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Re: Has anyone tried the Dr. Gross facial steamer?

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you can do the same with an ordinary humidifier. How do I know? Many Yrs ago, I had a bronchial infection and need to use the humidifier and my skin never looked better. Continue Reading



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On 4/17/2014 Angel Cake said: On 4/17/2014 circles said: I hope the two of you are not going to eat them.....if they are open I can only imagine what kind of germs or such may be on them or in them....I sure would not trust eating them.... Call cs for a refund.... Oh wow I am so embarrassed. I bought 2 bags and one of the bags had gash open and *almost* spilled but didn't. I still have been eating mine lol. Do you really think it could be germy? I had to return 2 things last week that I didn't like and I feel kinda shy about making returns, I feel like somebody is going to think I'm trying t... Continue Reading


Re: ingredients in Tips

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thanks everyone Continue Reading


ingredients in Tips

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Does anyone know what they are? Continue Reading


Re: Pine Tree Dying Off-I am sad.....

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Get a tree expert to look at it.It probably needs feeding. If there is new growth on top it is ok. I once thought mine was dying too but they fed it and lots of new growth began again for many more years. I had one I planted myself when I first married.It grew so big over the years (50) that every year I thought NYC would ask for it for Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It could be seen for miles around and spotted from the NJ turnpike Sadly I had to cut it down after the Sandy storm because I couldn't chance it falling on my house or someone elses house. It really hurt to cut it down. I sti... Continue Reading


Re: Need help selecting Probiotic

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I cannot take them. They make me very gassy and I'm constantly in the BR I can only eat yogurt daily. (or Activia) Continue Reading


Re: YOGURT discussions......This is a "no" brand for me......

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geeez if you make your own you use just milk and cultures BTW, gelatin is hoves,beaks, animal throwup, ect.........(bet you didn't know that) Continue Reading


Re: I bought some Robin McGraw skin care, do you plan to buy?

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On 4/13/2014 suzycue said: On 4/11/2014 Angel said: I watched the dr. phil yesterday when Robin was hawking the skin care line. I could not stand watching it, I thought it was terrible that Dr. P did a whole segment on her skin line. Like some of the others on this thread, he promotes his family. For example when his son published his book. Hubby and I would see how long it would take to promote the book, each and every day. As far as Robin is concerned, it think the last thing she should be doing is skin care. Does she honestly think we don't know she's had work done on her face??? I wouldn'... Continue Reading

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