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Bill to ship to question

Last Reply by Kitty Galore 1420731038.44 | Started by Kitty Galore in Beauty Banter

Dose the senders address show on the invoice the receiver gets? I know credit card and membership info dose not. Continue Reading


Re: Bates Motel

In TV Talk 1420688737.52

Can't wait for its return, march will be here before we know it! Continue Reading


Re: O/T: The Little Couple

In Beauty Banter 1420662100.213

Love the show and do agree the children have come a long way from when first adopted. I do feel they may have a problem with Will as he is so preoccupied with food! He is young right now but as he grows it could cause problems with his health. Zoe is just soooo cute, but has an ugly cry. No tears either just kind of a screaming thing. She will most likely gore out of it though. I love Jen and really admire her, she is a wonderful person and mom, very loving! Continue Reading


Re: To all Grimmsters

In TV Talk 1420661203.1

When will the new episodes start , I hope it is soon I miss it!? Continue Reading


Re: Any midseason shows you are looking forward to?

In TV Talk 1420661017.877

The Americans for sure! I got hooked on BreakingBad watching the Marathon last week , dose anyone know when the next season starts? Looking forward to the Affair on showtime , but read the 2 nd season won't start till October 2015! finally Bates motel I guess it will return in March. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone with the Lit Spun Trees by VPH?

In For the Home Talk 1418616435.737

I ordered them again hoping the battery life was worked out as valerie said, but as I had expected , it wasn't and sent them back ! I truly believed that these would lite longer then a week -and it makes me mad that they didn't, don't want to change batteries every week . Continue Reading


Re: MY Cat Louie

In Pet Lovers, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends 1418615106.5

What a wonderful miracle , a christmas miracle! Your story touched my heart. I am a huge animal lover having 2 fur children ourselves. Have the Merriest Christmas. Continue Reading


Re: Question about hair color

In Beauty Banter 1417827122.873

On 12/4/2014 GoodStuff said: I color my hair medium/dark brown with subtle blonde and caramel highlights. Every two or three times I go in, my hairdresser skips the highlights and just does the base color. Your new hairdresser is correct; if you highlight frequently your hair will get too light. When I get the all-over base color my hair is initially a little darker than I'd like, but some of the underlying highlights do show through, and after a couple of shampoos they show even more. I wear a short, layered cut, so my "old" hair is grown, cut, and gone in a relatively short cycle. So then ... Continue Reading


Re: Question about hair color

In Beauty Banter 1417826707.09

On 12/4/2014 ashleigh dupray said: is your hair very dark and flat? i wonder if the color grabbed too much. that can happen with coloring over highlights because the hair is very porous and like a sponge sops up the new color. the color will fade off with permanent color but a demi would have been a better choice for you though. if you just had your hair colored today, give it a week for your eye to adjust -really, its the same with haircuts. i never liked my new cut or color immediately, i noticed the change and it would bug me. wash several times with a sulfate shampoo, it will remove some ... Continue Reading

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