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Re: My Vitamix container has 2 large cracks in it

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1424579601.637

On 2/16/2015 grams2 said: I called customer service at Vitamix today and they were so nice. They are sending me a new container and I don't have to send the old one back. He told me next time to put the cubes of Parm cheese in through the hole in the top with the motor running, instead of in the container before I start blending. Maybe that info will help somebody else. Thank you Vitamix. Thank you for this. I grate Parmesan cheese all the time in my Vitamix. I will look closely to see if there are any cracks and then I'll change how I do it. Continue Reading


Re: White Castle Hamburgers, please fill me in

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1424579249.713

I really like White Castle. I can eat 2 cheeseburgers and in North Jersey I think they cost 92 cents each. I like them because they're small and I'm not a big beef eater, so the thin patties are right up my alley. They're just my size! I wouldn't eat the frozen ones, it's just my preference. Krystal is similar from what I understand, but I've never had one. I saw a Krystal when I was visiting my friend in Florida, but I didn't get a chance to go. Hopefully one day! Continue Reading


Re: Cool or Warm undertone?

In Beauty Banter 1424578644.46

I used to have such distress about figuring out if I was warm or cool. Then I read about neutral undertones and I'm pretty sure that's where I fall! Continue Reading


Re: When running late, can you slap on your makeup and go?

In Beauty Banter 1424578496.353

Yes! Brows, tinted moisturizer, blush, concealer if I need it, a black tightline and a swipe of mascara and I can look presentable enough. Not my favorite look, but it's good enough. Continue Reading


Re: Does Anyone Else Watch Vampire Diaries?

In TV Talk 1424578370.01

I've watched it since the beginning. I used to love it so much I'd watch it twice in one week. Now I watch it when I get to it. I tried to watch The Originals, but I couldn't get into it at all. I think I only watched 5 or 6 episodes. I really liked the Original characters on The Vampires Diaries, but it just didn't transfer over for me. I watch quite a few CW shows and like them very much. They are escapist television for me. I have two favorite shows...Arrow and Nashville (ABC, not CW). I also like The Flash, Hart of Dixie and Jane the Virgin. I also watch Reign, but I'm growing wea... Continue Reading


Re: When you color your hair at home is it dirty, clean, product, no product?

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On 2/18/2015 TY said: I do a root touch up every week. I do get a better result if there's little product in my hair but it doesn't mean I will wash my hair beforehand if it's dirty. I don't pull the color through my hair at all, it's roots only and hair around the hairline with half a box of hair color. Do you mix the whole bottle and save the other half for the next week? Continue Reading


When you color your hair at home is it dirty, clean, product, no product?

Last Reply by misspammie 1424964638.45 | Started by Stargazer77 in Beauty Banter

What's the best way for at home hair coloring? Is it OK if there are hair products (spray gels, etc.) in the hair or should it be product-free? Continue Reading


Re: How is Loreal Feria hair color? Also, what's your favorite box color brand?

In Beauty Banter 1424235234.51

On 2/16/2015 sharlee said: I use the French Roast shade, number 45, which is a deep bronze brown. I've never found an equivalent color in another line, so I've been pretty faithful to it. However, I do see the day approaching when it will be too deep for me - not sure what I'll do then! That's the color I was interested in! And that's what I ended up choosing. So I'm crossing my fingers and will see what happens. Thank you everyone for your suggestions, it was nice to read everyone's opinions about different products. Quick question...when you color your hair do you do it on hair that ... Continue Reading


How is Loreal Feria hair color? Also, what's your favorite box color brand?

Last Reply by Stargazer77 1424235233.993 | Started by Stargazer77 in Beauty Banter

I haven't colored my hair in years now, but lately I've been wanting a change, nothing drastic. My natural hair color is medium-dark brown and I saw a Feria color that I liked called Deep Bronze Brown (#45). Has anyone had good (or bad) experiences with this brand? The box says multi-faceted shimmering color, 3X Highlights. Also, do you have a favorite box color brand that is your regular go-to? I don't need coverage of gray (yet!). Continue Reading


Re: Whole Foods "must haves"?

In Viewpoints 1422849716.233

Oh, that's so fun! You're going to have a great time! I love looking around Whole Foods, but usually don't buy all that much. I like a milk soap that they sell, I can't remember the brand, but the bar is very big. I like the American cheese from the deli. Belle and Evans chicken from the freezer section if it's on sale. I can get it in my local grocery store for less money usually. Organic Valley chocolate milk. Whole Foods is the only place I can find it. Wallaby yogurt, it's very thin, but not a liquid. My mom likes their chocolate chip cookies in the bakery section. Continue Reading

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