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Re: My GD's Friend Sierra is Missing, please help

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I appreciate your updates Shoekitty. I always read when I see it has been updated. I post. Off topic stuff all the time on the beauty forum because I always have posted in this forum. Irishroses anger seem a bit over the top and it is not a one woman thread. Continue Reading


Re: Can anyone name just ONE company that has improved after buyout?

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I sure miss the old Pure Grace and Amazing Grace. Now the scent hardly lasts ten minutes. So annoying when a successful business gets sold and the new owners start tinkering. They rarely improve anything. Continue Reading


Re: Why all the hoopla over Valerie Bertinelli's figure?

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I don't care if Valerie gained weight but am curious is she still is under contract with Jenny Craig? If so, would mean she wasn't using their program while she was recovering from her broken foot. Or is she was, the program didn't work. JMO - guessing all this "hoopla" is set up for her next weight loss thing for Jenny Craig. Also, JMO - don't get why celebs make a huge deal over their weight loses (bikini covers - skinny jean poses) and then are hurt when they get comments when the weight comes back on. Let me clarify - not bashing Valerie's weight gain but questioning if it's being u... Continue Reading


Re: Happy 90th Birthday DORIS DAY

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VIP - Lover Come Back. Forgot about that one. Continue Reading


Re: Happy 90th Birthday DORIS DAY

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Love Doris and her movies. Love Pillow Talk but my favorite is Glass Bottom Boat. Also love It Happened to Jane, Romance of the High Seas (I think her first movie), The Thrill of it All and Teacher's Pet with Clark Gable. Continue Reading


Re: OT Amazon Customer Service Number

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I always hit the "call me now" tab and they call instantly. Continue Reading


Re: Naked Palette Users

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Thanks for the input. I had ruled #3 as having too many peachy tones. I like that #1 has the blues in it as well as the burgundy color. I did check out the Paula's Choice palette. Very pretty and I like the colors seem to be all matte. I would like a little more color selection that just all neutral and browns. Continue Reading


Naked Palette Users

Last Reply by darkpoet 1396309132.047 | Started by Linda129 in Beauty Banter

Thinking of getting one with the Sephora discount. Leaning toward #1 but looking for input and opinions. Thanks. BTW - I have brown eyes. Continue Reading


Re: Sort of O/T Anyone Ever had Cupping Done?

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Thanks all. The massage therapist did explain her process and warned me about marks on my shoulder and back. I did already know that. Going to double-check with her tomorrow on the pain thing. I'm not really up for that. LOL. This gal is very good - well-trained and has been doing massage therapy for six years. The studio would not associate with her if she was a flake. I loved the hot stone massage she did. She used the stones to massage with. Continue Reading


Sort of O/T Anyone Ever had Cupping Done?

Last Reply by from jan 1395968833.6 | Started by Linda129 in Beauty Banter

Taking pilates and the studio has a massage therapist they work with. I have been to her once for a hot stone massage and and am seeing her tomorrow. She wants to do cupping. I'm somewhat familiar with the technique. Anyone have this done and what did you think? Continue Reading

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