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Re: Any midseason shows you are looking forward to?

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Do hope 24 comes back... No mention for it coming this season!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Heavyweight Sweats

In Beauty Banter 1420730939.657

I have many sweats sets from Hanes... Have notice quality has gone down a lot over the years. Still have some older ones with cuff type bottoms... They are really very warm, quality is great... What a shame Hanes does not do them anymore lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Lock & Lock TSV?

In TSV Talk 1420730725.987

On 1/6/2015 wakefield64 said: So the product costs $20 and the shipping is $8...this is crazy. I thought of buying them, but I refuse to pay that shipping cost. Have to agree with you and others... Shipping price is much too high for this... Continue Reading


Siera Trading Post anyone?

Last Reply by buckeye war eagle fan 1415679869.567 | Started by lovestodance in Fashion Talk

Am trying to find a good quality Cotton Flannel PJ's that are reasonable in price? Usually get them at Blair's... However prices have really gone up quite a bit. Did a search and found this Web-Site... Has anyone here every order from them? I like to have recommendations from others when not familiar with a Company... Would love to here from anyone that has. Thanks, lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Need Eye Serum That Actually Works

In Beauty Banter 1414436026.057

Would recommend for puffiness... First thing I do is use a refrigerated eye pad for about 10 min... Then I follow up with also a refrigerated eye gel.. Using on that I have used for many years that I had gotten in a Supermarket where I use to live... You can use any eye gel and keep it refrigerated.... Have allergies, and also very sensitive eyes that do get irritated and sore... Find this takes care of my puffiness.. Have been using Garnier lift eye cream when I am ready for my skin care morning regimen. Have tried many eye cream and so far I like the Garnier... lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Shark Rocket ultra light vac,Anyone?

In TSV Talk 1413833571.517

Did order and it's on the way... Was going to order the purple however it was on wait list. Went with the metallic blue. Do hope I will love it and easy for me to use... lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Any 24 fans?

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Wow so many fans... Just hope they have some new ones coming out... So exciting and realistic.... I always looked forward to watching weekly... Now who knows what will happen?? Love William Devane (Pres.) having Alzheimer. Sad about his having Alzheimer. Also Audrey who was killed... Will have to keep checking... If anyone here finds out please post.. lovestodance Continue Reading


Any 24 fans?

Last Reply by lovestodance 1413746261.36 | Started by lovestodance in TV Talk

I am a big fan of 24... Hope they going to be on this season? keeping us in the dark as usual. If anyone has any news please post here? Thanks,lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Oil of Olay Regenerist Fragrance Free

In Beauty Banter 1413503567.713

Hi Fancy pantsy, Cute name.... Am 76 and also find the Regenerist line does well for me too... Continue Reading


David V's Autumn Spice Parfait.

Last Reply by CaitlinH 1413514897.12 | Started by lovestodance in Kitchen & Food Talk

I saw it last night when he presented it... Looked so yummy had to get the recipe... Love anything with Pumpkin and plan to do it very soon. Will be doing a short cut with using Vanilla pudding, and Pumpkin pudding mixes.. Don't like fussing too much.. My patience for cooking has not been good lately... Has anyone tried this one? Looking forward to hearing from anyone that has. lovestodance Continue Reading

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