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HSN TS Projection Light?

Last Reply by polar 1415217671.87 | Started by sue98 in Viewpoints

Any thoughts? Does anyone already own this? Continue Reading


Liquidation Channel jewelry?

Last Reply by depglass 1414690257.563 | Started by sue98 in Viewpoints

Has anyone ever ordered from this channel/website? They have fantastic prices and $1.99 s&h plus a coupon code for and extra 20% off today. There are several rings I would love, but I'm hesitant about ordering from them, as I don't know anyone who has ordered from them. Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks! Continue Reading


? about the post "I Just Bought My First Piece of Fiestaware"

Last Reply by Mama Mia 1413409202.51 | Started by sue98 in Viewpoints

I will admit I haven't read anything more than the original post, but I was just wondering if someone can tell me how that particular post has gotten over 7000 comments? Is it just about Fiestaware? Yes, I guess you can say I am being nosy, but I call it being curious. Thanks! :) Continue Reading


Signature Club A TS today-----any thoughts?

Last Reply by rina33 1413387323.283 | Started by sue98 in Beauty Banter

I've never tried her products, but this looks like a really good deal. I'm very tempted, as there is a nice variety in this kit, but I would love to hear some of your opinions. Does anyone use this line? What products do you like and which ones don't you like? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: My niece's family are grief stricken with the death of the 4 slain in upstate NY

In Viewpoints 1412993628.947

On 10/10/2014 sunshine45 said: will definitely be praying for the family...... Thanks for the link. This is such a tragedy. Continue Reading


Re: My niece's family are grief stricken with the death of the 4 slain in upstate NY

In Viewpoints 1412993193.843

Apparently I haven't heard the news you are referring to. I live in upstate NY. Can you please give me more details? Continue Reading


Rheumatoid Arthritis.....home remedies/treatments or non-prescription medications?

Last Reply by lilypadfrog 1413082368.247 | Started by sue98 in Viewpoints

I posted awhile ago that I started noticing my rings not fitting me. This started happening a few months ago. I thought my fingers were just swollen from the heat or too much fluid, but my rings continue to not fit, and at this point I can't even wear my wedding rings. About that same time I also noticed the joints in my fingers hurt every morning. I notice they hurt when I wake up in the night and try to bend my fingers. I really don't want to take any prescription medications if I can avoid it, as the side effects sound very scary. Can anybody recommend some home remedies and/or tre... Continue Reading


Re: Should we be concerned about using our Keurigs?

In Viewpoints 1411607827.507

On 9/24/2014 moonchilde said: I have never been one to scour alternative health and medicine sites looking for something to freak out about. Non-issue for me. I didn't go scouring either. I saw that link on my friend's facebook page. I just wanted other people's thoughts on it. I'm still not sure what I think about the article. Continue Reading


Should we be concerned about using our Keurigs?

Last Reply by Boostaboosta Werk 1413622390.247 | Started by sue98 in Viewpoints

Has anyone else read this article? If so, what are your thoughts? Just wondering. Continue Reading


Re: Can anyone tell me how to fix my orange hair??? Please?

In Beauty Banter 1411390398.923

Thanks again to all of you for your helpful advice! Continue Reading

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