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Re: The Last Week of the NFL Regular Season!!! Countdown to the Super Bowl!!!

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And it's finally game day!!! The last game day before sometime in August when the preseason games resume. Here's hoping it's a good game today. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many people forecasting a really close game. Fate doesn't seem to like consensus so I'm leaning towards it being a blowout. One team will get ahead early, catch a break or two (fumble/interception/kick return, etc.) and pull out to a bigger lead and the other team will then compound their issues trying to catch up. I'm still leaning towards the Seahawks winning as I trust their defense more, but the injuries they have in... Continue Reading


Re: Kenji Goto.

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You really have to wonder what the motives of ISIS/ISIL are? There are those in the Muslim faith who believe that there will ultimately be a showdown between the Muslims and non-believers (anyone who's not a Muslim) and that when defeat looks certain for the Muslims that the Mahdi will arise and lead the Muslim forces to victory. The non-believers will be destroyed and all the treasures of the world will be for those who truly believe. One gets the impression that the ISIS/ISIL guys are pushing for that big confrontation and trying to be the spark that lights that fuse. I'm not so sure start... Continue Reading


Re: Question about the "pill" Cosby allegedy slipped his victims...

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It could have been anything or nothing. The most commonly used date rape drug is alcohol. It's not uncommon for people who have had a few too many drinks to wake up in an unexpected situation. With none of the accusers getting a blood/urine test after awakening we'll never know what if anything was used. Continue Reading


Re: You know that mansion that burned to the ground?

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On 1/31/2015 aubnwa01 said: Did they not have working smoke alarms in the house that would go off & wake them up to allow them to safely escape? I believe I read that they had working smoke alarms, but the bedrooms opened out into the room with the tree in it and thus the fire, trapping them. This isn't terribly unusual in mansions or open floor plan homes. You'll have two and three story open great rooms with balconies around the room leading into the upstairs rooms. By the time the alarm goes off and people rouse, the fire can be right outside the doors and the people are trapped in th... Continue Reading


Re: I Miss The Days When the Super Bowl Commercials Were...

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I agree. There's usually one or two new ones though that I haven't seen. Continue Reading


Re: amaryllis bulb

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If you've got roots and the bulb isn't soft and squishy, you should be fine. Continue Reading


Re: The Last Week of the NFL Regular Season!!! Countdown to the Super Bowl!!!

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And having watched everything all week and knowing what I know, I'm still going with the Seahawks to win on Sunday. That Seahawk defense is just too good to score on a lot. The Seahawks offense isn't as impressive, but containing Russell Wilson for a whole game is a big challenge. I think he'll make enough plays to get the win. If Gronkowski is allowed to bully the Seahawk defenders like the Seahawk defenders try to bully receivers, the Patriots could get the win. I suspect the officials might be a little too willing to flag Gronkowski for offensive pass interference though. (Especially with ... Continue Reading


Re: After Installing Norton Strange Sound From Computer?

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On 1/30/2015 sfnative said: Two possibilities for you: 1. If the sound is coming from your speakers, it's probably a software problem. 2. If it's not, it's more likely a mechanical problem due to your hard drive or CD/DVD drive - something mechanical that's rotating. One more possibility would be the CPU fan running at a high rate to cool the CPU if the new software is putting a lot of demand on it. Many CPU coolers use a variable rate fan that will spin as fast as necessary to keep the CPU cool without consuming excess power. When fans run faster they make more noise. Continue Reading


Re: Diarrhea tip for little minpin

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Generally Pepto is tolerated by dogs and can help. A fast for 12-24 hours is the best first option. And be glad she's a minpin. We had a 95 lb. German Shepherd who got diarrhea. That was so not fun. Continue Reading


Re: Why? New England Patriots

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On 1/29/2015 bonnielu said: Thanks for the great explanation. I just thought it was one ball passed around from player to player as the game progresses. Now that I think about it... perhaps that is the best plan except for the trophy aspect. I'm happy to help. It wasn't too long ago that the league provided brand new balls for each game, but quarterbacks and kickers were not happy about that and lobbied the league to be able to supply their own balls. I suspect we'll see a new rule come out after this where things go back to the league providing the balls and keeping control of them before ... Continue Reading

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