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Re: Who has a great blue mascara?

In Beauty Banter 1398141264.873

Lola you are a star...will race to Nordstrom after work tomorrow. Thanks for that Continue Reading


Re: O/T Mom's Moving In

In Fashion Talk 1398141103.813

So, Nantucket Shores can you provide all the assistance she needs? I ask because I am preparing to make some decisions about my father and it is really hard and sad. Thank you for sharing. Continue Reading


Who has a great blue mascara?

Last Reply by KatCat1 1398194129.867 | Started by catlvr in Beauty Banter

Not the electric blue but the navy that reads blue that I remember from the eighties? Continue Reading


Re: Isaac has really nice shoes

In Fashion Talk 1398137911.74

And the shoes on QVC are really nice. I have a few pair. Love them. Continue Reading


Re: Has LR given up her bootcut pants for slim/skinny styles?

In Fashion Talk 1398135605.927

Honestly. Lisa is not anorexic. She is really fit. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Mom's Moving In

In Fashion Talk 1398135484.753

Why is she leaving the nursing home? Continue Reading


Re: Sorry Gals! Readem and Weep!

In Viewpoints 1397797182.297

Laura could do better...she's a rock star and he's a has been. Continue Reading


Re: Jaqueline Kennedy Jewelry?

In Jewelry Talk 1397795818.843

I have really been enjoying the paper clip necklace. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1397795709.823

I hesitated for ages. But I bought a Clarisonic Mia about a year ago and I love it. No my skin has not been transformed but it is a better version of its old self. Continue Reading


Re: Help! How can I get this cat to eat?

In Pet Lovers 1397530976.43

Have his glucose checked...he may be diabetic. I just had that experience recently. Good luck with those cuties. Continue Reading

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