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Lisa's grape clusters

Last Reply by Julie928 1414798441.4 | Started by Kitty Galore in For the Home Talk

Got them yesterday and they are cheap looking, not worth the money at all besides that every time I pick one up grapes fall off !!! Soon they will be bare! Sending back !!! Can pick them up at any craft store and cheaper . Sorry Lisa these are duds . Continue Reading


Re: VPH. Sugared rocking horse versus christmas horse

In For the Home Talk 1414677770.583

Anyone Oder and receive it ? Mine is on its way , would love to hear your thoughts on yours. Continue Reading


Re: As is items ?

In For the Home Talk 1414677525.427

My bethlehem flocked woodland "as is" tree arrived and it is perfect$. I am thrilled that it is, was holding my breath that it would be perfect. It was packaged well and looked to me like it was never taken out of the box. Was tied to perfect to have been taken out and put back in. I am very happy I took the chance on an item I really wanted! Continue Reading


Re: Sleigh reviews please!

In For the Home Talk 1414677152.647

My 2 silver sleighs arrived yesterday and are beautiful! They are perfect, coloring is just stunning, lettering perfect !!! Fits great on the mantle not sure what I'm putting in it yet, a lot of possibilities . Not sure now if will give the other as a gift as I first intended, love the other on our glass buffet in dinning room with Valerie's silver reindeer and Lisa's champagne picks around it !!! Continue Reading


Re: H-198368. Lisa,s ornament sets

In For the Home Talk 1414249354.93

On 10/25/2014 Luv_My_Beagle said: I hope she does. If I did FB I would ask for you. Keep checking. If I see them back in stock (and I look at her things I will post!! I will keep checking. And Thanks so much! Continue Reading


H-198368. Lisa,s ornament sets

Last Reply by Kitty Galore 1414249354.437 | Started by Kitty Galore in For the Home Talk

If someone that is on facebook would please ask Lisa if the chocolate, copper and sage combination will be back available in this ornament set this season would so appreciate it.? I kept putting it off and now it's gone ! Hoping it is not too late in the season for it to be back. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's ivory and gold nutcrackers.

In For the Home Talk 1414197790.877

Wonder if they will be offered in silver? Continue Reading


Re: Ellen Degeneress

In For the Home Talk 1414197572.627

I was really wanting to see the ornaments and then they just spent 2 seconds on them and didn't even show them up close or even any of the color selections. Very disappointed. Seems like the flocked items are what they are pushing. Continue Reading


VPH. Sugared rocking horse versus christmas horse

Last Reply by mousiegirl 1414708561.597 | Started by Kitty Galore in For the Home Talk

Noticed this morning that today's version is sugared the July version was not and has a faux fur tail and a tree , and a plaid blanket. Wondered why valerie brought 2 versions? Have the July one and bought the one today too to give to best friend for christmas. She rides and loves horses! Saw mine and went crazy Continue Reading


Re: Sleigh

In For the Home Talk 1414188394.893

On 10/24/2014 mousiegirl said: On 10/24/2014 Kitty Galore said: Now I'm wondering, are the grape clusters , picks , are they what is in the sleigh pictured or is it the mercury light strand. Looks like it could be that???? Anyone know? Not on Facebook so can't ask. I would like what Lisa has in the sleigh. Kitty, yes, definitely the grape clusters are in the sleigh, can't remember anything else but must be the picks also. Decided to order both grape clusters and mercury lighted strand and see what looks best . It still looks to me that maybe both the grapes and light strand may be in sleigh ... Continue Reading

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