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Re: Catlvr -- how is Rudolph the kitty doing?

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Hi sammycat. You are so sweet for asking about him. We've been to the vet again and did some more tests and nothing else seems to be wrong but the stomatitis. He has not been helped by the anibiotics and had 13 teeth removed last summer. I am adding liquid to his canned food to make it super soft and sometimes he really goes for it. He does not seem unhappy or uncomfortable but he has lost weight. He gets extra loves and cuddles every day. As the vet said he is not strong and has a poor immune system. The other two, Noel Sugarpaws and Comet are really well. I hope all is well with you and hub... Continue Reading


Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter

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Sammycat. That picture of Schmoo and Fergus is so sweet. Amazing all creatures big and small can co exist. My last post to you had kisses in it but xs are not allowed here. Lol. Big kisses to you. Continue Reading


Re: Can someone share their experience and help

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Sammycat I can't tell you how special it is that you are the first "responder" LOL. Rudolph is no better after treatments that made him diabetic( he almost died.. Spent three days at the vets on an IV. He is lying in front of the fireplace right now, relaxed and as sweet as can be. He's a darling, sweet boy and I love him to bits. I've got to get him better. Continue Reading


Can someone share their experience and help

Last Reply by emmysmom 1422095189.087 | Started by catlvr in Pet Lovers

DH and I adopted three siblings 2years ago. Oh dear. I should say they are cats. One of them had issues pretty quickly.. Male stomatitis was the diagnosis. Many teeth were pulled. He got a steroid injection that made him diabetic. After a couple of months his pancreas recovered. We still had to give him massive doses of antibiotics. He is no better. I want him to live. Any ideas out there? Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's reason for being on Project Runway Tonight

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That show is so done... It is in it's death throes...nothing about Lisa will revive it.. Alyssa Milano. Are you kidding me? You couldn't be more D list. Continue Reading


Re: is anyone going to watch the new show EMPIRE?

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I love this show! It's the coolest, newest thing ever. Cookie rocks, Lucious still loves her. Continue Reading


Re: How much square footage to live comfortably

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We are not retired yet but we recently upsized from 2200sq ft ranch to 4600sq ft ranch. I love ranches. This one is new construction. It was a spec home and we just loved everything about it. We both love this new house. Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix

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I love my Vitamix too and watched a bit of one presentation while ironing. I always get good ideas from Jan. Continue Reading


Re: Stevieb, EEL, TK & Co. - 2015 chat about handbags & more

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Hi purse lovers! I'm with TK. We moved into a new house last fall and it has a "bonus" room. I unpacked my handbags this weekend and the bonus room is full of handbags. Time to shop the bonus room. So, what are you carrying right now? I am living in the Roma II I got for Christmas in the dark brown snake embossed leather. This my third RomaII. But it was really on sale.?? Continue Reading


Re: IKEA Kitchen

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We did one in an investment property we own. It was the most basic white kitchen but we bought nice countertops and a gorgeous country sink. It's a galley kitchen. With everything all in including appliances it cost about $7500. Local companies do the installation. We had awesome installers. The sale is great. They do charge for the designer to come out but you get that back when you buy the kitchen. Depending on how handy you are you can install it yourself. I adore that kitchen. Continue Reading

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