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Re: the Mally primer stings my face

In Beauty Banter 1413839863.667

Mally perfect pore primer? I have the glow. My face, especially near my eyes is so sensitive but I love her primer. It's my favorite. Sorry it didn't work for you. Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

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On 10/20/2014 ChynnaBlue said: On 10/15/2014 Cardamom said: On 10/15/2014 makeup addict said: Musings has a swatch of the ombré blush on her site. Looks like a sweet pink. Thank you. Yes, I did see her swatches. I held up my swatch of matte sweet apple to hers. Lol. The matte sweet apple looks like the bottom section. Oh well, at least I get a few colors in there. That's rarely accurate, unfortunately. I've looked at swatches of nail polish colors I'm wearing at the time and they never match. Some are close, but a lot are just not close at all. :( Yeah, that true. It kind of looked th... Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

In Beauty Banter 1413839227.02

On 10/20/2014 Buck-i-Nana said: My TSV arrived and since I hadn't put any make-up on today, I had to run in and try it all out. LOVE the blush and the mascara is incredible. The mascara goes on so easy, no clumping and for my taste, just one coat looks fabulous. I'd already been using the illumination foundation and eyeliners so nothing new for me there. I'm just loving this line of makeup. Glad you love it!! I didn't open the mascara since I'm using one now but I can't wait to try it. I thought the foundation irritated my eyes but today I am not having a problem? :). Must have been the wind... Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone get a Lorac Mega Pro Palette?

In Beauty Banter 1413830469.533

On 10/20/2014 BOYINTX said: LORAC is a HIT OR MISS...I love the blush and lipstick . LOVE THEM But the eyeshadow has a lot of fallout....and looks dirty within 2 weeks. The palette looks dirty? I have the Pro and Unzipped. I really like them. Unzipped does not look that great on me since they are all warm but the shadows are high quality. I took back the AfterGlo. It was a cheap palette and the formula was different. Very dry. Continue Reading


Re: It Cosmetics New Holiday Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette Only Sold At Ulta and It Cosmetics Website?

In Beauty Banter 1413830143.883

I saw godfreakos post too. Qvc will probably add a brush or something therefore it will be different from ULTA's and It's "exclusive"." Continue Reading


Did anyone get a Lorac Mega Pro Palette?

Last Reply by boomerchick 1413832988.52 | Started by Cardamom in Beauty Banter

I see it popping up from time to time on Amazon. I hear there was a huge fiasco in that they shipped them in nothing but an envelope. Lots of people got broken palettes and none were is stock to replace with. Hopefully Amazon fixed the issue. Lorac says they are out and to order from Amazon. So......I was wondering if anyone got one. If so, how is it? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: 10/20/14 TSV

In Perricone MD 1413809004.47

I just buy Paula's Choice. I've never been tempted to spend big bucks on Perricone. Getting old and aging is a gift. We can't stop it. There is no point in spending that kind of money IMO. For $200 you can get a lot products from PC and you'd get free shipping too. I also believe I read Paula does not believe we need a separate treatment for our eyes. Oops I didn't realize this was in the Perricone section. We all have our things we spend our money on. ;). I don't bash Perricone or anyone who buys it but I would appreciate it if he would come on qvc himself since he is a doctor and he created... Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

In Beauty Banter 1413808568.793

On 10/20/2014 lyn in MI said: You're welcome, josies2012 and Cardamom. Cardamom, I swatched the darkest shade of my CC+ Ombre Blush. It looks very similar to the Pretty in Peony, only it's matte. I absolutely love IT Cosmetics eyeliners!! I picked up some during Ulta's big sale last month. They were only $10.00 each. Oh wow! Great deal. During the Beauty Steals? I wish I had known about them then. I got the Stilla matte palette. Love the Beauty Steals! Sometimes they repeat the items so maybe I'll get lucky next time. :) Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

In Beauty Banter 1413804676.06

Thanks ly in MI! Great photos! Good info to know. Seems strange the blush is almost the same as the peony. Sure would be nice if the blush changed for future shipments. I see the next one is due to ship early Jan! Makeupaddict sorry you are not loving the foundation. I think it's bothering my eyes the way laura Geller's B&B does. I really didn't care about the eyeliner but it turns out I think it's the most fantastic thing in the kit! I haven't tried the mascara yet. Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

In Beauty Banter 1413644758.953

I got my blush and the answer is no. Matte Sweet Apple and the ombré blush are different. The ombré blush is more coral. Continue Reading

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