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Re: PRAI is on tonight

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Is it the regular neck and décolletage or the night one? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: New to Boards

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Welcome! I get such good ideas from these girls. Continue Reading


Re: I Missed Tuesday Nite Beauty

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On 7/23/2014 HappyDaze said: Just now watching the show and saw this thing- seems crazy to me and looks like it is a little too rough on the skin (seems to pull/tug on the skin too much). And crazy expensive for a vibrating (oh sorry, "ultrasonic") spatula, lol. ITA! Seemed crazy to me too. Continue Reading


Re: This is how the European women do it or wear it or use it

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On 7/22/2014 azterry! said: On 7/22/2014 KKJ said: My brother's company sent him to France a few years ago, and he didn't have good things to say about the experience. He was on a train and had trouble getting to his destination as he didn't speak the language. He found the people very unhelpful and unfriendly to him when he asked for help. He says they don't like Americans there. Perhaps he ran into people who felt everyone must speak the language of the country--much like a large segment of people in the USA feel. I think you missed the point he wasn't living in France he was visiting the... Continue Reading


Re: :) Thought we could use a laugh

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Tears running down my face. Thanks, I needed that. Continue Reading


Re: ? About my battery-operated Emjoi. I think mine has died........

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On 7/17/2014 bigsister said: My Emjoi still doesn't work even after I changed batteries and made sure they were inserted correctly according to the directions. My next step will be to buy new AA batteries and try them. If that doesn't help, I guess I will have to buy a new Emjoi. Try a new batch of batteries. I once got batteries at BJs and the whole pack was defective and did not work. Continue Reading



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On 7/16/2014 kcladyz said: How about stop complaining about stupid things? Its a free county where people can post what ever they want. If you do not like it feel free to leave. Do you not have anything better to do than whine and whine? ITA! Continue Reading



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I'm noticing that most (notice I said most not all)'of the posters that object to the O/T posts have under 300 posts ...hmmm. I don't mind but wish people would put O/T before the post so I can choose to read it or not. Continue Reading



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Been flexing day and night on vacation. I am committed. Continue Reading

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