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Re: How old is too old to start over at the gym

In Health & Fitness 1413729079.983

I am 64, started going to the gym about 15 years ago. I personally take classes, I don't do well by myself, the classes where I go, it is an all women's gym are full of people of all ages. If I were you, I would go to the back of classes and start. Good luck, it's fun. Continue Reading


Re: Your Poncho Has Arrived!!

In Linea 1413555843.137

This is not a poncho to me. It is an oversize turtleneck sweater, what do you think? Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's clothing line

In Beauty Banter 1413033728.593

Wishing Lisa the best in any endeavor she chooses. Continue Reading


Re: I Think It’s Time for a New Adventure

In Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1412950922.41

Best of luck Lisa. I am sure you will continue to be a success wherever you go. I will think of you on our birthday November 7. Evelyne Continue Reading


Re: Hubby's Cholesterol is high regardless of good diet - anyone try CHOLESTACARE by Andrew?

In Health & Fitness 1412861706.49

I have high cholesterol, even though I eat healthy. I exercise. My doctor showed me that they now use a new way of looking at the numbers, and my good cholesterol is good, so I went from a 240 to 188. Continue Reading


Re: OT/ Don't forget the blood moon/solar eclipse tonight!

In Fashion Talk 1412743448.013

In California, it will be visible at 3:25am, not sure I will be up. Continue Reading



Last Reply by chrystaltree 1412956690.19 | Started by evelyner in Among Friends

Has anyone gotten the same email I got about Skinnytees trying to get 100,000 dollars to stay in business? Continue Reading


Re: is it just me, or are his dresses really boxy?

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1412690167.093

I have to be careful with all those dresses, some of them with their print just look like nightgowns. Continue Reading

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