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Re: Amaryllis

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If you're not picky about when they flower you only ever have to buy them once. I've got some amaryllis that are probably ten or more years old and still going strong. Mine typically flower in February/March, but that's fine for me. They will put out bulblets that you can pot up separately and get more plants from. Continue Reading


Re: Week Four of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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On 9/29/2014 yellowrose said: I just could not watch the 2nd half of the Cowboy game. I was so afraid of a replay of the Houston/Buffalo game from so many years ago. I just couldn't handle that twice in one lifetime. The greatest comeback record still hasn't been broken, and the thought that it could be broken against Dallas had me turning the TV off. LOL But I did copy and watch after game was over. Wish we could had kept the Saints from scoring those 17 points, but I'll take this win and be very happy. I'm keeping my feet grounded. This is just one game. The tough part of our schedule still... Continue Reading


Re: Week Four of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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That Steeler defense was horrible in the preseason. Continue Reading


Re: remodeling kitchen - Thermofoil vs Wood cabinets - your opinions please

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For a painted cabinet look, thermofoil is hard to beat. A thermofoil cabinet door will typically have an embossed MDF substrate with the thermofoil then adhered to that substrate. The MDF substrate will typically be pressed/milled to look like a typical raised panel cabinet door but since it's all one piece there are no wood seams or joints to expand and contract with changes in heat/humidity. Painting a solid wood cabinet door is more challenging. If painted after assembly the free floating panel in the middle will no longer be free floating as long as the paint is intact and a tug of war w... Continue Reading


Re: Week Four of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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Ugh! The Eagles' offense never showed up! That was just a miserable performance. The good news is this week we get Lane Johnson back at right offensive tackle which will let Herremans move back to right guard. That should help to shore up the offensive line a bit. LeSean McCoy would be leading the league in rushing if they counted yards side to side, but unfortunately those yards don't count. For whatever reason he's not planting his foot and turning up the field and is instead just running back and forth along/behind the line of scrimmage. I guess he's trying to break a big play, but you can... Continue Reading


Re: Week Four of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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A good first half for the Eagles defense and special teams. The offense is stuck in neutral, but they'll hopefully get in gear for the second half. Darren Sproles and Malcolm Jenkins are likely two big reasons why the Saints have the record they have this year. Those two guys have been huge acquisitions for the Eagles and they both came from New Orleans where they weren't wanted any longer. You've got to wonder how smart the GM is in New Orleans. Those two guys are beasts. Continue Reading


Re: Week Four of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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Some interesting officiating in the Bears/Packers game. I'm guessing those officials won't get good grades this week. The early picks are going my way so far. Continue Reading


Re: Week Four of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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And it's game day!!! We get the Bears/Packers as the early game followed by the Eagles/Niners and then tonight the Cowboys/Saints. That sounds like three good games to watch. I'm still optimistic that the Eagles will have a big day today. I think the Niners will cheat their linebackers up to take away the run game (same thing we've seen all season) and we should be able to sneak our tight ends (Ertz/Celek) and slot receiver (Jordan Matthews) behind them and in front of the safeties. If we catch a safety cheating up those guys have the speed to run by them and hit the home run. Expect this to ... Continue Reading


Re: The price of high end faucets and toilets!!!

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You don't always get better by paying more. I just replaced an expensive bathroom faucet that never worked well and had developed finish issues despite a "lifetime" warranty on the finish. The replacement is a $24 faucet from Home Depot that's performed brilliantly and looks great. For about $120 you can get very well reviewed toilets that will flush pretty much anything you put in them. More expensive doesn't always mean better. Read the reviews on sites like Lowes and Home Depot and you can find low priced gems and also spot the higher priced lemons. And there are a lot of higher priced le... Continue Reading


Re: Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates for 9/24/2014!!!

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And don't forget TAR starts tonight! I'm looking forward to seeing how the girl who lost her arm in the shark attack manages on TAR. That's a big handicap and things like driving a stick shift, climbing, carrying heavy loads, will all be more challenging to her. They'll have to be very careful in picking the right events for her to participate in. There will likely be challenges she can't complete, so they need to figure out which those will be and have her partner handle those. Continue Reading

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