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Re: CIJ lovers only; what are you buying?

In For the Home Talk 1405826966.443

I ordered the Christmas tree in 7.5 feet. It will be our first fake tree ever. I'm done with the gorgeous but oh so messy real trees. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday to our Donna/dmod nj!!!

In Viewpoints 1405733236.403

On 7/18/2014 dmod nj said: THANK YOU ALL so much for posting your heartfelt and sincere wishes. I so appreciate them all. Thank you for indulging two of my favorite things....sweets and my Jon. I LOVE the pictures!!! Happy Birthday Jersey Girl!!! All the best from the honorary Jersey Girl Continue Reading


Re: What are your favorite Q jewelry pieces to wear in the heat of summer?

In Jewelry Talk 1405726146.9

Right now it's the new Judith Ripka earrings. They are delightful. Continue Reading


Re: Any suggestions for a BB, or CC cream with spf ??

In Beauty Banter 1405725378.263

Smash box SPF 30. I love it. I wear it alone or with Halo bronzes on top. Continue Reading


Re: I got the JR TSV earrings

In Jewelry Talk 1405563973.35

Honestly, I do not feel them on my ears at all. Continue Reading


I got the JR TSV earrings

Last Reply by catlvr 1405563973.49 | Started by catlvr in Jewelry Talk

They are beautiful. About this size of a dime and lay as perfectly as is possible. I don't even feel them on my ears. Perfect for the recent super heat where a pair of earrings is about all I can stand. You ladies with long dark hair will love them because they show up. Continue Reading


Re: Quacker outfit Angel is wearing tonight....

In Quacker Factory 1405395753.19

Shawn is not convincing in her faux enthusiasm for QF. Continue Reading


Re: JR Leather Wrap Watch. Help me select a color :)

In Judith Ripka 1405385626.72

I have the coral and the camel. Both gorgeous. But I would get the camel first. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody like Piero Guidi Handbags?

In All About Handbags 1405227434.307

So cute. I bought a speedy style of the brown circus pattern in Italy a few years ago. Continue Reading

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