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If *MY* comments offend you and you enjoy YouTube tutorials...

Started by firstclassintl in Beauty Banter 1361158688.06

you should most likely not watch WILLAM'S BEATDOWN on there. Posted by 'thestylishvids'. There are 9 episodes now and they are brutal. And hysterical at times. Clearly, I need soap and not face cream. So some say. To you, I say: there must have been a classy convention happening somewhere today... without you. Hope everyone had a great Sunday! Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Grant

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I hate to say it and I never tried her line but with the outrageous 'suggested' retail they put up there to compare to and the price they are actually offering it for, the old saying 'you get what you pay for' must ring true... I was tempted a few times but their presentations are just so lackluster when it comes to useful information given by the vendor. :( Continue Reading


Re: O/T most loved, most annoying, most desired smartphone

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iPhone is the only smart phone I ever had but I've had them since their launch and am currently on my 4S. I cannot compare it to anything else with touch screen/keyboard but I cannot imagine my life without it. The apps rule my life. Google Maps replaced my GPS system in the car. Twitter, instagram, etc all in one place. Love my iTunes and auto sync being part of what I do on my MacBook Air and iPad so all the libraries match. The camera is amazing. Vine App does my short videos for Twitter feed. Nest app allows me to control the thermostat in the house. DIRECTV app lets me schedule rec... Continue Reading


Re: Prada Milano Infusion d'Iris

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One of her best for sure. I find it pretty sophisticated and not very 'mass' in its composition. Continue Reading


Re: Any opinions on L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream, Eye Balm, Serum, Cream Mask?

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I absolutely love the mask. Hands down one of my favorites - it's creamy and rich but never causes me to break out (combination skin here). I love it in the winter when I get a little bit dry and love it even more during the summer when I get too much sun. Worth the money and lasts a very long time. It's the only product from their Immortelle line that I tried though... Continue Reading


Re: The Dr. Denese thread poofed again.

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On 2/16/2013 Rowdymom said: On 2/16/2013 Rochester Shopper said: OMG, Dr. D or her team probably have some arrangment with Q to not have anything "negative" about her or her products. This type of poofing has happened in the past with Dr. D. Also, she is very agressive about getting ebay to not allow anyone to sell her products, even if you legitimately bought them and have a receipt! A well known poster on this board posted on FB that she was named Dr D's Social Media person. I guess she thinks she's doing her job when she reports all these posts and has them poofed. I can see the Q prot... Continue Reading


Re: What Are You Reading --- February 2013

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Finishing my advance reading copy of No Way Back by Andrew Gross today and will be starting a new book by Lawrence Wright Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief - very excited about this read! Continue Reading


Re: Dr.d. Or isomers

In Beauty Banter 1360984460.69

Isomers without a doubt. Continue Reading


Re: Isomers

In Beauty Banter 1360963322.92

I'd grab some more eye peel maybe... How much is their shipping to the US if anyone knows? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Your favorite eye cream?

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I love Clarins super restorative one in a red pump bottle. I also liked Kate Somerville's one. Now, I'm a huge fan of this rather large sample packet of Tarte's Vit C eye cream. Might pick up a full size jar actually. Continue Reading

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