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Re: Side dishes you served that were a hit for Christmas!

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Usually, for that holiday, I make a ham. So one side that seems to go with it nicely is mashed sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes, NOT yams). It's always popular. I'm one of those who likes to keep sweet potatoes as a savory dish - no cinnamon or sugar or any of that stuff - so it's usually either mashers or just regular baked. I like to rub them down with olive oil and a little s&p, then roast them (whole) in the oven. Then I take them out and remove the peels (I like having the peels on white potato mashers, but it's different for sweet potatoes). I mash them with some sort of cheese -... Continue Reading


Re: Would like some feedback on this

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On 10/21/2014 mineralgirl1 said: So, my oldest daughter told me something that may partly explain her actions. Apparently, she cornered my daughter during the cocktail hour to pump her for free legal advice (DD is an attorney). My daughter told her that she really couldn't answer her questions since she was busy with the wedding, but that she should call her at work. Maybe that wasn't the answer she was looking for and used the table excuse to leave. In any event, that explanation is not any better than the first. Wow! That's pretty ballzy. Bad enough to try and get free advice (ok, if i... Continue Reading


Re: I need a meatloaf recipe!

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Oh wow, I forgot about the onions! D'oh! I like the idea of putting carrots in there, too. Continue Reading


Re: I need a meatloaf recipe!

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On 10/21/2014 millieshops said: Lots of good recipes and I've been thinking meatloaf, too. Thanks all for sharing. One of my favorite pans is a loaf pan that has an insert with holes in the bottom so the fat drains instead of allowing the loaf to sit in the fat. That pan could even have come from QVC, but don't ask me to prove that! Those pans with the insert are really nice. One of my 9x5" bread pans has the insert so I like that I could use it for something like meatloaf (with the insert) and can also use the pan, without the insert, for quick bread recipes. Continue Reading


Re: I need a meatloaf recipe!

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You don't really need a recipe for meatloaf. Just make sure you have a couple of eggs in there (or one xlg might work), some sort of binding (I use a handful of oats because wet bread grosses me out), and then seasonings you like, and whatever else you like. I haven't made it for ages but when I last did (I might have it written down - I'll have to check) I remember using one of those small cans of tomato sauce and also a few glugs of ketchup (I only use Del Monte but I know I'm in the minority there). The ketchup adds something extra that you don't get with just the tomato sauce, IMO. Hand... Continue Reading


Re: Dump Cakes and Dump Meals

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On 10/21/2014 anniebear said: I've heard of Dump Cakes forever, and have enjoyed the ones I've tasted in the past. But the Dump Dinners book sounds like something from the Honey Boo Boo tv show and my stomach is rolling just thinking about it! It's probably just crock pot recipes but all I can picture is Honey Boo Boo's mom June using her hands to smush up a lot of raw ingredients with a big jar of mayonnaise and then cooking it! That one's not for me! Hahaha! Yikes! Continue Reading


Re: Did I do the Right Thing?

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On 10/21/2014 terrier3 said: On 10/21/2014 Free2be said: Terrier, please don't second-guess yourself. People have buried treasures with their dead from the beginning of time. It's a way of honoring the person even if we in our modern minds know they aren't really "taking" the items with them, as people once thought was possible. The basic question is what would the deceased person want, to have it in the coffin or to have family (or friends) keep it. You did the right thing. She left me a detailed list of everything she wanted me to do...but didn't mention the rings. She wanted her late dog'... Continue Reading


Re: Did I do the Right Thing?

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On 10/21/2014 terrier3 said: On 10/21/2014 tansy said: I guess I'm cynical enough to worry that someone would pocket the rings before the burial. I was cynical enough to be there when they sealed the coffin! Yes, this and this! I always think of such a thing. I think you knew how important the rings were to her and leaving them with her sounds, to me anyway, like the perfect thing to do. Continue Reading


Re: QVC going out of the jewelry business?

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One difference I can attest to is that Diamonique (being a CZ) just looks like clear glass. Moissanite, OTOH, actually does look like a diamond. I have some beautiful stones I got years ago and set as studs. I can put them next to an outstanding quality diamond and you would not know the difference. The only time that Diamonique doesn't look like clear glass is with very tiny stones. Some people (usually, most people who have never owned them) will tell you that Moissanite can look greenish or yellowish, but I've never experienced that and I'm pretty picky. :) Continue Reading


Re: Please Do Your Research First

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On 10/21/2014 ccassaday said: Even if you cant pass the credit check at the apple store all you have to do is take t he easy pay qvc is offering. Put that money in an envelope every month. In six months you will have the cash to buy a more updated one then qvc is offering. That's a good idea AND they will have money left over! :) You know, I stopped working ten years ago and, since that time, I have gotten accounts with Dell (don't shop there anymore though), Sony, and Toshiba - without working AT ALL. It takes like 2 minutes to get approved and I didn't lie about it or anything. It's als... Continue Reading

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