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Re: What is the primary difference between WEN 613 and the regular flavors of WEN?

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On 9/22/2014 DoeADear said: They are SCENTS, not "flavors." We smell them, we do not eat them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perlier on HSN always refers to their scents as flavors .I think it is sort of easier,I often do the same..............no need to correct the poster ,we know what she ment! Continue Reading


Re: On Air Food Waste

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you know what bothers me..............those ridiculous food wastes of rolling around in tomatoes/pumpkins or whatever kind of food is chosen to throw at each other. People are starving all over the world and others are rolling around in tomatoes. Continue Reading


Re: I think Alberti's getting more popular.

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I think he is a really great host and getting better every day Continue Reading


Re: no more maureen......

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On 9/20/2014 lindelou said: Little late here, whatever happened to Leslie from Bare Minerals? lol.......... she sold the company a few yrs ago, and is out doing her own thing..... See her on FB...lol Continue Reading


Re: Joan River's Tribute

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I had to miss it and I do hope it is repeated. I just had to watch the Roosevelt series on PBS.I wish that would just go on and on with history.I am enjoying it so much. Continue Reading


Re: Question on eating out........

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Well as a single old lady I never know what to tip and like that it is auto included for me..................with the right to refuse ,of course Continue Reading


Re: Talk about shock!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi forest,I have not talked with you in a very long time.I didn't know you were sick. I hope you are completely well now.Please take care of yourself. You probably don't even remember me....lol Yes,food prices are very high.That is really sad because we have so many farmers and great land in this USA but we buy most our foods (and almost everything) from other countries.I guess that is what brings prices up. My heart goes out to young families with lots of mouths to feed. Someone in Gov better wake up before it gets to late to solve our own problems . I think my daughters whole paycheck goes ... Continue Reading


Re: Are UGG boots really worth the price?

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I love Uggs too , but sadly, Ugg's are NOT cruelty free. Many animals are actually skinned alive. Many imitations are sold that look and feel just like them. Please buy them instead. QVC sells EMW and you cannot tell the difference.They are also half the price. Continue Reading

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