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Re: Is tomorrow (3/30) Tan Towels day?

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On 3/29/2015 Karlakaye said: $15 off $75 is the only one I see and have no idea if it would work. It's 140035 Thanks for checking. I saw that code too, but you never know what kind of super sleuths are on this board, so I thought I'd ask. Continue Reading


Re: Is tomorrow (3/30) Tan Towels day?

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Are there are any coupon codes that can be used with this before the TS is officially active at midnight? Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen the new Smashbox Photo Angle Gel Liner pens?

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Finally, success! I went to my Sephora today and they had the eye liners out for display. I did not like them at all! I was really looking forward to seeing the lilac liner, but it was a little too bright for me. The plum was really pretty. Those were the only 2 colors I tried. I didn't like the delivery system. You twist up the bottom and the gel liner comes out the top through a little hole (there's a video demo on HSN), but it doesn't really apply smoothly or evenly or thin enough for my liking. I didn't think I could make it work easily for me so I didn't purchase. Sadness. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone tried Smashbox's new 24 hour shadow primer?

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Thank you, lkat and luv2playgolf. I didn't make it to Ulta yesterday for the sale, maybe next time. Continue Reading


Has anyone tried Smashbox's new 24 hour shadow primer?

Last Reply by wvumountiefan 1427600842.057 | Started by Stargazer77 in Beauty Banter

How is it? I've been interested in it since it came out. I feel like there are so few shadow primers that work well for me and I really need one. My go-to is Too Faced, but I still enjoy trying other brands (the story of a beauty addict!). Ulta has Smashbox's shadow primer on sale for 10 dollars today. If you've tried it does it compare to any other brands? Continue Reading


Re: Nashville: on the record 2

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This was discussed in the comments section of TVline's website. Some people felt the way ury did, that Connie is not the strongest singer and is primarily an actress, so they thought that might have been something to do with it. The official line was that she had a scheduling issue and couldn't be there. Someone said the last time the reason she couldn't be there was due to illness. I enjoyed Nashville's On The Record last night. As long as Chip Esten is there I'm a happy camper! Continue Reading


Re: NEW fragrance ~~~~ Sea of Love~~~~

In philosophy 1427412705.943

On 2/24/2015 islandgrrl said: I was wandering through Nordstrom today and happened upon sea of Love. I think I like it. My favorite fragrance blend in summer is one spritz of Bobbi Brown's 'Beach' atop one spritz of Amazing Grace. sea of Love reminds me of that blend. Not as Coppertone smelling as Beach. A hint of floral instead. I'll be curious what others think. (as you can tell I am terrible at describing fragrance) I decided to try your Amazing Grace/Beach combo today after my shower. What a fantastic "recipe"! I never would have thought to mix them. I mix my Philosophy fragrances someti... Continue Reading


Re: After trying a lot of Paula's new Products, I realize I am gonna stick with her Old Stuff

In Beauty Banter 1427250755.147

Yes, I do feel she's gotten a little pricey. I wait for a good sale and stock up. Continue Reading


Re: Samsung Tracfone TSV

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On 3/23/2015 expatgal said: I'd like to know details on it as well. I got a new Tracfone a few months ago and the darn thing has been full of spam calls and messages from the day I activated it!!! Did you get a brand new phone number? Is your phone an Android based one? If so, download an app called Mr. Number. It logs all your calls like your regular call log would, but with the Mr. Number app you can mark the numbers as spam and either send them to voicemail or hang up on them if they call again. I've had my cell phone number for over a decade now and I don't get too many spam calls, b... Continue Reading


Re: Ulta Catalog - Beware!

In Beauty Banter 1427078101.757

I saw this thread before my catalog came in the mail and I was glad because it was a particularly stinky catalog! I threw the perfume samples right in the garbage and waited for the smell to dissipate before I looked through it. Continue Reading

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