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Re: Can your pets tell time? Survey of opinions

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Both the bird and the dog seem to have 'tummy clocks' for sure. It's not like they are suddenly hungry, but they suddenly know what time it is if it's breakfast or dinner time for them (they each have different meal times). Continue Reading


Re: Chelsea Lately finale on tonight

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On 8/28/2014 JustMeMelissa said: I thought the Jennifer, Mary and Sandra skits were HORRIBLE... For being actresses they ALL fell flat! Yeah, that bit was pretty bad. Continue Reading


Re: Have you tried an Orange Watermelon?

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On 8/28/2014 forrestwolf said: I grew up with yellow watermelons, and they were my favorite........ Now that I am in the middle of watermelon country, all melons go to Asia, and I can not find a single local grown melon for sell........ Oh, that's a shame for sure that they send them away! California watermelons are very good. I usually wait for them. Since I'm California-adjacent I suppose it's easy, so I don't know if they are in other parts of the country. Continue Reading


Re: Have you tried an Orange Watermelon?

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I've never seen orange watermelons. I love watermelon and have really been eating my share this summer (and probably yours too!). The only ones I've seen that weren't really red were kind of a lightish, orangish red and those were just not quite ripe or whatever - but they were not as sweet. If this is a separate variety and are as good as the red ones, I'd love to try them. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone wear 14kt gold ball earrings in 10MM?

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Although the title in that ebay auction says 'solid', those are not solid construction. Just so somebody isn't misled, they would have to be hollow construction to only weigh in at 1gram for the pair. :) Their reference to 'solid' just means that they are 14k and not something plated or filled with something else. All that said, 10mm is pretty large so one would have to have some pretty large earlobes to wear ball studs that large. They do have 8mm ones at QVC (and elsewhere of course) that are a nice, large size in case 10mm is too large. I wouldn't be able to go larger than 8mm, but t... Continue Reading


Re: Chelsea Lately finale on tonight

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She's actually a very good and generous person who does a lot for others. The act - well, it's the act so it is what it is. I can see how many people would find her comedy unendearing and even offensive, though. I just watched the finale last night and I couldn't believe all the people at the end for that 'We Are The World' mashup. Continue Reading


Re: Temp-tations in white

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Don't the Temptations people call white bakeware ugly? I remember seeing part of a presenation once (I could never hang for a whole one because I find the product repugnant) where they were comparing it to a white, or ivory, piece of Fiesta, calling the white stuff ugly and boring. Apparently, their busy patterns are much more (gag) appealing than plain old ugly white. :) Continue Reading


Re: Best show to binge on?

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On 8/28/2014 kimthib said: My husband and I recently binged on "House of Cards"--AWESOME! True Detective may be next. I still need to watch season two of House of Cards. True Detective was amazing! You will love it. McConaughey and Harrelson were just brilliant. The writing and directing was amazing. It was just all-around an excellent show. Also, I don't know if it's available anywhere for streaming, or by disc, but the show 'Fargo' was also absolutely brilliant. Billy Bob Thornton was truly brilliant and there was just so much greatness in this show. Continue Reading


Re: QVC.com not available

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Yeah, good idea. A long time ago I removed every method of payment here except my Q Card (which they sent me, unsolicited, ages ago). I guess it was either just a totally bizarre coincidence that these things happened to my 2 month old computer yesterday or, like you said, some sort of protection from something it perceived to be potentially malicious. This is my only Windows 8 computer so I guess my Windows 7 ones didn't have the same response. Makes sense. Continue Reading


Re: QVC.com not available

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GS - Sorry about that. BSOD = blue screen of death. It was very prevalent back in the days of Windows 98. But then it was an ugly, scary screen. Now it's really polite with a sad face :( and it gives you an error name and politely tells you that it will gather the info, then restart the computer for you (just for you! heh). Anyway, after I got the second one it just sat there and I had to force it off myself. When I turned it back on everything SEEMED to be ok (so far - fingers crossed). dooB - Thanks for the info! :) That's somewhat comforting. ITA that it's just a matter of time. ... Continue Reading

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