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Re: A "Like" Button

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I have been thinking that for years I agree on both Continue Reading


Re: Stink Bugs

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I Just found my first one of the yr clinging to my door as I let my dog out. I grabbed it (in a tissue) and put it out on my front lawn garden away from the house. I was afraid if I crushed it ,it would stink. I hope it doesn't find it's way back to my door. I should add " Raid Bug Barrier" is excellent for ALL bugs Continue Reading


Re: Can someone please tell me how to cook those Potstickers

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Thank you all I'm going to try just steaming them right now and see how that works.I have been frying or grilling them . When I fry them or grill them they are hard and too crispy. I want to love them so much..they are perfect for me in the evening as I'm an old lady that doesn't eat much anymore at I have never put water in the pan after frying.I'll try that now. Maybe I just do not like potstickers. I ordered the veggie mushroom ones. I wish I could learn how to use that darn microwave grill without starting a adding on............ ok, I just steamed them an... Continue Reading


Can someone please tell me how to cook those Potstickers

Last Reply by moto 1411931768.947 | Started by MalteseMomma in Kitchen & Food Talk

Everytime I make them they turn out awful. Hard and dry. I don't now how to cook them. how do you steam them? I have tried grilling them but they are hard and awful. I have that microwave grill pot but I still cannot make them correctly. In fact even when I use that microwave pot I burn everything. I don't want to cancel my a/d . I just want to learn how to cook them. Everyone else here raves about them. Can someone pleas help? TIA Continue Reading


Re: Sandra’s pic of Chaz’s shower.

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This is the best thread of all Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite color combo to wear?

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all black or if black and grey Continue Reading

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