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Re: OT/ Brown Spots on Ceiling... YIKES...

In For the Home Talk 1422407969.92

I recently had my roof patched this summer. It was on the very edge in the garage and I tried to "ignore" it until I got the ladder out and inspected it. The roof is pitched so that the rain sort of wore a path down the shingles and the wood wore away. The guy pulled off the shingles, installed new plywood and a water barrier and I am good to go. He said had I called earlier, my cost would have been in half. Luckily, it worked out but would not recommend waiting as long as I did. You need to get it fixed ASAP!!! Your leak is in one of your interior rooms! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa at Bergdorfs?

In Beauty Banter 1422106559.99

On 1/24/2015 autumnfaire said: Lisa's personal Facebook page which was started when she left QVC--the one where the meeting at Bergdof's was posted. Doesn't seem to be up anymore. It is still there. She posted a picture of the snow on her patio. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver- getting pretty pricy!

In Fashion Talk 1421942929.203

I agree! Stopped in the Talbot's outlet the other day and hit the 70% off rack. I found THREE pairs of nice pants for around $16 EACH! My $50 on the Q will hardly get me one item from SG or D&C! Continue Reading


Re: What do you keep your homemade loaf bread in to maintain freshness?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421191082.267

Are you making bread from scratch, or are you using a bread machine? My grandma always made home made bread each week. I need to dig out the recipe and make some myself. I have a big bread machine I also need to dust off. Continue Reading


Re: That chair is U G L Y!

In TSV Talk 1420932156.2

On 1/10/2015 Laurel013 said: So ugly that they will prolly sell out. Plenty of people like look at everything qvc sells. FYI: There is no such word as "prolly". I believe the word you are looking for is "probably". Continue Reading


Re: Empire Today Flooring

In For the Home Talk 1420906706.417

I am so grateful for message boards! I very much appreciate all of the feedback I have received! More negative reports about Empire Today makes me want to run the other way. I know I will be spending big $$$ so I do not want any additional headache. Continue Reading


Re: Empire Today Flooring

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I used a local flooring company for some other floors and they were good. I might check them out again. I guess Lumber Liquidators sells seconds and that is why they price is cheap. Continue Reading


Re: Empire Today Flooring

In For the Home Talk 1420846500.843

Ugh! Looks like I will NOT be calling this company! Thanks for the input! Nothing like trying to jack up the price on a large purchase. Adding in additional charges when they quote you a price is dishonest. I guess they have to pay for all of those catchy commercials! Continue Reading


Re: Empire Today Flooring

In For the Home Talk 1420845474.983

Thanks for the responses! I looked at their website and all they show are small color samples but do not show the exact flooring they offer. For example, Shaw Light Oak for $3.00 a sq.ft. I am also going to check out Lumber Liquidators. Continue Reading


Empire Today Flooring

Last Reply by mominohio 1421096869.247 | Started by flickerbulb in For the Home Talk

Has anyone used Empire Today for flooring installation? If so, what was your experience with regards to price? I am looking at laminate. HD has a good deal on installation right now and would like a comparison. Continue Reading

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