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Re: "American Sniper"--- who has seen this?

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On 1/26/2015 RainCityGirl said: I'll see Selma instead. Different kind of war....still being fought in the cities of America. The different type of war being fought in the cities today is gang bangers killing each other over drugs and turf. I really don't mind if they kill each other. But, too often an innocent is the victim. Continue Reading


Re: Windows 8 versus windows 7 , need help

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Download and install Classic Shell. It makes Windows 8 look like older versions of Windows. I use it and like it. Classic Shell Continue Reading


Re: Stay home and off the roads they say, yeah ok.

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On 1/25/2015 Tinkrbl44 said: Aren't the snowplows supposed to be running? Where do you live? It must not be where there is a lot of snow. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone hooked up an Amazon Fire Stick?

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On 1/25/2015 bonnielu said: I don't have a wifi TV. Will this product work on a regular TV? Anyone know. I LOVE gadgets but don't want to buy something that I cannot use. I have a rather large TV but it is not the latest technology for WIFI. You don't need a wifi TV but, you must have a wireless internet connection within your home. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone remember Judy Crowell & Kathy Levine?

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On 1/24/2015 hyacinth003 said: On 1/21/2015 oceanjade said: I really liked Judy, especially her calm manner and voice Kathy, is another story......she was in love with herself I saw JUDY as being in love with herself. Kathy I don't know. I used to wonder what Judy thought was so great about herself with that horse face. Sorry, I guess I am in a truthful mood this evening! Hyacinth Truthful? How about hateful. What a mean thing to say. Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Prime question

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I signed up for Prime. I'll use the free shipping for sure. Streaming, I'll have to take the time and look what's available. It will be easier now I have a smart TV. Continue Reading


Re: I need help installing McAfee Antivirus Plus for the Life

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On 1/23/2015 Lynnj said: On 1/22/2015 glb613 said: Open the folder, find the setup file or one with .exe after it's name and double click on it. She said she's just starting out with comouters. Do you really think she understands anything you just provided here? I really don't appreciate this type of nasty post from you. We all have our different styles. If you want to provide additional information or instruction, be my guest. Continue Reading


Re: Odor Elimination on Blouse

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On 1/23/2015 raven-blackbird said: put a cup of Borax in cold water and let it just soak and let the Borax do it's job...........rinse and dry...............................................raven 20 Mule Team Borax is the best for getting out smells. Continue Reading


Re: As a NE Pats fan for over 30 years...

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On 1/23/2015 Shorty2U said: Don't watch or care about football BUT I don't see the big deal over the balls because both teams were throwing the same balls back and forth so what does it matter? As in then they both benefited yes? At any rate the media is once again blowing things out of proportion and should be focusing on REAL world issues IMO like wars, people starving in this country, our vets, how we are destroying this earth and so on. There is plenty of room for all stories. Have you tried ignoring what doesn't interest you? Continue Reading


Re: Blocked sender list

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If you're doing this for spam, don't bother. Block Sender Continue Reading

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