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Re: Best Foundation?

In Beauty Banter 1410732674.35

Am using Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream fair to light... Do like it... It gives me good coverage and also has SPF 30 and is oil free. lovestodance Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1410732421.787

Yes I am currently using it now... I like the nice clean citrus fragrance.... Also has a dropper so you can regulate the amount you need. Not oily as well.. I do have very sensitive skin and happy to say no irritation. Since I do take COQ10 supplements.. Felt a skin product containing it would be good... lovestodance Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1410620716.02

On 9/12/2014 patheticcosmetics said: Wow, that's a great price. Let us know how you like it. I only buy my liquid calcium supplement from them. I get my vitamins from Swansons. A very long time ago I bought my vitamins from a company that Puritan's Pride either bought out or merged with. Soon after the prices were much higher & I stopped buying from them. I regularly receive their catalog & I do comparison shopping with Swansons. Enjoy your face serum. Thanks to you and all that replied.... Am using the serum and do like it.. It does come with a dropper so you can regulate the amount... Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1410549519.91

Never ordered from this line.. However was tempted to order the TS. I am very sensitive to many fragrances... I use and love Perlier's Honey products. Also like there Green Tea. Have heard some good things about this line... Thanks for the posts... Continue Reading



Last Reply by Southern Fried Chick 1410793691.07 | Started by lovestodance in Beauty Banter

Recently ordered from this site. Did get the COQ10 face serum... Arrived a few days ago... They had a special... Buy 1 get three... Coupon for FREE SHIP AND DISCOUNT ADDED... They are 2.oz each... Total price was. $14.39... Did have to pay tax since they are based in my State... Am a HAPPY CAMPER Just wanted to share this with you all... lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Really, miss Joan?

In Joan Rivers 1410113370.6

On 9/7/2014 too cute said: Can we talk? Joan was brilliant, creative, and absolutely fearless! While both QVC and Joan Rivers Worldwide benefited from their association, she deserves more than the forced smiles and tearful eyes from show hosts. She helped to build your company. Grow up! I loved watching this beautiful inspirational Tribute to Joan.... Thank you QVC for providing this to all of us... Why all the negativity from some... She was wonderful.. Brought laughter, & Joy to all of us.. So sad that there are some not such nice comments from some... Continue Reading


Re: Greta Van Susteren - Nice Show Dedicated to Joan

In Joan Rivers 1409873762.047

Watching Fox-News with Greta Van Susteren. Great tribute to Joan... Will miss her very much... She brought joy to many of us... RIP Joan... Know she will be smiling down to all of us... My deepest condolences to Melissa, Cooper her very special Grandson. Have many pieces of her Jewelry which I love... When I wear them will be thinking of her.. lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Dear Angel,

In Quacker Factory 1409770475.89

On 9/3/2014 cottage hill said: I cannot afford the price of the Dream Jeanne line ... and would love to own a few pair. Also, to your point, they look too HOT for summer wearing. Yes in addition to the fit have to agree. Too pricey for me as well. Continue Reading


Re: Dear Angel,

In Quacker Factory 1409770409.24

Angel is sweet, adorable funny. What more can I say..... LOVE HER...... Just wish her pants would fit more snuggly in the backside,and thigh area. SIGH. Do have a small frame... However not a skinny Minnie as they say.... More of an apple shape.... Continue Reading


Re: Quacker TSV: Anyone say Leisure Suit?

In TSV Talk 1409752514.787

Really wanted to order one of QF Dream Jeans... However after reading some of the reviews remained unsure.... Reason sizing... My body shape is more of an Apple one... Waist,abs,and tummy issues. My lower hips are narrow slim thighs as well.. Measurements... 35 inch waist,lower hip 39... So I was not sure if I should order or not. One of the colors I was drawn to was the rust.. Love earth colors... Sorry I don't have the item # but will look it up and post it... Several people mentioned thigh area running very large... I have several of QF stretch jeans different styles and cuts. Most are in... Continue Reading

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