!!!!However it does include the Contour Kit which looks good and has great reviews!!!! Continue Reading


Re: What is the WORST beauty related product you ever used?

In Beauty Banter 1418566032.94

Great Lash Mascara-impossible to remove with taking a bunch of your lashes with you! Garnier Hairspray-made me hair feel like straw and you couldn't brush through it right away!!!!!!! Continue Reading

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