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Re: Stone Block for Sharpening Knife and Garden Tools

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Here's a link to an article on how to sharpen garden tools. http://www.familyhandyman.com/tools/how-to-sharpen-garden-tools/view-all The files generally used are called "mill bas*tard files" and come in a number of lengths, but the ten inch length is pretty much ideal. You can get them at Amazon for around $6-7 and up. Continue Reading


Re: ALL I have to say is YAY!! ..........

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Getting the indictment is the easy part. Getting the convictions will be nearly impossible. The guy at greatest risk is the driver of the van as he's the one who didn't stop and get help and didn't insist on the guy being buckled in. He faces the highest likelihood of being convicted, but even then I wouldn't count on a conviction unless the prosecution can definitively show the injuries occurred while in the van and that's going to be a challenge since he appeared injured in some manner as he was dragged to the van. Determining which injury caused the fatality and when it occurred is going t... Continue Reading


Re: Gardenman - Big Brother

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Yeah, that Battle of the Block was a mess last year. Because of the BOTB the big alliance just controlled the whole season and that's no fun. If they're going to do something like that again, they have to think through all of the possible outcomes beforehand. Within seconds of them posting about the BOTB last year fans knew it would be a disaster and understood how it could be manipulated. BB could have made a simple change to the BOTB to have fixed the issue but for whatever reason they just let it keep playing out like it did. Continue Reading


Re: Gardenman - Big Brother

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Jeff and Jordan certainly aren't rushing things. Jordan took it slow from the start and Jeff has now assumed that same pace. They're still among my favorite BB players of all time. I'd love to have a really good cast this year. We need a good cast this year. Continue Reading


Re: I am amazed by how many people use SCENTED cat litter!

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"Never thought of the cat licking the nasty scent stuff off when cleaning, but now that you mention it, you are right...ewww." As opposed to the lovely scent/flavor of cat urine/feces they'd be licking off otherwise. Personally, if I was a cat, I think I'd take the scent of the litter over the scent/flavor of the urine/feces, but hey, that's just me. I use scented litter and my cats could care less. Once it's been in the pans for a few minutes nearly all of the scent is gone anyway. I really don't see this as being a big issue and I've never had a vet even mention it as an issue, but hey, i... Continue Reading


Re: Stone Block for Sharpening Knife and Garden Tools

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Sharpening stones are really more for honing/refining an established edge than sharpening a dull tool. A good sharp file will be your best tool for sharpening most garden tools. You can carry it right in a back pocket for quick tune-ups while you're working. In a few seconds you can get a nice new edge on a hoe/weeder and be right back to work. Continue Reading


Re: NFL News and Notes for May 2015!!!

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An NFL player was quoted the other day as saying that, "If Tannehill gets $96 million from the Dolphins then the Colts will have to give the whole team to Andrew Luck." (I'm guessing this player wasn't a fan of Tannehill's.) There are some interesting contracts coming up in the next year. Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, RGIII, Russell Wilson, Nick Foles, Cam Newton, and Sam Bradford are all due for new contracts next year and you're likely to see some interesting numbers thrown around. Kaepernick gave the Niners a very team friendly, low-risk contract, but the rest of those guys seem more intereste... Continue Reading


Re: Gardenman - Big Brother

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We're just over a month away from the new season kicking off. Things have been pretty quiet on the rumor front so far. The only real news is that the live feeds will be part of the CBS All Access pass this year where for $5.99 a month you get access to everything CBS has to offer in terms of programming, so that's nice. We've been paying $29.99 for the feeds so getting them for around $18 with everything else CBS has to offer is pretty nice. There have been multiple rumors of a mixed cast with some former players and newbies playing with/against one another, but those rumors are pretty much t... Continue Reading


Re: NFL News and Notes for May 2015!!!

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And the Giants' depth at offensive line is going to be severely tested this year now that Will Beatty has torn his pec muscle while lifting weights. Losing your starting left tackle is never a good thing and the Giants weren't especially deep on the o-line anyway. They say it'll be a six month recovery from the surgery, but I'm assuming that he'll need longer than that to regain his strength, so it's effectively a season-ending injury. They've pretty much lost the chance to ease Ereck Flowers (their rookie first round pick on the o-line) into a starting role now. He'll be needed immediately a... Continue Reading


Re: Why Did Letterman Quit in the Middle of the Week?

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Just the end of sweeps. His show will get huge ratings that CBS will use to sell advertising airtime in the future. Continue Reading

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