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Week Eight of the NFL Regular Season!!!

Last Reply by Sheltie Mom 1414121342.637 | Started by gardenman in Sports

For those teams that have not had a bye yet, this is the halfway mark of the NFL regular season. For those teams that have had, or are having a bye this week, next week is the halfway mark. At this point you can pretty much tell who the contenders and pretenders are. A few contenders will fall by the wayside and a few pretenders will put on a dash and get competitive, but by and large you have a pretty good feel now for how things stand. The Jets, Jags, Raiders and Bucs are all fighting for that first overall draft pick and are not contenders. The Giants, Bears, Saints, Falcons and Seahawks a... Continue Reading


Re: Is there a Q website addy just for tablets?

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The issue I have here with my old Kindle Fire is a javascript issue. If I disable javascript before coming here the site works fine. With javascript enabled, I get locked up with a scripting error and the site crashes. It's easy to disable it though. From the Fire browser you click on the menu button (that upside down U with the three horizontal bars in it) then click on settings, then scroll down to where it says "enable javascript" and uncheck that box. Then the site works fine. Continue Reading


Re: Any Furnace Experts Out There???

In For the Home Talk 1413985260.973

coffee drinker. Officially you should always plug any outdoor electrical device into a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet. In reality few people do. For the ultimate in safety use a GFCI, but for intermittent use of soil heating cables only when it snows, you're probably okay skipping using one as long as you're careful. If you're using an extension cord from inside your house and you're not electrically grounded (holding onto a metal sink faucet, metal drain pipe, metal appliance with a grounded skin, or standing in a pool of water) while plugging in or unplugging the extension c... Continue Reading


Re: CBS New Access App and a Fee

In TV Talk 1413923411.687

For those of us who watch the Big Brother live feeds the new app could save us money. At $5.99 a month for the app (which reportedly will include the live feeds) you're looking at spending around $18 for the three months of the live feeds as opposed to $20-$30 you pay now. Continue Reading


Re: Survivor: Meh

In TV Talk 1413895509.017

Yeah. I have to agree. I think they may need more of a "back to basics" season to get back on track. Continue Reading


Re: Help! One oven, two items to bake, different temperatures.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413886785.447

As a rule ovens tend to have pretty big swings in temp even while set for one specific temp. You're apt to find the temp swinging both above and below the set temp, but averaging out to the set temp. In this case I'd choose a compromise temp between the two and adjust the cooking times accordingly. I might go with a four hundred degree oven and cook the chicken an extra five minutes or so and the tomatoes five minutes or so less than listed. Continue Reading


Re: Any Furnace Experts Out There???

In For the Home Talk 1413886333.67

Another alternative would be soil heating cables placed below the vent and plugged in when snow is expected. Soil heating cables are used to heat seed beds and are waterproof. They'd generate enough heat to melt the snow as it falls. You don't even have to bury them, just lay them on the soil beneath the vent and plug them in when snow is forecast. Continue Reading


Re: Any Furnace Experts Out There???

In For the Home Talk 1413840783.193

A crude solution would be to put a large, flatter container filled with ice melt under the vents. A couple of inches of ice melt in a litter box type container under the vent might serve to keep the snow from building up. You might have to build a large flat box to accommodate the ice melt (rock salt) but if you're melting the snow as it falls, you shouldn't suffer from buildup. This would create a very briny solution that will likely overflow and harm your lawn long term, but as a short term solution it should work okay. Continue Reading


Re: Week Seven of the NFL Regular Season!!!

In Sports 1413756362.48

It sounds like the Bears had a bit of a meltdown in the locker room after the game. Players reportedly had to be separated and removed from the room. It made things interesting for the reporters waiting outside. Colt McCoy is a guy I've always liked, but he's not the Redskins' long term answer at QB. I'm pretty sure that guy's not on their roster right now. They're going to have to find someone this off season, either in the draft or free agency, to be the guy. I loved Jeff Fisher going with the fake kick to ice the game. That's a very ballsy move at that point in the game. Kind of a dumb mov... Continue Reading


Re: Week Seven of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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And it's game day!!! My early games today are Carolina at Green Bay and Cincinnati at Indy. The later game is the Giants at the Cowboys. And then later tonight we have San Francisco at Denver. All in all a pretty good day of football. I'll be watching the Cowboys/Giants game the most intently since they're two NFC East rivals. This has the making of a classic trap game for the Cowboys. They're coming off a big win against a very tough opponent (Seattle) on the road. They're home and favored by a good margin against a team that just got blown out last week and lost their best offensive player ... Continue Reading

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