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Re: Neck creams

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Skinn Chin Up. I use the blue under my chin and the yellow on my neck. Continue Reading


Re: Who Recommended Suave Luxe Style Infusion Volumizer?

In Beauty Banter 1425157607.37

I found it at Target. Just used it once and the jury is still out. I do think it made my thin hair look fuller. Will use it again tomorrow. Continue Reading


Re: (OT) Really Kirsten

In Beauty Banter 1425155523.48

On 2/28/2015 Shaunac said: Beautyaddiction, brewhaha was just making a joke. That's all she ever does. Not snarky at all. "Thread" was referring to Kerstin pulling down her pants. Then my apologies. I am so used to people being rude and snarky lately whenever a host or vendor is mentioned that I guess I jumped the gun. Continue Reading


Re: (OT) Really Kirsten

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On 2/28/2015 brewhaha said: Was it really necessary to start this thread? Was it really necessary to add a snarky comment? You could have just passed the thread if you are not interested. Continue Reading


Re: Dupe of Foreo Luna

In Beauty Banter 1425144494.16

I ordered 3 minis from DH Gate. The first one I could tell was a dupe because of the FOREO on the front but I ordered 2 more from a different seller and they look, feel and work like the real thing ( except no warranty card). I also have the real mini and I have to say if you asked me which was the real one I could not tell except they are different colors. The one on Amazon does look like a fake. Mine came in the exact same box as the real FOREO. CAshopper I think you won't be sorry waiting for yours. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1425084339.987

Been flexing for a longer time because I was not doing it for long enough and I am also holding the closed position for longer and what a difference I see. Continue Reading


Re: Clark's Wedges....too cute! What you say?

In TSV Talk 1424975206.473

I got the black cause I will probably wear them with black skinny pants. I either love Clarks style shoe or hate it. I find a lot of their shoes old farty looking. The Clarks that I do have I just love and are super comfortable. Continue Reading


Re: Caught the early morning show on TSV

In Clarks 1424975007.087

I ordered the black because I will probably be wearing them with black skinny pants. I love the Clarks shoes that I have but I find a lot of their shoes old farty. Continue Reading


Re: On our way to Lancaster, PA tomorrow ... ideas?

In Beauty Banter 1424872424.153

There's Stitches Comedy Club (www. Stitchescomedy.com). We had a blast.i I don't know if they are open during the week or just weekends. There's also a Wolf Sanctuary but you have to check cause a lot of things are closed in February. There's Longwood Gardens which rivals any gardens I have ever seen and I think they are open all year. They even do concerts but not sure when. They are in Kennett Square PA about an hour from Lancaster but well worth the trip. There's also a QVC outlet in Lancaster (not the studio). Prices are phenomenal.. Continue Reading


Re: Cleansers That Removes Eye Makeup Too

In Beauty Banter 1424822768.373

On 2/24/2015 Goldenlocks said: I've always found Adrienne Arpel's Vanila Meltdown Crème (HSN) and Philosophy's Purity to work for me. I used to love the meltdowns but this last batch stings my eyes so I went with the Garnier instead. Continue Reading

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