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Re: A New Computer Scam Was Attempted

In Fashion Talk 1398376215.02

what ever possessed you to call him back??????? Continue Reading


Re: ridiculous shipping more orders for me

In Beauty Banter 1398289422.88

I know I too was frustrated with the shipping of Liz C tops that waited in limbo for a week. Continue Reading


Re: disappointed with the Carole Hochman TSV coming up

In Fashion Talk 1398289178.813

On 4/23/2014 winamac1 said: I think it's an open-front jacket/cardi type thing. I don't do open front with no closure. it also has a tank the open front is a jacket and it has pj pants. Very cute I have a few of them Continue Reading


Re: disappointed with the Carole Hochman TSV coming up

In Fashion Talk 1398289080.46

I was too thank God!!! Only because I literally have hundreds of Carol Hochman p.j.s Now if I just don't watch the show.......................... I admit it,I'm a CH junkie and I cannot resist! Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone just hear MBR say...?

In Beauty Banter 1398263919.17

Can you list the chemicals in it ,please. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone tried the Dr. Gross facial steamer?

In Beauty Banter 1397827465.32

you can do the same with an ordinary humidifier. How do I know? Many Yrs ago, I had a bronchial infection and need to use the humidifier and my skin never looked better. Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397827222.267

On 4/17/2014 Angel Cake said: On 4/17/2014 circles said: I hope the two of you are not going to eat them.....if they are open I can only imagine what kind of germs or such may be on them or in them....I sure would not trust eating them.... Call cs for a refund.... Oh wow I am so embarrassed. I bought 2 bags and one of the bags had gash open and *almost* spilled but didn't. I still have been eating mine lol. Do you really think it could be germy? I had to return 2 things last week that I didn't like and I feel kinda shy about making returns, I feel like somebody is going to think I'm trying t... Continue Reading


Re: ingredients in Tips

In Beauty Banter 1397748010.647

thanks everyone Continue Reading


ingredients in Tips

Last Reply by MalteseMomma 1397748010.81 | Started by MalteseMomma in Beauty Banter

Does anyone know what they are? Continue Reading

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