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Re: QVC going out of the jewelry business?

In Jewelry Talk 1414184907.823

On 10/24/2014 StarChild said: Just got an email from ShopHQ - they're having a Gem Week from Oct. 24 - 30. I can't recall when the Q last had a Gem Week (they usually were in January around the time of my birthday). I went over to look and fortunately there really wasn't anything that appealed to me so my wallet is very happy but it is nice they scheduled something like this before Xmas. I saw that and thought 'oh, interesting' until I saw that it seemed to all be silver. Too bad they are getting away from gold, like the others. I would be willing to bet that there are still a lot of peopl... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Else Here With SLE Lupus ?

In Health & Fitness 1414182402.743

Hi Noel, et al. Because I'm kind of an idiot and I'm lucky to remember my name or really lucky when I can remember what day it is (50 times a day!), I don't remember the different types of Lupus. But this movie just popped into my head today and I was wondering if you had seen it. It starred Brooke Shields and Cherry Jones as a gay couple. They had a baby (that Cherry Jones' character bore) and then her character ended up with the REALLY bad type of Lupus (where you don't live long) and it went on with her parents trying to take their daughter away from Brooke's character. Anyway - amazingly ... Continue Reading


Re: Honey boo boo has been cancelled!

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On 10/24/2014 Goldie76 said: Some additional proof that there is a God. Ha!~ Good one. I wouldn't go that far, of course, but I love it! :) Continue Reading


Re: Honey boo boo has been cancelled!

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I remember when this show was first coming up and I'd be watching a show when the promos for this show would come on. (Yes, I watch a few things on TLC, but nothing anywhere near as vacuous as this hot mess!) You didn't even have to watch a single episode to realize how hideously awful this bunch, and their show, was. Anyway, good on TLC for dropping this mess. I hope they have the class to also drop rerun airings from their schedule and make a clean break. Continue Reading


Re: I need a meatloaf recipe!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414173240.767

Right about the oats - they just disappear into the meatloaf like the eggs do. Hey, I'd be the first one to leave them out if it was like eating oatmeal (yuck!) or eggs (double yuck!), but it's just like making a cake - some ingredients DO serve a purpose, but they disappear into the end product. Continue Reading


Re: Love it. Hate it.

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I try not to watch too many commercials, but I have to say that I absolutely ABHOR the Flo Progressive commercials. Some of them are not too horrible but some I find absolutely egregious. That said, however, I do understand that I must be in the minority. Otherwise this line of commercials would not seem to be so successful - at least in that they are still running and coming out with new ones all the time. It's not even so much the commercials themselves. It's just the Flo character for me. No likey! :) She's kind of funny in that one fairly new sitcom, though. Not sure the ones I love but ... Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Hasselhoff

In TV Talk 1414172386.88

I wasn't a fan (at all!!) but I would agree that she deserves privacy as to the details and whatever else. This is private life stuff, not for public consumption unless SHE chooses it to be so. I would have also made the tiny effort to spell her name correctly, if I had chosen to start a conversation about her. Continue Reading


Re: cooks essentials line expanding

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414100495.91

I like both Meredith and Eric. I think it seems like Bob Warden has changed to be the vendor/rep for stuff like Ninja, and probably some brand names I cannot remember, lately. Continue Reading


Re: Kids from poorer neighborhoods keep coming to trick-or-treat in mine. Do I have to give them candy

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On 10/23/2014 nunya said: oh we would have egged her snotty house JMO, but I don't think that if somebody is a jerk it is appropriate to stoop to their level. Of course you were probably joking (kinda - ha!) but I bet some people really would do something like that. Either participate or don't. Both are completely acceptable choices. I cannot help but wonder if this was just a (bad) joke, to write this letter to 'Dear Whatever it was'. OTOH, I suppose there really are people like that out there. Continue Reading


Re: Mama June's boyfriend

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Wow. Um, yeah, I'll just leave it at that. Continue Reading

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