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Re: November Recipe Exchange Game Recap

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Does anyone know what the measurements are for the milk and the eggnog in the following recipe? Thanks! Zhills Eggnog Latte Better Than Starbucks Here's a tasty Eggnog Latte recipe. It's so easy to make a latte at home without an espresso maker! 2 T granulated sugar ? c milk ? c eggnog 1/2 c prepared unflavored coffee at double concentration or 2 shots espresso pinch of ground nutmeg, opt To make the steamed milk, there are 2 methods: (1) Using a Stick Blender or (2) Using a large glass jar with a tight lid. Pour the milk, eggnog and sugar into a microwave-safe jar or c. I use the mixing ... Continue Reading


Re: Slow Cooker Chocolate Candy

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On 12/9/2014 Kachina624 said: Just throw it in the microwave for three or four minutes and you're done. Why go through all that rigmarole? I watched the video of Trisha making this recipe, and it really filled up her crock pot. I am thinking it's such a large amount, that it will stay the right consistency in the crock pot, giving time to get it all into the cupcake pans (she used cup cake liners). If scooping out of a regular saucepan, I am thinking the chocolate might harden too quickly? Also, she mentioned you can smell the peanuts getting more roasted, which adds to the flavor... I'm goi... Continue Reading


Re: Eggnog Dip

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On 12/10/2014 Katey1261 said: Why would the Eggnog need to be room temperature? I would think you would put in Refrigerator after making? Am I correct? I love Egg Nog and look for recipes using it. This sounds yummy!! Thanks for posting!! Katey1261 - I'm wondering if having the egg nog at room temp makes it easier to mix? I did go to the page where the recipe was, and it says to refrigerate in an airtight container until ready to serve. (as Digo suggested) Continue Reading


Re: NOVEMBER 2014 Recipe Swap Game..........Reflect and Give Thanks

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On 11/30/2014 Zhills said: I'll bail you out, House_cat! I don't use egg nog in cooking but I found this this morning and it looks like something I can enjoy! Eggnog Latte (Better Than Starbucks) Here's a tasty (better-than-Starbucks!) Eggnog Latte recipe. It's so easy to make a latte at home without an espresso maker! Ingredients · 2 tbsp. granulated sugar · ? cup milk · ? cup eggnog · ½ cup prepared unflavored coffee at double concentration (or 2 shots espresso) · pinch of ground nutmeg, optional (but oh so tasty) ... Continue Reading


Re: Italian Sausages w/peppers & onions

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On 12/5/2014 qualitygal said: Shaggygirl, thanks, I'll add that to the recipe card, so that I know there's alternatives I could try. I appreciate the suggestions. qualitygal - I don't see your recipe?? :/ Thanks to everyone for sharing! Continue Reading


Re: Harry London Chocolate 12/8 shipment

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Mine are on their way - delivering them 12/8.... Mine are the Nutcracker choice, also. I saw where others had their orders canceled, so I was curious if theirs are the Cottage?? If there was anything wrong with the quality, I am sure they would have canceled the orders that are shipping now...we will see... :) Continue Reading


Re: Waggoner Chocolates on ShopHQ Same as Harry London

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On 12/4/2014 Shogirl said: On 12/4/2014 catlady461 said: HQ will have Waggoner shows on Saturday, Dec 6th. I have 2 orders in for Harry London and haven.t heard anything from QVC; would be nice if they let everyone know sooner than later. QVC didn't let me know - they just canceled my order. I went into my order screen and see where the order says 'canceled'. My order still says "in process" and it hasn't been cancelled..........yet? Continue Reading



Last Reply by Texasmouse 1417572698.087 | Started by DiamondGirly in Dooney & Bourke

Today (Tuesday 12/2) starts the Friends and Family sale one day early for items, except for special buy prices/cosmetics, etc. - at Macys . com. Extra 25% OFF even on designer handbags. Just use FRIEND as the code. Have fun! :) Continue Reading


Re: Le Creuset items: still overpriced

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On 12/1/2014 Have6cats said: LC outlet at my local outlet mall, has the 5.5qt for $154.70 and the 6.75qt for $176.50. This price includes the additional 35% off which expires at the end of today. Per C/S, not all colors were available at this price. HTH Sams and Walmart have the Tramontina version for $39.00. Can you use these on a glass-top stove or are they too heavy? TIA I know that the Le Creuset at the outlets, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc., are 2nds - so just inspect them well, if you purchase there. I'm not sure what is wrong with them to make them 2nds, but I know my daughter got one at t... Continue Reading


Re: No Work - Fast Fudge

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On 11/25/2014 NaturalBornWoman said: Would love to hear some feedback from those who will be trying this recipe for the first time - and if you have other recipes for easy fudge to share. Here's one I posted on another Fudge thread's so easy and my fave!! I usually add walnuts in place of mixed nuts... Microwave Fudge 1 1/2 cups sugar 2 cups mini marshmallows 1 5-oz can evaporated milk 1/4 cup margarine or butter 1 12-oz pkg semi-sweet chocolate pieces 1 tsp vanilla 1 10 to 12 oz can mixed nuts In 2 qt glass bowl, microwave sugar, 1 cup miniature marshmallows, e... Continue Reading

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