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Clearance Price is Higher than Regular Price

Last Reply by SHOPR 1411240079.933 | Started by flickerbulb in Q Did What?

H200796 Candle Impressions s/4 candles. The regular price is .02 LOWER than the clearance price. I have seen some pathetic markdowns from the Q before, but this one takes the cake! Continue Reading


Re: VPH set of 4 lit wax pumpkins

In For the Home Talk 1411218261.703

My burlap pumpkins shipped. The pine cones are still in process. I am happy that I was able to score these items in As Is! Continue Reading


Re: Big Lots Fall Decor

In For the Home Talk 1411175771.05

The tall gourd was around $20. The smaller one I bought was $12.99 as was the owl. Velvet pumpkins were $6 for the smallest and went up around $2 as they increased in size. I found a cute lantern but it was $30 and above my mental limit. Lots of nice wreaths, garlands and centerpieces, too! Continue Reading


Big Lots Fall Decor

Last Reply by SHOPR 1411240402.123 | Started by flickerbulb in For the Home Talk

Someone here posted that they saw velvet pumpkins at BL. I was near a store today and stopped in to see what they had. Lots of pumpkins! Ceramic, mercury glass, velvet, colored glass, burlap...lots of choices. They had the MG gourds that light up. I bought a small one. It is cute but has no timer. They also had MG owls, but again with no timer. Continue Reading


Re: VPH set of 4 lit wax pumpkins

In For the Home Talk 1411001901.157

Mine still have not shipped. Thanks for the As Is heads up. I have no problem with AI so I will cancel the other one. I want the burlap. Continue Reading


Re: Pole Saw TSV

In TSV Talk 1410997278.73

On 9/17/2014 Nightowlz said: If this TSV is so stupid how else do you trim limbs that need to be trimmed other then paying someone to do something you can do yourself. If it does not work out for our needs it will go back. The neighbors around here that don't mow get reported & the City comes out to give notice & if they don't mow it the City will & they put a lien on your house if you don't pay the bill. They don't throw the grass in the street either because several of us neighbors go over to let them know that's not acceptable. They can turn the mower where it gets thrown back ... Continue Reading


Re: Wha do you think the most comfortable shoe brand is for you?

In All About Shoes 1410749388.353

On 9/13/2014 Rottie_mama said: On 9/13/2014 annabellethecat said: I haven't been watching QVC much lately (I have so much stuff now I can't move). I'm downsizing major. Selling my 3,000 squ ft house and buying 2 smaller ones. Anyway, finally, my point. I was SHOCKED to see that Clark shoes is selling their shoes for $109.00 and more! What? I have had several pair of Clark shoes totally fall apart (hardly worn). I will never forget 2 years ago getting out of my car going into the dentist office. I stepped out of the car door and felt something flap. Any idea of what it was? Don't guess ..... I... Continue Reading


Re: Howard Stern Joan Tribute

In Joan Rivers 1410605676.377

Do you have any other interests other than Joan Rivers? You have almost 20 PAGES of posts related to JR. Do you live in NYC and stalk her apartment too? Continue Reading


Re: Valerie Parr Hill

In For the Home Talk 1410560736.27

JJ: I LOVE that store! When I was passing through Ohio a couple of years ago, I found a store that had similar items. I could have filled up a cart. Sadly, we don't have cute specialty stores like that down here. Only Home Goods and the regular retail stores. Continue Reading


Joan's Clearance Item

Started by flickerbulb in Joan Rivers 1410221338.11

I just found this bracelet on clearance and it is now priced MORE than when it was at regular price. Since when does clearance drive the price up? Only on QVC! Unbelievable! Continue Reading

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