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Re: Please need help with Eye Glass script?

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On 7/5/2014 Feline Fine said: If your eyeglass RX is very strong (like mine is), it's really worth it to pay a little extra to get High-Index lenses They're thinner and more lightweight - read: more comfortable - than your typical progressive lenses. 8-) How to Read and Enter Your Eyeglass Prescription While you don't need to completely understand how to read your eyeglass prescription to place an order on AC Lens, you'll need to know the basics in order to select and order the right lenses for your eyes. We've provided assistance with how to read and enter your prescription in the informati... Continue Reading


Please need help with Eye Glass script?

Last Reply by rudy 1408333675.59 | Started by lovestodance in All About Accessories

I went to an Optometrist yesterday... He did an extensive eye exam... He also sells fames. I wear Progressive glasses and cannot understand the prescription he wrote out.. Since I am having a hard time finding eye glass frames that I find comfortable... Can anyone help me? OD SPHERE +2.25 . Cylinder -.75. Axis 75... OS. SPHERE. +.75 AXIS 105 ADD TO OD 2.50 PD65 UNDER THAT ONE ADD 2.50.. He did not add any remarks... Reason I am asking is my OPTHAMOLOGIS who I go to yearly... Last visit gave me a script in DEC. . Reading is different and really confused. His script reads.... OD Sphere- +1.25 ... Continue Reading


Re: Please stop making us constantly type in our password!

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On 7/1/2014 stevieb said: The log in seems to time out rather quickly on the site, but not the boards. Almost any time I want to access my wishlist or order history I have to log in and I always have to log in during checkout, even if I've just logged in to another part of the shopping side of the site. It is annoying, but I have to assume it enhances security. Once I log into the boards, I stay logged in until I log out or until clearing my browser history... Have the same issues. I even click on to save password.... My pc is up to date..... Have no issues with some other sites I visit. Continue Reading


Lace Cami Stretch Bra's... From Dream Products Catalog shopping

Started by lovestodance in All About Accessories 1404399484.377

I have been so tempted to order these... They come in some really nice fashion colors.. However not sure if these come with insert pads? Does anyone have any and can let me know? lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Please stop making us constantly type in our password!

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On 6/29/2014 avid shopper said: Once we have logged in...that should be good until we log out...like other websites! Thanks for posting this.... Happen to me daily.... Getting really very annoying.... Hope they fix it.... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use bar soap anymore?

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Yes I like to use Dove sensitive bar soap just for my face in the morning.... Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman calcium intensive care - need opinion

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I do take this but with Magnesium.... Do not have any stomach issues with AL vit... Have been taking them for many years... I am Lactose intolerant as well.. Have significant bone loss.. However I do have some improvement with that... Take his D 2,000 which my Dr. said should help with my issue... Did try taking meds for Bone loss but could not tolerate them... So I do rely on my Supplements to help me... Am very pleased with his supplements I do take in addition... So I do recommend taking it.. Continue Reading


Re: Body lotion or Cream with SPF?

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Thanks to the both of you... Continue Reading


Body lotion or Cream with SPF?

Last Reply by glmama 1403372325.023 | Started by lovestodance in Beauty Banter

Am wondering if there is any body or Body lotion that has SPF? Would appreciate any replies. Looking for an over the counter one. Also need one without any fragrance? Thanks,lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Flat front elastic waist pants?

In Denim & Co 1402801279.397

Sorry I didn't notice that I did mention it when I posted this topic. Continue Reading

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