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Re: O/T Security tag still on Kohls purchase

In Fashion Talk 1419172376.083

It happened to me once, I first called the store and told them I was coming in. Continue Reading


Re: Did they say to freeze Mrs. Prindables apples until use

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418914822.137

You can't put a fresh apple in the freezer, it will be mush when you take them out. Continue Reading



Last Reply by chiclets 1418842995.67 | Started by evelyner in Among Friends

To my friends who celebrate, wishing you a Happy Hannukah Continue Reading


Re: What was up with programming this morning?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418829491.127

I really don't watch qvc anymore. I look on the website only. Continue Reading



Started by evelyner in Fashion Talk 1418829424.103

I remember when Kathy Levine left and Lisa took over, so many people were upset. No one thought that Lisa could do it, but obviously she did more than fine. So, good luck to the new host, and hopefully good stuff will be sold with less S&H!!! Continue Reading


Re: Totally O/T. Advice needed

In Fashion Talk 1418569122.667

I personally don't like confrontation. Can you pay your respect later when the funeral is over. Sending a card to him who not help in my opinion. If you belong to a church, you can even dedicate a prayer to her, and you can also give a donation in her memory and then have the charity send a letter to the son that you did that. That's what I would do. Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418516767.593

I read a long time ago that Steve had weighed 300 lbs at one time. I think he lost a wife and child, so sad. Best of luck to him. Continue Reading


Re: How are our Californian Community Members?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418516576.973

More rain next week, so great after such a drought. Continue Reading


Re: Just curious....How many

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418510141.293

I do. I started with qvc over 20 years ago, I barely watch now, just look on the website. Continue Reading

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