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Re: baking for 2? favorite recipe?

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On 1/28/2015 qvcfreak said: Here's an easy peach cobbler, serves 4 or two servings each 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup milk 2 tsp baking powder Mix all together to make a paste and pour into pie dish or 8 X 8 X 2 baking dish drain can of peaches (same size can as corn or green beans) and add peaches to paste mixture dot with 1/2 of butter or margarine Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown (about 45 minutes) serve alone or with a scoop of ice cream Hello - I am saving this recipe! Thanks so much for sharing. May I ask how much butter you use? Maybe I am not understanding... Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: When are poster's on ALL the forums...

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....................can't we all just get along???!! :/ Continue Reading


Re: Any fans of See's Candies?

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See's is the best (to me!)!! They are all over California! My cousin visited once from Illinois, and she had never had See's. She was commenting how great Fannie Mae's candy is/was! I told her she needed to try See's, but I couldn't compare to Fannie Mae's, because I had never had it before. After she tried See's, she couldn't believe how much better she liked it. She took some home to family when she left. At about $18-$18.50 per lb., it can get expensive, but once-in-a-while is good! :) I purchase the 2-pk of one-pound gift certificates at Costco. They always have saves about $3 p... Continue Reading


Re: Have You Noticed a Change in a Favorite Food Product?

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On 1/25/2015 Mindy D said: I do use the real thing, but it goes bad before I finish the piece. My Foodsaver is broken. As soon as I get a new one, I will start using real Parmesan Reggiano, again. If anyone has a different brand of pregrated parmesan they like, I will try that, too. Speaking of cheese, Cheetos doesn't taste like cheese, either, and now the powers that be are leaving the salt out of the salty snacks. I believe you could freeze the unused portion of Parmesan.... :) Continue Reading


Re: paczki time

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On 1/26/2015 happy housewife said: Does anyone know the date when ash wed is?It should be early. Ash Wednesday is February 18 this year. Continue Reading


Re: Lock & Lock Stains??

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There is another thread about this from January 2012...and no one had a real CURE for it, except to maybe use the stained pieces for just tomato-based foods, and keep the others in a different place/cabinet.. Others talked about their items getting pits in them, and that's covered below. I found the airplane hint interesting - I may not have thought of that one : Lock n Lock Site had this: Microwave use • Lids should be removed before use in the microwave • Avoid closing lid straight after reheating • Lock & Lock is microwave safe for reheating purposes only &bu... Continue Reading



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On 1/21/2015 RespectLife said: I'm sorry ladies, I hope you don't mind me bumping this up. That silly person that put all the old posts forward caused this to end up on Page 12! I was really hoping Golden Karen would see it and know how much I appreciated this recipe. Thanks, RespectLife!! What is up with all of the recipes from 2011 showing up? It's nice to see them, but I don't want to forget to scroll through and look for more current recipes/posts! GOLDEN KAREN - Thank you for posting this! Continue Reading


Re: Fave Lasagna Recipes? Sauce, too? :)

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USAnn and nbct - thanks so much for sharing your recipes! Continue Reading


Re: FOUND IT! Sketchy instructions, but sounds good.

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StlrFan - this does sound so good! Happy it returned! I probably have it saved on my other computer hard drive, but I copied it again JUST IN CASE! :) cece5231 -Thanks for sharing your review and helping this reappear! :) I was wondering what Dietz & Watson Roast Beef is? Is it a pre-packaged roast? Continue Reading


Re: Crock Pot Honey Pork Roast

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On 11/15/2013 Nightowlz said: Thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks & sounds really yummy. I'm going to try it. I have everything but the pork loin. It's time for another trip to Sam's so I can buy those vacuumed sealed large pork loins so I can cut it up into roasts & chops. Hi Nightowlz - Can you tell I did a Pork Loin search? ha! (Old thread! I was surprised it let me post!) I was wondering if you tried this recipe with the pork loin? I know Lola suggested a different type of pork roast. I have a HUGE pork loin I bought at Costco, so I wondered if it turned out well for you... Th... Continue Reading

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