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Blue Bloods 10/24 - anyone know the name of the actor who played the bad guy?

Started by Stargazer77 in TV Talk 1414216445.327

His character's name was Price and he looks so familiar to me, but I can't think from where. It's driving me crazy. I looked on IMDB, but didn't see his character listed. Continue Reading


Re: how do u save a pic on an HP Chromebook?

In Electronics Talk 1414194814.937

Use two fingers on the trackpad to click. This will bring up the right click menu with copy, paste, save image, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Do you watch Million Dollar Listing?

In Viewpoints 1414118515.577

Yes, LA is the only one I watch. I love Josh Flagg (his grandma stole the show!), hate Josh Altman and fast forward through David and James because they are so boring. Since I live in NJ and have never been to CA, it's interesting to me to see homes in another part of the country. I think a lot of the Josh A. and Heather drama is made for TV. Continue Reading


I would like to talk about Gracepoint and Broadchurch. Spoilers about the Broadchurch ending inside.

Last Reply by Judaline 1414154514.223 | Started by Stargazer77 in TV Talk

I've never seen Broadchurch and decided to give Gracepoint a shot. I liked the first episode (maybe two), but it's just moving too slowly for me and I don't love it so tonight I decided to stop watching it (I made it 20 minutes into the episode before I deleted it off my DVR). I googled the ending of Broadchurch to find out who killed Danny and was surprised to see it was the detective lady's husband. Does anyone know if Gracepoint will be following the Broadchurch storyline in this area? Also, how are you liking Gracepoint? And if you watched Broadchurch, does Gracepoint measure up quali... Continue Reading


Re: I keep getting black specks on the bottom of my Brita pitcher. What are alternate products?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414116280.513

Thank you for all the replies, they were really informative. I do soak my filter as directed. Continue Reading


I keep getting black specks on the bottom of my Brita pitcher. What are alternate products?

Last Reply by Stargazer77 1414116280.12 | Started by Stargazer77 in Kitchen & Food Talk

I'm tired of getting black specks on the bottom of my Brita pitcher. It seems I have them no matter how old my filter is or how gently I run the water to refill the pitcher. What are other alternate products I can purchase? Thanks for any info. Continue Reading


Re: Mr. Grass Soup box size

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413521217.01

Peter, if you're still interested in the box dimensions let me know and I will check it out next time I'm at the grocery store. Have you ever tried Lipton's Extra Noodle Soup? Similar to Mrs. Grass, packets in a box. Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413344930.94

They're usually 1.49 at the grocery stores by me. 1.25 on sale. My favorite is the caramel almond and sea salt and I have a really hard time finding it by me. Continue Reading


Re: The Big Bang Theory: 10/13/14 Episode

In TV Talk 1413344275.537

I prefer the earlier seasons when it was just the guys, no girlfriends and I really enjoyed this week's episode with the guys and their craziness. It felt like old times to me. Continue Reading


Re: Oct. 8 Today is NATIONAL PIEROGI DAY What's your favorite??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1412813736.67

On 10/8/2014 nunya said: Love perogies! A lot of churches sell them here in Pa. So good! My great aunt and her church lady friends make pierogies and they are so good! I hope to see her soon so I can pick up my pierogies. She's in Scranton and I'm in North Jersey. Continue Reading

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