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Re: Your best Friend! What do you give her for Christmas?

In Fashion Talk 1414184225.56

The Tarte Away Oiu Go set from ULTA! :)) Continue Reading


Re: Or Paz

In Jewelry Talk 1414145913.363

I like my or paz pieces. They are on clearance all the time. I think I paid full price for mine but even then it was reasonable. Continue Reading


Re: Roman Glass pieces--water damages them?

In Jewelry Talk 1414145824.083

I love or paz and I wanted a pendant with the roman glass. I read several reviews that the top coat peeled off the glass and it now looks ugly. :(. So I'm not taking a chance and buying any roman glass. Although right now with the return policy you could wear it till Jan. and see if you have a problem. Continue Reading


Re: Best highlighter for fair skin

In Beauty Banter 1414103791.23

I'm fair. Tarte's is my favorite but I'm not sure you can purchase it separately. I do know they are offering a cream highlighter plus a pale blush on Sephora.com for $10 for a holiday special. I also like the Hourglass highlighter in the palette. For drugstore I love Walmart's Hard Candy Contouring trio in 3 Strikes. It's a lovely champagne pink highlighter and also in the trio is a beautiful pink blush and a matte bronzer. It looks dark in the pan but it's not at all. I enjoy this little gem as much as my higher end products. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Mattifying Primer?

In Beauty Banter 1413992788.913

Mally's perfect prep Poreless primer. I love it! It feels good, looks good and lasts forever. It's a moussey gel like consistency. Continue Reading


Re: IT TSV from Last Week

In Beauty Banter 1413992093.283

It's funny the liner is my favorite thing in the kit as well and I really didn't care about receiving it at all. The foundation is very powdery. I have to tap off the excess or it will go on streaky. I'm afraid half the product is going to end up in my sink. Thankfully it looks pretty good on me. The blush is okay. I do prefer Tarte's blushes and I also prefer my matte sweet apple blush. The ombré blush is not as pigmented but it's not easy to overdo and look like a clown. I haven't tried the mascara yet. I think I'm going to keep the kit but definitely cancel my AD which is too bad be... Continue Reading


Re: Look at Renee Zellweger - What do you think?

In Beauty Banter 1413916969.157

She had a botched surgery. She looks better than she did. It's too bad she's had so much work done. Now she is unrecognizable. Maybe that is the way she wanted it. She could go out in public and live a normal life. No one would know who she is. Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

In Beauty Banter 1413900838.403

On 10/20/2014 ElvisShops said: I like the mascara, haven't tried the blush and hate the foundation. It probably looks good at a distance or in photos, but up close it is frightful. Those of you who love the foundation must have perfect skin or magic mirrors, and I am envious in either case. :) It takes some work for me. It's not my favorite foundation by any means! It's very powdery!! If I don't tap off the excess it goes on really streaky! I'm afraid half this foundation is going to end up in my bathroom sink. Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

In Beauty Banter 1413900647.21

There are already 21 of these blushes on ebay. I imagine it's going to be more once the auto delivery goes through. I'm not sure if I am canceling. I think the price is $44. I sure won't need another blush in the same color by then. I've never used a whole blush. What to do.........? Continue Reading


Re: the Mally primer stings my face

In Beauty Banter 1413839863.667

Mally perfect pore primer? I have the glow. My face, especially near my eyes is so sensitive but I love her primer. It's my favorite. Sorry it didn't work for you. Continue Reading

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