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Re: Marie Osmond

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Saw Donny and Marie in Vegas last year. Great show and Marie looked beautiful. I am sure she uses Botox and fillers but at least she isn't in Cher territory yet. Continue Reading


Re: o/t Living in a community with HOA's??

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Thank you for all the input. It has been enlightening. I had my husband read this thread. I think we need to try and avoid an HOA. I would rather put up with someone's weeds or weird colored door than have someone tell me what decorations I can put up on my own home or fine me for leaving garbage cans out at the curb. I also don't like the idea of the rules changing after you buy. Continue Reading


Re: o/t Living in a community with HOA's??

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Again thanks. Many of you mention HOA's as a way to maintain property value so I am curious if the housing values have held in your community? Continue Reading


Re: o/t Living in a community with HOA's??

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Thanks for the feedback. We are looking at houses on 1/2 acre to an acre lots. Some new - some not. Most of the HOA communities we have looked at do not have clubhouses or a common pool. Just landscaping. We are trying to avoid the all houses look the same ones. Husband has plenty of experience working with legal agreements and we would also have an attorney check over. Have had real estate agents tell us how "low-Key' and "no big deal" the HOA's are in the areas we have looked at homes. All it takes is one looney, bored, nosey neighbor to throw that out the window. Continue Reading


Re: My GD's Friend Sierra is Missing, please help

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shoekitty - sorry about the health issues. Also thanks for keeping this thread updated. So sad this thing has dragged on and on for Sierra's family with no end in sight. Still do not have their daughter's body to bury. I just don't know how her family is able to get through each day. Just depressing. Continue Reading


o/t Living in a community with HOA's??

Last Reply by Tyak 1412004188.007 | Started by Linda129 in Beauty Banter

Hubby is planning on retiring in a couple of years and we plan to move back to our hometown. Have started looking at houses on our trips back there and have discovered so many homes we may be interested in are in HOA areas. Some have a small fee but others are $100 a month or more, and they are not gated communities or on golf courses. Not sure what you get for that. Not excited about having to get permission for every plant I want to plant in the front yard or needing to get the outside paint color approved. However, getting the right house in the right area may overrule are not wanting... Continue Reading


Re: Can we talk HOT FLASHES? These are new to me :(

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How much vitamin D do you take? Vitamin D helped stop them for me for about a year and then they did come back. They were not too bad - had them mostly in late in the evening when I was tired. I rarely have one now but I still do get very hot and sweaty while sleeping. Continue Reading


Re: what do you do if your mate doesn't like/want you to wear makeup?

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On 8/16/2014 Persephonel said: On 8/16/2014 Campion said: What a conundrum?! 1. Does he not want you to wear makeup because he has some phobia about it? 2. Is it because he has a personal, religious, or moral view? 3. Does he not like obvious, strong makeup, you know, fashion makeup? Prefers the natural look? Because if it's Number 3, that's pretty common. Many men don't like sticky lip gloss, spider eyelashes and wild eyeshadow. They like that Sandra Bullock girl-next-door-look that you know takes a half an hour and some skill to achieve! If THAT is the case, then you can copy good natural m... Continue Reading


Re: Question about Philosophy Website - Offers?

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I got an offer today - 10% off $50 - 20% off $75 or 30% off $100. Use sunshine. Continue Reading


Re: Sort O/T - Fitbit Rash

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Fitbit has offered me a refund or a credit of which I will take a refund. They did tell me to stop wearing the Flex which of course I have already done. I ordered the Misfit Shine because I like wearing the wrist band tracker. They were offering a 20% off code. Continue Reading

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