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Re: are the candy apples sold on Q

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On 12/19/2014 sylviahomeatlast said: poisonous? Are you nuts? What business would sell poisonous products? Continue Reading


Re: Update- Wireless home temperature monitor

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I'm glad to hear you found something. But I have to ask, do you have someone to go to your house and troubleshoot the problem if the temp is lower than 55 degrees? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have any news on Lisa

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What does GILI stand for? Continue Reading


Re: Question re streaming on t.v.

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You get streaming on a TV by the following: 1. Buying a Smart TV which is capable of accessing the internet and get channels like HULU, Netflix, etc. 2. A streaming device that connects to your TV. Examples are Roku, Apple TV and Google TV. 3. Connecting a smart Bluray/DVD player, XBox, PS4 or computer. Most channels like Netflix require a subscription. You can also access iTunes or Amazon and rent or buy movies or TV shows. Continue Reading


Re: How do I keep videos from auto-playing?

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As annoying as they are, it's what pays the bills and keep the site up and running. Continue Reading


Re: How do I keep videos from auto-playing?

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No, it's built into the website. You can always hit the pause button to stop the video or mute it. Continue Reading


Re: Do you send holiday cards? Why?

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On 12/16/2014 lizzief said: I just sent mine out, every year I resolve not to, every year I cave. I like to receive them, so I send them. I guess it's just a nice way to let people know you're thinking of them, and more personal than an email or text. But I wonder if this tradition will go away in time as has the lost art of letter writing. So much to do in today's world, so little time. There has always been so much to do. That excuse is used by people who don't want to do something. Continue Reading


Re: Supermulti Dvd burner/vs dvd/cd?

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On 12/17/2014 dgluvr said: On 12/13/2014 glb613 said: On 12/12/2014 dgluvr said: What's so super about it? It's named that because it does more than one function. I love how I have to pull a more comprehensive answer from you! Makes it interesting! SO how do the two differ/compare? Google is your friend. Continue Reading


Re: Dell expert

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I've owned a lot of computers since 1995 and I can't tell the difference between Intel and ADM when it comes to performance. As long as you have a powerful processor, more than the minimum recommended RAM and a fast hard drive (7200 RPM), your computer will perform well. I bet I've posted about programs in the start up group 500 times or more since joining the message board. It's one reason for a drop in performance. I've seen people's computer with 25 programs in the start up group all running in the background, draining system resources and causing a computer to run slow. I use CClean... Continue Reading


Re: Need Help Password Weirdness

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I also wouldn't use the computer anymore and I wouldn't wait to buy a new one. Continue Reading

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