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Re: What perfume is Everyone looking forward to wearing this Fall/Winter?

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On 9/16/2014 MissBetsyW said: I'm always coming back to Fancy by Jessica Simpson and Lancome's Tresor. I switch back and forth. Tempted to buy Flowerbomb, which is such a lush, feminine scent. And I'm very curious about Philosophy Fresh Cream, which I have not smelled yet. I heard Mary Beth Roe say she liked it and I trust her taste. I also love love love Fancy by Jessica Simpson-I love Vanilla scented fragrances and hers is so warm and inviting, I love it and it is not expensive! I also love Tresor but after buying it last year, it doesn't smell as good onme as it does on my sister,everyone... Continue Reading


Re: 32nd Anniversary...

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I think Merle Norman's will do it with an appointment and I am sure they would like you to purchase something as well. Also if you have a Spa near you, they usually do makeovers for a fee, the one near me uses Glo Minerals...Otherwise a makeup counter at a local mall does them, but they do expect you to make a purchase and you really have to be specific on what type of look you are going for. I had one a few years ago at Estee Lauder and boy oh boy, I couldn't wait to get home and scrub my face-waaay too much makeup, so be very specific as to what you are looking for!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!... Continue Reading


Re: Dancing With The Stars!

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I didn't care for the Internet Girl, something about her rubbed me the wrong way-maybe that will change as the season goes on, I did really like Alfonso, Lea,Tavis Smiley and the girl from Duck Dynasty the best so far. I didn't care for Lolo Jones either, who cares about your virginity? She mentions it way too much in past interviews!!!She was very stiff and had no rythmn either......We will see who stays and who is the 1st to go tonight!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Dress like Olivia Pope...Scandal & The Limited Collection-Debut Sept 23rd!

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The coats are gorgeous!!!!!!! I love the way Olivia dresses on Scandal-very classy and classic! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone watching DWTS...9/15/14

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Lolo definitely has no rythmn and her personality isnt great either. I can understand messing up and trying to explain to the juges but then let it go.....She seems like what they call a Poor Sport. She is really pretty though and has great abs!!!!!! I really enjoyed most of them, and I haven't watched in a few years, so it was enjoyable and I think it will either Lolo or Betsey or maybe even the race car driver to go home tonight! A lot depends on their Fan Base as well as scores!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Joe Zee coat

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This is on my Wishlist too, but since I haven't seen a presentation, I didn't know how thick or not it is.......It is adorable though, but I live in The MidWest where you need a nice thick coat for Winter time, anyone order it yet? Continue Reading


Re: Adrian Peterson Will Be Playing On Sunday...

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On 9/15/2014 chrystaltree said: On 9/15/2014 Ford1224 said: Charles Barkley was on CNN this morning and said that this kind of physical punishment was the "culture" in the south where he grew up. He does not look at it as domestic abuse. He did admit that Peterson got carried away, but still had no problem with it. By the way, this is not a racial matter, but a regional one. A huge man weighing a quarter of a ton, standing 6'2" tall pulls down his four-year-old son's pants and whips him until he bleeds, and this is acceptable "culture?" I guess what goes on in Africa's "culture" is also accep... Continue Reading


Re: The Empty Nest

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Hi Jayne, I also have two daughters, both grown up and married and I found that like you at first you feel like wow-I have all this time now and the house is so quiet, but after a while you start to move along again and get adjusted to the next phase of your life.I found your advise extremely helpful, and you have a beautiful family. I really enjoy you as a host as well, you seem fun and very down to earth! Enjoy your empty nest time!!!!!I now have two grandchildren, so my house on weekends can be very noisy and chaotic, but fun!!!!! I am now in the next phase of life!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Alterna TSV

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I think their Caviar line is a better sell. I love their Anti-Humidity Hairspray-it works!!!! Continue Reading


Re: The Cult of Edward Bess is now forming.....

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Thankyou for posting a great review! I was so tempted to try the concealer, but wanted to use up what I have for now. It will definitely be something I try in the future though! I hope he has more shows often!!!!!!! Continue Reading

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