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Re: 0/T The Walking Dead

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On 3/24/2014 annabellethecat said: I just enjoy hearing the men in my family talk about this show and how I should watch it. They always say, "It's about relationships. It's not about dead people". That's funny to me. I'm sure it must be a good show. There are a lot of people who love it. lol, thats what adult, mature, zombie lovers say to rationalize their love of the show, lol!! myself included, but there are plenty of zombies to go around. i have been weaning off shows with a feeling of desolation or hopelessness, but somehow this show just keeps pulling me and that IS because of the ... Continue Reading


Re: OT: PAGING JUST BEE--anyone seen our compact thread maven???

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On 3/25/2014 grammarqueen said: She started a March Compact thread - she just replied to me over the weekend. thank you for replying!! belleandme Continue Reading


Re: OT: PAGING JUST BEE--anyone seen our compact thread maven???

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On 3/25/2014 just bee said: Hey, you! I had sent you a message through the philosophy forum, then I saw your post on the January ComPact thread. Like grammarqueen says, there's a March thread -- let's meet there for a cup of coffee. Scratch that. I don't drink coffee anymore. Let's meet for tea. To address your question, I haven't worked with the babies since I was hired in Psych back in October. New job, new planet. Truly a whole nuther world. Sounds like Belle has grown like a tumbleweed. (As a good Midwestern girl should!) As for you, it sounds like all you need is a good dose of SPRING! ... Continue Reading


OT: PAGING JUST BEE--anyone seen our compact thread maven???

Last Reply by belleandme 1395809541.36 | Started by belleandme in Beauty Banter

stopping by to say hi! wrote you a very uninspired note on the january thread. hope you are well, will pop back in to see if you are around, lol, rather than repeat the drear here in a new thread. twice reporting that swill might push me over the edge, ; ) belleandme Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- January

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boo bee!! just wanted to say hi! how are you doing? been snowed in, busy, tired, depressed, etc. totally seasonal sunlight deprivation getting to me. getting ready to go to our annual homeschool conference again. cant believe another year has zipped past in a blur. belle will be 10 in eleven weeks. she is wearing my size 11 shoes and wearing a little bralette now and just yesterday became aware that she will be needing more soon. dh has been off work due to weather, and that has been hard. now everything is popping again and he is stressed and overwhelmed. so back in the saddle a... Continue Reading


Re: Nail polish & mature women

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i dont think it is color and age, i think it is color and the person. flattering is flattering and as we get older what is flattering tends to be more elusive. needs to be more carefully chosen. i just think nail color needs to be a good match for the person, their nails, their coloring and personality. if it fits all that , and happens to be mint, then awesome. Continue Reading


Re: O/T I Just Had A Big Eye Opener! I Went Back In My Order History!

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the q really used to have a very unique selections of stuff. i always shopped here first, and rarely had to go elsewhere. not the case any more. and i am a very loyal shopper. but the selection has dwindled so far down and the prices have crept so far up, there is no advantage anymore, unless you hit a good tsv. Continue Reading


Re: Philosophy and The Muppets?

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hey guys! what on earth is the connection with philosophy and the muppets?? are we supposed to understand this?? i was wondering!! hope everyone is doing great! xoxo belleandme Continue Reading


Re: So sad

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On 2/22/2014 shoekitty said: I was cleaning under my sink, and found a huge bottle of Amazing Grace Lotion. It was 2/3 full. It had to be 4 years old. It was stored under a dark cool cabinet. When I tried the lotion, it smelled so good. So I have been using it, and this old stuff really lingers. That is what the old Philosophy lotion did, linger. It is also richer, creamier and very fragrant! The texture is different than the newer creams. JMHO. My lotion coulod have got thicker with age, but it seems the same as I remember it when it was new. The newer lotions are awful. They don't have frag... Continue Reading


Re: lost TONS of hair with using WEN found great working alternative...

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On 1/31/2014 shoekitty said: On 1/31/2014 BellaCarro said: On 1/31/2014 shoekitty said: On 1/31/2014 BellaCarro said: On 1/31/2014 sailor moon said: Chaz must be making an appearance this weekend. Why do people wait ,until Wen shows are scheduled, before posting about their hair loss? I cast a dubious eye on any post either slamming or raving about a product when the poster has one post and just registered. I rarely ever take them seriously and often it irritates me to the point of avoiding whatever product is being promoted. Yup. ITA Bella. They just registered today. I wonder if they will ... Continue Reading

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