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Last Reply by BlingQueen022 1423217068.393 | Started by bazb in Kitchen & Food Talk

Found them yesterday at my local Walmart--DELICIOUS!! A little hard, but then again all Oreos are always hard, but the taste is really good. Next up the S'MORES Oreos this summer! Blessings. Continue Reading


Re: Mary's top

In Fashion Talk 1422343161.91

Anyone know if Jill's pretty green jacket is QVC or elsewhere. Looks a lot like Susan Graver, but unsure and couldn't find pretty green. Would love that DD's upcoming bd. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Tony Little Suede Boots on HSN

In Fashion Talk 1417000661.55

Not so sure about the last statement. I purchased 3 pairs for my DD last winter and they have held up nicely and she is already wearing the boots again this season. Unsure if these are the same as last year's: hers are dark brown, winter white, and grey. Great boots and she is hard on all of her shoes, but I think hers only had one interchangeable cuff. Great boots!! Continue Reading



Last Reply by buckeyewareagle 1414050561.997 | Started by bazb in TSV Talk

I ordered the Harry London Santa village and Nutcrackers around 7 am Sunday morning and noticed this morning my nutcrackers stated advanced sales. I called and the lady named Inez stated that Harry London had accepted too many ship immediately orders, so several would be shipping later—not my words, but hers! I informed her I was unhappy as this was a present and now I was forced to find something else as I cancelled my order. Unsure if this was really Harry London Company’s fault or QVC’s. Never again! Continue Reading


Extreme Couponing

Last Reply by annabellethecat 1413415462.133 | Started by bazb in TV Talk

Anyone watch? Or is it just scripted? Continue Reading


Re: Paula Deen

In Q News 1372411317.223

In my opinion--BAD decision Q!! I have a been a customer over 20 years and cannot believe what they have done!! Bad timing because Christmas in July is coming up and I always spend at least $500-$600 EVERY year and continue to purchase Christmas items until Christmas. I willl NO longer be watching or purchasing from QVC because of this decision. I do not believe in kicking someone to the curb when they are down. Was Paula wrong? Absolutely! However, she apologized, and sought redemption from God--who are we to judge her and treat her with such harshness?! I am beginning to feel, as some of m... Continue Reading


Re: OT---Have you noticed that sending Christmas Cards is a losing art

In Beauty Banter 1356085634.383

We have mailed over 80 and to date have received 99 (hoping for 100)! Hope this act never fades! Blessings. Continue Reading


Re: I started watching HSN

In Beauty Banter 1356085530.577

I do not get HSN, due to Comcast not offering, but I have been watching on my new KindleFire and do enjoy! Blessings. Continue Reading


Re: How should the "Q" improve in 2013???

In Q News 1356085396.103

On 12/21/2012 Closer1 said: This board is about opinions. OP is entitled to hers whether you agree or not. ...and I am entitled to my opinion since the OP asked for suggestions, I merely answered. May you experience one of the merriest Christmases ever this year and spread such happiness year long! May God richly bless your life!! Blessings. Continue Reading


Re: How should the "Q" improve in 2013???

In Q News 1355998312.153

Stop allowing such disreputable posts as this one!! The hosts are all unique in varying ways attracting different age groups and whomever may not appeal to one, certainly appeals to others. I have posted here for many, many years and this year has truly vehemently attracted people languishing with such negative comments! At this time of the year, may we all desire and become a much better society of posters filled with the perpetual hope of the Christmas season all year long and aptly demonstrated in our postings. At least I can hope! God's blessings upon everyone! Continue Reading

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