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Re: Anyone from Baltimore ???

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the city, the government, and its people are going through horrible times now. we are on display for all the wrong reasons unfortunately. the looting, rioting, and damage are disgusting. the police department needs to be held accountable also. i will say though that baltimore DOES have its charm, beautiful sites, beautiful people, and a lot of history. i am baltimore born and raised. i am not afraid to go downtown and enjoy the city and its offerings. Continue Reading


Re: Senior citizen

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On 4/27/2015 Daysdee said: When my mother was in her mid 60's to almost 80 she always said she couldn't find any clothes she liked. (no QVC then) I'm in my 70's and I can find too many clothing items I like. my mother will be 75 this year and she has that same problem. LOL.....too many choices. she shops at qvc, hsn, and numerous other online sites and from catalogs. she rarely goes into a store to make purchases. she can find dressy, loungewear, sleepwear, jeans, leggings, casual tops, lingerie, and everything in between. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone from Baltimore ???

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On 4/27/2015 lovesrecess said: They have closed the schools in Baltimore tomorrow so that will mean even more school-age kids out in the streets getting in trouble....they seem to be making a bad situation worse it was a good decision. there are no school buses for kids in the city. they must walk or take public transportation to school. i know with this going on i would want my child home and safe rather than out. Continue Reading



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i am in the baltimore area and it isnt on here of course. all of our local stations are covering the rioting. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone from Baltimore ???

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towson town center has closed early Continue Reading


Re: will Sam's do refund on food item without receipt?

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i have taken items back to sams club 6 months later that had stopped working. i have never had to have the receipt. they can look it up via your sams club card. they have an excellent return policy. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone from Baltimore ???

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they were saying that the firemen were trying to put out that fire at the CVS that they began to burn and there were people cutting holes into the fire hose so that the water would leak out and decrease the pressure! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone from Baltimore ???

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hi everyone......i have been hearing a lot of sirens in our area also and we are about 30 minutes outside of downtown in baltimore county. my kids were supposed to go to the game tonight and we told them they better not, even before it got cancelled. it really is a shame what people are doing to our city. there is a better way to protest than this violent way. of course we have it on all of our local news stations. Continue Reading


Re: Need to use up some Spinach: What should I make?

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my favorite way to have spinach is when i saute it with some caramelized onions and a clove or two of roasted garlic that has been chopped. i then add some salt, pepper, a pinch of saffron. in the pan i then put some eggs. you can scramble them but i love the look and the taste of it when the eggs have the bright yellow yolk and are a bit runny. serve with your favorite bread. another good way is to take the steamed spinach and add salt and pepper and some garlic and mix it in with some good plain yogurt. you can use it as a side dish OR serve it with pita bread or crackers as more like a dip... Continue Reading


Re: Is it appropriate to wear black for wedding ?

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black is ALWAY appropriate! most of the weddings i have been to it is actually the preferred choice of guests. Continue Reading

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