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Re: Week Thirteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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Yellowrose. Tony Romo did not look even remotely healthy yesterday. At the first sign of pressure he was either throwing the ball up for grabs, or diving to the turf. I don't know if the short turn-around from Sunday to Thursday didn't give him the time he needed to bounce back, or if his injury is worse than announced, but he didn't look like Tony Romo. The Cowboys are already talking a lot about the rematch with the Eagles in two weeks, which is actually a very bad sign for them. They play Chicago this week and it seems like most of the players are looking right past Chicago to the rematch ... Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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While it's mostly a very good glorified speaker at this time, it should soon morph into a total home control system where you can control all of your home's function by voice command. You should sometime in the not too distant future be able to say, "Alexa, record today's episode of (insert show name here) for me." Alexa will then select turn on your DVR, set your cable/satellite box, or DVR tuner to the correct channel and record it for you. With a few attachments you'll be able to operate your whole home through Alexa. The potential is enormous. Amazon's taking baby steps now, but in a few ... Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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I check Amazon's site a few times each day to see if the buy option is there for me. Maybe late Monday it will pop up. They pop up the buy option before they send out the e-mails. Every Tuesday they've been sending out the e-mails to the chosen few and it seems like two thirds of those who signed up have gotten the invites now, so that should leave just one third left to get one. With any luck the rest of us will get the invite this week. (By the way, my two thirds have Echo's is based on posts on the Kindle forums where that seems to be the general ratio now. Very few posters got the first i... Continue Reading


Re: Week Thirteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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Well, that was fun. The Eagles snapped Tony Romo's streak of 38 straight games with a passing TD. They held Demarco Murray to a season low in yards. All in all they pretty much destroyed Dallas. Those Eagle defenders who were talking all week, backed up the talk. Dallas now has to go to Chicago in a week and at this time of the year that field in Chicago is typically a bit of a mess. The Cowboys are a speed team and that field in Chicago does not favor a speed team. That could be a pretty tough game for Dallas. Tony Romo did not look right today. He looked very gun shy, off balance, inaccurat... Continue Reading


Re: Week Thirteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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Yeah, it was a good first half. We'll have to see what happens in the second half. I'd have loved to have gotten some more touchdowns instead of field goals, but our defense is playing well and things seem pretty much under control. This first drive of the second half will tell a lot. The Cowboys should have made adjustments and we'll see what happens. Continue Reading


Re: Baking potatoes in the oven?

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On 11/27/2014 AuntG said: On 11/26/2014 gardenman said: I'll be making the same thing and I generally allow an hour and a half for my potatoes in a four hundred degree mini-oven. I use Biggins russet potatoes which are about double the size of conventional potatoes and I like the skins very crispy. I just wash them, poke them a few times and then toss them onto the oven rack. If they're not getting done fast enough I'll move the heat up a notch to four fifty, but generally they're done perfectly in that time. Then I split them, scoop out the insides, put the now empty shells back into the ove... Continue Reading


Re: Week Thirteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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Well, the Bears started out well. Things kind of fell apart after that good start, but they started out well. On to the Eagles/Cowboys! Continue Reading


Re: Apple problems, some resolved.

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On 11/26/2014 Cha1k said: Thanks gardenman. I didn't realize it was a timing issue. You're welcome. I tend to be wordy on my big Brother and NFL posts, so over the years I've learned to copy and paste to save myself frustration when they disappear. From time to time I'll forget to copy one and there's a moment of panic as I wait to see if I made the time limit or not. Then it'll either disappear and I'll pound on my poor defenseless keyboard, or breathe a sigh of relief when it pops up. It can be just a two word post but if you wait to long to hit submit, it'll be gone. You can also write ... Continue Reading


Re: What Is Your Favorite Christmas Commercial?

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My current favorite of the new commercials this year (though it also drives me slightly nuts as I can't get the song out of my head) is the Cadillac one where "My baby drove up in a brand new Cadillac." I'm not sure how much I like the commercial, but that song keeps echoing in my head for hours after hearing it. My all time favorite would also have to be the Coca Cola "I'd like to teach the world to sing" commercial. That was just a nearly perfect commercial. Continue Reading


Re: Week Thirteen of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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And it's game day!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Three big games today. The first game is Chicago at Detroit. Then the Eagles go to Dallas and then the Seahawks visit San Francisco. The Eagles are reasonably healthy heading into today's game. Nick Foles is still out and Emmanuel Acho, our backup inside linebacker, is iffy with a bad groin, but other than that, we're ready to go. It's going to be fun watching the lines play today. The Eagles defensive linemen are very, very tired of hearing how good the Cowboys offensive line is and they've been making quite a bit of noise about it this week.... Continue Reading

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