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Re: Got my Philosophy TSV today!

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So glad you love it! I didn't get it but if I were to Baby Grace would be my pick!!! Isn't it a comforting feel good scent? So snuggly. :) Continue Reading


Re: LORAC afterGLOW palette

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On 4/15/2014 beauty-junkie said: Cardamom, I got this last week and have only used it once. I will have to play with it again, at first it didn't seem to be as pigmented as her other shadows. Still not sure about it yet. I will let you know what I think. That would be great. I would love to know. Maybe since they are brighter bolder colors I would be okay with them being a little toned down. The colors look so pretty though!!! Continue Reading


Re: LORAC afterGLOW palette

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Sorry, it's afterGLO and it's 10 shadows. It would not let me edit. :( Continue Reading


LORAC afterGLOW palette

Last Reply by Cardamom 1397602245.407 | Started by Cardamom in Beauty Banter

Is anyone getting this? I really want it. It's not at my ULTA yet. I saw some videos of it on YouTube. At first I thought it was too colorful but I think I can tone downs some looks and it does come with a couple browns. There are quite a few colors in there that I have nothing like. The orange, orchid, sea green and blue look so beautiful!! And there are more mattes than shimmers! And the price!!!? $24 for 12 shadows. It seems like a bargain. Anyone else interested in this one? Continue Reading


Re: Hourglass Ambient Light... Your favorite one is...

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It's available!!! If anyone wanted to order from Sephora to get some points. Plus if any of the powders are broken it would be easy to return or exhange in the store. Hopefully they will have them soon if some don't already. :) . They are running a promo. If you type in the word COSMO you get two years of Cosmopolitan magazine for free. Or you can opt for 2 weeks supply of exfoliating pads or shaving cream samples for Beauty Insiders. I think I'm going to try the exfoliating pads. Okay, my palette is on it's way. :)))) Continue Reading


Re: Summer in Capri kit

In Laura Geller 1397570113.973

That is a nice kit. If I didn't have a lifetime supply of body frosting I would get it. Tahitian Glow is my favorite! I've loved that eyeshadow for a long time too. Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: Bronze-N-Brighten - yur help please ;-)

In Laura Geller 1397566958.23

On 4/14/2014 Irishrose136 said: I recently purchased Laura's Brighten and Bronze in fair. I have fair/light skin with pink undertones. I'm having trouble wearing the Bronzer. I'm getting a "muddy" look. BTW, as cardamom explained so well, the compact is a swirl of light brown, pink, and white/ivory. Today I used Urban Decay Naked Flushed. It also has a bronzer, blush and illuminator but they are separate. You can apply just the bronze etc or swirl things together. This worked much better for me. eta: Sorry but I can't help with primer suggestions. I have oily skin. :) That's a beautiful pal... Continue Reading


Re: Hourglass Ambient Light... Your favorite one is...

In Beauty Banter 1397566524.387

I'm stalking the Sephora site today. The palette is supposed to be available today. I wanted to buy it there so I could get my points. My store said if they get it they will get it Friday and they stock overnight. They told me to come in Saturday which I will not! My mall is insane that day! Continue Reading


Re: Beauties, need your adviceā€¦...

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I personally dislike layers on my face. I inevitably end up with a couple but I try to keep it to a minimum which is why I am a big fan of mixing my products. I would mix the two and see if it works. I sometimes mix 4 products! My tarte BB cream is too dark so I've been mixing it with primer, it's also makes it go on smoother. Sometimes I mix in a luminizer or higher sunscreen. I've mixed things with foundation. Sometimes I throw in a drop of Argan oil. I think I may have created the original BB cream. ;) Continue Reading


Re: Do You Remember Rosewater and Glycerin?

In Beauty Banter 1397490781.673

Interesting. I've just been reading about glycerine and rose water for the purpose of a setting spray to be used after make up is applied. I was thinking of getting some and just assumed I could get it from the health food store. Continue Reading

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