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Re: Have you had this happen? Stopping and waiting for a Funeral Procession.

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No in Wisconsin people are very respectful of Funeral Processions as well-no matter how large! Continue Reading


Re: August 2014 QVC New Beauty Test Tube

In Beauty Banter 1406838123.587

This sounds like a good one to try!! Continue Reading


Re: the real housewives of new york.....REUNION PART 1... 7/29/14.....with "news", gossip, spoilers

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I really liked Carol's hair that color, however I know it willbe hard to maintain and keep it healthy-going that much lighter,but I feel it softened her face..Luanne always looks good, but I did not care for Heather's dress at all...Kristin looked very pretty as well. Can't wait for next week. I am probably in the minority but I like Sonja-she seems like a lost soul to me......... Continue Reading


Re: Have you tried Jouer Cosmetics line and what do you think?

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I have tried their liquid eyeliner and its very nice and lasts all day as well. I would love to try some of their lippies-very pretty colors, and their luminizer gets written up in Allure and Marie Claire as one of the best!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Alternating routine

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I would probably alternate every other week, I alternate some of my products and I also will add something new into my regime and I do it slowly..... Continue Reading


Re: Need reviews of Ulta Benefit Brow Bar waxing--worth it?

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I was at an Ulta this past weekend in Michigan and there was a line waiting for brow waxing. Continue Reading


Re: What is your current Favorite Fragrance & why?

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On 7/30/2014 Goldengate8361 said: I just bought the new fragrance by Armani: Si. It's really fantastic! I have no idea how to describe it! It has a smooth, clean smell without being fruity or like the "Clean" brand fragrances. It's my current favorite. It's a little more expensive but well worth it IMHO. OMG!!!!!! I just smelled this last week and sprayed some on me and then went out and received 3 compliments on how good I smelled!!!!!!I am defintiely going to purchase this. It smells so good and it lasts...It is definitely more expensive but worth it......I loved it!!!It is hard to describe... Continue Reading


Does Anyone Watch Motive?

Last Reply by annabellethecat 1406588377.547 | Started by JMFINLEY001 in TV Talk

I have been watching it and I like it a lot. They show you the victim and the killer right at the beginning and you have to figure out the killer's motive. It is quite good!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Love the Renee Jersey Dress Sandra Bennett Has On Tonight

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On 7/21/2014 mnmom said: Almost everyone had it on with a belt. That tells me "no" for me! I'm too thick in the waist. me too, thats why I didn't order a set of the 2....I did like them though! Continue Reading


Re: July 2014...Please share what scent you are enjoying this month

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I am melting Pear Sorbet by Nene's and burning Apple by A Cheerful Giver, it is the best apple smelling candle I have ever used! I can see why it is their top seller-it smells delicious and I am almost through the whole candle and it has burned beautifully and never lost its scent!I will definitely re-purchase this one!!!!!!! Continue Reading

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