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Re: Holiday mally tsv???

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Thanks. BJR. Continue Reading


Re: Kitchenaid bowl liners

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1384717563.5

I would call Ka and ask, I would love to know too but forgot about them. Tried the website but I do not think they are there yet. BJR. Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed in Mrs. Prindable this year

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I wish they would do some of the types they used to do, nuts or nuts & chips. I too do not care for the candy bar etc. Just give me good regular flavors- they were all good sellers. And smaller sets for those of us who coud never use up a big set. BJR. Continue Reading


Re: Mally OTO tonight 7 pm eastern !!

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Anyone get theirs yet? BJR. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday mally tsv???

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Please what shades the eyeshadow palettes are hwen you get them. Thanks. BJR. Continue Reading


Re: Keurig hot chocolate?

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I do like the hot chocolate kcups, I top mine off iwth lots of marshmellows! Love the shaped ones for the holidays. BJR. Continue Reading


Re: Mally December TSV!!!

In Mally 1384610255.04

Do you know what the names of each of the shadows on the palettes are- anyone who may have got it ahead of time? BJR. Continue Reading


Re: There's A Poltergeist In My Microwave

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1384547472.117

Our smoke detectors are out of the blue doing single random loud beeps esp. at night!, one from opening the package! First Alert- lloking for new ones! BJR. Continue Reading


Re: Alex from Martha Stewart crafts

In Scrapbooking 1384546913.75

Awww, he was the one I enjoyed the most. BJR. Continue Reading

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