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Re: The Good Witch series tonight....

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I found this summary: Looks like Bailee Madison will play her teenage daughter now. In the last movie, she was around 5! Good Witch Episode 1 “Starting Over… Again” airs on Saturday February 28th at 8pm on Hallmark Channel. In tonight’s episode, the bewitching Cassie Nightingale is back as Middleton’s favorite enchantress and this time she’s joined by her teenage daughter Grace, who shares that same special intuition as her mom. When handsome Dr. Sam Radford and his teenage son move in next to the Grey House, they are immediately spellbound by the mother-d... Continue Reading


Re: Should I Go?

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On 2/26/2015 annabellethecat said: Do you always ask permission to do something? If you want to...go, if not stay home. It was a rhetorical question. Do you know what that means? Continue Reading


Re: Should I Go?

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I am back and had a pleasant time! David started with a Q & A session from the attendees. Then people lined up to have their books signed and have their pictures taken with him. He had blank book plates for those without books. I was lucky enough to have a brief chat with him and he is just as nice in person. I was in the back of the room and I really noticed how great a voice he has and is very articulate. (Of course!) He said he also made a stop at the call center to sign books for employees at QVC. I was in and out in less than an hour. It was fun! Continue Reading


Re: Should I Go?

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Well, my NON-QVC friend has declined my invitation to go with me to see David. I guess I will go on my own and get a photo and a cookbook. I hope they have food samples. I am sure it will be fun! According to Facebook, they will not be selling cookbooks there. If you don't already have one, you are out of luck. :( Continue Reading


Should I Go?

Last Reply by PeterDM 1425004784.797 | Started by flickerbulb in For the Home Talk

David announced last night that he would be at a book signing today. Lo and behold, it is right in my area! I think it would be fun to meet him. I need to head in that direction to pick up something and this would be a nice side trip. Would you go if he were in your area? Continue Reading


Re: Florida side trip ideas?

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I am a Floridian and really enjoyed a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. You can see the Apollo rockets and the astronaut's memorial. Good trip! They also have an IMAX movie experience. Blue Springs is also really nice. Continue Reading


Re: BEWARE of some strange posts showing up here-jibberish

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I think when they use Google translate to post, it make it nonsense. I use it to read Chinese and it makes no sense. You can get the gist but some of it turns into nonsense and it is kinda funny to read. Continue Reading


Re: Help! Any paint pros out there?

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You should have used a eggshell or satin instead of semi-gloss. You use semi-gloss on the trim. I just painted bathroom cabinets and used semi-gloss with a foam roller. Turned out great. I use the small flat pad with little wheels to cut in on walls. Then I take the pad and smooth it out so there is not a noticeable line. I have done a LOT of painting so I hope this helps. Continue Reading


Re: Ugh! The Dirt

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On 2/15/201/5 willdob3 said: Thank you for this thread - and the previous one! My walls need to be cleaned & I have not been sure what to use. I stopped in a Ace Hardware on my way to the grocery store & picked up Spic and Span Powder and a bottle of Jubilee, too. I hope both work miracles! Yea! I know you will be pleased with the results! Spic and Span also does a great job on floors. I bought a huge bottle of liquid Mr. Clean before I discovered SS. I will use that to clean my outdoor patio. Continue Reading


Re: Ugh! The Dirt

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Ace has lots of unique cleaning products: Gel Gloss, Jubilee, Cape Cod silver cleaning cloths (lots of silver cleaning products), non-concentrated Dawn. It is worth a trip just to check out the cleaning aisle! Continue Reading

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