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Re: LG Tracfone TSV

In TSV Talk 1414712968

I would NEVER order this type of phone for a teen. She will use those minutes up in a flash if she is like the average texting obsessed teen. Continue Reading


Re: Super Sized Snowman

In philosophy 1414547281.283

Yes, it is fresh and clean and has a slight lemony scent. It also has a beautiful iridescence. I had a couple of mambo sizes but they are long gone. Continue Reading


Super Sized Snowman

Last Reply by cal-gal 1414776512.01 | Started by flickerbulb in philosophy

Is this gone already? It was already offered, but I did not have a chance to order. They need to have a better supply. Is this offered anywhere else? Continue Reading


Re: "Pay As You Go" iPhone Possible?

In Electronics Talk 1414255973.563

Boost mobile has the I Phone. You need to reload money each month, but there is no contract. You have to buy the phone and the last time I looked, it was over $300. Continue Reading


Re: E.D. decor/home items are all up...

In For the Home Talk 1414142209.993

I liked the bisque LED animals and the quilt looked nice. The other stuff did not appeal to me. I was in TJM the other day, and they had big light up letter like the ED. They were individual letters and were around $50 for one letter. Continue Reading


Re: What style of VB handbag can you not get enough of?

In Vera Bradley 1413362598.797

I went from collecting all Mandys, but now I am loving Frannie. It is small and easy to carry. I just got one of the new patterns for my birthday. Continue Reading


Fall Has Arrived in the South!

Last Reply by ury 1412555571.653 | Started by flickerbulb in For the Home Talk

Those of you who live in four season climates probably do not think anything about this, but I am excited! I woke up this morning and there is a chill in the air! In S. FL, this is a big deal and everyone gets excited! When it is hot and humid 99% of the time, it is nice to have a real change. Time to break out the Duraflames ... ( not really)! Continue Reading


Re: O/T My QVC Serta Is Only 2 Months Old and Is Falling Apart!

In Beauty Banter 1412475715.02

I have a different brand of mattress not from the Q. I called their cust. service because I thought it had excessive wear. They also wanted $$ just to inspect and it had to dip a certain % before they would replace. Continue Reading


Re: O/T My QVC Serta Is Only 2 Months Old and Is Falling Apart!

In Beauty Banter 1412475494.837

Take a picture of it with your phone. Then you can send it to your e mail and print out a copy. Continue Reading


Re: Clarks shoes falling apart

In Clarks 1412329380.683

On 10/2/2014 aprimo said: It has happened to me twice. Both pair were clogs that I had owned for a few years but had not worn all that often. They had been in climate-controlled storage for a year. The next time I wore them, the uppers almost completely separated from the soles while I was at work. I had to put rubber bands around them to hold them on long enough for me to go to the store on my lunch break and buy a new pair of shoes (too far to go home on my lunch hour). I think it's crazy for a relatively expensive shoe, from a brand with a reputation for quality, to fail so catastrophicall... Continue Reading

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