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Re: Online Masters Degree

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I am currently enrolled in a Master's program and the last class I needed met in person but cancelled. I am now taking the course online. I post all assignments via Blackboard and I also post papers to Live Text. All of the classes I took in person are also offered online. One of my co-workers is doing the same thing I am doing but all online. I prefer face to face classes, but all you need is a computer with an online connection, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Online classes generally give you more work to do. For example, I have to do nine article reviews online whereas the in person class... Continue Reading


Re: Halloween doggie treat bags

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My dogs love the small Milk Bone treats that look like bite sized hot dogs. Maybe you could buy a box and put some of those in a bag.They also like the Snaps and you could also parcel those out. Sounds like your neighbor dogs make cute trick or treaters! Continue Reading


Re: Chi Rollers Anyone?

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I was in Sally Beauty today and they had lots of these type of rollers. One set I saw was $24.99. Continue Reading


Re: Dental issues.....again....

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I went in for one crown a couple of months ago. When he was working on that tooth, he told me the tooth next to it had decay and he had to do that one too. So, those get done and this eats up my annual allowance from insurance. Last month, some other tooth on the other side starts pinging with nerve pain. I go to the dentist and they won't even see me unless I cough up several hundred dollars. I tell them I don't have it so they give me antibiotics and ibuprofen. It is still pinging, especially when I talk. Guess what I do for work: I talk. I teach and students show up Monday. Unless I walk i... Continue Reading


Re: Beware when buying printers from Walmart

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I remember shopping years ago and opened one of those cardboard boxes that Playtex bras used to come in. Someone took their old, nasty, dingy bra and stuffed it in the box and stole the new one. Continue Reading


Re: Estate Sale = spinning wheel

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Sounds cool! How big is it and where do you have it displayed? I found an old piano the other day. I do not play and have no room but I really liked it. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone want to guess what VPH's TSV will be on 8/12?

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Are the TSV candles real or LED? I checked my preferences and I am supposed to be getting the e mails but I did not get it. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn's Harvest Show

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On 8/9/2014 rosehill said: I didn't watch Carolyn's show today, but looked at a few of the product videos-a bt chicken coup was mentioned in the sphere video. Does anyone know if she said anything about it-is she going to offer it in the future? Thanks! It was a BIG wooden house with open shelves. It had little doors and the front was "chicken wire". She used it as a display and due to the size, I doubt it would be reproduced as is. She would have to make it smaller in order to sell it on air. It was a cute display! Continue Reading


Re: A.M. Style Live Chat- 8/9

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On 8/9/2014 lolakimono said: Flicker, I use the Terro at home, but I'm not sure if I would get into trouble at school. Oh, I try to hide it on the desk and I have had kids pick it up and hold it near their mouth. I teach juniors and seniors and you would think they would have more sense. Once I tell them what it is they put it down. Continue Reading

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