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Re: What's happened to Honora?

In Honora 1416678006.723

I never ,ever liked Honora. They always looked cheap to me. Continue Reading


Re: Returning Royal Palace rug

In Q Did What? 1416504815.38

I returned one a few yrs ago with no problem at all.I was this time of year (xmas mixing up) and they sent me the wrong color. I just put it back in the bag it came in.Called CS ,they sent out a pick up and it went back. No problem! Continue Reading


Re: The Lock and Lock Lady

In Beauty Banter 1416504645.487

I absolutely love her Continue Reading


I could scream with this website!

Last Reply by misschristy 1416927983.46 | Started by MalteseMomma in Q Did What?

Come is larger than QVC and their site always goes smoothly. What is WRONG HERE !!!!! thanks for letting me rant! Continue Reading


Re: Keurig environment and health concerns

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416410169.98

Yesterday Leaf Blowers, today k-cups......................sigh Continue Reading


Re: Who's getting Josie's TSV?

In Beauty Banter 1416326964.947

I have it a while already from pre ordering it, and I love it all ,of course. Soooo, being the Josie Maran junkie that I am I tried not to buy but couldn't resist.I bought it again I use the body wash on my face too and no the body wash doesn't make the shower floor slippery Continue Reading


Re: Another update: tomorrow

In Health & Fitness 1416265657.087

Thoughts and prayers are coming your way. Continue Reading


Keurig brewers

Started by MalteseMomma in Suggestion Box 1416244273.693

Please bring back the Signature Platinum Plus, Keurig Brewer. PLEASE.......... Continue Reading


thank you webbie

Started by MalteseMomma in Q Did What? 1416174274.837

for fixing my sign in process Continue Reading

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