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Re: Will You Watch Diane Sawyer w/ Bruce Jenner

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Yay, cable is back. It was down for almost 2 hours I guess. It's really windy here so something weird must have happened.. One good thing about Charter is that it is extremely reliable. *whew* :) Continue Reading


Re: Will You Watch Diane Sawyer w/ Bruce Jenner

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Well, it's on ABC so there aren't additional airings. Hopefully they get it together and get the cable up again. It's extremely unusual for our cable to be out - like, I can't even remember the last time we had a cable outage. I'm keeping an eye on it and if it's still out when it gets near 6pm I will start rescheduling all the other stuff, but I hope not to miss this interview. Continue Reading


Re: I found a new "small home you might like!

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How cute! I might like a little more privacy. :) Continue Reading


Re: Another concert peeve/rant

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I don't remember which concert it was (probably rock because I don't care for country western), but I remember one where some people kept standing and making a lot of noise. Somebody in our area asked them to please observe the rules and sit. For that, they just got the finger. It used to be that if you wanted to stand and dance and do whatever, you purchased 'floor' tickets. It was allowed there so anybody else who bought floor tickets and didn't want to stand up and cheer, dance, whatever, well they were kind of out of luck because that's why people wanted floor tickets. I agree about 'wha... Continue Reading


Re: Will You Watch Diane Sawyer w/ Bruce Jenner

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Argh! Our cable is out this afternoon. I hope they get it fixed before this, since it's on a network channel. Everything else I have scheduled to record tonight is on cable or premium cable channels, so I can re-schedule them if I need to. I think this airs around 10pm so I have 6+ hours. :( I guess the good thing is that our cable virtually never goes out so this is an anomaly. They're 'working on it'. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Know Anyone

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This thread also reminded me of a friend I had many many years ago. We would go shopping together. It was clear that each of us was shopping for something different, within the same mall. So, we'd go in the store and shop for her stuff first. As soon as she found and purchased the things she wanted it was my turn, right? Nope. She would proclaim some silly reason for which she had to go now and that was that. So I shopped for my stuff alone. But it would always be (her speaking) - 'well, mine is something quick and easy to find, then we'll shop for yours'. 'Cept that never happened. That's wh... Continue Reading


Re: Tara - slow down

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I can handle fast-talkers. It's the slow-talkers that make me want to reach down their throats and PULL the words out. hehe But I think that, when you're trying to sell something, it probably makes more sense to not talk like you're on speed or something. People want to know about the products and if you can't keep up with what they're saying you pretty much lose it all. Continue Reading


Re: Barry Manilow Weds Long Time Manager

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I, too, am glad that he has happiness and love in his life! I'm also glad that he's been able to keep his private life private until he decided, on his own terms, to share some of it with us. I am of the belief that even celebrities deserve to have their private lives private UNLESS, and until such time, that they choose to share with the fans. Continue Reading


Re: Another concert peeve/rant

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On 4/24/2015 nekodaisy said: We went to an Eagles concert last year and the Eagles pretty much told everyone no standing or using cell phones during the concert. They wanted everyone to enjoy the concert and the ushers enforced it all night. How great are they? I got to see them a number of years ago (not in their heyday, but probably 10-15 years ago) and it was one of the best concerts I've ever attended. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Know Anyone

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On 4/24/2015 KittyLouSoutenu said: On 4/24/2015 sophiamarie said: I had a friend who now lives in a suburb of Atlanta. She used to live next door to me here in south Florida. Every time she calls, it starts with "I am so bored", etc....... Never a "are you busy", "how are you"., etc..... The call always ends with "how's the weather?" So, the other day, this is the way the convo ended: Her: So, how's the weather today? Me: Well, we had some snow this morning but it's nice and sunny now. Her: Yeah, well, it's sunny here too. Me: Okay then, talk to you tomorrow Her: Yeah, hope everything is okay... Continue Reading

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