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Re: ShopHQ is changing their name..............again

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On 11/18/2014 Lotus~ said: They need to go HD...I go blind when I watch that channel (it's 19 on Long Island)....it's not crystal clear HD like QVC is. As a matter of fact I have the same problem when I watch HSN (channel 8 here). Do you have Cablevision? I live in North Jersey and HSN on Cablevision is not broadcast in HD and it's terrible. Continue Reading


Re: Thinking of buying an HP Chromebook 14, would love your thoughts

In Electronics Talk 1416200066.373

I bought a refurbished HP Chromebook from Woot a couple months ago and I love it. Mine has the 4G option (with very little free data given each month) and it's good in a pinch. I think they're great for people who mainly want to email and surf the web and I've found it very user-friendly. Continue Reading


Re: CSI Crime Scene Investigation

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My mom watches CSI and mentioned a few days ago that it wasn't shown last week due to football. That stinks it's happening again this week! Continue Reading


Re: Parenthood

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On 11/2/2014 Ford1224 said: I have watched it and loved it from the start. All good writing and great acting, yet it seemed no one watched it but me in my little circle. I am very sorry to see it go, but I think it's time. No continuing drama show should go more than four seasons, IMO. This one went five with still excellent storylines and acting. Perhaps the original writers never quit, as they do on most shows. I think it will be Crosby (Dax Shepard character) who will die . . . I don't think it will be the dad. I don't know why I think this. I sure hope it is not the cancer mom, that would... Continue Reading


So we're a month or so into TV season, what shows are you keeping, cutting or still on the fence about?

Last Reply by Marsha2003 1415383289.917 | Started by Stargazer77 in TV Talk

I've talked before on this board how I have a difficult time cutting the cord with shows I watch. But I'm getting better. So far this season I have stopped watching The Good Wife, Bones and Grey's. As for new shows, I tried Gotham because I love Ben McKenzie, but cut that last week. I tried Gracepoint, that was too slow-paced (gorgeous scenery though). Mysteries of Laura, I lasted through the pilot (I try to give new shows 3 episodes before I decide to keep or cut). NCIS New Orleans didn't hold my attention (I'm waning on the regular NCIS and still love NCIS LA). I watched a few episodes of ... Continue Reading


Re: The McCarthys

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The resemblance is uncanny. Makes me a little sad. John Ritter was such a gifted physical actor, I miss him. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Need a good hand lotion that goes in and doesn't leave a residue!

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Have you thought of adding a drop or two of oil to your moisturizer? Continue Reading


Re: TSV 10/30

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On 10/30/2014 DARING GREATLY said: On 10/30/2014 Stargazer77 said: On 10/30/2014 DARING GREATLY said: Totally dumb question from a novice... but if I buy this new LG and have the 840 from a few years back... and want to give that phone to a relative, can I own two TracFones under my name? I would think yes... but just not sure how it works. Thanks. I think you would need to contact Tracfone for a new SIM card for the old 840 and then the new owner could set it up with a new phone number. I did that with one of my old phones because I wanted a backup. I requested a new SIM card using the li... Continue Reading


Re: TSV 10/30

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On 10/31/2014 DiamondSkiBunny said: My phone was just delivered today!!! Charging it as I type. One question, not sure if anyone has answered this yet, but here goes. Can I transfer my "address book/contacts" without having to manually input each one? I sure hope so! By the way ~ looks like this will be a really nice phone! Well made! Thanks all! I think the easiest way is to turn on the Bluetooth of both phones and send the phone contacts from the old phone to the new phone. Continue Reading


Re: Parenthood

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There are 13 episodes. Episode 6 was aired last night. One of the contingencies for this final season's renewal was not every actor could be in every episode, due to budget reasons. P.S. Hi Jamma! I'm not in Bergen County, but not too far away. Always nice seeing fellow New Jerseyans on the QVC boards. Continue Reading

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