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Re: *** Mac users need to read this

In Electronics Talk 1410962886.08

I'm not updating to OS 8 until I return from my trip. Last year I made the mistake of updating the day before I left and never again. The changes were significant and not what I wanted while on a vacation. Continue Reading


Re: Camera on TracPhone - Afraid to Lose Pictures

In Electronics Talk 1410778503.427

I had an old flip phone and took a couple of pictures of my Dad right before he died. I didn't have a data plan for the phone and no way to transfer the pictures. The camera cords I have were too big. Believe it or not, the charging cord for my Zagg Bluetooth iPad keyboard was the same size. I connected the phone to my iMac and nothing. I connected it to my Dell, it recognized the phone and I was able to transfer my pictures to the computer. Check the side of your phone and see if there is a slot (it may have a cover) that will allow you to connect the phone to your computer. Continue Reading


Re: let's talk TV's , we need a new one

In Electronics Talk 1410728200.44

On 9/14/2014 kittymomNC said: Does anyone have any suggestions as to a brand and/or model within a brand with a great picture as well as great sound-in the 40" range and also in a small possibly between 19" and 27-28"? I may be in the market for both in the not too distant future. I've seen reviews on some that indicate the sound quality is sorely lacking...and I love music so would be watching/listening to that a lot. Any suggestions or info would be appreciated! No TV has good sound. You need to add a sound bar or other type of sound system. Continue Reading


Re: let's talk TV's , we need a new one

In Electronics Talk 1410725538.36

I wouldn't get a plasma either. I like Sony, Samsung and Toshiba. My next TV will be a LED. I know it's none of my business but, why not move the TV upstairs? It's a much cheaper fix to the problem. Continue Reading


Re: Kindle Paperwhite

In Electronics Talk 1410605903.59

I have no idea why your son told you not to put books on your iPad. I read books on mine all of the time. Continue Reading


Re: When is it going to show up at the grocery store?

In Viewpoints 1410520288.47

On 9/11/2014 happy housewife said: On 9/11/2014 sidsmom said: Unfortunately, husbandry is an extremely expensive profession...and you will be charged handsomely for the end product. Animals aren't cheap to raise, slaughter & manufacture. Takes a lot of feed AND water in these drought-stricken areas. Also price of fuel. Feed is a small factor in the big picture. There isn't a drought in the entire country. Just one area. A few days ago i was getting chastised for washing the car - we have more water here than we can ever use. It rains almost every day. It rained all last night and all day... Continue Reading


Re: Printing from kindle hd

In Electronics Talk 1410514691.033

Print from Kindle Fire HD Continue Reading


Re: iPad question

In Electronics Talk 1410469939.057

I think it's game data. Continue Reading


iPad question

Last Reply by Lilysmom 1410473375.94 | Started by glb613 in Electronics Talk

I'm getting ready for a trip and I'm taking my iPad. I did a synch, looked at the usage through iTunes and it shows 8 GB used by other. What is "other"? I tried doing a Google search, emptied the mail, Safari cache and cookies and it still shows 8 GB under "other". I off load my photos and really want to have more free space. Does anyone have an idea? Continue Reading

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