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Chalk, I have a question

Started by glb613 in Electronics Talk 1397834304.817

I want to copy the entire contents of an external hard drive onto my iMac. After I format the drive to FAT, I want to put the contents back on the external hard drive. If I was using a Windows machine, I would create a folder on the C drive, drag and drop everything there then drag and drop it back. What would be the easiest way to do this using my iMac? Continue Reading


Re: Easy pay orders

In Viewpoints 1397819088.84

On 4/17/2014 LEXIE said: On 4/17/2014 KYToby said: So, you made an assumption that (that a transaction on the new card would automatically switch your easy pays over) and were wrong? QVC alerts you to the problem, and somehow you are aghast and refuse to do future business with QVC. Way to be responsible! I am a responsible consumer and don't appreciate your comment. Everyone has a right to choose who they want to do business with depending on how they are treated as a customer. No you aren't. If you were, you would have updated your account. Instead, you blame QVC and threaten to stop d... Continue Reading


Re: KIm Novak personally hurt by comments about her appearance at the Oscars

In Viewpoints 1397818847.293

Winkles would be an improvement for a lot of celebrities who've had "work done". Vanity/Pride is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason. Continue Reading


Re: What do you think of selfies?

In Viewpoints 1397777646.68

On 4/17/2014 sunshine45 said: On 4/17/2014 glb613 said: On 4/2/2014 terrier3 said: I can't STAND them...especially when they are then posted! Yuck. If you're ten they're OK. if you are ten then you probaby should NOT be on twitter, facebook, snap chat, instagram, etc.... If you're not 10, don't take a selfie. It's childish. Continue Reading


Re: What do you think of selfies?

In Viewpoints 1397776481.513

On 4/2/2014 terrier3 said: I can't STAND them...especially when they are then posted! Yuck. If you're ten they're OK. Continue Reading


Re: Follow-up on Last Month's High Electric Bill...

In Viewpoints 1397772394.22

That's good but what about the money they overcharged? I wouldn't be happy until I got a refund. Continue Reading


Re: Help with removing information on laptop SO I CAN GIVE IT TO MY GRANDSONS

In Electronics Talk 1397729877.603

On 4/17/2014 qualityshopper said: Thanks for all the info, glb613. I really appreciate it. Since the recovery partition on this old computer is already gone (thanks to something a Microsoft tech did years ago) and since I'll probably just donate it somewhere, the WipeDrive option seems good for me. I have the installation disks, so whoever gets it can use them to restore it. After posting my question, I came across something called Darik's Boot & Nook (dban.org). Have you heard of this and, if so, is it something similar to WipeDrive? Also, is WipeDrive free? Thanks. I'm not familiar wit... Continue Reading


Re: Vintage Furs - How to you feel about them?

In Viewpoints 1397693060.997

On 4/16/2014 Opurrra said: Went to a wedding recently and all 7 brides maid and bride were wearing vintage mink stoles from the 50's and 60's and retro style dresses. Sounds lovely. I recently went into a antique shop that had vintage furs. They were beautiful. I thought they would be good for a theater group to use as costumes. I don't know of too many people who would wear them on a regular basis for fear of retaliation by radical animal right's groups. Continue Reading


Re: If you raised your own grandchild from birth, what would you do...

In Viewpoints 1397692508.873

On 4/14/2014 lolakimono said: four years later if your daughter announced that she was pregnant AGAIN, with a different dude? I've always wondered if the grandparents raising their grandchildren are doing a better job than they did raising their irresponsible child? Continue Reading


Re: Is A TracFone Good

In Electronics Talk 1397688751.43

On 4/16/2014 Inwe Calafalas said: On 4/14/2014 glb613 said: On 4/13/2014 LEXIE said: On 4/8/2014 glb613 said: I know several people with Tracfones and they haven't had any problems. If you story is really true why didn't you return it? Car was in the shop for engine work, so no transportation to get to the store. Didn't find the reason to really be anyone's business why I threw it out. When you put "your business" out on a public board, expect replies. "Replies" are one thing and to be expected. Personal attacks are completely different. Maybe it's just your tone. Sorry, but it seems real... Continue Reading

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