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Re: Question about a family member misspelling my name

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In the schools I've worked at, they DID discourage using RED to correct papers, but we would just use fun pink/purple/green/blue, etc colored pens. The reason was said that Red was a harsh color and seen as a negative...well, isn't something wrong a negative? Ha! I think if I didn't want those harsh red marks on my papers, I'd try harder LOL Continue Reading


Re: Question about a family member misspelling my name

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On 4/30/2015 lynettey said: My single brother always misspells my name..I kind of laugh about it.. If it bothers you, write a nice note next time clarifying the spelling. I would appreciate someone correcting me if I was spelling someone's name wrong. I agree!! If I spelled someone's name incorrectly, I'd hope they let me know! I don't think I'd ever misspell it again.... Since it's a relative, I think it would be fine just to let them know.... If they don't make the correction on future invites, etc...just say thank you Franch instead of Frank or Thank you Merry instead of Mary...haha JK! :... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's $3000 purse and $350 dress

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On 5/16/2015 Q4U said: On 5/16/2015 ivanatrump said: On 5/16/2015 Harpa said: I will never understand how a <em>handbag</em>, of all things, defines a person! But if it does, then it does. There is a Louis Vuitton Outlet store in Philadelphia, and she may have purchased it there. But I wouldn't know a LV bag from a Target bag, since I never look at what others are carrying, and I do not carry a bag myself! I realize, though, that many times, if not all the time, that was Lisa's selling pitch. I never knew there were LV outlets. They do not sell seconds and do not have sales. Jus... Continue Reading


Re: Looking For Crockpot Chicken Recipes

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I posted this awhile back. It turned out moist for me! http://community.qvc.com/forums/recipe/topic/498553/marylanders-creamy-crock-pot-chicken-yum-sharing-again.aspx Continue Reading


Re: Sistema Multi Cooker Help

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If it's: K39535 Sistema Klip it Microwave 2-piece Steamer Set, there IS a video that QVC has on the product page. Also, under the video, there are some PDF files that have instructions...hope it helps! http://www.qvc.com/Sistema-Klip-it-Microwave-2-piece-Steamer-Set.product.K39535.html?refType=IOFFER&refNumber=K39689&sc=K39535-DTLR&cm_sp=UPSELL-_-IOFFER-_-1&relType=IOFFER&refLocation=1 There's a video for the K39689 Sistema-2.75-Quart-Microwave-Multicooker here...and instruction pdf/recipe book below it: http://www.qvc.com/Sistema-2.75-Quart-Microwave-Multicooker-Red.pro... Continue Reading


Re: What was the first food-related skill you learned?

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When I was almost 8 years old, my Mom let me make a cake mix cake. We were short one egg, so I added extra flour. She always has told me she didn't know how I knew to do that! I remember sitting on the floor with the bowl and stirring it with a big spoon lol... I've loved to bake ever since!! I learned most of what I know in the kitchen from WATCHING my Mom (and also from Home Economics classes in school!). After I married, I cracked my Dad up once when I called and asked him how he makes pot roast. He retired before my Mom, so sometimes he would start dinner before she got home. Pot roast wa... Continue Reading


Re: How beautiful…D&B Saffiano Crossbody Bag!

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Thanks for sharing. It looks so practical and cute! I see Dooney has 21 different colors! Wow! Continue Reading


Re: Getting charged for 1/4 of an order of Mac and Cheese and Cornbread.........

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If the person ordering mentioned all were going to share the appetizer, maybe the server thought they were sharing the cost? If I had ordered with the intent of paying for it, I would not let anyone else help pay for it! I know some restaurants won't allow separate checks for parties where there are 6 or more - It's tough figuring out what each owes when splitting the check sometimes, but I guess that's a good reason to pay attention in Math class...ha! Continue Reading


Re: Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

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Yum!! Thanks for sharing..does it turn out similar to a fudge pie? I was thinking that I sometimes make fudge with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Continue Reading


Re: will Sam's do refund on food item without receipt?

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Costco can look up items you've purchased without AMEX card - they just use your membership card. They fully guarantee their items, including food - if you're not happy they'll give you a refund in gift card form - with no receipt. They do NOT resell it, and they want you to be happy with your purchase. (Similar to Q's policy on food) I am betting Sam's would be the same way. I'd try it - people make mistakes, and they know that! Let us know the outcome if you try! ;) Continue Reading

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