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Re: What Has Happened To QVC And Their Programming Lately?

In Fashion Talk 1425309914.913

Never watch and never buy anymore.Every Q check I make is the same thing no matter what time I make it. All desire to shop is gone,I cannot believe it myself...........lol All I order are my already ordered a/d programs now I was a huge buyer in my day................lol QVC itself has cured me of my addiction Continue Reading


Re: Do you like the Rice based CC's better or worse than originals?

In WEN 1425309628.243

I did not realize rice base was more protein. Stupid me. Thanks for this info. Continue Reading


Re: Auto-Delivery is Deceptive

In Beauty Banter 1425309430.45

........and I am tired of so many a/d on back order. Whats up with that all the time? for instance my a/d of the wonderful NY muffins has been on B/O 3 times ... which I'm starting to think I can do without.I WAS hooked on them but since I do not have them for a month I'm starting not to care anymore Poo Purrie B/O and a few other items Continue Reading


Re: I found a new use for argan oil

In Beauty Banter 1425229468.19

Perfect.............see I always say you can use Josies Argan Oil on anything.....and when I say anything ,I mean it...........lol Yes,it can be eaten,Josie puts it in her morning smoothies.I use it on my Malties rear end Continue Reading


Re: Dyson…..does anything last and really work these days?

In For the Home Talk 1425053584.057

I have mine for many years but I hate it!! I would never buy another Dyson again. My problem is the weight, manageability,(very hard to maneuver around) and that stupid hose s**ks up everything near it ! I have a million more complaints but to many to list Dyson and Kirby are the 2 worst brands ever bought! Continue Reading



In WEN 1424969627.203

As for getting off Gunthy Renker auto delivery programs ,get your dr to write a note for you, they will take you off really, really fast. Continue Reading



In WEN 1424889737.963

DogLvr,I didn't stop using WEN ,I doubt I ever will., after 13 yrs I wouldn't know where to start with shampoo again. I just said I saw dust on my brush and not on my dogs brush.......and was concerned I'm satisfied it must be the leave in or the styling cream or the replenishing spray....or.whatever. I'm getting so old ,I just never thought of it......... Continue Reading


Re: no more Poo-Purrie?

In For the Home Talk 1424887067.99

On 2/25/2015 ChynnaBlue said: It looks like it was out of stock while it was being repackaged. They just added a new item today and it's a 3-bottle set available in 4 scents and they have new labels. Item H205099. ohhhh ,nice,thank you ,ChynnaBlue Continue Reading



In WEN 1424881393.043

On 2/25/2015 vermint said: MalteseMomma, I have noticed that "dust" on my brushes...but it was also there pre-WEN on the plastic bristle brushes I used to use. I always brush my hair when I get home from work, and usually before I go to bed, using the same brushes I use for styling. Personally, I think the "dust" is from styling products (whether WEN or other brands that I used to use). Styling products DO leave some kind of coating on the hair, no matter what brand. Thanks vermit, I didn't think of that. Probably the leave in and styling cream. Continue Reading



In WEN 1424878685.287

I have been faithfully using WEN since Chaz first came here to the Q. Yesterday while cleaning hair brushes I noticed none of my dogs brushes had the collection of I'll call it "dust" for want of a word..lol...on the bottom of the bristles , at the base of the brush, like I had on mine. They are all the exact same very expensive boar hair brushes. So the only conclusion I can make is that WEN must be leaving some type of coating on my hair or scalp, even though I try my best to rinse it all out, and thought I did. I'm wondering if this causes our scalps not to breathe correctly and maybe so... Continue Reading

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