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Re: VPH Mercury Glass Sphere lovers...

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On 4/17/2015 PeterDM said: I'm guessing this will be 1 Red, 1 Cobalt, and 1 Silver (not white) sphere in the set. It would be cool if she did a set in white, though. I think the warm white string of lights inside wouldn't translate well in a white sphere, as it would give them a yellow tint when lit. Still, she has presented pretty much every other color imaginable. It would be nice if she could figure out how to make a white set work. I asked VPH on her FB page and she said the colors will be red, silver and blue. I'm assuming from that answer that the large sphere will be red and the small... Continue Reading


VPH Mercury Glass Sphere lovers...

Last Reply by PeterDM 1429322501.253 | Started by mallemo in For the Home Talk

Just noticed a Patriotic color choice. No pic yet though. Continue Reading


Re: Nutri Ninja TSV question

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On 4/15/2015 Mtnbikegirl said: I have a different version of the Nutri Ninja/ Food Processor Combo, and it does not grind the little seeds of raspberries. I buy the frozen organic berry mix at Costco, and it never grinds the raspberry seeds. I don't mind though. It takes frozen pineapple, frozen peaches, and frozen melon, and makes the BEST smoothie ever! It's a great gadget, I want to try the hamburger thing. You can take any kind of salmon, turkey, chicken, turkey, and make your own burgers! I can't believe I've never tried that! Thanks for that info. Do you follow a recipe with the pineap... Continue Reading


Re: Nutri Ninja TSV question

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On 4/15/2015 tigriss said: I don't know because those are small seed in loads of liquid, so they will be difficult grind up like chia seeds are. That's true. When they show the Vitamix "spread test" there is not a seed to be found but the cost is much more too. Continue Reading


Nutri Ninja TSV question

Last Reply by mallemo 1429148686.687 | Started by mallemo in Kitchen & Food Talk

Have not seen them do the "spread test" so I am wondering if this machine gets rid of fruit seeds such as in rasp., blackberries, etc.? Continue Reading


April 2015...What scent are you enjoying this month?

Last Reply by VaBelle35 1429395462.77 | Started by mallemo in Candles

Please share what scent you are burning/warming/melting. Continue Reading


Re: beaded fruit by VPH

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I've seen it listed there so I'm assuming it would. Continue Reading


Re: You can now buy Olive Garden Italian Salad Dressing in the grocery store!!! ☺

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On 3/11/2015 ~k~ said: Our SAMs has it as well. They also have paneras salad dressing! I buy the Panera Asian dressing at Target. Do you know if Walmart has it too? Continue Reading


Re: Its Bunny Time!

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I hardly get a chance to visit here but love this thread and love all things bunny! Here is one I saw this year that I think is so cute. From my Pinterest Easter board...here. Continue Reading


Re: GreenPan is back?

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On 3/3/2015 donnalona said: Green Pan has horrible reviews all over, I don't know if it was the same quality set as Todd English sold. Curious to know if anyone loves there set. I really like my GreenPan set that I bought from HSN back when Todd English was representing them. I've been using them for several years and have had no problems. Continue Reading

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