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Re: Hope in a Jar Body Lotion?

In philosophy 1405282481.053

Thanks for the info. I went ahead and ordered the TSV. I can use the Hope in Jar moisturizer on the nights I use my retinol. Continue Reading


Re: Philosophy Love

In philosophy 1405105063.83

The shipping charges always stop me from buying. I just wait now for the Philosophy.com sales. They have them all the time. Continue Reading


Re: Baby Grace?

In philosophy 1405104766.783

I love Baby Grace but stopped using it when it became exclusive to the Q. I don't want to buy 32 ounce sizes of it. I am so over giant containers of product even when I like the product. 24 ounce is as large as I want to go. Continue Reading


Hope in a Jar Body Lotion?

Last Reply by mtnbikegirl 1405990763.867 | Started by Linda129 in philosophy

Any comments or reviews on this? Heavy? Light? How does it smell? Worth the price? I have used Keihl's Creme de Corps and I have just never loved it. Never felt the price was justified. I do love Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Butter. I also always have the Pure Grace Body Lotion of hand. I was looking for something to replace my Creme de Corps I finally used up. Continue Reading


Re: Aveda fans - what are your fave products?

In Beauty Banter 1405103670.097

The volumizing tonic is a great root lifter. I have tried many brands and this one works. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Scrapbooking Supplies ?????

In Beauty Banter 1404934966.54

Thanks violann. I forgot about Joann's. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Scrapbooking Supplies ?????

In Beauty Banter 1404881386.867

Thanks for the replies. I saw the scrapbooking section but didn't look like it got a lot of action. LOL. I googled Scrapbook supplies for where my mom lives and all that popped was Michael's and Hobby Lobby. The local stores that only carried Scrapbooking supplies are out of business. I know HSN carries supplies but I was thinking she would like to go look in person. Continue Reading


O/T Scrapbooking Supplies ?????

Last Reply by Linda129 1404934966.627 | Started by Linda129 in Beauty Banter

I don't scrapbook but my mom used to and she is out of many of her supplies. I wanted to get her a gift card so she could purchase what she needs. Is Michael's a good place? It's close to her. Hobby Lobby is the other choice but on the other side of town. Don't think there are any straight scrap booking places. Thanks. And yes - I know this isn't the right forum but I always post here. Continue Reading


Re: Sephora 1000 point perk

In Beauty Banter 1403572719.17

Color is pretty in the pic but really, that's it for spending $1000? Or does Sephora now do bonus points? Continue Reading


Paul Mitchell Tree Tea Line????

Last Reply by rhinovodka 1401977818.547 | Started by Linda129 in Beauty Banter

New shampoo shopping. I have used Aveda, Kiehl's and Living Proof in the last couple of years. Did Ojon awhile back. Wondering if I can find something I like in a more mid price range. Have used PM years ago but not the Tree Tea stuff. Opinions?? Continue Reading

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