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Re: How To Get Away With Murder

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Love love love this show-one of my must sees and favorite! It is dark but the acting is sooo good and Viola Davis is Oscar material to me!!!!!!!Love her!Love the plots..It probably had a shortened season to see how well it did! Continue Reading


Re: Michael Kors Fragrances - I Need Some Help

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Love this fragrance, always always receive compliments when wearing and the good thing is it lasts all day!!!!!Just a little will do it though, it is intense and strong when first spraying, but then it dries to Beautiful!!!!!!!!It is one of my all time favorites!!!!! You can also buy it on some of the fragrance discount sites, like Perfumania and Fragrance dot net and Scentiments dot com!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Dr Denese talks about her Face Surgery on Facebook - Yay for her for being honest :)

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Good for her for being upfront and honest. I wish more would do that, not like we need to know every little thing that they do, but more honesty when selling skincare would be appreciated!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: no TSV chatter

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Same old boring flameless candles to me, you could find those anywhere!!!!!!If you are going to have a Flameless Candle TSV, then make it appealing and unique and different!!!!I am so bored of QVC lately-too much repetitve items.... Continue Reading


Re: WOW, no thoughts on Scandal? No Spoilers here.

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I would hate to find out that it was Fitz! Continue Reading


Re: Older Men Pursuing Much Younger Women

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I would not change my routing or what I wore, I would simply tell him to bug off-I am not interested and say it forcefully! Some people just don't get the hint the 1st time around. I am also one of those people who are considered too nice and friendly, and there is nothing wrong with that until you come across a weirdo! Continue Reading


Re: WOW, no thoughts on Scandal? No Spoilers here.

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I did not care for it!!!!!!!!It was just too weird!!!!!!Who the heck are all of those people? Continue Reading


Re: Just watched Sunday's episode of Revenge . . .

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This was a great episode!!!!!I do not trust the cop either, something about him bothers me!!!!!LOL! Interesting that he is married to Jennifer Love Hewitt! I feel bad for Jack, but I bet he and Emily will end up together at the end.It definitely looks as though they are setting up for another season, with the new socialite-who may just give Victoria a run for her money and Margaux's revenge plans.......It was interesting to see Kim Richards doing something other than being on the Housewives show!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Hsn 24hr beauty event on 1/29

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I am glad its on Thursday night, so I won't see it-too tempting!!!!!!!!!Thursday nights are my must see tv nights!!!!!LOL! Continue Reading



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Brandi needs help desperately.....She thinks she is funny, but in reality she is cruel and mean, and definitely needs to seek professional help.....I think Eileen and Kim are great editions to this show because they both are not afraid to say what they think or feel....I like how Eileen confronted Brandi about her rude comments.....More people need to do that to Brandi. Yolanda's son is gorgeous and seems like a good kid!!!!!!!Her children are so pretty!!!!It was interesting to see Denise Richards at Lisa Rinna's party, I remember her reality show a few years back! Next week proves to be inte... Continue Reading

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