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Re: Poll: how long does it take u to get ready in the morning for work?

In Beauty Banter 1406514056.543

From bed to out the door including feeding the cats, 45 minutes. Continue Reading


Re: Sparkle of JR TSV stud earrings?

In Judith Ripka 1406414490.607

The trick with the omega is do not touch the post. Grab the clip and the earring but do not touch the post. I love mine and have worn them for two weeks straight. Very comfy. Continue Reading


Re: Super Saturday JAI Bracelet

In Jewelry Talk 1406414114.663

I loved that JAI bracelet. Good for you for grabbing that one. I only have the croc ring so far and I'm wearing it to death. Continue Reading


Re: Alex and Ani

In Jewelry Talk 1406413755.15

To me Alex and Ani is the ultimate rip off in costume jewelry. In a year you won't be wearing it because it will look ratty and/or you will have moved on. Not for me. Continue Reading


Re: Bronzo TURQUOISE Leather Watch… 'Hot Pick Today'

In Jewelry Talk 1406238181.923

I've had the old Ecclissi turquoise watch too and I still love it. Still looks great. I would get that bronzo watch if I didn't already have the Ecclissi. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone own a pair of Corral Western boots?

In Fashion Talk 1406083514.12

I have not heard of this brand but I love cowboy boots and have not been without a pair since I was 15 years old. My current top boot is Lucchese in a distressed turquoise and brown combo. I wear them when I feel like it and always get compliments Continue Reading


Re: CIJ lovers only; what are you buying?

In For the Home Talk 1405826966.443

I ordered the Christmas tree in 7.5 feet. It will be our first fake tree ever. I'm done with the gorgeous but oh so messy real trees. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday to our Donna/dmod nj!!!

In Viewpoints 1405733236.403

On 7/18/2014 dmod nj said: THANK YOU ALL so much for posting your heartfelt and sincere wishes. I so appreciate them all. Thank you for indulging two of my favorite things....sweets and my Jon. I LOVE the pictures!!! Happy Birthday Jersey Girl!!! All the best from the honorary Jersey Girl Continue Reading


Re: What are your favorite Q jewelry pieces to wear in the heat of summer?

In Jewelry Talk 1405726146.9

Right now it's the new Judith Ripka earrings. They are delightful. Continue Reading


Re: Any suggestions for a BB, or CC cream with spf ??

In Beauty Banter 1405725378.263

Smash box SPF 30. I love it. I wear it alone or with Halo bronzes on top. Continue Reading

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