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Re: Tracfone TS At HSN

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On 5/22/2015 betteb said: Oh when? I'm going to get that. I have the Ultimate 2 now, but I need minutes. The biggest difference is the LG phone is 4" and the Alcatel is 5", I think? The Ultimate 2 is 4.5". How do you like it overall? Continue Reading


Re: Tracfone TS At HSN

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I think this a great deal for the Alcatel TS. I believe it has the largest screen out of all of the Tracfone's. I watched a review on YouTube comparing the Alcatel and the LG Ultimate 2 and decided I wanted the Ultimate 2, but I haven't seen it for sale on either QVC or HSN in a while now. I'm hoping it will come back. My time isn't up until November. Of course, I could always cave as I watch the presentation. One never knows with me! Continue Reading


Re: Memorial Day Sales

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On 5/22/2015 myshell624 said: Paula's Choice has buy one get one free on her sunscreens. Plus, you get 15% off the entire site and free shipping over $50. I got two of the Super Light spf 30s, Moisture Boost toner and Fantastic Lash mascara. I also bought the Super Light, but that's all I needed. My shipping was 2.50, which I thought was more than reasonable. Continue Reading


Re: Replacement Contigo straws

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Excellent ideas! Thank you so much! I like that Contigo brush set. Very cool. Continue Reading


Replacement Contigo straws

Last Reply by MIMA 1432312428.433 | Started by Stargazer77 in Kitchen & Food Talk

Has anyone ever seen replacement Contigo straws in any stores? I have a large Contigo metal water bottle (not really the right term, but hopefully you know what I mean) and I would like a new straw for it. On Contigo's website they sell a 4-pack of replacement straws for 2.50, but they charge 5 dollars shipping and handling. Last time I was in Target I saw a Contigo plastic water bottle that came with 3 straws and I was thinking I may be better off just buying that. 5 dollars shipping for a pack of straws is ridiculous. Has anyone seen any in stores? Also, does anyone know of a teeny ti... Continue Reading


Re: Need low sodium pasta sauce please....

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Tuttorosso makes a can of no salt added crushed tomatoes. I usually use 2 cans and add the usual Italian spices, but it was on the bland side, so now I use 1 can of regular and 1 can of no salt added. I hadn't had jar sauce in a decade, but my grandma told me she really liked Victoria's brand. She's on a low-sodium diet and Victoria's makes some low-sodium jar sauces. I tried tomato basil and didn't care for it. My grandma really likes that one. I preferred the marinara and thought it was really good. So now I'm eating jar sauce again sometimes. I'm going to try Trader Joe's marinar... Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite (healthy, non/low toxic) moisturizing sunscreen for the face to wear under makeup?

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On 5/21/2015 LuluCCS said: I'm not break out prone at all so not sure how your skin will react but I this one is mineral and wears beautifully under foundation or alone, no whitecast. Paula's Choice Resist Super Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 This is my favorite, too. I've repurchased several times now and really like it. I hate sunscreen on my face, just hate it. Years ago, I bought Neutrogena's liquid sunscreen when that came out and that was tolerable to me, but this Paula's Choice one I actually like! I like that it's tinted and that's my makeup. My skin is in good shape and it doesn'... Continue Reading


Re: Nice Tarte palette on sale...

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On 5/21/2015 turtle52 said: I believe that this palette came out YEARS ago. I am surprised that there are any left as they were on sale a long time ago and then I never saw them again. I didn't know that! I've only seen the Volumes 1 and 2 palette and I didn't like enough of the colors to purchase them. I was looking for swatches online of the Volume 3 palette before I purchased and I couldn't find any, so I thought it was a newer product. It's great for travel, I can put in whatever color liner I want (not a black liner fan, just for tightlining). Continue Reading


Re: Memorial Day Sales

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Tarte's website has 20% off. Victoria's Secret has underwear 7 for $27. Continue Reading


Nice Tarte palette on sale...

Last Reply by turtle52 1432260498.757 | Started by Stargazer77 in Beauty Banter

Tarte's NeutralEyes Volume 3 is on sale for 26 dollars on Sephora's website. This is my first Tarte NeutralEyes palette and the colors are very nice. There are several lighter colors that are good for a lid or browbone color. It also comes with a black eye liner and shadow brush. Anyone else purchase this? Continue Reading

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