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Did anyone get a look at the Contour Palette demonstration on Evine?

Last Reply by BlingQueen022 1427535449.097 | Started by JMFINLEY001 in Beauty Banter

It looks nice, but missed the presentation-did anyone order it? Continue Reading


What is the difference between all of these peels?

Last Reply by Bookbabe 1427507698.09 | Started by JMFINLEY001 in philosophy

Now I think Philosophy have 5 or 6 different peel products-what is really the difference between them? anyone? Thanks! F.Y.I I use the Microdelivery Brightening Peel pads!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: I wish I knew which makeup lines the Models really like/use themselves!!

In Beauty Banter 1427497535.007

I know. I have often thought about this, since they get to try so many products!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Who is getting the IT TSV??

In Beauty Banter 1427497350.88

I was definitely going to get this one, haven't purchased a Beauty TSV in a very long time, but I really do not need another bronzer, although I have been eyeing this disc for a long time, the eyeshadows look really pretty and love the brushes, but probably would not use the CC Cream as I have oilier skin,so I am trying to stay strong!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Drew and Jonathan Scott from the Property Brothers are going to be on QVC!

In For the Home Talk 1427392666.42

I do love how they finish a home!!!! Hopefully their items won't be outrageously priced either!!! Continue Reading


Re: Have you ever lived in your car?

In Viewpoints 1427392375.31

No, fortuntately I have never had to do that. I do hear about people that do though and its so sad.......I can't imagine how horrible that would be! Continue Reading


Drew and Jonathan Scott from the Property Brothers are going to be on QVC!

Last Reply by Stella Dallas 1427464335.207 | Started by JMFINLEY001 in For the Home Talk

It says they are debuting their line of Home Decor on March 31st on QVC.....This is the 1st that I am hearing about this. Anybody know anything more? Should be interesting!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: What is your makeup/skincare "weak spot"???

In Beauty Banter 1427386504.553

I just counted and I have 3 lipsticks here at work, where I keep them, and in my purse I have 14 various lipsticks/glosses. I am not at home, but I bet when I count the ones I have at home, there are probably20-25 in my basket at home......Craaazy I tell you!!! Continue Reading


Re: Face Powder for aging skin that doesn't cake or make your pores look bigger?

In Beauty Banter 1427378029.437

Right now I am using Ben Nye's Yellow powder, which is very good, it mattifies without looking chalky or cakey, and you can use it under your eyes to help set concealer if you need to..I like it a lot, but I also like Makeup4ever's powder and Mineral Veil......... Continue Reading

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