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Re: Bee Gees

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I too love their music before the disco stuff. Although did go out dancing during that time, how on earth did I used to like that music is beyond me Like my brother used to tell me at the time, "disco will never last, rock and roll is here to stay" he was right ! Anyways I love the early BJ's mid to late 60's, "Got to get a message to you", "To Love Somebody" AND favorite "Words" and yes, "How can you mend a broken heart" those are great songs! Have their very first albumn , it is yellow and has all their hit songs from that time, (60's) a friend of mines brother gave it to me ... Continue Reading


Re: You're Home w/Jill

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On 4/13/2014 suzycue said: If you like the dowdy, know-it-all, condescending type then yep, Jill would be your girl!! Agree !! Continue Reading


Re: You're Home w/Jill

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On 3/20/2014 EdithEllenLily said: I love Jill's shows -- Home, Dooney or otherwise. Yes, QVC could stand to expand the product mix, but I think they don't want to "go overboard" and then find themselves stuck with a warehouse of unpurchased merchandise. Candles and decorative items sell...three of those Home Reflections Fruits with the flameless candle inside are headed my way. I would like to see more small furniture items and liked the Bombay products from the past, small tables and such. We also like our set of Angelo chairs. It's not easy to go from product to product as smoothly as Jill ... Continue Reading


Re: Valerie

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On 4/8/2014 milly said: Here we go again. When Jill is paired with Valerie she never shuts up. It's like she's the home décor expert(self proclaimed) and it's her show. Apparently she never learned to "share". Oh Boy do I agree with you ! I was so looking forward to finally sitting down to watch Valeie and maybe ...Leah, Sandra, anyone , but NOT Jill the "self proclaimed" as you put it so well , decor expert...only in her own head I'm afraid. So turn on the tv and their she is ...JILL !! I really thought I was safe.....saw that she was on earlier with Sharon , so didnt even consid... Continue Reading


Re: Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum

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Allergic to gold, and I dont want alcohol on my skin either, so guess this product is not for me. Love the presentations and have actaully considered trying, will stick with Algenist. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Mix Metals in Your Home ?

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On 3/24/2014 ChynnaBlue said: Yes. I'm not Martha Stewart and my home isn't going to be featured in a magazine, so I'm not going to be judged by people and may as well do what works for me. I suppose friends I invite over could judge me for that, but most of my friends are too worried about real problems to worry about my hardware and decorating. Ya no I feel most of us here do have what you refer to as "real" problems, this is just suppose to be a light subject about decor, no reason to be so harsh. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Mix Metals in Your Home ?

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On 3/24/2014 RedConvertibleGirl said: I don't even worry about that. It reminds me of something I heard about a woman getting rid of her pets because they didn't match her new couch. Geesh! I have pets and would never even think of such a thing !! I am not speaking of living things , our pets are our children. I am referring to metals like doorknobs and facuets.......,,geesh ! Continue Reading


Re: Celebrities Have No Age Spots!!!!

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OMG!!! That cant be the "real" Goldie Hawn, can it ?? That is a remarkable showing if real of how makeup can make a BIG difference !!! Goldie looks like she is in her 80's!! Smoke and mirriors... Continue Reading


Re: Do You Mix Metals in Your Home ?

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On 3/24/2014 Peaches McPhee said: My house is all over the place. Gold, silver, and (I think) nickle plate. I never even knew this was a "thing" to be concerned about until recently. It is just not something that flies over my radar. It would be different if I were renovating my entire house at one time, but that will never happen. I know, it isnt something I really thought about , should have seeing that a new home is like renovating. Just cant justify ALL new, when you have items you love , guess they just have to be worked with. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Mix Metals in Your Home ?

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On 3/24/2014 Sebastian said: I have no polished brass hardware(although I do like antiqued brass) as I do not like it. All of ours is brushed nickel. But, I do mix soft/antiqued golds and bronze with all types of silver in wall art, art and painted furniture including my clothing and accessories. I do like monochromatic treatment and I honestly find all metallics to be neutral even when used together. I wear mixed metals, I think mixing whether on body or in home looks more contemporary and less contrived. Very Good point! I do mix my metals in jewelry and love the look ! Most of our bras... Continue Reading

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