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Re: O/T Need a new washing machine....after 3 years..argghhhh, any recs?

In Beauty Banter 1397390945.01

First, download the error codes for your machine. You will then press a couple of buttons to determine the problem. My machine will often not spin because the filter gets clogged. The code will tell you that. I can take the thing apart and clean the filter and it is good to go. I also had a REAL repairman tell me my three year old machine needed to be replaced. Needless to say, I fixed it MYSELF and it is still going strong. Some machines have a small panel you can pull away to access the filter to clean. I have dogs and the hair from their bedding was clogging the filter so now I wash that s... Continue Reading


Re: New Guy Host

In Fashion Talk 1397142525.96

I saw him presenting and thought he did a great job! He was pleasant, knowledgeable and interacted nicely with the vendor. I agree that ALL of the hosts should be versatile enough to present anything that the Q sells! Continue Reading


Re: I just ordered two of theseā€¦ turns out Mother did know best!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1396785088.547

I like the name..."Cobbler"! That website will wonder why it is blowing up over the Cobblers! Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's Wedding??

In Beauty Banter 1396036018.223

I don't have a problem with her mentioning it. I just thought that three times in short period of time was a bit much. Make that four! She just said it again! I am going back outside and turning the channel! Continue Reading


Shawn's Wedding??

Last Reply by Desertdi 1396416651.6 | Started by flickerbulb in Beauty Banter

I have been in and out of the house all day. Earlier, Shawn was selling the Calista Tools hot rollers. She looks at the vendor and says, "I used these for my wedding." I go outside to clean the patio and come in to see her with IT Cosmetics. She turns to the vendor and says, "I wore this for my wedding". Is this supposed to make me want to buy this stuff because she used it for her wedding? I imagine she used lots of things for her wedding. She just said it again while I was typing! She is still mentioning her wedding? Oye! Continue Reading


Re: My chocolate bunny (work in progress)

In For the Home Talk 1395927965.883

I also enjoy making things! Can you share where you bought the bunnies and what kind of paint you are using? They look great! Continue Reading


Re: VPH "as is" spheres in Pink and Lavender...H201386

In For the Home Talk 1395835536.953

On 3/25/2014 Rosehill said: I came to my senses and cancelled my lavender order. I do not need any more spheres! But the $5 shipping will end and you will be mad you did not order! (Enable, enable!) Continue Reading


Re: For others who are also obsessed with VPH spheres and mason jars

In For the Home Talk 1395835305.987

I found mercury glass jars with wire handles at the K decorating store. They had silver and brown and were a little smaller than the Valerie jars. I think you could put a flameless votive in them. I also love my twinkling stuff! Continue Reading


Re: Another "as is" sphere disaster

In For the Home Talk 1395484813.97

I received a set of green As Is this week and they looked like they had never been opened and were in perfect condition. I may go back for another color! Continue Reading


Re: So Bummed...2 Sets of Spheres Defective

In For the Home Talk 1395352641.61

I just received the green As Is spheres a couple of days ago. They looked like they had never been unpacked and were wrapped perfectly. Popped the batteries in and they were all perfect. Hope you can get replacements! Continue Reading

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