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Re: what does Diane Gillman have around her neck

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I live in southern cal. Our Summer has barely started. It will. Be hot till October. Continue Reading


Re: Not impressed with Nordstrom Rack

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Any of those places are hit or miss. Continue Reading


Re: This is how the European women do it or wear it or use it

In Beauty Banter 1405834472.707

I came from France when I was 15. When I took my teenagers back years later. I was asked what my daughters did to have such beautiful hair. I told that person they washed it. Lol Continue Reading


Re: How Does Everyone Prepare Salmon?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405804180.44

I too bake it at 400. Sometimes I just use lemon and olive oil, salt and pepper, other times I make a sauce with mustard, olive oil, a bit of honey and lemon. delicious. Continue Reading


Re: Very OT --- Mattress recommendations

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We just ordered a set at nordstrom. The beds are on sale right one. We did not get the heavenly bed. They have a new set made also by Simmons and that's what we ordered. Continue Reading


Re: Kroger and Vitacost.com on Wednesday announced a merger agreement

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Kroger goes by many names, here in Southern Cal, they are Ralph's , in Arizona they are Fryes. You probably all have Kroger and don't know it. Continue Reading


Re: I have a secret vice - I love to watch SAY YES TO THE DRESS

In Fashion Talk 1405172414

I love it too. I also love Ladies of London, they think they are ladies. Continue Reading



Started by evelyner in For the Home Talk 1404745698.67

Does anyone own an heavenly bed fr Nordstrom or a mattress named Saatva? Continue Reading

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