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Re: A.M. Style Live Chat- 5/30

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On 5/30/2015 birdmama said: I've had people try to sell me many things off of a truck. Not once in nearly 53 years has someone tried to sell me meat off a truck. There used to be a truck that would go door to door and sell meat. It was an actual company and they had interesting items at a decent price. I think I bought some once and it was pretty good. Haven't seem them around in quite some time. Continue Reading


Re: How much to give for junior high graduation of my best friend's granddaughter?

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Middle school is grades 6-8. Many middle schools here are now K-8s and middle schools are no more. Continue Reading


Re: Best meal, or dessert you've eaten in your travels

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I had a fresh tomato and pesto Panini in Paris that was sooooo delicious. My mouth still melts over that sandwich! Continue Reading


Re: First Trip to Aldi's

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We just had a new Aldi's open in our area. In fact, it is right down the street from my workplace, so it is not out of the way. It is clean, well stocked, and I like the different variety of items available. I was looking for a raised plant bed, and there it was....right at Aldi's! I bought a package of some frozen mixed vegs recently that were delicious. You would not find them at a regular grocery store. It is also a bit cheaper. Organic milk is a LOT cheaper at Aldi's. Continue Reading


Re: What Rules Govern School Teachers After Hours?

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I assure you, if there were students involved, they posted it on Instagram, Snapchat, twitter and EVERYONE in the whole school would know by now. They record everything, especially if it was a teacher. Continue Reading


Re: When recycling, do you wash things out completely?

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My dogs LOVE peanut butter and they get the container after it is empty. My big dog gets it so clean, I always say that I am going to send it back to the company to reuse! You don't usually see a completely clean PB jar! We have a new recycling system and they bought new trucks and huge bins. The truck pulls up and a big arm comes out, picks up the bin and dumps it in the truck. If I am outside, I like to watch them collect the bins! No human touches the bin! Continue Reading


Re: Washer and dryers

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I just left Home Depot and was talking to the guy in the appliance area. He says that top loaders are now outselling front loaders. He said that FL used to be more popular, but no more. They had some lower priced top loaders with agitators for under $400. They had dials and no digital displays. He also said the government is placing tighter restrictions on washers and soon you will not be able to buy one with a real agitator. Continue Reading


Re: Home Reflections Flameless Candle replacement inserts?

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Have you tried putting a small piece of foil between the battery and the contacts? I have done this with some of my FC that stopped working. Continue Reading


Re: Washer and dryers

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I have a newer HE front loader and I hate it. As a matter of fact, I am getting rid of it tomorrow and swapping it out for my 18 year old Kenmore set that I took over to another house. I have dogs and the pet hair clogs the newer machine and you have to take the whole thing apart in order to access the filter to clean it out. The Kenmore washes anything without a problem. The people who bought the house wanted them and I said NO! They are a precious commodity. Digital this and that is nothing but trouble! Continue Reading


Re: Howard Johnsons (Mad Men)

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There used to be a HoJo's near my childhood home. It was within bike riding distance and I would always ride up to the soda fountain and order a big hot fudge sundae....99 cents! We would sit at the counter and watch the girl make the sundae. I also remember them selling Toastees you could take home. Good memories! Continue Reading

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