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Wrapped in love cuff in 14k clad - PLEASE COME BACK!

Started by Jazzer in Judith Ripka 1403959583.307

I really really need Judith to bring back this cuff - it sold out so fast, I missed out on it, got the ring and NEED THIS CUFF! Y'all think it will come back? Anyone have one they want to sell? I need a small! Continue Reading


Re: Honora TSV today? What was it?!

In Jewelry Talk 1397231556.3

Oh my WORD! Well they must have had like 10 of them. Thank you so much Susan, I just hated not knowing what I missed out on!!! But I'm ok with it. HA! Continue Reading


Honora TSV today? What was it?!

Last Reply by ennui1 1397259977.923 | Started by Jazzer in Jewelry Talk

OK what the heck was the TSV today? It's already GONE!!! Anyone know what it was? Continue Reading


Re: OMG Ripka brings back Seashell Earrings

In Judith Ripka 1378478118.637

Oh NEVER MIND Ripkanistas - I finally found them! If anyone else needs it here's the numba! J284983 Continue Reading


Re: OMG Ripka brings back Seashell Earrings

In Judith Ripka 1378478023.083

Does anyone have the item number for these? I"ve looked and looked and I don't see them anywhere! I have that enhancer also, one of my first JR pieces - and it was dirt cheap! (compared to the prices now!) Continue Reading


Re: Initial clip-on?

In Judith Ripka 1372193648.107

Sounds like our tastes are similar, Camille! Keep your fingers crossed that she'll bring what we want the weekend of the 13th!!! :-) Continue Reading


Re: Initial clip-on?

In Judith Ripka 1372090190.873

Camille - I was so hoping for a maltese cross in clad also! I loved the heart, it was so big, but I'm with you - too 'heart-y' for me - I like the initial but it is on the smaller side so I didn't order.......yet - really wanting a clad enhancer to wear on my braided cord. So please do review when you get it! The price for the initial was fab - and I do think it would look awesome on the country link - I don't have it yet - but I wish they would have shown it on there! Continue Reading


Re: Reviews of My JR TSV Watch (Taupe) and Braided Cord (Taupe) Necklace...

In Judith Ripka 1369341726.583

Me2me, I have to say to you, ME TOO, ME TOO! haha! I have the braided clad cord in the taupe as well as the bracelet - LOVE the looks of both of them and yes BRING THE CHARMS PLEASE! The heart she showed this visit was FAB - but I'm glad at least we may have an initial charm coming soon, so thanks for that info! It is better for my budget to space them out anyway - I got the clad hoops OTO this time to go with these pieces! These are my first clad pieces. Could not resist the unique look of the braided pieces (I got the black/silver ones too!) Continue Reading


Re: Where is the heart in clad and dmq that Judith was wearing?

In Judith Ripka 1368822006.7

I agree girls! I have that necklace as well (the taupe/gold clad braided) and I need charms!! The one they showed was fab! I'm sure our time is coming..... Continue Reading


Re: Let's Discuss: Judith Ripka May 2013 visit--what are you getting/interested in?.... :)

In Judith Ripka 1368799648.697

I got the OTO hoops in the gold clad - I'm so glad they were a LARGE hoop! I am a hoop girl. I just got my first clad pieces for mother's day, the tan braided bracelet and necklace, and these hoops will be FAB with them! Now I need charms for my necklace Judith!!! Bring 'em!!! Continue Reading

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