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Re: How old do you look?

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I just took a picture of myself and when I put it in this site, it said no photo could be found with a face?!!!! HUH??????!!!!!! Continue Reading


suzanne crough(the partridge family) has died

Last Reply by northernlights 1430509734.943 | Started by newjersey in Viewpoints

She played Tracy partridge, the youngest partridge member. Cause of death not known yet. So sad. Continue Reading


my Acer tablet is on safe mode...

Last Reply by Marp2 1428700367.487 | Started by newjersey in Electronics Talk

All of a sudden and I don't know how to fix it. I went through settings and couldn't find out how to fix it. It says "safe mode" in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Help!! Thank you. Continue Reading


Re: Building explosion in NY

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It was on CNN. It's on local news here in the NY/NJ area. Possible gas leak. Continue Reading


Building explosion in NY

Last Reply by Snarfazian D Meats 1429953858.85 | Started by newjersey in Viewpoints

It's on CNN. Partial building collapse Continue Reading


Re: need jeans that do not bag out in back of thighs or at waist or hips

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Thanks, vaccinia. I purchase the correct size. The jeans start out ok at the beginning when they're fairly new, then the bagginess is noticable. Continue Reading


need jeans that do not bag out in back of thighs or at waist or hips

Last Reply by Q2girl 1427224414.583 | Started by newjersey in Fashion Talk

I usually wear Diane Gilman jeans but have noticed even after washing in hot water and putting them in the dryer for an hour that they bag a lot in the back of the thighs and even though i haven't lost weight, they are falling off my waist and sometimes even off my hips. I have a pair of Liz Claiborne jeans that I bought at JCP and they are doing the same thing. Help! I've taken to wearing leggings from Lane Bryant now cause they don't bag but I need different jeans. Oh, if this helps any, I'm 5'3" and weigh 175 lbs. Thank you for any help. I don't have any idea why all my jeans are... Continue Reading


Re: Its Bunny Time!

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I'm enjoying all the pretty bunny pics. CVS is selling stuffed toy bunnies that smell like the scent of marshmallows. I smelled one and it smelled wonderful. They are $6.99. Don't know how long the 'scent' lasts though. Continue Reading


Re: Arias deliberations Thurs 3/5

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Thanks for the links. Appreciate the help. Continue Reading


Re: Arias deliberations Thurs 3/5

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HLN will show the verdict live, right? Right now they're not even talking about the case! Continue Reading

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