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Re: pls help for drivers

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You should be able to go to the computer manufacturer's website and find drivers under drivers and support. How new will they be? Probably not new since Vista is a very old operating system. If you're having problems accessing sites, using programs or playing games, it's probably your old computer causing the problems not the drivers. Continue Reading


Re: One more question regarding MacBook and Virus/Malware

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On 5/19/2015 kcladyz said: apple does not get viruses This statement is not true. While it's rare, Macs can get malware. Continue Reading


Re: Getting a new MacBook Pro, do I need antivirus/malware software?

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On 5/19/2015 AlleyCat said: I am new to Mac computers. I plan on installing Microsoft 365 on the new Mac because my husband who is taking college classes may need it to send and receive files from professors in his online classes. His university sent an email to him saying he could download it for use for the entire time he is enrolled with them. So I assume downloading Microsoft products like that may make my Mac vulnerable. Any suggestions for what virus/malware protection to download. Another question, can Microsoft word documents be opened in the Mac Pages word processor and vice versa?... Continue Reading


Re: New MacBook Air

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On 5/19/2015 Yumagirl said: My new MacBook Air arrived today. I've always had Windows, but have been using an iPad and iPhone for several years. I'm a bit anxious because the Air does not seem as intuitive as the other Apples I have. I'm hoping I can find an online tutorial. The closest Apple Store is 200 miles. When I switched to Apple, I didn't find it as easy or as intuitive as people claim. I knew Windows very well and was told that was one reason it wasn't easy to change. I downloaded a tutorial app on my iPad I referred to it often. I don't know if the apps has updated to the current... Continue Reading


Re: Aphids on roses

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On 5/17/2015 Lucky charm said: So I don't *see* any bugs on my knockout roses, but there are *clear* spots on the leaves. To explain it better, it looks like the leaf has a hole in it. But when you hold the leaf up to light, it's kinda like as stained glass window. You can see through the clear part. It's not really a hole. Make sense? Does anyone know what is happening? This is an in ground knockout rosebush. Thanks! There are leaf cutting bees that look like bumblebees. They can defoliate a rose in a matter of days. They use the leaves to line their nests. leaf cutting bees Leaf cutti... Continue Reading


Re: If you use AOL for email

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On 5/15/2015 Shorty2U said: I haven't had AOL for 13 or more? years. I didn't know many still have it. But back then AOL was even a pain and it still is today I guess. They always had terrible service and the AOL software hogs up computer space. I use yahoo and gmail. You can have an AOL e-mail address without having AOL software installed. Continue Reading



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I've been on Enbrel for 8 years and it changed my life for the better. The only real downside to biologicals, the increased risk for infections. For me, the trade off is definitely worth it. Be prepare for feeling good again. Continue Reading


Re: Big Brother is in your pocket/purse

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On 5/13/2015 raven-blackbird said: On 5/13/2015 terrier3 said: I had a smart phone from work...and a laptop. Who knows if they were tracking me? Who cares? As long as I did my job, that's what counts. They were paying me for my time...if they wanted to track me - they could be my guest! that's not the issue.................the issue is them tracking you when you're NOT at work..........not on their dime...........and do they have the right to do that/and be fired for not wanting them to track you on your off hours.......one might consider that an invasion of privacy........................... Continue Reading


Re: Girl suing college because she failed a nursing course......twice

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On 5/13/2015 faeriemoon said: There's usually more to these stories than the press reports to us. Whenever I hear stories like this I am reminded of the "McDonald's hot coffee lady" and how stupid everyone thought that lawsuit was, I am annoyed that the full extent of her injuries was not reported. Instead, they made us think it was a silly, frivolous lawsuit. In reality the temperature of that coffee was a real danger to customers. There's always more to the story.... She still was stupid for putting hot coffee between her legs. Continue Reading



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For those who don't understand the input or source part, each HDMI port on your TV is assigned a number. When you want to use a device connected to your TV, you need to change the HDMI source or input for it to play through the TV. Most TV remotes have a source or input button that allows you to change which HDMI connection you are viewing/using. You can get into the TV's menu and name each port so it's easier to choose which HDMI's port is connected to which device. Continue Reading

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