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Re: QVC Mourns the Passing of Joan Rivers

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Joan was such a vibrant personality, how can she possibly be gone?? I can't imagine the loss those around her are feeling - not just her family, but those who worked with her as well. She didn't just exist, she LIVED and she affected so many others' lives by her existence. Bravo Joan, for a life well-lived! We just wish it could have been longer. Continue Reading


Re: Oh this show is killing me!

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It is ridiculously overpriced. Continue Reading


Re: HP Laptop E223430 Is Made In, and Shipped from China

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On 12/13/2012 hulagirl said: Oh please.....just send it back and spare us your indignity over the situation. You've got to be living in a cave to not know that probably 99% of all electronics are made in China. I got the TSV with Microsoft Office and it came to me in perfect condition ahead of schedule and I love it.......money well spent for me. I think the word you are looking for is 'indignation.' I find it interesting that so many of you are supportive of these subversive and dishonest practices. I live in an area where HP has a large impact on the economy, and employment. I am surprise... Continue Reading


HP Laptop E223430 Is Made In, and Shipped from China

Last Reply by glb613 1358782955.087 | Started by Fashion-Fashionista in Electronics Talk

I am so angry! There was no mention the HP laptop that was a recent TSV was made in China, nor that it would be shipped from there. Also, there was no mention that a signature was required upon delivery, or that Fedex instead of UPS would be the shipping company used. This laptop was uber-hyped by Rick and Christina the HP Rep, so I finally ordered it when it was nearly sold out. I am mortified that this item was pitched to such a degree when HP is laying of thousands of people in the US. I am also concerned that no QVC 'hands' will have touched my item that is coming from China. There is som... Continue Reading


Re: Join Me for Titanic Collection 100th Anniversary!

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Good evening. As Hetty said, the movie you remember is the original Titanic with Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck. It was not a happy tale in any sense of the word, since she was taking her children and returning to the US with them, because she was unhappy with her husband's 'jet set' ways. The ending is exceptional though, especially after Clifton is in possession of information his wife has given him regarding his son. I don't have a fascination regarding the Titanic, per se. What I have is an immense sadness, that so many lives were lost when they didn't have to be. It was a beautifu... Continue Reading


Re: Help! My face STINKS!!

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If anyone likes the smell of this product they need to have their nose examined. It is overpowering. I could smell myself coming. It is definitely not lavender. It smells like something scraped from the bottom of a moldy can. I am not trying to bash this product. I wouldn't have a problem with the stink (and that's what it is), if it only lasted a couple of minutes. But it lasted from the time I put it on, through the time I applied my makeup, steamed my clothes, got dressed and headed out the door for work - well over a half hour. As I was driving to work I tried to take my mind off i... Continue Reading


Re: Help! My face STINKS!!

In philosophy 1319250212.76

It definitely does not smell like lemon. I think icezeus's description of the smell is dead on. It is awful. Continue Reading


Re: Help! My face STINKS!!

In philosophy 1319249688.457

That's what I'm worried about! The smell is so overpowering to me that I SWEAR other people must be able to smell it, too! I didn't ask anyone today - it's kind of an embarassing question to bring up. And most people lie when asked a question that might have an unflattering or even insulting answer. Like I said, I like everything but I cannot STAND the smell. I'm really surprised a company as large a Philosophy would allow that kind of product be sold, and not think it would be a problem for some women. I'm going to see my children tomorrow, so I'll check with them. They'll be honest. :) *e... Continue Reading


Help! My face STINKS!!

Last Reply by just bee 1319643868.597 | Started by Fashion-Fashionista in philosophy

I recently purchased the 'Great Skin is In' kit. I had already been using Purity, so it was a great way to try the other products. What is WITH the moisturizer??! Why does it stink? I like the feel and the texture, but that SMELL! Ugh! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mask or get rid of it, or do I have to sacrifice the whole kit for this one stinky product? Continue Reading


Re: My Heart Is Broken Without Jeanne

In Quacker Factory 1313989134.493

On 8/21/2011 LandOfOz said: On 8/21/2011 FashionFashionista said: Well, I see there are bullies on this forum who want to squelch free speech even when it does not violate anything other than their opinions. Oh well, I just stumbled upon this by accident and thought I could give it a new outlook, as opposed to all the QVC 'rah-rahs'. Have your fun, but just remember that just because someone is morbidly and grossly obese does not make them cute and clever. They can actually be bigoted, bossy and obnoxious. I'm sure Angel put up with a LOT. She deserves all the best, and I hope she gets it. Ha... Continue Reading

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