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Re: Danish Kringle At Trader Joe's

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We tried the Almond Kringle last night for dessert, really enjoyed it, very soft and fresh. Continue Reading


Re: Cosby's Right Hand Man speaks out.....

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The ladies on The Talk seemed to think this 90 year old man is looking for a little fame time, and is not a very reliable source of info, they did not believe his story at all, that not saying they think Cosby is innocent. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS SPOILERS, week of 11/24/2014

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On 11/24/2014 twocent said: Not to upset anyone who is a fan, but I just didn't care for Melanie in the past and am not excited to see her return. ITA, I was never a fan if hers either, very overblown actress with a huge, forced smile, Continue Reading


Re: Callie North of HSN

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Calllie is a former Miss North Dakota, beautiful!!! Continue Reading


Re: Please Recommend a Safe & Reliable Online Pharmacy

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Why not pose your questions to the reliable pharmacists at People's Continue Reading


Re: Who is unhappy with the insane QVC shipping rates

In Fashion Talk 1416860569.943

Q shipping rates and having to pay tax on shipping have made me a non Q shopper for the last 5 years. Continue Reading


Re: Have You Had Good Results With Smileactives Pens?

In Beauty Banter 1416773273.407

SuperSmile did nothing for my teeth. Continue Reading


Re: Diamond Day at Shop HQ-

In Jewelry Talk 1416773106.64

Sonia used to use SI diamonds, now hers are I1, Chucks are now usually I2 or I3. Continue Reading


Re: Feminine Washes

In Health & Fitness 1416773003.63

Summers Eve washes contain sulfates, ammonium sulfate. Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Candlelight Powder

In Beauty Banter 1416758498.243

Is this better for drier skin types, contains several different oils, thanks. Continue Reading

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