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Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2015!!!

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And the draft is now charging down upon us! Thursday is draft day! Yeah! I have a suspicion the Eagles will be bold leading up to the draft and in the draft. The "experts" are all focused on the Eagles getting a bundle of draft picks to trade for Mariota. I'm thinking the Eagles may trade players for Mariota instead. If you're Tampa or Tennesee and you want a QB then the Eagles have a nice selection to choose from with Sam Bradford being the biggest draw. In addition to Bradford the Eagles could add in Mychal Kendricks (all-pro inside linebacker) and Fletcher Cox (current all-pro and potentia... Continue Reading


Re: Nearly one-third of workers have less than $1,000 saved

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And the sad thing is that as bad as people are at saving for the future the government is even worse. Most state public worker pension funds (at least those in the Northeast) are billions of dollars in the hole. The same is true for many city and municipal pension funds. Even some corporate pension funds are underfunded. The feds spend social security payments as quickly as they come in and assume there will be money there later when it's needed. Fixing those shortfalls is going to be a challenge for political leaders. Continue Reading


Re: Nearly one-third of workers have less than $1,000 saved

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It used to be that you could invest money safely and earn decent interest on it with no risk. Now the absolutely safe investments pay nearly no interest. Typically you're losing value as the rate of inflation is higher than the interest rate. Last year's inflation rate was around 1.6% while the best CD's pay around 1.3% interest. It used to be if you put in a dollar this year, next year it would be worth $1.10 or more. Now in terms of real buying power it might only be worth $.98 next year and keep decreasing each year. By the time twenty years have passed that dollar you invested and saved m... Continue Reading


Re: TAR is two hours tonight

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I'd be as bad as Hayley if I was partnered with Blair. It's now been five or six times in the race where he's refused to listen to her and gone off in the wrong direction. You're racing for a million dollars and one of you (Hayley) is generally right on where to go and one of you (Blair) is almost always wrong. Seconds count in this race and having to stick together with an idiot who's always going the wrong way and costing you valuable time would have me ready to kill him. Her whining gets a bit tiresome, but if he'd just listen to her and do as she says once in a while she wouldn't be whini... Continue Reading


Re: TAR is two hours tonight

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On tonight's TAR (4/24/2015) I'm agreeing with Hayley more and more. I know Hayley gets a lot of heat, but if I was having to deal with Blair who constantly ignored me and led me on the wrong path, I'd probably be worse than she is. Blair just won't listen to her and more often than not she's right and he's wrong. To get this close to a million dollars and then have to deal with a guy like him would drive me nuts. This is like the fifth time he's ignored her and gone off on the wrong path. Continue Reading


Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2015!!!

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Krissie2. Chip Kelly is very serious about the best players playing. He constantly tells everyone the Eagles are a meritocracy where you earn your playing time. He's been true to that so far too. High draft picks who don't show enough ride the bench. A guy off the street who shows a lot gets a chance to play. For the quarterbacks, most of the drills are done with every quarterback on the field at the same time making the same throw. All four/five of them are lined up side by side in every practice. This makes it very easy for the best quarterback to shine and for the coaches to evaluate them.... Continue Reading


Re: Any Orchid Experts?

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On 4/23/2015 ValuSkr said: It may be okay to keep out of sun while in bloom, but it'll need sunlight if you hope to have a re-bloom. You don't want direct sun for a phal. That'll burn them up. Bright light is fine, but no direct sun. Too much sun will cause a lot of trouble for a phal. You're better to err on the side of too little light rather than too much where phals are concerned. To get them to rebloom, you'll want to have a ten degree (or so) swing in temps from day to night. (Especially in the fall when they typically set blooms.) A few 60 degree nights will trigger blooming for most ... Continue Reading


Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2015!!!

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I think we'll find out a lot more about the plan for Tim Tebow in the next couple of weeks. If (and this is a big if) the Eagles can get Marcus Mariota as their "quarterback of the future" then they'll need to tailor the offense to his skill set. Right now the Eagles have five quarterbacks on the roster, three are your standard NFL pocket passers (Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley) and two guys who are similar to Mariota in terms of mobility in Tebow and GJ Kinne. I could foresee a situation where Mariota is the starter and Tebow is the backup who could come in without changing up t... Continue Reading


Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2015!!!

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After looking at the NFC East schedules, I think the Redskins may be tied for the lead near the halfway mark of the season. The first half of their schedule is pretty winnable. They've got Miami, St. Louis, the Giants, the Eagles, Atlanta, the Jets, and Tampa Bay in their first seven games. There are a number of highly winnable games there. They could easily be 5-2 after the first seven games. I suspect the bottom will then fall out as they've then got games against the Patriots, Saints, Panthers, Giants, Cowboys, Bears, Bills, Eagles, and Cowboys. They might only win two of those nine leavin... Continue Reading


Re: Derek Hough Broke Toe & Sprained Other Foot

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On 4/23/2015 Apple Head said: I read that Nastia will be dancing with another pro. Derek is out for the rest of the show this season. They say he's in "rehab" already. Maybe he is for the sprained ankle, but the broken toe isn't ready for rehab for months. I wouldn't rule him out of already starting rehab even on the toe. Performers/athletes will often use extreme measures to stay on stage. They'll shoot up an injury, heavily medicate it, freeze it, wrap it, or do whatever it takes to keep performing. It won't heal until he gets off of it, but many performers will perform on injuries that ... Continue Reading

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