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Re: Sorry Gals! Readem and Weep!

In Viewpoints 1397797182.297

Laura could do better...she's a rock star and he's a has been. Continue Reading


Re: Jaqueline Kennedy Jewelry?

In Jewelry Talk 1397795818.843

I have really been enjoying the paper clip necklace. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1397795709.823

I hesitated for ages. But I bought a Clarisonic Mia about a year ago and I love it. No my skin has not been transformed but it is a better version of its old self. Continue Reading


Re: Help! How can I get this cat to eat?

In Pet Lovers 1397530976.43

Have his glucose checked...he may be diabetic. I just had that experience recently. Good luck with those cuties. Continue Reading


Re: TSV Umbrella

In TSV Talk 1396831456.05

I just bought a subrella at Costco for $119. I ordered this one in orange. DH is mad for the lights and the price is great. I don't leave it up in bad weather or dine outdoors in gusty wind so I think it will be fine. Check out the prices for umbrellas at PB or Crate and Barrell Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's Ring - 4April 2014

In Jewelry Talk 1396759485.69

I just ordered the ring too. Will go great with another croc ring by Barry Cord. Continue Reading


Re: 613 Nourishing Styling cream on long, curly/wavy overprocessed hair = OMG!

In WEN 1396708851.463

I got that TSV as we'll and I love the styling creme and I have a super short pixie. Makes my hair feel full and soft and look really shiny. Continue Reading


Re: What Did You Get from the Jackie Kennedy Collection??

In Jewelry Talk 1396578855.303

I just got the paper clip necklace after years of thinking about it. So glad I grabbed it. It is soooo versatile and looks like a million bucks. Continue Reading


Re: Dooney bag just not working out...

In Dooney & Bourke 1396410645.183

I'm sure you will do well on the sale. We have all bought an item that did not work out. Continue Reading


Re: I bought a bit of Isaac today, you?

In Fashion Talk 1396327891.953

That is very British of you!!! Continue Reading

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