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Re: Celtic Thunder

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Since I found out they were coming to Wisconsin this tour I wanted to go, but no one I knew ever heard of them ,so I had no one to go with.Finally today found 2 people to go .so I ordered tickets asap!! I can't wait. It is in March.All the reviews are good for this show,so we should have a great time. Continue Reading


Re: stomach virus/intestinal virus &chemical taste?

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Hi RedTop,I am feeling better today,actually ate food & stomach is behaving as of right now. The chemical taste is a lot less today than the last few days so I am hoping I am done with this. I lost a few pounds,but my body feels so much better today.I will keep what you said about the other possibilities if not 100% better soon.Thank you! Polar, I am feeling so much better today,I never heard of this symptom for any illness, but now I know it can be serious .I am sure mine was the same gross bug every else is getting just with a bonus symptom. Hope yo are well. Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: stomach virus/intestinal virus &chemical taste?

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Hi everyone,thanks for responding to my ?, I am taking no medications, this nasty taste just came along with the virus I have. It tastes as if I drank floor cleaner.It is a tiny bit better today.Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: stomach virus/intestinal virus &chemical taste?

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Feline Fine-Thanks for your reply, I have nver had his side effect ,I never heard of it,so I was curious if any else has.I can'twait until this crawls away! twocent-Ihave tried gum, hard candy,etc.,but nothing takes it away.I hope you are right & it will go away fast.I have been sick since Mon. night.Thanks for the well wishes. Terbear Continue Reading


stomach virus/intestinal virus &chemical taste?

Last Reply by Feline Fine 1387765833.95 | Started by Terbear in Health & Fitness

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has had this terrible taste in your mouth no matter what you do, it won't go away.I have had this virus for a few days & hope the end is in sight.TIA! Continue Reading


Re: SO disappointed in the Mrs. Prindable TSV

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I just replied on the prindables link too,as I didn't see this one first& couldn't find the set of apples I ordered .My order of the TSV arrived yesterday FROZEN!I e-mailed customer service & was very suprised to see they sent out a replacement box & said to throw away the frozen apples.I am very happy with customer service & hope the new ones are not frozen.Fingers crossed. Continue Reading


Re: Mrs. Prindables

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I recieved my candy bar apples frozen yesterday.Very sick with stomach flu,so i e-mailed customer service & was suprised to see they sent out a new box.Told me to throw away frozen ones.Hopefully these will be fine.Good customer service.Thanks Qvc! Continue Reading


Re: Spicy Sweet & Salty Pretzels (Recipe)

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Diamondgirly these sound so good,I will be making soon.Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Cinnamon Pretzels

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Hi sue-p, I bet you could reduce sugar a little.They are such an inexpensive snack to make & feed quite a few. I hope you like them if you try them.Let me know how they turn out if you do reduce the sugar,I am always looking to cut back when I can.Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Cinnamon Pretzels

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Hi Golden Karen, I hope you like them,I thought they were really good,but everyone has different tastes. Hi coffeenut, I'm glad you liked them,you are welcome. Continue Reading

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