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Re: Dell Internet Connectivity

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Have you tried updating the driver for your wireless adapter? Continue Reading


Re: I'm Having Trouble with Printer--can you help?

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You won't be able to print a 6 foot banner on a home printer. Take your design to Staples or Home Depot and have it printed there. Continue Reading


Re: My IPad keeps kicking me off the website, then reloads?

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Hey dooBdoo, how are you? I read elsewhere you had an injury and were "out of commission" for a while. I hope you are feeling better. Continue Reading


Re: Child support in NJ - when child goes away to college - Question!

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If he's paying for half of the daughter's room and board, that should count as child support. Continue Reading


Re: Grey's Anatomy Question 4/23/15 (Maybe spoilers)

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The description for this week's episode has April making a surprise announcement that leaves Jackson baffled. Here we go again. Continue Reading


Re: Premier PC Support

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Unless you share more information about your "complex problem", I don't believe you. Continue Reading


Re: Cursor Jumps Around When Typing

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Check the touchpad's sensitivity. The setting is found in the control panel under mouse. Continue Reading


Re: To those of you who won't eat potlucks, or other's cooking.....

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On 4/27/2015 shamalamadingdong4 said: It's not only potlucks that can be dangerous. About thirty years ago, a restaurant in my home town served sautéed onions, covered and left them on the stove overnight, and served them on patty melts. 28 people were hospitalized, and one person died from botulism. I haven't let that stop me from eating at restaurants or at potlucks. These sorts of things are pretty rare, and I plan on enjoying life while I can. Edited to add that I'm not dumb enough to eat food that was mixed in a dumpster. Jeesh! Who does that? No one ate food out of the dumpster. ... Continue Reading


Re: Nearly one-third of workers have less than $1,000 saved

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On 4/25/2015 missy1 said: On 4/25/2015 songbird said: I have a husband that is very "tight" with money and is savings/investment obsessed. In the beginning of our marriage, I would just roll my eyes with his constant scrapping to save money and trying to manage my spending and criticizing my purchasing.. Thanks to him, we are pretty good shape in savings CDs and stock/bond investment along with savings for College for our son. I would never have done that. I tend to spend money very quickly. And would raid savings sometimes. He's been that way all his life, so some things did work out in the ... Continue Reading


Re: Nearly one-third of workers have less than $1,000 saved

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On 4/25/2015 Krimpette said: I'm retired now….and am eternally grateful that my parents brought me up to be a saver. Me too. I also am grateful I'm not a compulsive shopper and live within my means. Continue Reading

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