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Re: argan oil and breakouts

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On 5/28/2015 LipstickDiva said: I wonder if it's the sunscreen in the milk? I often have problems with breakouts from moisturizers that have an SPF in them. I use argan oil without an issue. I've never tried the milk. WOW, I didn't know sunscreen was in the milk.Is that newly added ? It doesn't say sunscreen on the ingredient list. Continue Reading


Re: Which cleansing conditioner did you start with that made you love Wen?

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I started with the Almond because it was all he had. At that time he said it was great for everyone and we would NOT need any other product for our hair. We didn't need conditioners,sprays,styling stuff,ect .All we needed was WEN. Now I need WEN conditioner , WEN replenishing spray, WEN styling cream,WEN volumizing mist,WEN oils,WEN creams ect,ect ,ect..........lol Continue Reading


Re: vionic shoes

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If I see one more presentation of these shoes I will scream!!!! Everytime I Q check ,Vionic is on! I guess by these posts they must be good sellers and that is why they are on so much Continue Reading


Re: New Homepage

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On 5/24/2015 kittymomNC said: I click on "Shop QVC TV" and use the page it takes me to as my "home page"... The page shows you items recently aired, you can click once for the Program Guide, or do anything else you could do before on the old home page. I never go back to the real home page because I don't need it. So I basically do one click, and I'm on my home page. You can pretty much go anywhere or do anything you need from there. Sorry to be blunt, but if people can't do one simple click to be on a page that gives you what you need, maybe you just don't need QVC that bad... Thanks,it wo... Continue Reading


Re: Am I the only one that got THIS letter? About Josie Maran?

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On 5/23/2015 kesselrun said: Josie is always joking around and being a little silly during her presentations , about "sitting in a tub" of the body butter and so forth, she prob made a joke about it being so milky and creamy that you'd wanna drink it. But I doubt Josie Explicitly Said "You can drink this Argan Milk product" unless she's really foolish No! She did NOT say drink the Argan milk! She said she adds her Argan Oil in in her morning smoothies .Just the oil ,not the MILK! She has a video doing it. Personally I use her pure oil for ANYTHING that comes up on ANY body part needs heali... Continue Reading


Re: New Homepage

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I hate it.It keeps me from reviewing the days shows,so I buy less! Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran Color Sticks

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NO ! Never ! I have had them for years,since she first came to QVC! I have had a huge collection since day 1 and they are as good as they were on day 1. They last a very long time.I have a huge collection. I just do not understand the bashing of all Josie's product all the time. Could it be jealousy of a really nice woman? Continue Reading


Re: Designers buying their own clothes

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jeezzz,Everyone knows that if the host wants it we are supposed to want it too.If they buy ,maybe we will buy. Not me.........lol.........It's a sales ply.........lol I'm positive if LG wants one of her items she has it already! Continue Reading


Re: Am I the only one that got THIS letter? About Josie Maran?

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On 5/22/2015 Mtnbikegirl said: I listened to her, and put Argan oil in my hair. OMG! it was a greasy mess. I should have known better, but I listened to Josie. I don't buy her products anymore. You probably used too much just a tiny bit is all you need .It sinks right in and disappears on my hair. Personally,I absolutely love it. I love her and all her items and use only her brand. If you think Josie is bad ,I'm curious as to what everyone thinks of Dr Perricone and a few others......lol Josie is just about as close to natural and humane (animal testing) as anyone can get IMO Continue Reading


Re: Am I the only one that got THIS letter? About Josie Maran?

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I have never heard her say anything but just argan oil and water is in the Milk! ...and ,YES, it works for me 2dotty, I love it for the dry ends of my WEN hair ! Continue Reading

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