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Re: O/T Emjoi Micro Pedi TSV - anyone getting?

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I cancelled my order and got the same one except corded on Amazon. I have the older battery operated model for travel and will use this smaller corded version at home. Continue Reading


Re: Robin McGraws- TS

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I am usually not a hater but she cannot even say any words that start with the letter "b" because she has had so much work done on her face her mouth doesn't close. She looks hideous. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Emjoi Micro Pedi TSV - anyone getting?

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I have the older one and really like it but have the blue rollers and think I need something a little more course. I did order this TSV since I think it's a really good deal. Continue Reading


O/T Emjoi Micro Pedi TSV - anyone getting?

Last Reply by jaxs mom 1414694600.973 | Started by BeautyAddiction in Beauty Banter

I know it's gross to watch on TV but it really works and the price is great. Anyone getting it? Continue Reading



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On 10/25/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: On 10/23/2014 monks said: I need to check in. was always flexing when I did. need the support of others to keep me going.. also question. not sure what my bands are. have 2 sets. both are so easy. thinking I should order the 8 and 14. Depends where you bought it ..... if you bought it on QVC, you probably have a small amount of both the 6 oz and 8 oz bands ........ best prices for bands are on Ebay and Amazon, but, in the meantime, try using TWO of the 6 oz bands and see if that helps to challenge you ..... at least a little. My thoughts exactly. Have been bad... Continue Reading


Re: Anything that moisturizes as well as Creme de La Mer Original Face Cream (and won't break me out)?

In Beauty Banter 1413656577.85

On 10/18/2014 maestra said: Skinn's Collagenesis 24 hour cream-the yellow/cream one in a jar. I second that, love this stuff. Continue Reading


Re: It Matte Eye Shadow Palette

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On 10/18/2014 seaside shopper said: On 10/18/2014 Remee said: Uh, hate to tell you, but sunken eyelids are formed by brow bone structure, and orbital bone location. Emphasis is enhanced by dark eye shadow, but not created. Where in the world did you get this concept from about choosing proper colors on the models? I don't think you make any sense. You have to be the most RUDE poster in this community. I totally agree. Reading back on her/his posts, most are snarky. This board is to help people not make fun of them. Continue Reading


Re: # of New "Lisa's Resignation" Posts

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On 10/10/2014 sparklestar said: On 10/10/2014 sidsmom said: Funny! Was thinking the same thing. I hope a 'leaf will blow by' and the topic will change in the next couple days. All the 'reasons', 'speculation', 'rumors'....going @ this rate, it's going to get old. Real fast. Until December? Eeks! ETA: At this writing its up to 10 & this one. Maybe there will be a host that we speculate is pregnant and that will take over Now that you mention that I thought Dan Wheeler was looking a little bigger around the middle - could it be??? Continue Reading



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On 10/5/2014 beautybee said: BeautyAddiction, how wonderful to get all those compliments. I am in! I've been faithfully flexing and I really like the way my jawline has firmed up even more. I've been losing weight slooowwwllyy it seems, and this has been a great way to keep my face from falling onto my lap. Lol! It's great at any age to get compliments but especially as we get older. So glad you, too, like what it has done for you. It has become a habit for me now. Keep us posted. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use pure apple cider vinegar for beauty or health purposes?

In Beauty Banter 1412540220.99

What time of day do you take it? I have reflux and am on Prilosec also. I would like to try this. Thank you. Continue Reading

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