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Re: Repeating Tracfone LG Ultimate 2 TSV on 1/28/15

In Electronics Talk 1422423422.803

Is this phone one of Tracfone's most current models? I have the LG Optimus Dynamic 2 and while I like it very much, the internet is on the slow side. I was wondering if the TSV was any better in this area. Continue Reading


Re: How do I keep videos from auto-playing?

In Electronics Talk 1418930333.127

I changed my settings in Google Chrome the other day to stop CNN from autoplaying when I clicked into a story. You can go into settings, privacy, content settings, and check click to play plug-ins. Continue Reading


I'm looking for an easy recipe for buffalo wings, nothing too spicy. Anyone have a good one?

Last Reply by debcakes 1418235448.757 | Started by Stargazer77 in Recipe Swap

I'd like to make buffalo wings for a family function. Do you have a good recipe? We're not a very spicy family, so something mild would be better. I don't even like wings, but some in my family LOVE them. P.S. I like a sweet chili type of sauce, if someone has a recipe for wings involving sweet chili I'd love to have it. Continue Reading


Re: Sephora's website already crashed and the sale hasn't even started yet

In Beauty Banter 1417227834.12

On 11/28/2014 momtodogs said: I ordered several things around 6:30 this morning....where do you find out about the codes for the sample kit...darn, I did not know about that. I got an email a while back about it and it stuck in my head. Then I was looking at the banner at the top of the page on sephora.com and I clicked see more offers or something like that and the code was in there. I also looked on retailmenot and googled around a little. Continue Reading


Re: Sephora's website already crashed and the sale hasn't even started yet

In Beauty Banter 1417152382.117

I finally got in and placed an order for 1 bottle of Purity and 2 Tarte makeup kits...one for me and one for my sister. It's a cute little kit, hopefully we'll both love it. I also used a code for a free sample set, I think my code was seasonset. Continue Reading


Sephora's website already crashed and the sale hasn't even started yet

Last Reply by momtodogs 1417228438.2 | Started by Stargazer77 in Beauty Banter

I wanted to pick up a couple of things from Sephora's 10 dollar Black Friday sale online and the website has already crashed even before the midnight "opening." Anyone else able to get in? Continue Reading


Re: Baking potatoes in the oven?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1417149019.603

Thanks for all the tips and tricks! My potatoes came out great! Continue Reading


Baking potatoes in the oven?

Last Reply by Stargazer77 1417149019.487 | Started by Stargazer77 in Kitchen & Food Talk

I'm making 10 twice baked potatoes for Thanksgiving (20 when they're cut in half after cooking). Usually I microwave them, but I would like to bake them in the oven this time. At what temperature would you bake them? Would you put them in foil or just on the oven rack directly? If I bake in the oven I'll usually put olive oil and kosher salt on them. I'm looking to see how others do it. Thanks so much for any tips and tricks. And Happy Thanksgiving! Continue Reading


Re: ShopHQ is changing their name..............again

In Beauty Banter 1416334635.683

On 11/18/2014 Lotus~ said: They need to go HD...I go blind when I watch that channel (it's 19 on Long Island)....it's not crystal clear HD like QVC is. As a matter of fact I have the same problem when I watch HSN (channel 8 here). Do you have Cablevision? I live in North Jersey and HSN on Cablevision is not broadcast in HD and it's terrible. Continue Reading

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