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Re: The Crosby women...!

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Once again, vain silly women ruining their looks with plastic surgery. They look like freaks. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Who Kept IOS6 on Their IPhone 4S, A Question

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On 7/24/2014 gidgetgoeshawaiian said: On 7/23/2014 glb613 said: I don't understand why you don't update. I don't either. About 1-2 days after any major update, I can't even remember what the old version looked like. I updated my iPad the day before I left for Ireland. It was last September and I can't remember what OS number it was. Anyway, the changes were significant and I wish I had waited. The one good thing, it forced me to learn the changes in a hurry. If there is an update right before I go on another trip, I will wait until I come home. Otherwise, I update when they are offered... Continue Reading


Re: Need advice re gossipy mail carrier

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On 7/23/2014 momma3gs said: It was not a jury notice where I had to appear for duty, it was merely a questionnaire to determine my eligibility to serve. A two page form from the US District Court. Even if it had been a jury notification, it was none of her business and she should not have delivered to a neighbor, especially when the post office had my cell number on the hold mail request. That is how I know what her intentions were. It piqued her interest because it came from a court, she pulled it from the rest of the mail and delivered it to my nosy neighbor. The rest of my neighbors are wo... Continue Reading


Re: I finally got the phone call about my Windows computer

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They are also successful because people are so gullible. Continue Reading


Re: Wireless Router Question (AKA Help a Dummy?)

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On 7/23/2014 gonnab said: On another note. Have you ever tried to explain to a total tech newbie what is, and how does WIFI work??? My elderly neighbor was given a Kindle for Mothers Day and she is soooo confused. Just can't understand how those books get in there! And I'm not that good at explaining as I really don't know how either!!!! Same thing with - how does a voice go through a wire to your phone???? Or even more confusing - through the air??? Confusion about wireless is everywhere. Wireless security is even worse. A wireless router has a name, password and a security number. The pa... Continue Reading


I finally got the phone call about my Windows computer

Last Reply by nutmeg3 1406238196.96 | Started by glb613 in Electronics Talk

The caller had a heavy accent, claimed my computer was sending all types of messages to their servers and needed fixed. I asked how much it was going to cost to fix my Windows computer. I also asked how stupid does he think I am. He wouldn't give me an answer because I think he was caught off guard. I told him he might be able to scam some people but it wasn't going to be me. I laughed and hung up. Continue Reading


Re: I always thought Jessica Walter was a pretty lady, who do you think is/was?

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On 7/23/2014 VanSleepy said: I hope no one says Sophia Loren; there have been enough fights about her lol Why would you fight over Sophia Loren? Continue Reading


Re: Mom who left kids in car while on job interview...

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On 7/23/2014 NC Bandwagon said: Couldn't she just take the children with her to the job interview? Even if it wasn't allowed, if she had said that she didn't want to leave her children in a hot car, they may have allowed it. I'd have more sympathy for her had she left them at home while on a job interview. Just like the woman who allowed her daughter stay at a local park all day alone, these parents make terrible decisions. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Who Kept IOS6 on Their IPhone 4S, A Question

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I don't understand why you don't update. Continue Reading


Re: Virus!

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You don't need a professional cleanse. Have you updated Norton and run a scan? What other security software is installed? Continue Reading

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