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Re: What color eye pencil should I buy?

In Beauty Banter 1422758323.35

Your coloring sounds like mine. My eyes are green but the ring around my iris is blue. I can make them look green or blue. Grey looks best on me but I can wear plums and purple. Purple and plums make them look more green. Do you have any taupe shadows? They look great on me. If I wear brown liner with taupe shadow it gives a warmer look. Purple looks great with taupe and grey looks amazing. Continue Reading


Re: Something else to "worry" about: Who will go to Italy this year?

In Jewelry Talk 1422755418.263

I would like no one to go and qvc offer free shipping instead! :) Continue Reading


Re: Yankee Candle's Girl Scout Cookie Candles

In Candles 1422728991.063

On 1/28/2015 ugabugaboo said: DM501X is the code I have for buy 1 get 1 large jar. Good through Feb 16th I think online. Thank you so much ugabugaboo! :D there is a new lemon cake candle called celebrate that looks good. :) Continue Reading


Re: Can't Take Jayne and Pat Any Longer

In Fashion Talk 1422728847.74

I stopped watching them years ago. Will. Not. Watch. Ever. Continue Reading


Re: Clarisonic TSV?

In Beauty Banter 1422725059.553

I tried it, a $99 TSV model. It was last year with the extended return policy. I used it 3 months and saw no improvement whatsoever. I would not fork over $250 for this model. I'd wait for a cheaper one. If you are already using good cleansers I see no need for it. For the price of a brush head alone you can buy a bottle of purity or take off the day. Continue Reading


Re: Eye makeup remover for super sensitive eyes?

In Beauty Banter 1422631800.85

My eyes are so sensitive. I use liquified coconut oil. You can buy coconut oil that is not thick or solid. It's clear and liquified at room temp, just like oil. In fact you can even use olive oil. I like the coconut oil. It seems less greasy and smells better. Continue Reading


Re: Why? Oh why is Rick hosting the Vicenza jewelry show?

In Jewelry Talk 1422630241.313

Why? Because it's his job and he is good at it. The only one who appears to be yelling is you. Continue Reading


Re: Yankee Candle's Girl Scout Cookie Candles

In Candles 1422492989.19

On 1/28/2015 ugabugaboo said: Thanks for the code! I am still waiting on some reviews to see how the smooth wax is going to do. I tried to use the code today! I think it was for that one day only. :(. I wish the GS cookies came in tarts and votives. I too am on the fence because of the smooth wax. I did go to YC today. I asked the lady if they have been getting many back and she said no, but I don't know if she would tell me the truth. :/ Continue Reading


Re: Mally's mascara for sensitive eyes?

In Mally 1422459572.493

I have really sensitive eyes! I have all sorts of problems with mascara, certain eye primers and shadows. Mally's mascara gives me no problems at all. It being fabulous is just a bonus. ;) Continue Reading


Re: Yankee Candle's Girl Scout Cookie Candles

In Candles 1422395156.503

I haven't burned them. I've smelled them all. The mint was the best IMO. The Chocolate PB was not as good as I hoped. It smelled more like Reece's cereal rather than real chocolate and PB (cold scent). The Trefoils smelled strong and smelled like buttered rum lifesavers. I was concerned about the smooth wax so I thought I would wait for reviews. So far they are really good! There is a BOGO today with code STORM. Continue Reading

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