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Re: I have to go out and buy a new kitchen faucet... like, um, tonight! Advice please.

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Just a couple of quick notes here. The "plastic" in many faucets is actually a high grade nylon that is often better than solid brass. Don't discount a faucet simply because it's not all metal. In many cases a well made faucet using nylon internal components can outlast and outperform a solid brass competitor. If you've ever tried to take apart an all metal item after several years of use, you'll really appreciate those with high quality nylon components. You don't always get more by paying more. I've used both high end and very, very ($30) low end faucets and I've gotten comparable lifespan... Continue Reading


Re: Week Nine of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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And it's now been confirmed that RGIII will be the quarterback of the Redskins this week, so I'm sticking with the Vikings winning. I think Colt McCoy is the best option for the Skins now, but they want RGIII as their starter, so more power to them. We'll see what happens. Continue Reading


Re: Researchers Have Found That Plants Know They Are Being Eaten

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There have been many studies done that show plants can and do communicate with one another. It's an interesting field of study. I've never read anything on what the ultimate outcome of evolution projects to, but in the plant world there are the genetic tools necessary to make an absolutely dominant plant that would destroy all other lifeforms on the planet if the right genes came together. There are extremely long lived plants, extremely poisonous plants that nothing will eat, extremely robust plants that will grow and spread like wildfire, plants that are herbicide resistant, plants that are... Continue Reading


Re: Election ads, email, phonecalls

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Some of the political ads are actually pretty funny. There's one airing in the Philly market where a candidate complains that his opponent is too much in the pocket of the union bosses. This would be a great ad in a non-union town, but Philly is a big pro-union town and all he's doing by putting that ad on the air is telling everyone to vote for his opponent. All I ever really want to know from a candidate is: "Where do you think we are now?" "Where should we be?" And finally "What's your plan to get us from here to there?" It's not that hard. Instead we get these "My opponent is an unethica... Continue Reading


Week Nine of the NFL Regular Season!!!

Last Reply by Sweetbay magnolia 1414677000.583 | Started by gardenman in Sports

Where does the time go? Week nine already. We start out this week with the Saints at the Panthers. Those of us without the NFL Network will be disappointed to learn that the Thursday night games are now only on the NFL Network. CBS only had them for the first eight weeks. I've got to think the Saints will build on last week's win and start to take control of the NFC South. Somebody's got to win the South and I'm pretty sure it won't be Tampa. Jacksonville goes to Cincinnati. I'll take the Bengals. Jacksonville is starting to rally a bit, but they've got a long ways to go. Tampa Bay goes to Cl... Continue Reading


Re: My t.v. died

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We have three HDTV's in the house now, an older Samsung, a newer RCA and the youngest is a JVC. I can honestly say there's little to no difference in the picture quality from set to set. I tend to go cheap on sets now because of that. A set I don't currently own but would seriously look at are the Insignia line of sets from Best Buy. If you have an issue under warranty you just carry the set back to your nearest Best Buy and they'll service it there. Some of the other sets, including some bigger name sets, have to be shipped back to an authorized repair facility. Shipping a large HDTV can get... Continue Reading


Re: Can an email virus cause a hard disk problem?

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Chkdsk is your best immediate option here. It'll take a look at your hard drive and fix any issues it finds (if possible.) It'll take a while to go through the hard drive, but it should find and fix any errors it finds. Directions for how to use chkdsk will vary depending on which version of Windows you're using, so you'll have to Google "chkdsk Windows ?" where your version of Windows is inserted in place of the question mark. I wouldn't rule out a virus as a possible cause, but the issue is more how to fix the problem at this time. Continue Reading


Re: Week Eight of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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Dallas didn't play poorly, but their offense wasn't able to cover up the defensive issues this time around. That Cowboy defense has been giving up a lot of yards per play and they bit pretty badly on play action passes opening up big gaps in the defense for the Redskins' receivers. The big issue seemed to be more one of communication among the offensive linemen, running backs, and quarterback on picking up blitzes. They let far too many guys go through untouched on Romo/Weeden and you can't win doing that. They'll see a ton of blitzes this week against Arizona and it'll be interesting to see ... Continue Reading


Re: Week Eight of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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Kudos to the Redskins for pulling out the win last night! Lots of issues now in Big D. The expiration/use by date on Tony Romo is now flashing in big red numbers after his back injury last night. That did not look good. The fact that the team doctors shot him up and let him back into the game late in the fourth quarter kind of makes you question their wisdom/judgment. Romo reportedly told the docs that he was going back in and there's nothing they can do about it, which if true is an even bigger issue. The team doc needs the authority to hold a player out for their own good and if the Dallas ... Continue Reading


Re: Week Eight of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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It'll be interesting to watch and see if any big trades go down today or tomorrow. Tomorrow is the trade deadline and there are a lot of teams that thought they'd be good but are flopping badly that might be looking to unload some salary. There aren't typically a lot of trades at the deadline, but I'm thinking there might be a few this time around. I've still got a feeling that the Eagles may try to make a move to get Dion Jordan, but with his PED and drug suspension this year, they're apt to offer very little other than a late conditional pick. The kid just isn't a fit in Miami as a 4-3 defe... Continue Reading

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