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Re: What is the free software that can take the place of Office?

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On 11/26/2014 dgluvr said: On 11/24/2014 glb613 said: Open Office or Libre Office. Thanks- what a rip-off office 365 is! ( so I'd go to or or are they on another sponsor site? I only use their official sites and that is what I linked. Continue Reading


Re: Not Receiving Thunderbird E-mails On My Mac

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On 11/26/2014 NickNack said: Doesn't anyone have an idea about this? Do you know of another e-mail server I could try where I could keep my same e-mail address? That's what I like about Thunderbird. It's simple to use, and you can have folders and direct the e-mails to go straight to the folders. Is there anything similar like that? I really need a working e-mail account. It's frustrating to have to check my PC just to read the missing e-mails from the Mac. Thunderbird is so old and no longer supported, I'm surprised it works with a Mac. I have a Gmail account, Apple computers and get my ma... Continue Reading


Re: Latest Dell TSV

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Almost all new computers have a recovery partition you can use to restore back to factory condition. with my HP computers, I pressed F11 continuously during bootup or went to recovery through all programs. Check your Dell apps for one called recovery. To wipe a drive, you need software. I like WipeDrive and have used it many times. It overwrites the hard drive with 1s and 0s once or up to 7 times making the data unreadable. Continue Reading


Re: Apple problems, some resolved.

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On 11/26/2014 Cha1k said: On 11/26/2014 glb613 said: I never had to go through the control center to watch any movies or TV shows using Apple TV until I updated to IOS 8.1. Personally, I like it that way. iOS 8 did not change how AirPlay works. To get your iPad to stream to a television if the app/movie/TV show doesn't have AirPlay enabled, you've always had to activate it through the Control Center since iOS 7 was released. No, you didn't. There was an icon on the player that allowed you to switch to Apple TV. Had it always been the way you claim, I wouldn't have had any trouble when... Continue Reading


Re: Apple problems, some resolved.

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On 11/26/2014 KJPA said: Forgive me since I really don't know much about Apple, but I thought the idea with Apple TV was to watch stuff through your iPad but see it on the big TV? Did I misunderstand you glb? Yes, it is. If you buy or rent something through iTunes, you can access it using the remote for your Apple TV. You don't need to use any device. I also buy or rent movies/TV shows through other companies or apps. Now that I know to use the control center, I should be OK. It was much easier to tap on an icon within the app and choose which you wanted. Continue Reading


Re: Apple problems, some resolved.

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I never had to go through the control center to watch any movies or TV shows using Apple TV until I updated to IOS 8.1. Personally, I like it that way. Since I upgraded to IOS 8.1, Safari crawls. My sister had the same problem, restored her iPad, it didn't help and she bought the newest model. I glad I don't use my iPad for much. Continue Reading


Apple problems, some resolved.

Last Reply by glb613 1417083201.633 | Started by glb613 in Electronics Talk

I finally was able to view videos on my iPad through Apple TV. I have to swipe up from the bottom, select airplay, change it from iPad to Apple TV, close it, go to the app, select what I want to watch and as long as my TV is setup for Apple TV, I can watch the videos. What a pain and why? I still haven't heard from Apple about the lost audiobook and probably never will. My iPad is still very slow compared to before IOS 8.1. I have the iPad 3 and I hear that version/model is having problems compared to the 2 newest models. My sister uses hers a lot more and so irritated with the problems... Continue Reading


Re: Problems watching QVC through the Roku box

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On 11/25/2014 Lynnj said: If your computer has an HDMI socket (look on the left, right, back sides of the computer for this) and your TV is also HDMI with an open socket, all you need is an HDMI cable. These cables are very cheap now. Plug one end into your computer, the other end into your TV, and with seconds you are watching TV through your computer. You also need to change the input on the TV remote to the HDMI cable you're using. My TV has 4 and I decided to name them so it would be easier to select the correct one. Continue Reading


Re: Apply products don't "just work"

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On 11/25/2014 Cha1k said: RE: Auto correct changes words and I didn't notice it. Turn off auto correction in Settings > Keyboards > Auto-Correction. RE: I have a subscription to Acorn TV and the Acorn app installed on my iPad. I want to be able to watch the shows on my 42 inch TV instead of a 9 inch iPad. BooHiss to Apple. I read the Acorn TV reviews on the App Store. Several subscribers are complaining that this app hasn't been updated to use AirPlay on iOS 8. The 109 reviews and ratings for this app indicate it received 2 stars out of a possible 5. Have you tried connecting y... Continue Reading

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