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Re: Mally's 6-8 piece kit w/Pore Defender

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That was Mally Best of Mally kit. A255675. It's out. :( sorry. Continue Reading


Re: Another cute round palette from tarte - Showstopper.

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On 4/16/2015 poregirl said: I think tarte is having 20% off right now For some reason this palette is not on tarte.com yet. I even tried to get the discount on the rainforest palette and it would not work. Not that I need it! I already have it. ;). I really like this new showstopper palette. It has a silvery taupe, rose gold, gold and bronze. Very summery/fall. Continue Reading


Another cute round palette from tarte - Showstopper.

Last Reply by Cardamom 1429263920.773 | Started by Cardamom in Beauty Banter

I can not resist these round palettes! I wish I could get ones I missed. Anyone get this new palette? I just got mine from Ulta but haven't used it yet. I do wish they included a light matte brow bone shade. I travelled recently and didn't take my Rainforest After Dark palette for this reason and travel was one of the reasons I rationalized buying it! Continue Reading


Re: Laura Geller TSV-Thoughts? Opinions?

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I remember when a kit like this would have been $39.99. Since I don't need anything it's just not cheap enough to tempt me. I still have many of her bigger blushes and B&B from other kits. Continue Reading


Re: It Cosmetics TSV.... SAME Vitality Disc for Future Orders?

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I was on an It AD and it was the same hot pink ombré blush with every shipment so I cancelled. :( . Hey QVC we don't like this. I've never used up a blush in my life. Continue Reading


Re: Too-Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette at ULTA??????

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Hi SuzyQ. I saw it at Ulta. It's beautiful!!!!! I love that fashion row! So tempting but I have the two chocolate bar palettes, among others. ;). I love a matte palette. Continue Reading


Re: Need garage sale help and advice!

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Honestly, I will never have a garage sale ever again. People want your stuff for nothing. They will be rude to you and act like your stuff is junk. I think it's because they want it for nothing because they are selling it at flea markets. People came around in pick up trucks full of stuff. If you have nice dishes you would do better selling them to replacemensltd.com. You would do better on ebay. Or you could donate it all and get a tax write off. Continue Reading


Re: Are Mom's invited to bachelorette parties?

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I don't see why moms can't come. Mine was very innocent. I was getting married in a week. What exactly is going on at these parties that moms can't come to?! :( Continue Reading


Re: Any chance of a 1 Carat 100 Facet Diamonique Solitaire?

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I took a 14K Diamonique 2 ct. ring and had the 2 ct. stone removed and put in a diamonique earring I had. It is much more believable! Continue Reading


Re: Are Mom's invited to bachelorette parties?

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I invited my mom and she was one of the sober drivers. :). I could not imagine not having my mom there. We never went out like that before or after but I'm glad she was there. Continue Reading

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