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Re: Josie Moran TSV?

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Thanks so much... Appreciate all the comments and reviews... I may buy it... Still not completely sure... Thanks again. lovestodance Continue Reading


Josie Moran TSV?

Last Reply by SFGIANTSGIRL 1432526412.643 | Started by lovestodance in TSV Talk

I have never ordered from her line. Just wondering if anyone is ordering the TSV? Do you think the price is good? Are these products good for older ladies? I am 77 and take care of my skin.. Have been tempted to order from her line. My skin is fair, sensitive and also prone to break outs. Do have dry to normal skin. Also age and brown spots unevenness skin as well. Do you think her products are for my issues? Would appreciate some replies concerning my questions. Thanks, lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Nick Chevez Amazon Hair Spray seems to be gone

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Speaking of hair sprays.. I always liked NC original Full and thick hair spray... Have very baby fine thin hair that is on the dry side.. Also have a perm which is more then half gone... Felt that hair spray worked well without stickiness that most hair sprays do... Was using over the counter Treseme (SPELLING) think it was the gold label for some time.. Just started to leave a sticky residue so I stopped using.. Bought Shaper Freeze Hair spray (unscented mega hold styling mist... Terrible left my hair very sticky. Can't win... Can you or anyone recommend an a good over the counter one. Do ne... Continue Reading


Re: Heavyweight Sweats

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Hi SFC, To add I still have some older stretch jeans that I still wear... Am a bit of a hoarder (lol) Hate to part with a lot of stuff from the past... Continue Reading


Re: Fair skin --- is it necessary to use blusher or bronzer?

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My skin tone is very fair with yellow undertones.. I must wear blush.. If I don't I look very washed out... As far as bronzers use at times BB creams to give me a little deeper tone... Don't like very dark ones as it does not look natural on me.. lovestodance Continue Reading


Anyone use Fruit of the Earth Vit E skin cream?

Last Reply by CherryHugs 1424196517.69 | Started by lovestodance in Beauty Banter

Found it at my local Super Shoprite a few months ago.. Simply love it... Not only was it so inexpensive it does work nice on my dry sensitive mature skin Beautiful part you can use it on your body as well... Came in a double 4.0z size... Just wanted to ask and share.. lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Any midseason shows you are looking forward to?

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Do hope 24 comes back... No mention for it coming this season!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Heavyweight Sweats

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I have many sweats sets from Hanes... Have notice quality has gone down a lot over the years. Still have some older ones with cuff type bottoms... They are really very warm, quality is great... What a shame Hanes does not do them anymore lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: Lock & Lock TSV?

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On 1/6/2015 wakefield64 said: So the product costs $20 and the shipping is $8...this is crazy. I thought of buying them, but I refuse to pay that shipping cost. Have to agree with you and others... Shipping price is much too high for this... Continue Reading

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