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Re: Come on Web Team - How on EARTH can QVC

In Q Did What? 1414693229.9

I was just going to start a thread just like this one.This has to be the worst website of all. not just this community forum, the shopping part is worse! Continue Reading


Re: OTC Non habbit forming sleep aids?

In Health & Fitness 1414621390.873

Melatonin sometimes causes dreams. It does to me. I take Benadryl. Continue Reading


Re: Social Security question

In Health & Fitness 1414516323.943

Unless rules have changed,you do not have to go in person ,I did mine over the phone. Continue Reading


Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

In Fashion Talk 1414430777.093

I love Facebook. I can see all my friends and relatives and grandkids/great grankids there .Some live very far away. I can also see things I am interested in. Like animal welfare/lost and found animals and Maltese groups and more. I do not follow QVC on FB ,but I am 'friends with Josie Maran, and Robert Lee Morris who BTW are very real, normal people and are not there selling stuff. Those who refuse to go on FB, don't know what they are missing. Continue Reading


Re: future of G.I.L.I.

In Fashion Talk 1414427704.163

I have a feeling that Lisa will head/design and whatever else goes with this G.I.L.I line and that is why she is "leaving" the Q as a host. Didn't she say that these are copies of things Lisa owns and loves? I bet we will see her as her own designer here and elsewhere. I bet that is why she is presenting the TSV today as the vendor/designer would. I'm probably wrong ...........just speculating Continue Reading


Re: Help with taking a meal 2 hrs away

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414368729.36

This is not what you asked for but....maybe someone here can use this company. There is a company called They send out full frozen home cooked meals anywhere in the USA. With deserts! They have special orders if you need them ,like for dialysis or diabetes, vegetarians, ect. They also have delicious regular meals too.You can choose what you like or get set up packages for 1 -2-3-4 people. Many people use them to send meals to elderly parents or home bound people or as gifts for funerals, births ,illnesses ,ect. I get a delivery monthly myself. It comes FedEx. The food i... Continue Reading


Thank you moderators

Started by MalteseMomma in The Q We Love 1414187214.653

Thank you Continue Reading


Re: Melissa Rivers

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1414105244.473

awww Such a beautiful picture Continue Reading


Re: The Joan Rivers Acorn Bee Just Flew In The Door!

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1414104672.4

Enjoy your beautiful pin and your memories of Joan when you wear it. Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran, the older French woman and Argon oil

In Beauty Banter 1414099217.58

On 10/23/2014 SoftRaindrops said: On 10/23/2014 MalteseMomma said: She is right here living in New Jersey. I'm 77 and look 50 and that is the truth. Sorry if that upsets so many women.I have very few wrinkles Everytime I say this you all jump on me but it can happen. I happen to have good genes. If I could I'd post a picture of myself. You can see me on FB's Josie Maran Fans group. I don't know how to post pictures here. Sorry to say,my brain has gotten older but not my appearance. My hair is natural blonde with no grey at all.Thats another thing I get a lot of flack for,from you all,I cannot... Continue Reading

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