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Re: Grape Salad Wow!

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Littleflower9 posted this version in June 2011 - I forgot I had this recipe!! Thanks ciao_bella, for posting your great-sounding recipe! I can't wait to take it to an upcoming get-together!! Grape Salad littleflower9 1 8 oz. countainer sour cream 1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese softened 1 lb. grapes 4 tsp. vanilla extract 1/2 c. brown sugar 1 c. walnuts Whip together sour cream, softened cream cheese and vanilla. Remove grapes from stems, wash and pat dry. Toss in cream mixture. Pour into pan or bowl and sprinkle with brown sugar and walnuts. This recipe can also be made with fat free sour cream, ... Continue Reading


Re: New MLB bags...

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I got the SF Giants Satchel last year and people rave over it and ask where I got it - all the time! It soon was on backorder and has been since October now!! The new design is also on backorder on several. I recently placed an order for two $188 crossbody bags (black w/SF logo), since I got an email for $60 off $300... The order went through, but they're on backorder. We'll see if they come in and the order gets filled. One is a gift for my daughter - a big Giants fan! I am thinking their winning streak has caused the ladies to go wild for the bags, causing the depletion of their supply?! Continue Reading


Re: Dooney and Duck Dynasty Wives?

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On 1/21/2015 kathoderay said: I was curious about the ducks, did a search and found this. Dooney and Burke must be in financial trouble is all I have to say. This design was created exclusively for those who ran the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon, but they are now available for sale at the park. My daughter ran the marathon a couple of times, but she did not purchase a bag. She was at Disneyland last week, and she saw the bags there for sale to the public, now. I believe the $600 price tag was probably a money-making deal from someone knowing they weren't sold to the "general" public before. Di... Continue Reading


Re: Dooney and Duck Dynasty Wives?

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Dooney sells the bags on their site: I just got an email yesterday for $60 off a $300 purchase - did anyone else get this?? Continue Reading


Re: A254902 Dooney & Bourke Gretta Coated Cotton Satchel

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Nice of you to share! For those who missed this sale, Macy's will be having their Friends & Family 25% off sale the last half of March - can't remember the exact date it starts...23? 27? There's a pre-sale where you put any items in the store on your charge and pick up beginning the day the sale begins. I plan to get the new Claremont Hobo, if they have it still! :) If not, they will find me one, maybe...ha! Continue Reading


Re: Could Not Resist This Logo Lock

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On 2/28/2015 Shawnie said: Does anyone know where they are hiding the kiss lock coin purse on ilovedooney? I only found it in nylon on under Large Frame Purse - not sure why it's called that!! :/ PS: It's $48.. Continue Reading


Re: Emma Fox Handbags

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Macy's is going to be having their Friends & Family presale event in March. The 27th? 23rd? I forget now, but they are going to be calling to me remind me. EVERYTHING in the store will be available for 25% off during this event (well, all except the cosmetics/fragrances departments). You reserve ahead, if you like, and then pick up on the day of the actual sales day. Nice to get first picks! :) On sale items, it's still and extra 25% off the marked price.... I like to go check these sales out, if there is something I've got my heart set on, like D & B or other brands. Continue Reading


Re: Help!!! How do I get off ballpoint ink from a Coach leather bag?

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I see you got some great answers here, but I thought I'd still share. Hubby accidentally got ball point ink on the headliner in his truck and came to ask me what I thought might take it off. I told him to try straight alcohol, and it worked great. The headliner is very light, and you can't tell where the ink spot was. I hope you figured out your dilemma. Can you share here what worked for you? Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: Quick Pot Sticker Soup

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I've purchased pot stickers in our freezer department at Costco! Thanks for the recipe...sounds so easy and yummy!! Continue Reading


Re: 65% off Rachel Ray

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I just checked this sale out. I didn't realize how expensive some of her items are! Just an FYI - most items are 50% off, which is still a great sale. Site says UP TO 64% off. Grr lol. The oval pasta pan is $79.99 @ 50% off. Happy shopping! Thanks for sharing! Continue Reading

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