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Re: Week Sixteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!!

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Hey, I'm rooting for the Redskins to sweep the Cowboys next week too! That's the only chance the Eagles have of getting in the playoffs now. We need the Cowboys to lose their last two games and the Redskins are their last game. I need the Colts to come through today with a win and then the Redskins next week. God willing we'll have Nick Foles back at quarterback instead of Mark (Oops, I did it again) Sanchez. With Nick back under center we'd have a shot at doing something. Despite playing behind the worst offensive line imaginable he was able to cobble together 6 wins in eight games before ge... Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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On 12/21/2014 jordan2 said: I'm a Jets fan and am very familiar with Mark Sanchez.With all his flaws I would take him back in a minute! Be careful what you wish for. He's a free agent after this year, so he could end up back with the Jets. With the Eagles he has a ton of good weapons and a good offensive line, but he hasn't been very productive. Put him on the Jets as they stand now and he'd have many more problems. The Jets need skill players at pretty much every offensive position and no quarterback is going to thrive there until they upgrade the surrounding cast. The Jets offense is probab... Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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On 12/21/2014 mima said: I wonder why they aren't allowing any reviews on it yet? They haven't sent any sample units out for reviews yet, but a few reviewers have bought them (either personally or through e-bay) and there are a few reviews out there. Some are raves and some are pans but overall most owners seem very, very happy with their Echo's. And dancingwoman is right, they've changed the date to the 24th now. Interesting. It was the 23rd earlier this morning. Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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3dlovely. That whole game was a bit of a mess. I just wait for Sanchez to make his big mistake and he seldom disappoints. That was an ugly interception at the worst possible time yesterday and you just knew it was coming. Oh well, barring a complete meltdown by the Cowboys, it should be a stress-free playoff for Eagle fans. We get to watch from the sidelines yet again. Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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Just an update. Now when you search for Echo it says "Get it by Tuesday Dec,23." It's still not letting me order one, but it's looking more promising. Continue Reading


Re: Week Sixteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!!

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Yeah, the Eagles played an undisciplined game and it came back to bite them. Even then we were driving to take the lead and win the game late in the fourth quarter when Mark Sanchez made one of his classic bone-headed throws that was picked off. Assuming the Cowboys don't lose out (and they shouldn't, but who knows) the season is over for the Eagles.) On to next season. Many in Philly want the Eagles to get a new starting QB this off-season, but I'm still happy with Foles. He was 6-2 as a starter despite playing behind one of the worst offensive lines in football for the first half of the sea... Continue Reading


Re: Week Sixteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!!

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Ugh!!!! That was ugly! Well, the good news is I probably won't have any stress in the playoffs since the Eagles most likely won't be in the playoffs. It would take an absolute implosion by the Cowboys for the Eagles to make it in now. Just a bad game all the way around for the Eagles. Dumb penalties, dumb mistakes, poor quarterbacking, poor defensive play, and just stupidity make it impossible to win. I have a suspicion you'll see some fairly drastic personnel changes this off-season for the Eagles. We definitely need to address the cornerback situation. I highly doubt that Mark Sanchez will ... Continue Reading


Re: Amazing Race

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I was pleased with the outcome. I would have preferred the surfers, but I'm still happy with the winners. Continue Reading


Re: Week Sixteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!!

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Not a bad first half for the Eagles, but not a good one either. Too many penalties, too many blown coverages, but we're ahead 14-10, so I can't complain too much. We've got to convince Sanchez to occasionally toss the ball deep. We've had guys open deep and he's checked down every time. You've got to take those shots when you get them. He'll look down the field, he'll see the guy open, he'll pat the ball, then decide to check it down. Ugh!!! He's got the arm to go deep, but he's lacking the confidence right now. We need to finish this game. We need the win and then hope for the best. I'm not ... Continue Reading


Re: HP Chrome vs. HP Stream - which one is the better choice?

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The thing to remember is Chromebooks are built around a very basic operating system that's designed to be safe and essentially virus proof. The new "Stream" computers are built around Windows 8.1 which is pretty darn safe, but not foolproof. A "Stream" computer will be slower to wake, generally want more resources, use more power, and still have all of the negatives associated with a Windows based machine. The advantage is you're getting a fairly low cost Windows PC that can use Windows programs and not rely solely on apps. Of course you're not getting much in the way of memory or CPU power w... Continue Reading

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