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Re: Lip Shines and Peaceful Harmony

In philosophy 1424377136.797

Thanks for that info. I liked Inner Grace but Eternal Grace wasn't all that. Continue Reading


Re: Lip Shines and Peaceful Harmony

In philosophy 1424317969.833

Bumping this up as I am also wondering what this smells like. Continue Reading


Re: Shear Splendor formulation question

In philosophy 1423093938.797

I am just finishing a 16 oz shampoo and conditioner. It was OK. Will not buy again. It cleaned well enough and didn't dry out my hair. It smells lovely while you are using the products (lemon-y) but the scent disappears immediately and doesn't stay in your hair. Which brings me to why I won't buy it again. I wash my hair almost every day but if I skipped a day, my hair had a dirty hair smell that I did not notice when I used my Kiehl's products or the Pureology ones I am testing. I miss shampoos and conditioners that smell great and the scent stays in your hair. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Have a Misfit Shine?

In Health & Fitness 1423093410.683

I think the warranty is only 60 days. Continue Reading


Re: OT/ When Was The Last Time You Used Real Money?

In Beauty Banter 1423093341.183

I use cash regularly for as many things as I can - groceries, eating out, salon visits, general shopping, etc. I was so bothered by the intrusiveness of the process of refinancing a few years ago, I decided to use cash when possible. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Have a Misfit Shine?

In Health & Fitness 1423021165.56

bowwow - I bought a new pack of batteries today and put one in and my shine started working. I guess there was an issue with the battery I used when I replaced it the other day. Is your battery in correctly? When I first got my shine and was setting it up, I put the battery in upside down. I still haven't heard back from customer service. I guess she really, really needed that picture before she could help me. HA. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Have a Misfit Shine?

In Health & Fitness 1422997742.057

Just to update you bowwowluv - Misfit customer service wanted me to send them a picture of my shine and to get my original receipt. I replied with the month I purchased and that they have my email. Gave her the serial number my shine account id. They should be able to access my information. Did not send her a picture. Why she needed that I have no idea. Have not heard anything back. Really do not like that you can't talk to anyone - it is all email. I am going to put another battery in the Shine to see if the new battery I put in was the problem. I had switched to Misfit from Fitbit as... Continue Reading


Anyone Have a Misfit Shine?

Last Reply by Linda129 1423093410.237 | Started by Linda129 in Health & Fitness

I have one I bought last August. Had to change the battery for the first time and I can't get the Shine to light up or sync with the app. So far their customer service has been zero help. I googled and could not find what I needed. Thanks. Continue Reading


Freezing cooked chicken ??

Last Reply by wagirl 1421680502.457 | Started by Linda129 in Kitchen & Food Talk

I am trying to be organized and today am cooking up some buttermilk fried chicken tenders and a batch of marinated grilled chicken tenders. Hoping there is a way to freeze them after I cook and cool them so I can pull them out for lunch. Did some goggle-ing and didn't find what I needed. I normally don't cook and freeze so looking for suggestions. thanks. Continue Reading


Re: The Trade-In Program Question

In Dooney & Bourke 1417215710.293

thanks - too late for this one but I will remember this for the future. Continue Reading

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