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Re: Smell!

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I have not experienced that with any clothing but did have it happen with some Temp-tations that I gave as a gift...I was really embarrassed when the recipient opened the package and the smell came wafting out! Continue Reading


Re: Now I know why Quacker Petites don't fit...

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On 12/27/2012 Eileen in VA said: I love the fit on the short Dream Jeans pants! At 5'4" I'm at the top of the petite height scale. I've found that short jeans and other washable pants work better for me than petites because the petites are too short after multiple washings and dryings. I buy petite dress slacks because they go to the cleaners, so they don't shrink. I guess I'm lucky I'm a tall petite! Same here! Continue Reading


Re: Am very disappointed at the D&co TS

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On 1/21/2013 circles said: Never had modern waist....but what scared me....was the hosts saying how you have to struggle into them....I don't want to fight to get into my clothes...and I sure don't want all that clinging denim on my body..... you took the words right out of my mouth--Jacque kept saying it over and over so it must be really bad! I will be interested in seeing the reviews... Continue Reading


Re: Jane Brown

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On 1/21/2013 leehare said: On 1/21/2013 fromthebronx said: On 1/20/2013 champagnepoodle said: Its a culture thing...thats all I'm sayin' Can't agree with this one. All I know is this...I come from Pennsylvania (where QVC is headquartered) and all the Pennsylvanians I know (and I'm sure there many to whom this theory does not apply) talk like Jayne all the time, myself included. I never noticed it till OP mentioned it! I do think it is a "culture thing"- but I'm thinkin' a Southern culture thing- We say "gonna'", Waitin', commin', goin', fixin', sayin', doin', I could go on and on... That's... Continue Reading


Re: Joan's mouth is out of control

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Of all the things Joan Rivers is, stupid is not one of those. I seriously doubt someone as savvy as she is would use that word in a vulgar way on a shopping channel show. She's smarter than that... Continue Reading



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On 1/19/2013 hulagirl said: Those tent tops with the handkerchief bottoms that come almost down to your knees and those cardigans with all the floppy lapel-like things that also are long...........I know a lot of women think that they hide flaws, but I think that tailored clothes that fit well are much more flattering on all body types. Same here... Continue Reading


Re: Dollar tree is the bomb!!!!!

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I just discovered the Tree about 2 months ago and I still can't believe everything really is just a dollar! The first time I went in, I kept asking other customers "Is everything in here just one dollar?"...I'm sure people thought I was crazy. Love that store and may go there tomorrow! Continue Reading


Re: “As Is” Pricing

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I would imagine the "as is" price is based on any use or damage on the item and maybe they saw something more pronounced on the less expensive one. Just a guess on my part... Continue Reading


Re: Issac

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On 1/14/2013 faeriemoon said: I am. So am I--I like their energy together. Continue Reading

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