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Re: Alaskan cruise...June or September?

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It was quite some time ago when we went, and the excursions probably partially depend on the cruise line, but one favorite for us was out of Juneau. We took one of those water planes over the glaciers (awesome!) and it let us off at the Taku Lodge, at the mouth of a glacier the name of which I cannot remember, for lunch. They barbequed salmon on this big grill outside the lodge and it was the best salmon I've ever had. While we were eating, inside the lodge, we saw through the window a bear up on the grill, after it cooled, picking bits of salmon off the grill. Of course, that was great... Continue Reading


Re: The Haves and Have Nots new season

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On 1/29/2015 FATCATinCT said: I was appalled at the way Benny was talking to Hannah after he walked into her bedroom. I looked at my husband and said, "that would be the day one of our kids talked to me like that". I couldn't believe it. This show is just to whacked out now, I'll watch to see the fall out that occurs with Amanda, but unless it gets better from there... delete. I finally watched last night. Yeah, that whole thing with Benny was irksome, to say the least and I'll just leave alone the rest of it with her and the whole wrongness of - well, never mind. gack! Anyway, glad to ... Continue Reading


Re: Help! Anyone Have Penzey's Latest Catalog Handy?

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Hi Rosehill! There are a lot of products from Penzey's that I like but I'm sure it's pretty much all personal preference. One thing, if you want to purchase cinnamon, be sure to choose the Ceylon Cinnamon. That's the only that's actually cinnamon and not cassis. For many of us, cassis is not a good choice. I don't remember all the particulars, but it did end up that for both me and the bird cassis was a very bad choice. I like the Ceylon cinnamon. Continue Reading


Re: Bissell Spotbot Little Carpet Cleaner ~ Great Little Cleaning Machine

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I got one a few years ago, after we got the puppy. I was tired of dragging out my large carpet cleaner for messes and the SpotBot has been the perfect thing to have! I have a large supply of Bissell cleaning solutions for it. I watched prices on Amazon and also sometimes I get an email from Bissell with deals on their cleaners. Before I got this I wasn't really a fan of Bissell, having had a full-size carpet cleaner by Bissell that was pretty ineffective, not to mention a real pain to clean the actual machine parts after using. But I have recommended the SpotBot ever since I got mine. Continue Reading


Re: Host phrases

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On 1/23/2015 mosky said: I forgot the most annoying one..."so stinking cute"! I tend not to pick apart everything they say but I'll have to admit that this one makes me cringe. Where do people think up sayings like this? I'd never heard that one before, until I heard it on QVC. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Do You Stand In Line oe On Line?

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For me, I guess, unless I were actually standing ON a line that's drawn beneath me, I'd be standing 'in' line. :) For me, also, 'online' is when I'm on the computer - online reading emails and doing this. :) Continue Reading


Re: HP TSV from Shanghai???

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Laptops are packed very well. It should be in form-fitted, thick styrofoam, inside of the actual laptop box which should be packed into a shipping box with packing materials to keep it from moving around in the shipping box. It's just that QVC's processing time is generally kind of long, which is a drag for sure. Rule of thumb - if in a hurry I never order something from QVC. :) Continue Reading


Re: Lock & Lock/ Chris Pryme

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Good idea to check Amazon. I've gotten many individual pieces there. Just get the HPL number off the bottom of a size you like and search it. Also, ebay. I have several different pieces that would fit different types of sandwiches. None of them have ever been called a sandwich container, though. I just use the size that fits. :) As crazy as I am with the L&L and food storage, I have a size to fit practically anything. Continue Reading


Re: Have You Noticed a Change in a Favorite Food Product?

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Mindy - Must get new vacuum sealer! :) I usually have some sort of hard cheese, more often it's Asiago for me, and I always vac seal it so that it lasts for ages. It's the ONLY way to go, IMO. One little wedge of that lasts me a very long time because I use the Microplane and you get a huge pile of cheese with grating just a fraction of it. Sometimes I cut it up into a few pieces and vac seal each one separately. But usually I can just use some, vac seal the rest, use more a month or two later, and vac seal it again, etc. I also agree that freezing cheeses is a decent choice, especiall... Continue Reading


Re: Healthy Grill

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Some of the stuff they come up with and the notion that you just absolutely positively HAVE to have this or your life won't be worth living. SMH I like kitchen stuff and gadgets as much as the next chicken, but some of these things are just plain silly and don't do any more than the stuff we already have in our kitchen. Continue Reading

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