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In Q Did What? 1408720736.493

Oh My Gosh , I wish they would delete this thread..................lol Continue Reading



In Q Did What? 1408551013.013

opps Continue Reading



Last Reply by MalteseMomma 1408720736.497 | Started by MalteseMomma in Q Did What?

Is this a joke? Must be looking for my name especially ,just to delete. I honestly have not said anything except to say webbie deletes my posts. OMG this is weird,I think I need to write to the big guys and this person need to loose their job! Keep your eye on this post and see how long it lasts..........lol Continue Reading


Re: My son was injured last night

In Health & Fitness 1408314388.483

Thank God he is ok. I will say a prayer for you and him tonite Continue Reading


Re: Am curious to know why people would purchase a $3000 ring w/out seeing it in person!

In Jewelry Talk 1408122844.58

I did not see the item you are talking about but I think a few private jewlers buy these expensive items and resell them . Years ago ,stones gathered closely together to make you think it is one stone was very popular Continue Reading


Re: has anyone ever "experienced" anything with a dragonfly?

In In the Garden 1408122649.34

Every yr I get a swarm of them in my backyard for a day or two.I have heard that when they swarm like that they only have a few more days to live.i always talk to them because I an the last of my immediate family on earth ,so since they are said to represent our departed .I guess they are here for a yearly reunion. I was very lucky a few yrs ago while walking my dog in the park to be totally surrounded in a very large swarm of them.I couldn't believe my eyes.I do not think these were about to die (and I didn't know that story yet anyway) I thought I just got caught in some ind of migration... Continue Reading


Re: Mixed reviews, reluctant to try. How does Wen compare to philosophy hair products?

In WEN 1407771135.44

I wouldn't even consider Philosophy a hair care product at all,no matter what they call it! Continue Reading


Re: Living out of a Can

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1407605272.99

On 7/27/2014 happy housewife said: What I don't understand on this BB is the compulsive need of some posters to be other posters FOOD POLICE. Eat what you like and even post about what you like to cook and eat, fine. But no one has any right to tell everyone else they HAVE TO do the same. Oh boy , do I agree with you !!! Continue Reading

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