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Re: What a Glorious Easter Sunday here.....It is over 80 out there

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It's just hitting 80 here (at 3pm), so I'm not loving it. But then I much prefer winter. We had a pretty dismal winter here, while the NE got it all again. I'm glad to see that we have some much cooler temps coming on Tuesday. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone still carry a pocket calender?

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I don't think I quite know what a pocket calendar is, so I guess I never carried one. For some time now I've used calendar programs on my computers for just about everything. For many years I used the calendar program in Microsoft Works. Then they stopped using Microsoft Works and it wasn't in the newer computers (later I did find a source to get it cheap with no licensing limit), so I found 'Calendarscope' which I like very much. I used to have such a great memory. Now I do whatever it takes to remember important stuff. Continue Reading


Re: Are any of you having problems on these forums today????

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Sometimes this board is painfully slow for me, yet at those times it's not for others so I don't know if it's some kind of server thing or what. This is probably the wonkiest of all websites I frequent. You never know what you're going to get. Sorry it's slow for you today. It will probably be slow for me tomorrow. :) Or 5 minutes from now - never know. Continue Reading


Re: Determined to break the (Diet Coke) caffeine habit

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Unfortunately, you will just have to get over the hump of headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine is just so insidious and only one of many reasons that soft drinks, diet or otherwise, are just so hideously bad for us. Good for you, for stopping it. Just keep it up so you don't have to keep starting over. I do keep some diet soft drinks on hand and I might not drink one for two weeks but every now and then I want my Diet Squirt, Diet 7up, or Diet Dr Pepper. Those are my favorites. But a 12 pack of each will last me pretty much a year. I think if you can get past the caffeine addict... Continue Reading


Re: Are you a good listener, or would you rather do the talking?

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Sometimes, ONLY sometimes, I like to talk. But I am best at listening. I hear it all from nuance to details to obvious. If you're going to try and b.s. me you better be good at it because I catch everything. I'm known for asking questions, the answer to which I already know. I kind of got that way from working for a guy who was always lying - big lies, little lies - it was almost like he couldn't tell the truth. So, and particularly since he was my boss, the only way I could not want to smack him one was to ask questions for which I already knew the answers. Then, when he lied to me, I ... Continue Reading


Re: Are any of you having problems on these forums today????

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None here - yet. :) It's actually as fast as this website ever gets, for me. I'm on an older computer right now but, like you, I also keep my computers well maintained and clean. Continue Reading



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There was a teacher - I want to say 5th grade - who was very kind to me. I still remember his name. I will never forget him for being so kind to that little girl, who knew very little pure kindness. Continue Reading


Re: Tablet or Laptop

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I'm a laptop girl. Tablets and phones are just too small for me, screen-wise and keyboard-wise. I have several laptops, so I have them around my house and they are very convenient. It seems that tablets are extremely popular, however, so obviously many people love them. I don't have the need to be online at all times, so I'm super happy with my laptops. I have laptop stands for all of them so I am easily able to keep them from overheating. That's the biggest thing with laptops - you need to have air circulation around them to keep them cool and they will last much longer. My oldest lap... Continue Reading


Re: Skechers Shapeups

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It's amusing that people would sue the company because they fell down. I'm as big a klutz as anybody and if I fell down I'd chalk it up to just an 'oopsie'. I have several pairs of Shape Ups, and they never 'caused' me to fall down, and love them. I have a lot of physical problems now and they allow me to be on my feet much more than if I were wearing other shoes. I got that class-action thing in the mail a long time ago but just tossed it. I'm not sue-happy. Continue Reading


Re: What does the Kindle have to do with cooking?

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They do that now with most TSVs on Sunday mornings. Maybe, since it's the same price on Amazon, they aren't selling enough of them and they figure more exposure will get more sales. It probably does, actually. :) Continue Reading

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