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Re: Judith's New Watch

In Judith Ripka 1413422323.923

I got this watch today in the tan color. Gorgeous! The leather band is stunning and the numbers are big and bold. I love the berge face. She is the bomb when it comes to watches. Continue Reading


I just got a wait list order I forgot all abouy

Last Reply by LisaB 1411676181.81 | Started by catlvr in Jewelry Talk

J296309- it is stunning. The topaz pavee is to die for. Very clean blue-y turquoise. Looks like a million bucks! Continue Reading


Re: What was the first piece of jewelry you bought from Joan?

In Fashion Talk 1409884810.197

It must have been one of her egg necklaces. Still have them. Might have been the doll house necklace. I will really miss Joan. Continue Reading


Re: Electric toothbrush

In Health & Fitness 1407376863.647

I have a Philips Sonic Care too. I love it so much that it goes on trips with me. A charge easily lasts a week and it does a great job. Got mine at Costco. Continue Reading


Re: YBF eyebrow pencil

In Beauty Banter 1407376609.513

It's the best eyebrow pencil ever. I've been using it for at least ten years. Continue Reading


Re: What celebrity/famous person ....

In Beauty Banter 1407373901.187

Robin Williams post Mork&Mindy, he hit I on me at a comedy club in New York. Henry Winkler, Ralph Waite, Francis Ford Coppola, Ethan Hawke, Carol Alt, Ivana Trump, Mother Theresa, One Direction, Dustin Hoffman, Alan King, Christopher Walker, Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, Roger Moore, Joan Collins, Barbara Windsor, and I'm sure I forgot a few. Continue Reading


Re: What i got at Costco today

In Fashion Talk 1407093409.087

Ennui the Keds feel ok to me. I like the thicker sole. It's more comfortable. To the poster looking for real BF jeans, grab these. I've got them rolled up and not only do they look great, they are so comfortable. Continue Reading


Re: supersize 32 oz purity and microdelivery wash

In philosophy 1407039562.39

I buy both in the 32oz size and have for years. I have never noticed a change in the formula. Continue Reading


Re: That Belt that the model with the orange suede jacket is awesome!!!

In Fashion Talk 1407039478.68

I agree. That looked great. I have that orange jacket and it is really nice. I've had good luck with the D &C suede. Continue Reading


Re: What i got at Costco today

In Fashion Talk 1407038921.57

I saw the Cole Haan jacket too. Very cute. I love Keds too. Continue Reading

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