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Re: Fine Dining in St. Augustine, FL

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When in St Aug. a few years ago, we discovered Raintree by accident. Loved, loved it. Great food, beautiful place, highly recommend. Continue Reading


Re: Dark Spot - Brown Spot Cream That Works??

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4% RX Hydroquinone is still the gold standard used by drrm docs in this country. worked for me, use it for 3 months, and it should work. Continue Reading


Re: Technibond????

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Technibond holds up, I have pieces that are very old. Keep it in a tarnish free jewelry keeper, and use those little black squares of paper to keep the tarnish away. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 13th - October 19th

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On 10/16/2014 Shawnie said: Just watched last nights episode. Deacon is a looser. And so is big baby Avery. Deacon should have had a big cry a long time ago and moved on for good!! And Avery has had his cry and his drunk and it is time for him to grow a pair and move on. They are both weak weak weak. Poor Mr Mayor is going to be used by Jeff Jerk if he is not careful. Did anyone notice that Will and his "wife" were not in this episode??? Frankly, I think that storyline is offensive to country music. I think he should come out and thumb his nose at Jeff Jerk. This sordid night time soap is a g... Continue Reading


Re: How To Get Away With Murder

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Viola Davis, one heck of an actress, and one brave woman, the end was riveting. nice to see Eliz Perkins again, always liked her. Continue Reading

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