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Re: Iced ginger green tea with true lemon

In Health & Fitness 1429365409.377

Check out the True Lemon website, you can order direct from there, very big selection on their site. Nice to meet you dex, we sure got lucky in 1975!!! Continue Reading


Re: JR Great Hair Day Help

In Beauty Banter 1429365083.63

FYI, I dont use the brush, I apply mine with a tissue, I find it to give better coverage. Continue Reading


Re: Visual Field Test and anxiety level

In Health & Fitness 1429364925.113

Since both my parents had glaucoma, and my pressure is borderline high, my opth. has me do this test every 18 months. Although I find it very tedious it is nothing to be anxious over. And my doc reads the results while I am still there. He had my Mom doing this until she was 94, she hated it, but did it. Continue Reading


Re: Iced ginger green tea with true lemon

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Sounds perfect for my DH, he loves ginger, and green tea, matcha included. And True Lemon is made right here in Baltimore, I even know the family. They were long time caterers in this area, catered my wedding 40 years ago. Continue Reading


Re: Paula's Choice nice sale

In Beauty Banter 1429281287.907

FYI, Be Frugal has 7% back, so if you go thru ShopAtHome you can get 7.7% back. Continue Reading


Re: Shabbat Shalom & Happy Weekend to All Friday 4/17

In Among Friends 1429281067.34

Shabbat Shalom, enjoy a great weekend!!! Continue Reading


Re: If you had a Colonoscopy............

In Viewpoints 1429277402.78

I would research the various preps, and find which one you feel you can tolerate best, and ask for that one. Part of the problem is that some docs insist on a certain prep which can be far more harsh on you than necessary. The test itself is nothing, prep is worst part. Continue Reading


Re: Faux tanned today and oh my god

In Beauty Banter 1429276498.003

I gave up on it long ago, did it for years. I now sit in sun just allowing my arms and legs to be exposed, very relaxing. Continue Reading


Re: Revenge [Spoilers]

In TV Talk 1429213230.71

Are you sure it is cancelled??? Continue Reading

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