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Re: Dear Santa, I want it all!

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Do you ever want to retire? ALL that fake junk in the drawer for hundreds/thousands of dollars...you WILL regret it. No one cares about what kind of Diamonique fake jewelry you will be wearing to WORK. THink Ladies.....!!!! Retire early!!!!! Skip the fake hyped bling. Continue Reading


Re: Big Tom Turkey

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Family Dollar $5.00. Continue Reading


Re: Nuwave Oven Pro?

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+Here's an idea..how about taking frozen food out the night before and thaw in the fridge? I cook a whole chicken every week...buy it, cook it, eat it. Cant imagine needing some giant gimmicky appliance to cook a frozen chicken! And burgers? They cook on the grill perfect from frozen. Breakfast stuff? Just cook it in a pan! Want to retire early like I did? Dont spend all your money on this gimmick and all the Christmas junk etc on credit. Learn to cook. Learn to PLAN. Take stuff out the night before to thaw in fridge and you can save a fortune!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Have you ever tried a sandwich with raisin bread?

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I wouldn't be so hard on Moonriser..... Maybe she has been a lurker and has seen the hundreds of posts from the OP...especially the ones a few weeks ago that ran to late night about her son, DIL and upcoming baby and the moving out saga....that all the regulars here were jumping right in on.... And if you look at the Mom to Mom post today, it looks like that story is starting up again .. I could be wrong, but I know I've lurked on forums for years before joining, so it is not that unusual. Continue Reading


Re: I have made a decision to not watch even one Q Christmas Program.

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I think the older the population gets, the more people realize their homes are FULL of this junk and most people want to downsize or de-clutter, not buy more stuff they have to store allyear, dust, etc!!! I know I am getting rid of stuff...every week when the garbage goes out I am dumping stuff. Simplification is now my way of life...!!!! And if it has to go in the basement or the garage it is definitely going OUT!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Facebook Faux Pas BIG TIME

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I think a lot of peopel dont realize how many eyes are out there.. Using the OP's classmate...can you imagine her current employer, or maybe a future employer. or her husband's co-workers seeing that kind of stuff on line? OR her kids? I can just imagine the conversations in those offices....wow......and that stuff stays out there forever... Continue Reading


Re: Facebook Faux Pas BIG TIME

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RE the tramp stamp...I love seeing age progression photos of women with tattoos and how they'll look when they're 60.....!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Facebook Faux Pas BIG TIME

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MIley Cyrus in 15 years? Continue Reading



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Classless Trash. BUT..it's what MOST of America wants. The more crass and the more repulsive, the better. Wanna see how far we've come...watch ANY older movie on TCM and see women with class..dressed well, respectful, still can be funny or smart...and they got the handsome men too....without being trashbags. Continue Reading


Re: How to Report a Hoard House?

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I think these places ARE other people's business....especially if homes are close together and there are roaches and rats involved, or broken inoperative sewer systems, which a lot of the Hoarder houses on TV seem to have..... Continue Reading

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