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Re: Who is making Angel's wedding dress?

In Quacker Factory 1431627929.003

I think Angel will be just a beautiful bride! I can't wait to see her wedding photos! Hope she posts them! She is lovely inside and out!! Continue Reading


Re: Wrinkles that won't come out

In Susan Graver 1431627720.613

I am having the same exact problem with Susan's tops. I don't understand what is going on! I love her tops and they fit so well but the wrinkles just don't come out! I do not want to iron, that is hey I buy liquid knit and the like , so I font have to . I want to wash , dry and hang!!! If you read this susan Please look I to this! Continue Reading


Re: Jill and Clinton Kelly

In Fashion Talk 1431626082.107

I do feel Jill pulls on her blazers, sweaters etc. because they are just too tight. So obvious, Marie osmond used to do that all the time on air when she was heavier. I've noticed women do that when uncomfortable in the size they are wearing. Carolyn is a size 14 she has said that many times on air-and She looks lovely in her clothes and looks very comfortable In Them as well. She wears her clothing so well . I feel Jill takes a 14 or 16 and just does not want to admit it , so wears a size too small and then tugs and pulls on her clothing all the time. And No , she has no waist at all! Continue Reading


Re: Now I know who Amy reminds me of!

In Fashion Talk 1430611121.923

On 4/28/2015 Quiltlady said: She reminds me of Marlo Thomas when she had her own show! Yes,yes,yes!!! That is exactly who I feel she looks like! Whenever I see that commercial depot with her In the elevator i always think she looks just like "that girl" Continue Reading


Re: Jacque Gonzales

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She is so beautiful I have always thought so! I have noticed though that the last couple of times I've seen her she does look especially beautiful ! Radiant skin, beautiful eyes and hair. Have noticed the weight loss, happy she can be off of the steroids. Have been on them before and they do put weight on you, nasty drug. Have to say Jacque is as beautiful on the inside, one of my favorite hosts. Continue Reading


Re: Is it appropriate to wear black for wedding ?

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Thanks again ladies, I do appreciate all of your thoughts and opinions. The reason I am wearing 2 different dresses is that the church ceremony is in the @ noon , but the reception is not till 7 pm, and is a very formal . Most family members I have spoken to in the last couple of days are wearing black to the reception. We are Italian , and white is one color you font wear cause we feel it competes with the bride and takes away from the bride. Our bride is wearing blush pink , which she will look lovely in with her olive skin and dark hair. Thanks again! Continue Reading


Re: Is it appropriate to wear black for wedding ?

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On 4/27/2015 ncascade said: 2 things: 1. No one cares what you wear 2. If YOU care that much get an etiquette book. Yes thanks for your gracious reply, I guess I will get an etiquette book, what a good idea. I was Only looking for some helpful opinions, which I appreciate those that took the time to do so. Didn't appreciate your reply though . Why the need to be mean spirited....... Continue Reading


Re: Is it appropriate to wear black for wedding ?

In Fashion Talk 1430140083.653

Thank you ladies for your replies, you have helped me decide. I am going with the black with silver dressy heels , silver clutch, and silver sequined shawl. Continue Reading


Re: Is it appropriate to wear black for wedding ?

In Fashion Talk 1430106549.367

Yes I know what you mean. I wouldn't want to wear something that could be taken as dreary and funeral like. This dress has a chiffon ruffled bottom and is airy looking. Continue Reading


Re: Issac's ceramic & crystal watch?

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1430106391.073

Yes, I did ! if it starts to give me problems I will try the clear polish. I used to do that all the time when I was younger on many things. Having a nickel allergy can sure be a big pain can't it? So many things you have to watch for. Thanks for your advice. Continue Reading

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