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Re: Fashion Police Future?

In Fashion Talk 1424616447.77

I can't stand Kathy. Joan just had an air, she knew what she was talking about. Kathy just makes jokes, and not very funny. Continue Reading


Re: Jill Baurer's inappropriate comment !

In philosophy 1424567314.157

I am Jewish, and if I had heard Jill say that, I would not have gotten it. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Oh I am so through with Dyson

In For the Home Talk 1424441254.353

My daughter made me buy a miele, very very expensive, but fantastic. Continue Reading


Re: What do you think about the new qvc shipping charges?

In Q News 1424356730.143

Frankly, the new s and h scare me into not taking a chance on buying. Continue Reading


Re: Legacy Graduated Compression Trouser Socks CANCELLED????

In All About Accessories 1424094505.343

My mom liked those. Just enough compression. On amazon, you have to choose the compression, and I was not a good judge. Continue Reading


Re: 20/20 Diet by Dr. Phil ........... anyone tried this ............. if so, does it work?

In Health & Fitness 1423957184.83

So funny, I actually went to a taping of his show, and received that book, which I put somewhere and you reminded me about it. I also got his wife's perfume which I have not opened yet. Continue Reading


Re: Tarte TSV Foundation

In tarte 1423957028.363

I think I read that before, maybe on youtube? The person said though that it dissipated. Continue Reading


Re: Paula Deen to be on EVINE Live on March 24th

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1423921186.957

Does Levine own Evine? Same name without the L? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone get new Eyeglass Frames lately?

In Fashion Talk 1423701780.4

So happy to find someone who ordered. I am scared bc I wear progressive, do you? Continue Reading

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