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Re: A Couple of Raves!!!!!

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Hi Ladies!!! The perfector works great. It is for dry hair use only and I love that you don't have to worry about getting burned....It is good for volume as well but I find with my fine hair I have to spray it to keep the volume...I haven't had any problems with tangling, but my hair is only shoulder length. As far as the Lorac lipstick its a mixture of matte and moist if that makes any sense. It lasts like a matte lipstick and it is not shiny and glossy but its not dry either-more like a cream. I love the texture and the color is beautiful! I will definitely buy more from this line of cosmet... Continue Reading


Re: When is the ASDM Sale?

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Thanks ladies. I have been waiting to try this line, but I guess I will wait until I really need something! Continue Reading


Re: Smashbox BB Cream

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Thanks for the review. I would like to try this as well.....I have been looking for a nice BB or CC Cream that isn't so pricey!!!!! Continue Reading


A Couple of Raves!!!!!

Last Reply by BTwixx 1409568707.94 | Started by JMFINLEY001 in Beauty Banter

First off I had been eyeing the Perfector by Calista for a while and watching quite a few demonstrations because that's what I do instead of impulse buying! So I received it a week ago and absolutely love it....I haven't tried it for curling my hair yet, but for smoothing and even straightening it is fabulous!!!!! Second I tried Living Proof Flex Spray and love that as well-holds so nicely but feels like almost nothing in your hair, and combing and re-styling later is no problem as its light as air, but yet gives great hold! I will purchase this again! Thirdly I purchased CEO Lipstick from Lo... Continue Reading


Re: ASDM sale info

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I think I am going to try their Vitamin C serum and their Glycolic Acid Cream to start with.I also want to try their toner, so I will wait and see how good the sale is first. I have never tried anything from this line but after all of the raves I am excited to try some things!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: 70 yrs old and 'drop dead gorgeous'

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I hate when she uses that line also. Helen is very attractive as are all of the models, but it gets old hearing every single time.I love a lot of IT Cosmetics products and I really enjoy Jamie-her passion really shows through, but I think after time we just hear the same lines over and over and they get a little stale. I was reading where Paula said Jamie would be better off saying she works with aestheticians versus saying they work with plastic surgeons because what do plastic surgeons know about makeup??? I found that very interesting!!!! Continue Reading


When is the ASDM Sale?

Last Reply by Katluvr58 1409517888.697 | Started by JMFINLEY001 in Beauty Banter

I couldn't find anything out on their website! Thanks!!! Continue Reading


Re: A question about IT bronzer

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What about the Ombre Bronzer? Is that one too shimmery? Continue Reading


Re: Anastasia Dip Brow question

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On 8/28/2014 Sherrie08 said: I have medium to dark brown hair bur really struggle with brow products looking way too dark, I've tried many different brow products but I'm never really happy with the results. I just need to fill in a little bit in some sparse areas and extend a little at the tail. I've been thinking of ordering this product in taupe. Do you think taupe would be ok for dark brown brows? Any advise on colors or technique? TIA Hi Sherrie08-You may want to try her Chocolate instead of Dark Brown, I have Med brown hair that is highlighted a little and thats the one I went with afte... Continue Reading


Re: How often do you wash your windows?

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We have tilt ins as well and my husband is a little fanatical about keeping them clean. So I would say at least 5 or 6 times a year......They sure look nice when they are super clean. We use Windex or Invisible Glass as well..........Obviously not in the winter months, so between April and November are when our get the most cleanings!!!!! Continue Reading

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