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Re: Stay put pencil liner

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My fave is Palladio Retractable Herbal Eye Pencils, comes in many shades, very inexpensive and lasts all day, use on top and bottom lids. get them at Sally's and ebay. Continue Reading


Re: Mistresses Season Finale

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We hope to find out by Sept 30 if it gets renewed. Continue Reading


Re: Philosophy

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Sale is thru 9/19 Continue Reading


Re: Is DOOL and Y & R using the same "experimental drug"?

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Both shows are owned by Sony, so I guess this is fair game. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS SPOILERS, week of 09/15

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Next week Hope tells Caroline she is moving on with Aidan. Sami and EJ are reunited romantically. Susan makes an appearance with shocking news for EJ. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - September 15th - September 21st

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On 9/15/2014 autumnfaire said: Nu-Chad looks like Nick with dark hair--the last Chad was much better looking. I won't be happy if they kill off EJ! My coworker also said today that Nu Chad looks like Nick. Continue Reading


Re: Vinylux Manicure Cost?

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On 9/14/2014 suebdoo said: Ok enablers I am going to try a few from ebay. lol Questions though. The top coat is important obviously but can the top coat also be used with any polish ? Believe it or not I have been having better luck lately with the LA Colors and Broadway from the Dollar store than with my OPI, Essie and butter London. Also Walgreens has the Sinful ( ? ) on sale this week for .99. I have WAY more polish than I will ever use in my lifetime but it is a cheap enough little splurge! Also better luck from any particular seller ? TIA ETA : Some bottles are $20 each....are there d... Continue Reading



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My friend got migraine Botox, and she is still getting big time migraines!!! Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use any Eucerin products?

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Use of DMDM Hydantoin, parabens, sulfates are enough to make me question the quality of this line, believe me, you can do a lot better. Continue Reading


Re: Ordered and then cancelled the TSV Bare Minerals, Just don't need it but....

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Once I add the tax and high shipping, I always say NO!!! Continue Reading

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