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Re: Today's Craft in Honor of CIJ

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I mixed up my dough and am ready to start rolling! I like to use small cutters that come in sets of 4 or 5. I have fall, Halloween, Christmas, etc. They can be found at places like Home Goods. I have some I made years ago and they still smell good. I am going to hang them in the kitchen and around the house. I like Jill's idea to decorate them with beads! Continue Reading


Re: Today's Craft in Honor of CIJ

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http://gather.qvc.com/s/?q=%23christmasinjuly It is on the Q home page under Christmas ToGather Here is a standard recipe: <table id="ip1" class="hrecipe" width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" <tbody> <tr> <td class="title" style="border-top: #eeeece 1px solid; border-right: #dddd9d 2px solid; color: #8caa9e; padding-bottom: 8px; padding-top: 16px; padding-left: 12px; border-left: #eeeece 1px solid; padding-right: 12px;" align="left" nowrap="nowrap" bgcolor="#FFFFCC"APPLESAUCE - CINNAMON ORNAMENTS</td> <td style="border-bottom: #eeeece 1px solid;... Continue Reading


Today's Craft in Honor of CIJ

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I have a a recipe for making cinnamon and applesauce ornaments stuck on my frig. I found it several years ago in a craft book. I have not had the chance to make these in forever. I go to the ToGather page and Jill has a video of her making the ornaments. Inspiration! They smell so good and are easy to make, so today I am making a batch. I have all kinds of cookie cutters and will make them in harvest, Halloween and Christmas. Jill's recipe uses glue to and flour to hold them together. Now I need to go out and pick up some fresh applesauce! Continue Reading


Re: I Think I'm Going to Become a Bus Driver....

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Courtney suggested this morning to give one of the glass light up ornaments to the recycling man. I guess I should take a day off of work to wait for him as he drives by, then run out to the street, stop the truck, make them wait as I profusely thank the man for his service while he looks at me like I am nuts. Then he will throw the box right in with the recycling! Continue Reading


Re: Selling a Home

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Make sure you check out what picture they will post on the MLS. I listed a house and the moron took a picture of the dirty driveway with a car parked in it. He could have stood at a different angle and taken a more flattering picture. I got rid of the realtor, cleaned the driveway, car is gone and looking for a more competent realtor. Continue Reading


Re: Is there anything you feel you want to get for your house next?

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Oh, I just rescreened the old nasty screens on my patio and would like to put a fresh coat of stain on my driveway. I will have to wait until later this year when it stops raining every day. Continue Reading


Re: Is there anything you feel you want to get for your house next?

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I just got rid of my old toilet and got a new Kohler with the hands free flush. You may have seen the commercial from Home Depot. You hold your hand over the button and it flushes. It is a good thing I got it done now. When the old leaky one came off (leaking from the bowl to tank seal) there was no wax ring left. I would like to replace the other one in the guest bathroom. I never thought I would enjoy having a new toilet so much. Continue Reading



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On 7/11/2014 Susan Louise said: On 7/10/2014 reese2 said: I begin to make the transition mid-September. I love the colors in this picture! Thanks for sharing the pic...beautiful! Sigh...wish we had a yard big enough for a shack/room/storage like that...another reason to dream I really want a storage shed for my backyard to store all of my seasonal decorations. That is an example of my dream shed. Here in S. FL the sheds have to be weatherproof and hurricane compliant and are not that cute. :( When I get one, I am going to add on shutters and window boxes and try to dress it up. I should p... Continue Reading


Re: Update on my post re dental visit/plans . . . surprising outcome!

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I always find it amazing to learn that people do not see a dentist for years at a time. That is just asking for trouble. Not to mention how gross your teeth would be due to them not being cleaned. I go for cleanings FOUR times a year and actually enjoy getting them cleaned and polished. You maintain your car to ensure it runs properly so take care of your teeth! Continue Reading


Re: Temptations Old World Vivid

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You will not get a response on this board about Temptations. I suggest you go to Tara's Facebook page to request something. Continue Reading

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