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Re: Premier PC Support - Ryan

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Well, I also talked to Ryan and he was RUDE and cussed me out! Can you believe it? I would NEVER use Premiere Tech Support again! Plus, he HUNG UP on me! Continue Reading


Re: Premier PC Support - Ryan

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Ryan must be giving out his personal credit card number to elicit such high praise from a NUMBER of first time posters! Continue Reading


Re: Considering bringing a new pet into my home.

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This all depends on the dog's temperament. If you do bring in another dog, be sure to separate the dog bowls or there could be trouble. My older dog sleeps with me in my bedroom and the "new" dog sleeps in the living room. She does NOT want the other dog in there at all! However, when I got a little dog, she was OK with the little one in the bedroom. Dogs are funny and you will probably have to play it by (dog) ear! Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Heartfelt Home Sneak Peek - Wed. March 18

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On 3/21/2015 Luv_My_Beagle said: FYI Val's Mercury glass eggs are in the AS IS section H206350. I missed out on these, so I got one set. They're $14.95. I bought mine this morning and they are still available. Good score! I looked on As Is and the bunnies and eggs are half price! Score! Those eggs would look good hanging from my chandelier. Continue Reading


Re: Candle Impression Sconces

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I have several sets of the sconces. While cleaning, I broke one of the glass shades. I love those sconces and have looked all over for replacements. After reading this post, I went to the CI website and found the same sconces. I sent them an e mail and they responded quickly. They had the glass and I ordered it. It is on the way and I am a happy camper! Continue Reading


Re: Kinda gross: did anyone ever lose a toenail? Care to share your experience?

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I lost the nail a few weeks ago. It will probably take 3 months or so until it looks semi normal again. I never had the ridge before so I hope it grows all the way out. I painted what is there for the time being as I cannot stand to look at it! Continue Reading


Re: Kinda gross: did anyone ever lose a toenail? Care to share your experience?

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Yes, my big toenail twice. I freaked out and went to the doctor the first time. It grew back fine both ties. However, I just lost ANOTHER big toenail. It has a funky ridge in the middle. I am hoping the ugly ridge grows out. I used a buffer on it which helped a little. Continue Reading


Re: Need garage sale help and advice!

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I have had a few garage sales and will never have one again! I had people load things into a box and ask me for a price. They were trying to hide stuff underneath so I would not see it. Others tried to get things for pennies on the dollar. I was able to sell some big things for a fair price, but never again. I would rather load it in the car and donate it to Goodwill and take the tax deduction! Continue Reading


Re: Easy pay day

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I actually have an appointment with my Elder law office on Monday. I have never met the lawyer and only deal with the paralegal. We get to the business at hand and I leave. Your lawyer could be violating client/attorney confidentiality by telling such stories. That Elder Attorney told us horrific true stories of what he encountered relative to elders and over spending, and having ghastly enormous credit card debts, Mortgage debts, and the like with no other means to continue to make their monthly financial obligations payments. Continue Reading


Re: What's under your bed?

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Sometimes a dog or two! I am also concerned that the bed may fall down so I discourage this behavior. I bought a nice under the bed box with wheels from Home Goods to store table linens and such, but the dog kept brushing up against the fabric box, so I took it out. I read that it is bad Feng Shui to store anything under the bed. Continue Reading

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