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Re: What's your favorite fish to buy at the store?

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On 3/5/2015 RUBE said: Alaska Seafood! 100% Wild King Crab, Salmon, Shrimp, Halibut This is the best place to order your fish / seafood....nothing farmed ....all wild.....shipped overnight......I've ordered here for years...excellent..you will see a vast difference from farmed fish...!...and most fish bought in the grocery store today is farmed. This! I love Alaskan King Salmon and King Crab. Can't beat those two and I seldom find king salmon in the store. I've purchased both from them and it's always great. I've also purchased shrimp and halibut there - can't beat it! I love Austral... Continue Reading


Re: I am so thrilled about this

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As for circuses - there are some stunningly brilliant circuses that don't use animals at all. They are all humans doing a variety of different feats. I saw one, many years ago, at a casino down in town and it was truly thrilling. Not one animal. I forgot what that one was called but, as I recall, there are a few different ones - some US-based and some are Chinese. I just wish some people didn't think it was ok to abuse animals. Additionally, I'm glad that more and more people are getting civilized about this cause. My mother used to drag us to rodeos when I was growing up. I would ju... Continue Reading


Re: Kind of a petty question

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If I were your friend and I were taking you out for your birthday, I would want it to be where YOU wanted to go, because it is your birthday. That said, however, I guess I'd just have to go with the flow. It might stick in my craw just a little bit that she isn't interested in my feelings and my choice. But I'd just zip it and go along with what she wants. I get the vibe that she is VERY strong-minded about having her way. Otherwise, I imagine she would ask you where you want to go, since it's your birthday. That's why I guess I'd just let it go and, like somebody else said, pick your ... Continue Reading


Re: Would love your favorite LEMON sweet or savory recipes.

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This looks good, Anika Brodie! I also like the sound of the Lemon Chicken recipe that DiAnne posted. I also love lemon but I don't have any recipes. That's pretty silly! Well, I do a green bean thing with pancetta, mushrooms, lemon juice, and I forgot what else, but it's not really at all about the lemon. I'm a nut for lemon and coconut together and love Junior's Lemon Coconut Cheesecake. They don't seem to sell it at QVC anymore, but Junior's still sells it. Continue Reading


Re: High School student trips abroad-who should pay?

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I always thought the parents paid for it. I remember a trip when I was in high school, to Spain. I wanted to go so badly but I knew that would never happen because that's the way it had to go and I knew my mother would never let that happen. I don't remember what the price was but, like with Topaz' situation, it was only in the hundreds - probably low to mid - clearly due to what costs were at the time. I'm happy that, after I became an adult, I did get to spend some time in Spain after all. :) Continue Reading


Re: Better Call Saul--are you enjoying it?

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Thank You , NickNack! :) That makes sense since, for whatever reason, Jimmy was removed from the family business and they seem to want nothing to do with him. Continue Reading


Re: The Haves and Have Nots new season

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I just watched the current episode last night. I also like the Catherine character and the way she took down Jim. Bazinga! :) I'd like to see Veronica and Candy in a cage with a tiger - fight to the death girls. ha! That sounds so mean, and I'm not a violent person, but I have a hard time watching REALLY bad people get by over and over on others. I bet Wyatt doesn't end up meeting with the DA lady or - something that will cause him not to tell the truth. Keeping it like it is, is in everybody's best interest. Although having Veronica exposed for hiding the car wouldn't be the worst thi... Continue Reading


Re: Cash Wedding Gift

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I don't quite understand these kind of invites, but I can totally accept that it's just me. If it's MY wedding, it would seem that I would want to invite the family members and others that I know. It's not my father's wedding. It's not about inviting everybody HE knows, IMO. For that reason, it reads kind of gift-grabby to me. I'd probably pass entirely unless there was some kind of feeling that it was a work obligation. I know somebody who recently held a baby shower for her daughter. She invited everybody she knows, 99% of whom the daughter doesn't know from Adam. I said a baby showe... Continue Reading


Re: Better Call Saul--are you enjoying it?

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Thanks, Jackielee! I think I'm going to move BB up on the list of stuff I have waiting for me. So much tv, so little time! :) Continue Reading


Re: Better Call Saul--are you enjoying it?

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I'm enjoying it but wondering if I might be enjoying it more, had I seen Breaking Bad. I am absolutely planning to watch Breaking Bad, but there seems to be some stuff that isn't clicking with me because of the fact I haven't watched BB yet. One thing I can't seem to understand is what the meaning of the 'Saul' name is. His name is Jimmy Mc-something. I need to figure that one our or maybe start on BB sooner than later. :) Continue Reading

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