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Re: Judy and Paul

In Jewelry Talk 1432424895.257

They have not aged at all Continue Reading


Re: Sales up in nude pantyhose category. Do you wear or go bare?

In Fashion Talk 1432396883.8

I like hose, keeps my stomach nice and smooth. I always wear when I wear a dress or skirt, unless it's really hot. Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations for a case with screen protector, iPhone 6+

In Electronics Talk 1432396787.95

I never put a cover on the iphone, dirt gets under and it's annoying. For a good back cover if you don't mind the weight, a mophie is the way to go, and it gives you more powere when needed. Continue Reading


Re: Bobbie Brown

In Beauty Banter 1432396633.09

I don't get it, if you don't like it don't watch and don't buy. Continue Reading


Re: Sweetbread Recipes?

In Recipe Swap 1432299787.86

I loved sweetbreads, hard to find in this country. I remember eating it with a cream sauce. Continue Reading


Re: Am I the Only One???

In Fashion Talk 1431956514.34

I don't care for it either, but I won't insult her hair. I had bought a top a few years ago, and on vacation, it got holes in it, so I have not bought any since. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's $3000 purse and $350 dress

In Fashion Talk 1431871557.12

I have 2 louis vuitton and clothes from everywhere, including even Target. Continue Reading

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