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Re: Any thoughts on the Samsung Camera TSV ?

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As Moonchilde stated, I also found that the price is competitive for this one camera, but not compared to others. But (and it's a big but!), I was looking around because I'd kind of like to get something newer (my digi cam is almost 10 yrs old) and found a really nice Panasonic (FZ70) that has a HUGE optical zoom and many other features. It's a P&S bridge-type camera. I found this at Amazon for just under $300. Much more camera for sure! Two of the things that I really use are macro and a good optical zoom, but that might not apply for everybody. This Panasonic I'm looking at has that in ... Continue Reading


Re: SyFy's Face Off - Season 7

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Corita - I really love that about this show too! I guess I'm not the targeted audience for competition shows because I don't like the drama, back-biting, btchiness, etc, of a lot of competition shows. I also really appreciate good sportsmanship. This season is a little on the blah side so far, so I hope to see some of them really step up. Mackenzie Westmore looks amazing, as always. I've been a fan since Passions. I also miss seeing Ve every week. Continue Reading


Re: have Debbie Meyer's green bags changed?

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I've heard a lot more negative than positive about these bags and boxes, so I've never tried them. But, I've been using the E.G.G. product for quite a few years now and I love them. They really DO make a difference. ( It's kind of silly, I know, but the reason I got mine direct was that on QVC they only sold them in blue. I was able to get a color choice (red of course) at the direct website. So I have continued on there getting my refills every year. At one time they had Lori Greiner selling them as one of her 'inventions' (not so much), but I have always gotten mi... Continue Reading


Re: free antivirus protection

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I use MSE on all my older computers. I have the free version of AVAST on my newest (Win8.1) computer and I use Malwarebytes (I'm using the paid version) on all of them. BTW, if you do a quick search, you'll see that this question has been asked a zillion times so there are plenty of threads asking and answering this question. HTH :) Continue Reading



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Thanks for letting people know about this. Knowledge is power. :) Continue Reading


Re: I Just Noticed

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On 8/29/2014 sunshine45 said: On 8/29/2014 gazelle77 said: I can just see a ghost image of it... I think it is burned into my screen.... that is what i see. Ditto. That's kind of weird. Continue Reading



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I'm really glad you were able to get in there to cancel the orders! A smarter thief would have, however the heck s/he got into your account, changed the email address precluding you from accessing your own account. You wouldn't even know that somebody had done that until you got your bill, or accessed your account. I had it go down that way at a while back. Somebody had gotten into my account, changed the password, and made a purchase. I was fortunate to have found out about it immediately and called They were able to stop the order and just close the account so that if... Continue Reading


Re: when you start a thread,

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Thanks, Deb! I definitely am not here to make it about me but I do know that there are others here who feel the same so I'm representing that, just from my personal POV. GoodStuff - opening one's heart doesn't necessarily mean telling every uber-personal detail of one's life, but I understand what you're saying. :) I'm opening my heart, so to speak, any time I share my opinion or my feelings on a subject based on my own life experiences. Continue Reading


Re: Tyrant Season Finale ( Spoilers)

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Oh man, I knew that Jamal knew before it even started. Bassam handled it way too loosely. I'm assuming, since it was left with such a cliffhanger, that they have already been sold a renewal - but who knows. Continue Reading



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On 8/29/2014 Buck-i-Nana said: On 8/29/2014 chickenbutt said: It's an awful feeling! Another bad thing about it is that, even though they HAVE the address associated with the thief, they won't pursue anything and that person, or persons, will just move on and steal from somebody else. They'll keep doing it because they know two things - 1) sometimes they will actually pull it off; and 2) Nobody will pursue them and put their butt in jail, where they belong, so they can just keep on keepin' on. :( I've had hacks on cards a few times over the years and this is the part that irks me the most. Mo... Continue Reading

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