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Re: Why, Dr. Denese, did you do it!!!!

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On 5/29/2015 Jmg said: I really don't think she should sell her products for wrinkles and tightening and peels if she used them consistently and they didn't work . Maybe she should sell makeup I notice you have under 5 posts so if I'm right you came here just to bash Dr. Denese as your introduction to this Beauty Board. I use her products and absolutely love them and look 15 to 20 years younger than my age. No problem for me if she had work done if her products work for me. Continue Reading


Re: IT cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder

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The only difference I seems it's less messy but there is hardly any product in the container since under the main section with the powder is a sponge. I kept it because I love the brush but was going to buy a second to get the brush for travel and decided against it. The product seems the same as the loose powder which I get much more of for my money. Continue Reading


Re: Foreo Luna opinions?

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Have both and don't use either of my Carisonic Mia's anymore. Love, love, love the Luna and the Luna clone. They don't need to be charged for 300 uses and no replacement brushes. Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite argon oil brand besides Josie M's?

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On 5/25/2015 fancy pantsy said: well, actually i do have severely dry skin. and i did like the JM, but switched to shea terra due to cost. the shea terra is just as effective, imo. for the summer, however, the argon oil is a little too heavy and i am experimenting right now trying to find something that works a little better during the heat and humidity of a florida summer. I love Shea Terra oils. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else have enough of IT?

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Not tired if IT cause I like a lot of their stiff, but I'm tired of the same old IT stuff being shown over and over and over. I got the Bye Bye Pores Canister with the pressed powder and like it but there's hardly any powder in it. Continue Reading



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On 5/24/2015 willdob3 said: On 5/24/2015 Linmo said: On 5/24/2015 SeaGal said: On 5/24/2015 willdob3 said: I got a great dupe of the mini from Amazon a while back after reading a few threads on it here. Love it! Oh good, you love your dupe too! Arent they a wonderful gadget! I also purchased one of the dupes on Amazon and am very happy with it. It seems to hold a charge longer than my clarisonic mia. I've never charged my dupe. Not even when I first got it. No clue how long it will last before it needs a charge. I heard a full charge might last 300 uses... Or did I dream that? lol Its su... Continue Reading


Why do the Hosts keep saying how great St. Tropez self tanner is when it only has

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3 1/2 stars? Tarte Maracuja self tanner has almost 5 stars from over 600 reviews. I just got the Tarte Supersize on their site and I have never, ever liked a self tanner, ever. I always turn orange (Umpa Lumpa Orange). This stuff is great and does not rub off on furniture or my light gray leather car seats. I shower, make sure I'm dry, apply and go to bed and wake up with a beautiful light brown tan. I usually apply every 3 - 4'days to keep it looking great and once a week I exfoliate my Legs. This self-tanner is wonderful. Continue Reading



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I just put a suggestion in the "Suggestion Box" thread. Maybe if we all do that they will listen. Continue Reading


Why no IT cosmetics thread?

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I and many other posters, who love IT, would like a dedicated thread just for IT. I am sure they must be one of the top sellers on the Q so I can't understand why there is no thread. Thank you. Continue Reading


Re: It BYE BYE pores...Delivered in pieces..

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Mine came fine but I was surprised at how little powder there actually is in the compact. When I lifted the top of the compact to where the sponge was the powder portion was so thin. I was going to order a second for travel so I could get the brush but I'm rethinking that. I will keep because I love the brush. Continue Reading

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