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Re: KIm Novak personally hurt by comments about her appearance at the Oscars

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On 4/18/2014 Deb1010again said: Kim Novak Speaks out Against Oscar Night 'Bullies' LOS ANGELES April 18, 2014 (AP) By LYNN ELBER AP Television Writer Kim Novak says that cruel jabs about how she looked during the Oscar ceremony amounted to bullying that left her crushed at first, but then determined to speak out in protest. "It really did throw me into a tailspin and it hit me hard," Novak, 81, said in a telephone interview Thursday, after she released an open letter condemning remarks by Donald Trump and others about her appearance. In her letter, Novak said: "I will no longer hold ... Continue Reading


Re: Nail Polish Base Coat

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Sorry just saw where it can be found... Unfortunitely don't have a CVS in my area... Wondering if Walmart,or Rite Aid has them? Continue Reading


Re: Nail Polish Base Coat

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Thanks all... Will be checking.. BTW where can I find Nailtiques? Continue Reading


Nail Polish Base Coat

Last Reply by Tricolor 1396997585.11 | Started by lovestodance in Beauty Banter

Am looking for a good over the counter base coat... Any recommendations? lovestodance Continue Reading



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On 4/7/2014 catlover said: This one reminds me of my beloved kitty Matuce.... Continue Reading


Re: Sad news to report

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On 4/7/2014 kimthib said: My grandfather was a truck driver in Ohio for many years. One night he was having his break in a diner on his route, and low and behold, who should come in but Mr. Rooney. He was doing summer stock in the area. They had a very nice conversation, and my grandfather said he was a charming man. AND, in a funny coincidence, my husband's father was a driver for celebrities and important folk during WWII in France, and HE was a driver for Mr. Rooney while he was there to entertain the troops. Isn't that funny? RIP Mickey--you will be missed. Thanks for adding your condole... Continue Reading


Sad news to report

Last Reply by qualitygal 1396978443.873 | Started by lovestodance in Movies

Old time child actor Mickey Rooney has died... He stared in many movies with Judy Garland.... Will be sadly missed....... lovestodance Continue Reading



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Thank you so much for posting these adorable precious kitty cat pictures... I like you am a cat lover... Had my precious Matuce for over 15 years. He was a puss-and boots kitty... When I lost him I was so heart broken... I still think of him very often... Many thanks once more... You made me smile.... lovestodance Continue Reading


Re: PayPal changing policy?

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On 4/3/2014 Marp2 said: I received my email yesterday. Paypal is making changes to the User Agreement, PayPal Here Agreement and Privacy Policy. Thanks so much for replying.... Continue Reading


Re: Need help with adjusting brightness & Contrast for Acer Monitor?

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Thanks... Do you consider 80 Contrast- 100 Brightness to be too bright? My eyes are hurting so I am not sure if that is the right #'s or not? Tried calling but I think I have to pay for any Tech Support? Acer does not seem to be Customer Friendly. As I think I mentioned my monitor is old.. Maybe someone who has an Acer can help? My buttons on the bottom of the monitor... Last one on right side.... Continue Reading

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