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Re: Before blowdrying, what volumizing product do you apply to your towel-dried short hair?

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I need to try the Sauve and the Paul Mitchell ones. I have a list of products that DON"T work. Just bought and returned a can of AG Bigwigg volumizer which was awful. I do like the Aveda volumizing tonic but it is expensive for the amount you get. Have Blow Pro mousse which works OK. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone had their color IQ done at Sephora?

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Had it done a year or two ago at the Las Vegas store by the Venetian. I got some samples from the list to try and when I got home, I got a few more samples. I never buy foundation without getting a sample and trying it out. Ended up with getting two Lancome foundations which I still use and like. Agree that the SA's for Sephora are hit and miss. The one the tested me knew what he was doing. Continue Reading


Re: Looking For Recommendations Re Temporary Cover up of Grey Roots

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On 3/12/2015 shoekitty said: On 3/12/2015 ophelia299 said: I second the Rita Hazan spray. I get major gray roots and I can do a few quick sprays and be good to go. I have seen this product, and have read recommendations. I have a concern. Does this spray go all over? Is it easy to get it on just the outgrowth? I have white roots, and red outgrowth, LOL! ETA I meant does it go all over, as in miss the root area and get all over the place/ It seems to go where you direct it. It's all about your aim. HA Continue Reading


Re: Looking For Recommendations Re Temporary Cover up of Grey Roots

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I use the Rita Hazen root spray. Not cheap but it works and easy to use. Continue Reading


Tips for the Nu-Face?

Last Reply by Harpa 1426263029.21 | Started by Linda129 in Beauty Banter

I know there is a big thread on here somewhere about whether the Nu-Face works or not. I wouldn't know yet because I have never used my Nu-Face for longer than a couple of weeks. I got the one with LED light thingy and really don't like that part. I bought my Nu-Face well over a year ago - probably longer. Decided to actually use it as it is supposed to be used. I am 57 without wrinkles but getting that softening around the jawline. Use retinol and C products and have been holding off on trying Botox. For those of you who like and regularly use the Nu-Face, any tips? Better in a.m. or... Continue Reading


Re: Which is better Tarte or St. Topez self tanner ?

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Have not used Tarte but have used, and liked the St. Tropez. Nice color, no streaking but does dry out my skin. I think all self-tanners do dry you out. I do think St. Tropez is pricey. I switched to a L'oreal product and really don't notice a difference. Continue Reading


Re: Lip Shines and Peaceful Harmony

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Thanks for that info. I liked Inner Grace but Eternal Grace wasn't all that. Continue Reading


Re: Lip Shines and Peaceful Harmony

In philosophy 1424317969.833

Bumping this up as I am also wondering what this smells like. Continue Reading


Re: Shear Splendor formulation question

In philosophy 1423093938.797

I am just finishing a 16 oz shampoo and conditioner. It was OK. Will not buy again. It cleaned well enough and didn't dry out my hair. It smells lovely while you are using the products (lemon-y) but the scent disappears immediately and doesn't stay in your hair. Which brings me to why I won't buy it again. I wash my hair almost every day but if I skipped a day, my hair had a dirty hair smell that I did not notice when I used my Kiehl's products or the Pureology ones I am testing. I miss shampoos and conditioners that smell great and the scent stays in your hair. Continue Reading

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