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Re: What would you do?

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Thank you all so much for your very helpful replies. I am certainly keeping my eyes out for her return. You can rest assured I will not do that again. I do know about people stealing dogs. I keep a very close watch on my furbaby. I would die if anything happened to him or if he was stolen. We have not been out front of the house since this happened,I am staying in our yard. He really never likes to go there much anyway. He is fearful. Nice world we live in,right! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas,Happy Hanukkah,and Happy and Safe New Year Continue Reading


Re: Total cereal and iron deficiency?

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On 12/21/2014 Lila4now said: I think you posted about the same questions in another thread. I'll tell you again, put your big girl panties on, and go see a qualified MD! You can't get medical advice in any public forum like this. You're just asking for more troubles getting any medical advice here! I really think this person has a bigger problem than can be settled here. Why so focused and many threads started on a bowl of cereal????? Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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On 12/21/2014 3dlovely said: Gardenman -- every time I see your name as the last poster, I keep hoping you got your invite and in turn I would get mine. I guess I am starting to lose hope on getting the $99 invite. If available, I don't know if I will get the Echo for $199. I may have to hold out to see if there is a second version released where some of the problems would have been worked out. Or, if a lot of customers don't rush for the $199 version and the price drops down. On an aside, those last five seconds yesterday in that game were absolutely devastating. me too Continue Reading


Re: Help!!! Serious pain after pedicure ugh

In Health & Fitness 1419176894.347

I wonder how she is doing. I hope she went to the ER Continue Reading


Re: What Does Illuminating Blush Mean To You

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I received my order today. I love it. It isn't shinny and I really didn't see much illumination either ,but it is a wonderful color pink. It does have sparkles in it but you really cannot see them .I only know because one was on my cheek,which I really hate because they always wind up in my eye. If you like a perfect pink (not a really light pink) you will love this Doll 10 set Continue Reading


Re: Concern About The Flu

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I was concerned about the exact same thing this week. I had to go to the Dr Monday ,just to renew a drarn BP script. so unnessary ,she could have done it over the darn phone. Luckly there were only 2 other people there ( I always go early) and they did not for once look sick.Usually there are people coughing and sneezing all over when I go and 2 days later I'm always sick .It is thurs and I'm doing good.fingers crossed. Oh, don't touch the reading material, like I did, even knowing not to.....I read it is worse than the people in the room . Wash your hands !!! Continue Reading


Re: Thinning hair, tired all the time, I want my life back!!

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On 12/18/2014 Blondieee said: Maltese - Sorry I misunderstood. I'll be sure to ask my doctor about that at my appointment. I'm just curious...if you have low blood sugar, don't you feel shaky and have symptoms even after eating? When I wake up in the afternoon (I sleep really late), I can tell I have low blood sugar. I feel really shaky and like I can't breathe. But after I eat breakfast I'm fine and it goes away. Wouldn't it continue after eating if I had that? You would feel better for a while after eating a protein, like a slice of cheese or meat . Hypoglycemia is very weird. You d... Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear Liz Taylor rep let it slip, he knows where Lisa is going...

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Well, she is gone now and can speak............... Continue Reading


Re: In 6 weeks........

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geeeezzzz ... I wish there was a like button Continue Reading

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