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Re: QVC price plus $10....

In Beauty Banter 1421106400.283

I look everywhere else before I order from qvc. I have to really love it. I don't understand why shipping is so expensive, except that it's part of the income for qvc. Continue Reading


Re: Who here uses cloth napkins on a daily basis?

In For the Home Talk 1421072323.623

I grew up in France, and we used cloth napkins, we had to keep ours for the week, we had a napkin ring, so we knew our napkins.. I don't miss that at all. I do use cloth napkins when I have a dinner party, but not on a daily basis. Continue Reading


Re: Watching the marathon of My Six Hundred Pound Life, some are so inspirational.

In Health & Fitness 1420319913.903

We watch this bc we are voyeurs. I don't understand who buys food for these people, I did notice that the parents of the people who are so heavy are very heavy too. Continue Reading


Re: How do you get drippings from Chanukah candles off the top of the stove?

In For the Home Talk 1420295235.61

Boil water, after you have removed as much as you can, dip the rag in the boiling water and rub wax without spreading it. Repeat a few times. Next time use a dish and cover with aluminum paper.By the way, that's how I remove the wax from the actual Chanukiah. Dripless still drip. Continue Reading


Re: How old is too old

In Fashion Talk 1420236699.037

I think if you look good is such an outfit, why not. I see Jac Del Ollio, she sure looks good in that style. Continue Reading


Re: O/T What's your favorite (bought) candy? What do you just love?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1419946930.84

I love baby ruth, and have not had any in a long time. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's G.I.L.I. Backpack

In All About Handbags 1419946866.1

I am not crazy about everyday backpack. When people walk with them they forget they have them and hit people by accident, also every time you have to get your wallet, it's a pain in the neck. I hope you don't have those problems. Continue Reading

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