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Re: O/T: I am buying a new counter top microwave. Any suggestions?

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On 9/22/2014 Moonlady said: I also have a Sharp and love it. Unlike the poster who's "very satisfied" with hers but is oddly being swayed by "negative reviews," we're sticking with ours. Good thing people aren't influenced by all those negative Keurig reviews. Yikes. In defense of "the poster," many times brands can be very dependable, and you purchase the same brand 5-10 years or more later, and it's a piece of garbage! SO, through the years, brands' dependability change! Certain brands used to be very dependable, but now it's best to ask around and see what others' experiences are....befo... Continue Reading


Re: French Apple Cake--help please

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On 9/28/2014 peachesncream said: This Epicurious recipe for French Apple Cake looks good. It has a better proportion of fat to ingredients, I think. I haven’t tried it but plan to soon. I’ve had good results with epicurious recipes. Here's another idea. This apple cake by Cooking Light is one of their most popular recipes. I’ve made it and it's a winner. I use butter (not margarine) and light cream cheese. It takes a bit less time in my oven. Continue Reading



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On 9/24/2014 birkin baby said: I forgot my fave chic salad of all time ...the Silver Palate cookbook...Tarragon Chicken salad.OMG...It's so delicious. Chic breast poached in cream,celery,nuts tarragon,mayo. Recipe I'd online and is elegant and perfect. Thanks all for sharing your great-sounding recipes! birkin baby - thank you for sharing, also- I hope you don't mind I copied the recipe to put here....sounds yummy!! TARRAGON CHICKEN SALAD from The Silver Palate Cookbook After making this salad fresh every day for four years and never tiri... Continue Reading


Re: Get ready for the returns!!! I am so glad I didn't buy the Dooney TSV from 9/13 but I almost did!

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I'm trying to place which bag that is, but I did read some reviews about one that the lining seemed more like plastic. That one (and they mentioned it on the live airing) has a coated cloth lining, which I think would be great for keeping it clean. I also know the zippers can be a bit difficult to get going until they get kind of broken in, and then they are awesome strong! Everything was pretty evident to me on the's tough to visualize what it will be like in person, sometimes, though... Hope not everyone is disappointed, though!! Continue Reading


Re: Sometimes you just want a "fun" bag: check out Brighton's VERA line

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This one might be the definition of fun to some? What's your take on this? Haven't seen this Schnauzer tote before! It IS quilted and microfiber ;) Continue Reading


Re: When a recipe calls for rice vinegar...

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I'd use plain, too. Rice vinegar is perfect for Chinese foods, I bet. It's a very light-tasting vinegar (not real strong). It's great on cabbage Chinese Chicken I want some lol :) Continue Reading


Re: awww shoot, I can't find a recipe I once made, can you help?

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Here's a link to the Sammies I posted last year (I believe?) They don't have cream cheese, but they have provolone and/or jack cheese.... You can make them ahead and bake when you need them! Continue Reading


Re: Pasta Sauces

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On 9/12/2014 doglover3 said: I don't put cheese in mine since not everyone likes it so I put it on the table and let everyone put their own in or on. I use either Parmesan or the 3 cheese Italian blend but just put it on the table, not in my sauce as some do. This is why I didn't add cheese to the recipe but said at the end *you can sprinkle is as you wish when finished or on top of pasta as we prefer, grated Parmesan cheese. My cousin married an Italian guy and this is his recipe but he ALWAYS puts in a cut up pork roast, cut up beef roast and fresh sausage cut into bite size pieces instead ... Continue Reading


Re: Baked Eggs - amazing!

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On 9/18/2014 CAshopper2011 said: These look great, thanks for the idea!! You could really adapt this to a scrambled egg or a scrambled egg with a little cheese and spinach...chopped bacon...and nice not to have to stand at the stove. Yes, I had said that, also...about scrambling and adding cheese, etc... I agree they would be wonderful like that! Limitless ideas, I think! Continue Reading


Re: Baked Eggs - amazing!

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On 9/18/2014 Kay SD said: The picture looks wonderful--but is that just eggs in each "muffin"? Nothing else? The photo looks like the egg is in and on top of some other ingredient. YES, I believe those are just the "muffin tin" eggs stacked on each other. This is the photo that the web site had posted for the recipe. Continue Reading

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