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Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2014!!!

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SPURT. Manziel to the Browns does make some sense as Kyle Shanahan did tailor his offense to RGIII's skills and he could do the same thing with Manziel, but the weird thing is that Mel Kiper says if Manziel doesn't go to the Browns at four that he'll drop a long ways in the draft and likely still be there when the Browns draft again at 26. If the guy will be there at 26 why take him fourth???? Use your fourth pick on one of the seven premier guys and pick up Manziel at 26. Duh! I still don't think Manziel will go in the top ten. If he does get drafted earlier it will be more for his popularit... Continue Reading



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On 4/16/2014 sue52 said: I think the negative and cruel comments on this thread are unnecessary. Thank you, Jeremiah 2911, for your kindness in posting some info pet owners may not be aware of. I'm not so sure the "negative and cruel comments" are really negative and cruel so much as a way of trying to keep things in perspective. We live in a world where danger is over-hyped to a point that pretty much everything is dangerous, deadly and likely to kill you, your children, or your pets if you let down your guard for even a second. I've had pets for decades and they've all been around "deadly"... Continue Reading



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My youngest cat Callie is a non-sleeper. She slept only three to four hours a day as a kitten and now at 18 months is sleeping about five to six hours a day. She just wants to constantly play. She's the only cat I've ever seen that's so active all of the time. She is slowing down a teeny bit now but she's still awake more than any other cat I've ever been around. Continue Reading


Re: 11 Co-Hosts Reunite for THE VIEW's Farewell To Walters

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Debbie Matenopoulis announced today on "Home and Family" that she's four months pregnant, so that could be a topic of discussion when they all reunite. Continue Reading


Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2014!!!

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viva923. DeSean decided to adopt number eleven in place of ten. Brett Favre as a coach would be interesting. I believe he's been coaching a high school team in Louisiana since retiring. Mel Kiper's latest draft still has the Eagles taking a wide receiver in the first round. I just don't see it. Everyone keeps saying we lost DeSean and will need to replace him, but we're getting back Jeremy Maclin and Arrellious Benn who were both out all of last year. Maybe there's some new math I'm missing, but getting two receivers back while losing one seems to imply that we're still one ahead of where we ... Continue Reading


Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2014!!!

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And DeSean Jackson now has to pay back the half million (or so) dollars he owes Drew Rosenhaus. I'm betting he's not happy about that. Continue Reading


Re: Flight 370

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This hasn't been the best organized search in the world. There have been multiple satellite images of debris floating in the ocean, but before they could be thoroughly explored they decided the plane probably never flew that far south, so they moved the search box farther north and heard the pings. Once they heard the pings they forgot all about the debris fields. But from what they said, the currents there would have carried the debris south to where it was spotted if the plane had crashed where the pings were heard, so it's entirely possible there's ample evidence of the plane impacting the... Continue Reading


Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2014!!!

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A busy day for the New York teams. The Jets signed running back Chris Johnson and the Giants signed quarterback Josh Freeman. Continue Reading


Re: HD Television

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The 4K sets are very impressive if you're the type who sits very close to very large sets. If you typically view television at "normal" viewing distances though, you're unlikely to notice any real difference. There are a number of websites out there that have examined this issue and the human eye can only see a certain level of resolution and with the 4K sets, unless you sit very, very close to a very large set, the human eye can't really see the increase in resolution. 4K programming is also extremely limited now and presently primarily available through streaming services. Streaming 4K vide... Continue Reading


Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2014!!!

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The Giants seem to be covering their bases in case Eli Manning can't perform at a high level this year. They're bringing in Josh Freeman for a visit and wanted to bring in Matt Flynn but the Packers signed him before they could. It looks like they're trying to bring in some West Coast quarterbacks to run the new system in case Eli has another down year. The Giants bounced back pretty well after a horrible 0-6 start last year, but I'm thinking the organization doesn't want to take the chance on another 0-6 start this year. If they get off to an 0-2 start and Eli is just throwing the ball up fo... Continue Reading

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