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Re: Howie Mandel's hypnosis on America's Got Talent, and Today Show visit.

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On 5/27/2015 suzieq4 said: If someone fed me something that they KNOW I dislike, it would be a mean prank and I doubt that I would ever eat from them again! Exactamundo! When it was done to me, and I might add she took such glee in fooling me by secretly feeding me something she KNEW I hated, I never trusted her again. I like nice people, and nice people don't do stuff like that. Continue Reading


Re: Plantar Fasciitis Pain - compression sock? Help Please

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It's good to know that different types of shoes have helped people with this. For me it was the Birkenstocks. I had this some 12 years ago and following the guidelines that I learned on line with wearing shoes and doing stretches it went away and has never returned. *fingers crossed* hehe I never went to a doc (I'm not one to go running to the doc for everything like my husband is) and I never took any meds. Just the stretches, starting first thing before getting up, get off your feet as much as you can, and the Birks. :) Continue Reading


Re: Selfies

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I kinda do, the way it's done now. Maybe if it weren't something that is done so obsessively it would make more sense to me. But then I'm not a teenage girl. You are going somewhere one day/night and look great - ok, take a pic. But if this is a regular thing it seems pretty self-absorbed to me. Continue Reading


Re: Is Anyone Watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix?

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Oh wow, I didn't even know that. Maybe too many Americans didn't know what it meant. I probably would not have, had I not heard the term used regularly by British folks over the years. :) Continue Reading


Re: Is Anyone Watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix?

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On 5/27/2015 Linders Back said: On 5/27/2015 chickenbutt said: Well, you would need a current Netflix account. I have it in my queue, but won't be able to get to it until I finish Breaking Bad. I'm just curious: What is "your queue"? I just go to Netfilix and watch stuff. Never have had to wait for anything. To answer the OP's question: I watched the first episode this week and liked it. All four leads are wonderful. Sorry about that. I just meant to say that I have the show saved to my list - or 'my shows' - or whatever it's called. When I go on the site through my Roku3 or Tivo I can j... Continue Reading


Re: Unexplained freaky call

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I don't know about the whole 'heaven' thing - but definitely freaky! Like somebody else said, they must have re-assigned the number. They probably don't do so for a year, or maybe the standard is less, but might as well use them, eh? The only weird thing left is the massive coincidence that the number called her. Or, it could be one of those things where people (bad people) can get into your information and make a call to you that LOOKS like it's from somebody you know. That the number was related to her a while back is probably why they got her info. I think the fact that, when she called... Continue Reading


Re: Laugh for the Day

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On 5/27/2015 brewhaha said: No one complained about sharks when they went scuba diving? Or sunburn at the beach? Or scary lions on a safari? Oh! The sharks are the best part. Chickie loves sharks. :) Continue Reading


Re: Laugh for the Day

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Except for that one, they all sounded like Americans. Having travelled a fair amount of the world I have to say that, while hilarious, it's embarrassing. We saw more of the 'Ugly American' than I ever would have imagined. I would see people in different countries complaining because the locals didn't speak English. Yet, you better believe that when non-Americans came here the same ones would give them a hard time for not learning the language of the land. Anyway, this is so funny and I enjoyed reading it. Thank You. Continue Reading


Re: Jon Stewart - Runs a Program for Vets...

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Love him! He's a good man, a talented man, and a smart man. Continue Reading


Re: Is Anyone Watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix?

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Glad to help. Actually, it's pretty complex. For one thing, the main guy's brother-in-law is a DEA agent, who's not terribly bright, and there are other characters who make things interesting. Continue Reading

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