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Re: Amazon Restocking Charge

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On 7/27/2014 Montana said: Before using Amazon third-party vendors, I contact them to ask about their warranty/refund policies - not only for information, but to see how quickly and courteously they respond. That's smart thinking! :) When I used to buy a lot more on ebay, and other sites, I've been known to ask a question not only because I wanted to know the answer, but to see what they offered in the way of customer service. A good seller will respond quickly, politely, and with a response that fully answers the question. Continue Reading


Re: Best corn on the cob ever. She added sugar to the water.

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On 7/27/2014 cotto22 said: I put my corn in a big pot, cover with water, add sugar, bring to boil, cover and let sit for a while and then take the ears out and serve. Probably they sit in the water about 10 minutes and they are always perfect. Not sure where I got that idea from, but it works. That's pretty much what I do - corn, cool water, bring to boil and it's basically done. Continue Reading


Re: Used Shoes...Do you Ever Buy Them?

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I don't think I'd be one to purchase used shoes either. I would not feel comfortable with that for a myriad of reasons (some neurotic and some not - heh). Continue Reading


Re: Best corn on the cob ever. She added sugar to the water.

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I've always done it too. Just a little bit - like if it's a huge pot of corn maybe a tablespoon and if it's just a couple/few cobs of corn, probably less than a teaspoon. Just a pinch of salt is good to keep it from boiling over. Continue Reading


Re: Where is David???????

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I didn't see the whole show this morning, but I saw a fair amount of it. I like David, but I enjoyed Jill as a host very much. I never really loved her personality, but she is an outstanding host. She totally sold me that coconut cake this morning. (yikes) I'm getting in Nov for my birthday. :) I'm really glad it wasn't Carolyn as I cannot watch her on food shows. I'm sure she's a nice lady but as a host she is unpalatable with all the food cramming and spewing and talking with mouth full. It makes me feel queasy. Continue Reading


Re: Saw Donny and Marie in Vegas tonight

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Marie has always had a wonderful voice but I think it has gotten even more magnificent and beautiful as she has matured. I would absolutely LOVE to hear her sing Nessun Dorma. I love that piece. I don't even know what any of it means, but it sounds so tragic. Anybody who can do justice to that song can sing anything! Continue Reading


Re: TV Show --Dexter

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Oh wow, sorry somebody posted spoilers. :( Continue Reading


Re: TV Show --Dexter

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It was such a good show. Michael C Hall is a brilliant actor. Each season had its own things going on but you will want to watch it in sequence starting with S01, E01 to catch all the backstory and how it works itself into the storylines and lives of the characters. I've been a huge fan of MC Hall since Six Feet Under (another amazing show!). I know he does other work, including stage work, but I hope to see him in another great series. I don't know how he might be able to top SFU and Dexter, but if anybody can do it he can. :) Oh yeah, and of course there is violence but it's not gratui... Continue Reading


Re: Do you think this is rude?

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On 7/25/2014 CouponQueen said: Why do people have to be so rude in their comments? I enjoyed this thread ..we all have things that irk us and annoy us..people were just discussing..so telling them to get over it..or making a comment about their personal space made you feel much better? Everybody has things that annoy them....and I don't blame the OP...I don't mind people unloading their cart IF the divider is up and I am done but to start when I am still midstream mixing in groceries is rather RUDE! Some folks don't seem to be able to just have a conversation without condescending and insult... Continue Reading

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