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Does anybody own a Samsung Galaxy s5?

Last Reply by raven-blackbird 1410919997.743 | Started by sue98 in Viewpoints

If so, how do you like it? I have an iPhone 4s right now, and I probably won't be getting a new phone for a few months, but I've been looking at the Samsung Galaxy s5. I really like the bigger screen. Any thoughts? Thanks! Continue Reading


We had a FANTASTIC vacation in Maine!

Last Reply by Shorty2U 1410308358.17 | Started by sue98 in Viewpoints

It was our first trip to Maine, and it was wonderful from start to finish! The weather could not have been better! We enjoyed everything, but we loved the rocky coast, the lighthouse, and Perkins Cove the most. We have a beautiful country for sure! Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1409142649.763

Oh well, I guess it's too late now. I would have liked to see the ring. I'm sure I would love it. Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1409054609.027

I've never shopped on ShopHQ, but I just went to their website to check out the ring you are referring to. I can't seem to find it. I love sterling jewelry from Israel, and I own several pieces I bought at TJMaxx. Could someone please post a link to that ring? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Kelly and Michael's never ending vacation?

In Viewpoints 1408972106.6

And the previously recorded shows continue. I know this happens in the summer, but I'm nearly positive they have never been gone for this long. It's been at least a month now. I wonder if something else is going on. Continue Reading


Cameras ----are they becoming obsolete?

Last Reply by sunshine45 1409004998.477 | Started by sue98 in Viewpoints

Ok, I don't really think they are becoming obsolete, but the selection most places is very slim. I know everybody uses their smart phones to take pictures (including me), but I was thinking about getting a point and shoot camera with a good zoom on it to take on vacation with us next week. My local Walmart had about 3 in stock, and Staples didn't have a very big selection either. I checked HSN, too, as they used to have good deals on cameras, but they don't have many either. I don't want a big, expensive camera, just something with a good zoom. Best Buy is nearly 2 hours from here, but I... Continue Reading


Re: Microfiber sheet set from Walmart?

In Viewpoints 1408583150.79

On 8/20/2014 Qwackertoo said: I wouldn't quite put "sheet snob" and WalMart sheets in the same sentence or category. Maybe the higher grade silk momme of maybe 30 . . . where a single pillowcase might cost on eBay what an entire flat/fitted/pillowcase set might cost at Wally World. I didn't put "sheet snob" and Walmart in the same sentence nor did I intend them to be in the same category. I guess you misunderstood my post. Continue Reading


Re: Microfiber sheet set from Walmart?

In Viewpoints 1408575441.1

I still haven't decided what I'm going to do for sure with my sheets (still haven't tried them on my bed). I'll probably just end up taking them back. Continue Reading


Re: Microfiber sheet set from Walmart?

In Viewpoints 1408369327.203

Thanks for your replies, everyone. I haven't put the sheets on my bed yet, and I'm still contemplating taking them back. I keep feeling them, and I'm wondering if it's my imagination that they feel different on both sides. I don't think it is my imagination. I was just wondering if this is typical of microfiber sheets. Continue Reading


Microfiber sheet set from Walmart?

Last Reply by demitra 1408588249.18 | Started by sue98 in Viewpoints

I am just a little bit of a sheet snob (not really), and I have always bought 100% cotton sheets, but I decided to take a second look at microfiber sheets. I read the reviews on, and there are a lot of really good reviews so I decided to buy a set. They didn't have the color I wanted in the set I wanted, but for about $11 more there was a set with embroidered detail. I decided to get those. I got them home, washed them, and hung them out on the line. It wasn't until I was folding them that I noticed that the sheets appear to have two different sides to them. The underside of ... Continue Reading

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