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Re: stomach virus/intestinal virus &chemical taste?

In Health & Fitness 1387660286.527

Hi RedTop,I am feeling better today,actually ate food & stomach is behaving as of right now. The chemical taste is a lot less today than the last few days so I am hoping I am done with this. I lost a few pounds,but my body feels so much better today.I will keep what you said about the other possibilities if not 100% better soon.Thank you! Polar, I am feeling so much better today,I never heard of this symptom for any illness, but now I know it can be serious .I am sure mine was the same gross bug every else is getting just with a bonus symptom. Hope yo are well. Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: stomach virus/intestinal virus &chemical taste?

In Health & Fitness 1387648248.577

Hi everyone,thanks for responding to my ?, I am taking no medications, this nasty taste just came along with the virus I have. It tastes as if I drank floor cleaner.It is a tiny bit better today.Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: stomach virus/intestinal virus &chemical taste?

In Health & Fitness 1387598586.63

Feline Fine-Thanks for your reply, I have nver had his side effect ,I never heard of it,so I was curious if any else has.I can'twait until this crawls away! twocent-Ihave tried gum, hard candy,etc.,but nothing takes it away.I hope you are right & it will go away fast.I have been sick since Mon. night.Thanks for the well wishes. Terbear Continue Reading


stomach virus/intestinal virus &chemical taste?

Last Reply by Feline Fine 1387765833.95 | Started by Terbear in Health & Fitness

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has had this terrible taste in your mouth no matter what you do, it won't go away.I have had this virus for a few days & hope the end is in sight.TIA! Continue Reading


Re: SO disappointed in the Mrs. Prindable TSV

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1387396586.603

I just replied on the prindables link too,as I didn't see this one first& couldn't find the set of apples I ordered .My order of the TSV arrived yesterday FROZEN!I e-mailed customer service & was very suprised to see they sent out a replacement box & said to throw away the frozen apples.I am very happy with customer service & hope the new ones are not frozen.Fingers crossed. Continue Reading


Re: Mrs. Prindables

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1387395366.107

I recieved my candy bar apples frozen yesterday.Very sick with stomach flu,so i e-mailed customer service & was suprised to see they sent out a new box.Told me to throw away frozen ones.Hopefully these will be fine.Good customer service.Thanks Qvc! Continue Reading


Re: Spicy Sweet & Salty Pretzels (Recipe)

In Recipe Swap 1385048768.377

Diamondgirly these sound so good,I will be making soon.Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Cinnamon Pretzels

In Recipe Swap 1384990742.803

Hi sue-p, I bet you could reduce sugar a little.They are such an inexpensive snack to make & feed quite a few. I hope you like them if you try them.Let me know how they turn out if you do reduce the sugar,I am always looking to cut back when I can.Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Cinnamon Pretzels

In Recipe Swap 1384989860.33

Hi Golden Karen, I hope you like them,I thought they were really good,but everyone has different tastes. Hi coffeenut, I'm glad you liked them,you are welcome. Continue Reading


Cinnamon Pretzels

Last Reply by Terbear 1384990742.803 | Started by Terbear in Recipe Swap

Cinnamon Pretzels 1[16oz] bag of pretzels 1\2c. vegetable oil 2tsp. cinnamon 1\2c. sugar Preheat oven to 300*.Pour pretzels in a large bowl or resealable bag.In a bowl, mix together the sugar,oil, & cinnamon. Pour over pretzels & mix until all pretzels are coated.Pour onto large jelly roll pan.Bake for 30 min., stirring twice during baking time. Allow to cool & store in airtight container. These are great for those that love sweet\salty combo. I saw this recipe in a mag. but don't remember which one. Enjoy! Continue Reading

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